Submissions from 1983

The role of natural killer cells in the intravascular death of intravenously injected murine tumour cells., C J. Bishop and V A. Whiting

Dominant lethal test response with ims and tem using different combinations of male and female stocks of mice., J B. Bishop, R L. Kodell, E B. Whorton, and O E. Domon

Isotype commitment in the in vivo immune response. II. Polyclonal plaque-forming cell responses to lipopolysaccharide in the spleen and bone marrow., M Bjorklund and A Coutinho

Leishmania donovani infection in heterozygous and recombinant h-2 haplotype mice., J M. Blackwell

Inhibitor cells in spleens of mice with low natural killer activity., P B. Blair, M O. Staskawicz, and J S. Sam

Selective lectin binding of the developing mouse retina., J C. Blanks and L V. Johnson

Experimental campylobacter jejuni infection of adult mice., M J. Blaser, D J. Duncan, G H. Warren, and W L. Wang

Protein synthesis (ps) requirements for the expression of cytolytic activity by lymphokines (lk) activated macrophages (m0.). Abstr., E Blasi and L Varesio

Chromosomal mapping of the mink cell focus-inducing and xeno- tropic env gene family in the mouse., C Blatt, K Mileham, M Haas, M N. Nesbitt, H, and M I. Simon

Pleiotropic effect of tabby gene on epidermal growth factor-containing cells of mouse submandibular gland., S R. Blecher, M Debertin, and J S. Murphy

Modulation of fluorodeoxyuridine (fudr) growth inhibition of l1210 leukemia in vitro by lidocaine and procaine. Abstr., J B. Block, M Dietrich, and R T. Chlebowski

Antitumour activity of endotoxin, concanavalin a and poly i:c and their ability to elicit tumour necrosis factor, cytostatic factors, and interferon in vivo., N Bloksma, C F. Kuper, F M. Hofhuis, B. Benaissa, R, and J M. Willers

B lymphocytes are not required in the development of diabetes induced by subdiabetogenic doses of streptozotocin in balb/cbom mice. Abstr., M Blue and S Shin

Fibronectin during growth of the lewis lung tumor. Abstr., F A. Blumenstock, M Goldaber, R Megirian, J A. Bennett, D T. Saba, and I O. Bioreactive

Further characterization of a simple, automated exploratory model for the anxiolytic effects of benzodiazepines., L K. Blumstein and J N. Crawley

1'-sulfonoxysafrole: A major ultimate electrophilic and carcinogenic metabolite of safrole. Abstr., E W. Boberg, E C. Miller, J A. Miller, and A Liem

Strong evidence from studies with brachymorphic mice and pentach- lorophenol that 1'-sulfooxysafrole is the major ultimate electroph- ilic and carcinogenic metabolite of 1'-hydroxysafrole in mouse liver., E W. Boberg, E C. Miller, J A. Miller, A Poland, and Y Liem

Intratesticular transplants of islet xenografts (rat to mouse)., B Bobzien, Y Yasunami, M Majercik, P E. Lacy, and J M. Davie

Leukemic and normal mouse lymphoid cells., M Boccara, M Souyri, C Magarian, E Stavnezer, N E. Evi, and F A. In

Increase in the efficacy of low-dose melphalan therapy with progression of mopc-315 plasmacytoma growth. Abstr., R C. Bocian, efraim S. Ben, M B, K, and S Dray

Inner ear pathology in the deafness mutant mouse., G R. Bock and K P. Steel

Ethylnitrosourea-induced mutations in the t-region of chromosome 17. Abstr., V C. Bode

Aberrant de nova methylation of dna after treatment of murine cells with n-acetoxy-n-2-acetylaminofluorene., T L. Boehm, D Grunberger, and D Drahovsky

Radiation sensitivity and cycling status of mouse bone marrow prothymocytes and day 8 colony forming units spleen (cfus)., W J. Boersma

Anemia and a blunted erythropoietic response to hemorrhage in aged mice. Abstr., D R. Boggs

