Submissions from 1983

Single-gene abrogation of spontaneous pleomorphic sjl/j mouse reticulum cell sarcoma expression., J E. Bubbers

Hybridoma antibodies detecting human transitional cell carcinoma (tcc) antigens on murine cells transfected with human tcc dna. Abstr., J E. Bubbers, P Schmid, G Fareed, J D. Kernion, H R, T, and J L. Fahey

Separation of two molecular species of the sm antigen by affinity chromatography with murine monoclonal and human anti-nuclear autoantibodies., R R. Buchanan, P J. Venables, A Morgan, N A. Staines, R. Smith, and R N. Maini

Variation in genotype proportions in litters sired by chimaeric mice. Abstr., M L. Buehr

Fluorine substitution as a probe for the role of the 6-position of benzo[a]pyrene in carcinogenesis., M K. Buening, W Levin, A W. Wood, R L. Chang, S Agranat, M Rabinovitz, D R. Buhler, H D. Mah, S Hernandez, R B. Simpson, D M. Jerina, A H. Conney, E C. Miller, and J A. Miller

The isolation and characterization of lymphocytes infiltrating a mammary adenocarcinoma. Abstr., S C. Buessow, R D. Paul, and D M. Lopez

New histochemical method for measuring intratumoral macrophages and macrophage recruitment into experimental metastases., P J. Bugelski, R L. Kirsh, and G Poste

Natural killer cell depletion enhances virus synthesis in vivo. Abstr., J F. Bukowski and R M. Welsh

Androgen and progestin stimulation of ornithine decarboxylase activitiy in the mouse kidney., L P. Bullock

Monoclonal antibody and an antibody-toxin conjugate to a cell surface proteoglycan of melanoma cells suppress in vivo tumor growth., T F. Bumol, Q C. Wang, R A. Reisfeld, and N O. Kaplan

The antileukemic activity of 2-b-d-ribofuranosyl-thiazole 4-carboxamide (rtc) in mice as affected by purines, nicotinamide, and polyamine pathway inhibitors. Abstr., J H. Burchenal, K C. Cunningham, T C. Pancoast, and R K. Robins

The mechanism of si02 (aerosil)-mediated enhancement of the proliferative response of mouse spleen lympho- cytes to antigen and mitogens in a serum-free system, M Burger, M W. Hess, and H Cottier

Murine epidermal growth factor: heterogeneity on high resolution ion-exchange chromatography., A W. Burgess, C J. Lloyd, and E C. Nice

Effects of 12-0-tetradecanolyphorbol-13-acetate (tpa) on the proliferation of granulocyte-macrophage colony-forming cells., A W. Burgess and N A. Nicola

Synthesis and subcellular transport of sulfogalactosyl glycerolipids in the myelinating mouse brain., T Burkart, L Caimi, and U N. Weismann

The effect of a zinc deficient diet on mitochondrial function in an igm secreting plasmacytoma. Abstr., J P. Burke and M R. Fenton

Cell-mediated cytotoxicity to nonmajor histocompatibility complex alloantigens on mouse epidermal cells. V. Contribution of bone marrow-derived cells to epa-1 antigen expression., W J. Burlingham and D Steinmuller

High-density lipoproteins decrease both binding of a poly- nuclear aromatic hydrocarbon carcinogen to dna and carcino- geninitiated cell transformation., D L. Busbee and W F. Benedict

Impairment of t-cell regulation of the humoral response to type iii pneumococcal polysaccharide in diabetic mice., B E. Busby and H M. Rodman

Virus-induced diabetes mellitus in mice and the thymus-dependent immune system., K Buschard, N Hastrup, and J Rygaard

Infection of mouse lymphoblastoid cell lines with mycoplasma hyorhinis: complex nature of mycoplasma-host cell interactions., G H. Butler and E J. Stanbridge

Delineation of optimal conditions for producing mouse-human heterohybridomas from human peripheral blood b cells of immunized subjects., J L. Butler, H C. Lane, and A S. Fauci

Unresponsiveness in hapten-specific cytotoxic t lymphocytes. IV. Functional deletion of t cell subsets required for trinitrophynyl (tnp)-specific cytotoxic t cell generation after acute or chronic treatment with trinitrobenzene sulfonic acid (tnbs)., L D. Butler and J M. Chiller

In vitro suppression of myelopoiesis by adherent murine splenocytes in experimental disseminated histoplasmosis., C W. Caldwell, Y W. Yesus, and R E. Sprouse

Biochemical evidence for expression of a semi-allogeneic, h-2 antigen by a murine adenocarcinoma., G N. Callahan, D Pardi, M A. Giedlin, J P. Allison, O M. Morizot, and W J. Martin