"normalization" Of hematopoietic stem cells of w/wv mice. Abstr., S S. Boggs

Normal proliferation rate of galactocerebroside positive oligodendrocytes in brain cell cultures of the hypomye- linated mouse mutant jimpy., L Bologa, C Moll, and N Herschkowitz

Suppression of murine lymphocyte mitogen responses by exopolysaccharide from capnocytophaga ochracea., R W. Bolton and J K. Dyer

The relationship between cleavage, dna replication, and gene expression in the mouse 2-cell embryo., V N. Bolton, P J. Oades, and M H. Johnson

Chromatin organization in relation to cell differentiation. Abstr., L Bolund, O P. Clausen, and P K. Jensen

Deficiency of a kidney metallo-endoproteinase in mice. Abstr., J S. Bond, C L. Garganta, D L. Bellingham, and R J. Beynon

Certain mouse strains are deficient in a kidney brush-border metallo-endopeptidase activity., J S. Bond, J D. Shannon, and R J. Beynon

Sterility factors segregating in interspecific m. Musculus l. X m. Spretus lataste crosses. Abstr., F Bonhomme, J L. Guenet, and J Catalan

Glucocorticoid-induced cleft palate in the mouse: two major histocompatibility complex, h-2, loci with different mechanisms., J J. Bonner and M L. Tyan

Map of major histocompatibility complex subregions influencing vaginal septa frequency., J J. Bonner and M L. Tyan

Analysis of recombinant dna clones of the endogenous balb/c murine leukemia virus wn1802n: variation in long terminal repeat length., L R. Boone, F E. Myer, D M. Yang, J O. Kiggans, C Koh, R W. Tennant, and W K. Yang

Reversal of fv-1 host range by in vitro restriction endonuclease fragment exchange between molecular clones of n-tropic and b- -tropic murine leukemia virus genomes., L R. Boone, F E. Myer, D M. Yang, C Ou, C K. Koh, A E. Roberson, R W. Tennant, and W K. Yang

Effect of the overcrowding stress on hemopoietic colony formation in mice., M Boranic and blazi M. Poljak

Interferon decreases production of hydrogen peroxide by macrophages: correlation with reduction of suppressive capacitiy and of anti-microbial activity., D Boraschi, P Ghezzi, E Pasqualetto, M Salmona, L Nencioni, Soldateschi, L Villa, and A Tagliabue

Dissociation between macrophage tumoricidal capacity and suppressive activity: analysis with macrophage-defective mouse strains., D Boraschi, E Pasqualetto, P Ghezzi, M Salmona, M Bartalini, G Barbarulli, S Censini, L, and A Tagliabue

Evidence for an inductive mechanism in the promotion of morphological transformation in chemically initiated c3h/10t1/2 cells. Abstr., C Boreiko, D Abernethy, and J Frazelle

Inhibition of radiogenic and chemical oncogenesis by inhibitors of poly (adp-ribose). Abstr., C Borek, A Ong, and J E. Cleaver

Augmentation of intestinal and peripheral natural killer cell activity during the graft-versus-host reaction in mice., A Borland, A M. Mowat, and D M. Parrott

Killer-cell lines derived from mouse thymus, resembling large granular lymphocytes and expressing natural killer-like cyto- toxocity., W Born, nun A. Ben, U Bamberger, M Nakayama, V Speth, D Sun, and M Thronton

Permanent cell lines established from hepatic fibro-granulomatous lesions: their relationship with myofibroblasts and ito cells. Abstr., R Borojevic and A A. Monteiro

A severe combined immunodeficiency mutation in the mouse., G C. Bosma, R P. Custer, and M J. Bosma

Primary in vivo t cell reactivity of nzb grafts in h-2 identical allogenic hosts., U Botzenhardt, J Siegmund, V Siegmund, and J Muller

Effects of post-weaning environment and apparatus dimension on spontaneous alternation as a function of phenotype in "dwarf" mice., R Bouchon and B Will

A tumor-associated antigen specific for human kappa myeloma cells., H A. Boux, R L. Raison, K Z. Walker, G E. Hayden, and A Basten

Comparative activity and distribution studies of 5 platinum (pt) analogs in 2 human ovarian carcinoma lines grown in nude mice. Abstr., E Boven, W J. Vijgh, I Klein, H Schluper, R Nauta, and H M. Pinedo

A human breast adenocarcinoma transplanted in a nude mouse., J M. Bowen, R Cailleau, B C. Giovanella, S Pathak, D M. Siciliano, and O T. From

Growth stimulator precipitates of ca2+ and pyrophosphate., pope D. Bowen and H Rubin

A rodent class i mhc determinant is shared among many species., H C. Boyd, T A. Potter, T V. Rajan, C M. Zmijewski, and T J. Mckearn

A murine model of asbestosis., B E. Bozelka, P Sestini, H R. Gaumer, Y Hammad, H J. Heather, and J E. Salvaggio

Alteration of murine alveolar macrophage cytostatic activity by in vitro exposure to asbestos. Abstr., B E. Bozelka, P Sestini, and J E. Salvaggio

Chemotherapy of human head and neck cancer xenografts with three clinically active drugs: cis-platinum, bleomycin and methotrexate., B J. Braakhuis, E J. Schoevers, E C. Heinerman, E, and G B. Snow

Common lipopolysaccharide specificity: new type of antigen residing in the inner core region of s- and r-form lipopoly- saccharides from different families of gram-negative bacteria., H Brade and C Galanos

Experimental antitumor activity and toxicity of the mitomycin analogue, rr-150. Abstr., W T. Bradner, J E. Schurig, J B. Huftalen, W C. Rose, and A Schlein

Activation of type iii pneumococcal polysaccharide-specific suppressor t cells in cyclophosphamide-treated mice; requirement for recognition of antigen and i-j determinants on antigen coupled to syngeneic spleen cells., mullen H. Braley

Comparison between immunopotency tests and specific active or passive acquired resistance against mycobacterium tuber- culosis in mice induced with three different preparations of bcg pasteur vaccine., M Brandely, B Hurtrel, and P H. Lagrange

Response models for proliferative recovery (pr) in solid tumors after cyclophosphamide (cp) and adriamycin (adr). Abstr., P G. Braunschweiger and L M. Schiffer

Correlation between glucocorticoid receptor content and the antiproliferative effect of dexamethasone in experimental solid tumors., P G. Braunschweiger, H L. Ting, and L M. Schiffer

Role of corticosteroid hormones in the control of cell proliferation in residual tumor after surgical cytoreduction., P G. Braunschweiger, H L. Ting, and L M. Schiffer

Keratinocytes synthesize ia antigen in acute cutaneous graft-vs-host disease., S M. Breathnach and S I. Katz

Dexamethasone, prostaglandin a., And retinoic acid modulation of murine and human melanoma cells grown in soft agar., M D. Bregman, E Peters, D Sander, and F L. Jr

Preparation of covalent igg complexes of defined size and their clearance from the circulation of mice., F M. Brennan, S A. Grace, and C J. Elson

Induction of cholinergic expression in developing spinal cord cultures., D E. Brenneman and D Warren

Fully allogeneic cells are less effective in inducing neonatal tolerance than semiallogeneic f1 hybrid cells., L Brent and L S. Rayfield

Regulation of the class of immune response induced by antigen. I. Specific t cells switch the in vivo response from a cell-mediated to humoral mode., P A. Bretscher

Antiproliferative action of interferon on murine l1210 cells: interrelationship with prostaglandins., R J. Brideau and D A. Stringfellow

Molecular weight determinations of el4 tumor antigens as detected by h-2bm-1 anti-el4 serum. Abstr., W J. Bridges, D A. Lawlor, and P H. Saunders

Increased incidence of transient homogeneous immunoglobulins in irradiated and reconstituted c57bl/kalwrij mice treated with 2-deoxyguanosine. Abstr., H Bril, T W. Akker, gillen A. Tio, R Benner, and J Radl

Specific and nonspecific t-cell-mediated suppression of antihost immune reactivity in graft-versus-host reaction., H Bril, lok B. Molendijk, and R Benner

Expression of a microinjected immunoglobulin gene in the spleen of transgenic mice., R L. Brinster, K A. Ritchie, R E. Hammer, R L. O'brien, E Arp, and U Storb

An in vitro analysis of the number and spatial distribution of murine femoral marrow fibroblastoid progenitors and fibroblastoid cell function during aging. Abstr., K G. Brockbank, A H. Piersma, and C M. Peer

(p388/ara-c) To inhibitors of purine biosynthesis (ipub) and/or pyrimidine biosynthesis (ipyb). Abstr., R W. Brockman, F M. Schabel Jr., W R. Laster, and D M. Trader

Thymic microenvironmental factor: solubilization and preliminary characterization., proba T. Brodniewicz, C Perreault, and E F. Potworowski

Changes in t cell subsets in mice during the growth of spontaneous mammary tumors. Abstr., P Brodt and P K. Lala

Genotype modulates testosterone-dependent activity and reactivity in male mice., J Broida and B Svare

Mice: progesterone and the regulation of strain differences in pregnancy-induced nest building., J Broida and B Svare

Ultrastructure of the bone marrow in three murine strains with non-malignant lymphoproliferative syndromes nzbxw, bxsb, and mrl/lpr., D Brookoff and L Weiss

Reversible induction of natural killer cell activity in cloned murine cytotoxic t lymphocytes., C G. Brooks

Lymphokine-induced igm secretion by clones of neoplastic b cells., K Brooks, D Yuan, J W. Uhr, P H, A, and E S. Vitetta

Factors affecting incidence of infanticide and discrimination of related and unrelated neonates in male mus musculus., R J. Brooks and L Schwarzkopf

Antibiotics: rapamycin (nsc 226080) and macbecin ii (nsc 330500). Abstr., M G. Broome, R K. Johnson, D M. Silveira, D I. Wodinsky, and M A. Antitumor

Uterine morphology in old mice from a high and low mammary tumor strain. Abstr., M O. Brophy and mills E. Spring

Isolation and characterization of subclones of l1210 murine leukemia with different sensitivities to various cytotoxic agents., M Brouwer, L A. Smets, and A P. Jongsma

Mapping of malaria resistance genes in the mouse. Abstr., P Browell, B G. Holmquist, E M. Hakansson, and L Lundin

Two cross-reactive idiotype (cri) families among balb/c anti- -p-azophenylarsonate antibodies: common idiotopes among one balb/c family and a/j minor cri. Abstr., A R. Brown

Detection of a human sarcoma-associated antigen with monoclonal antibodies., J M. Brown

Properties of reticulum cell sarcomas in sjl/j mice. Viii. Pre- minent role of rcs cell i-a antigens in the stimulation of syn- geneic t cells., P H. Brown, D Mathis, R E. Cone, P P. Jones, N M. Ponzio, and G J. Throbecke

Genetics of dystrophic epicardial mineralization in dba/2 mice., D G. Brownstein

Elimination of intestinally absorbed antigen into the bile by iga. Abstr., T A. Brown, M W. Russell, and J Mestecky

Detection of phenotypic differences on human malignant melanoma lines and their variant sublines with monoclonal antibodies., J Bruggen and C Sorg

Repetitive dna sequences of the mouse., P Brulet, M Kaghad, Y Xu, O Croissant, D F. Jacob, and like D. Transposon

Enhancing effect of murine polymorphonuclear neutrophils (pmn) on the multiplication of blastomyces dermatitidis in vitro and in vivo., E Brummer and D A. Stevens

Activation of peritoneal macrophages by concanavalin a or mycobacterium bovis bcg for fungicidal activity against blastomyces dermatitidis and effect of specific antibody and complement., E Brummer, A M. Sugar, and D A. Stevens

The effect of different concentrations of 17beta-estradiol on growth curve and flow cytometric dna distribution of a human mammary carcinoma serially grown in nude mice. Abstr., N Brunner, thomsen M. Spang, L Vindelov, A Nielsen, I Svenstrup, and S A. Engelholm

Abnormal cilia in a male-sterile mutant mouse., J H. Bryan

9-beta-d-arabinofuranosyladenine Increases the frequency of x-ray induced chromosome abnormalities in mammalian cells., P E. Bryant