Differentiation of b lineage cells from liver of neonatal mice: generation of immunoglobulin isotype diversity in vitro., J E. Calvert, M F. Kim, W E. Gathings, and M D. Cooper

Change in water proton relaxation time during erythrocyte maturation., I L. Cameron, H C. Dung, K E. Hunter, and C F. Hazlewood

Effect of cancer cachexia and amiloride treatment on the intracellular sodium content in tissue cells., I L. Cameron and K E. Hunter

Demonstration of multiple antigenic sites of the sv40 transplantation rejection antigen by using cytotoxic t lymphocyte clones., A E. Campbell, F L. Foley, and S S. Tevethia

Monoclonal antibodies that inhibit attachment of group b coxsackieviruses., B A. Campbell and C E. Cords

Tion of an endogenous intracisternal a-particle genome., E Canaani, O Dreazen, A Klar, G Rechavi, D Ram, J B. Cohen, D D. Givol, and T. Inser

Rapid and sensitive procedure for assigning idiotypic determinants to heavy or light chains: application to idiotopes associated with the major cross-reactive idiotype of a/j antiphenylarsonate antibodies., L E. Cannon and R T. Woodland

Lipoperoxide levels, glutathione status and glutathione peroxidase activity in liver and tumors of mice bearing the lewis lung carcinoma., I D. Capel and A C. Thornley

P388d1: change of phagocytic ability and cell surface properties., C Capo, Z Mishal, V Balloy, A Benoliel, D P. Bongrand, and Y I. Line

Experimental tumoricidal effects of monoclonal antibody against solid breast tumors., P M. Capone, L D. Papsidero, G A. Croghan, and T M. Chu

In vitro detection of cell-mediated immunity to individual tumor-specific antigens of methylcholanthrene induced balb/c fibrosarcomas. Abstr., G Carbone, M P. Colombo, M Rodolfo, and G Parmiani

Alterations of acquired mouse mammary tumor virus dna during mammary tumorigenesis in balb/cfc3h mice., R D. Cardiff, D W. Morris, and L J. Young

Expression of common acute lymphoblastic leukemia antigen (calla) on human malignant melanoma cell lines., S Carrel, kessen A. Schmidt, J Heumann, and C Girardet

Morphogenesis of motor endplates along the proximodistal axis of the mouse hindlimb., M R. Carry, M Morita, and H O. Nornes

A common idiotope on human rheumatoid factors identified by a hybridoma antibody., D A. Carson and S Fong

In vitro lyt-1+2-cell proliferative responses to cellbound or subcellular tumor antigen., R H. Carter, J A. Drebin, S Schatten, L L. Perry, A I. Greene, and T O. willix

Elimination of sendai (parainfluenza type 1) virus infection from mice by embryo transfer., P Carthew, M J. Wood, and C Kirby

A lymphoma cell line expressing elavated levels of tyrosine protein kinase activity., J E. Casnellie, M L. Harrison, K E. Hellstrom, and E G. Krebs

Resistance to 9-beta-d-arabinofuranosyladenine in cultured leukemia l1210 cells., C E. Cass, M Selner, and J R. Phillips

Genetic influences on pancreas transplantation., S Castells, S Smith, J Walberg, and A Cerami

Comparative carcinogenicity in a/j mice and metabolism by cultured mouse peripheral lung of n'-nitrosonornicotine, 4- -(methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanone, and their analogues., A Castonguay, D Lin, G D. Stoner, P Radok, K Furuya, S S. Hecht, H A. Schut, and J E. Klaunig

Soluble mediators of foreign body granuloma formation in lung. Abstr., R Castriotta, C Allred, and T Yoshida

Model for human cystic fibrosis., O L. Catanzaro, M I. Vaccaro, S B. Vila, A L. Seeber, N O. Pivetta, and K A. Mouse

Development of a human-nude mouse-xenograft model to measure responses to treatment for small cell carcinoma of the lung. Abstr., C C. Cate, O S. Pettengill, E B. Douple, C, and G D. Sorenson

Pgk-1 expression in pgk-1a/pgk-1b female mice associated with xce allele substitutions. Abstr., B M. Cattanach, T Bucher, and S J. Andrews

X chromosomal location and variable inactivation of sxr (sex reversed) in the mouse. Abstr., B M. Cattanach, E P. Evans, and M Burtenshaw

Detection of early changes in androgen-induced mouse renal beta- -glucuronidase messenger ribonucleic acid using cloned comple- mentary deoxyribonucleic acid., J F. Catterall and S L. Leary

Nondissociating cationic immune complexes can deposit in glomerular basement membrane., glaser T. Caulin, G R. Gallo, and M E. Lamm

Murine lupus nephritis; effects of glucocorticoid on circulating and tissue-bound immunoreactants., T Cavallo, K Graves, and N A. Granholm

Murine lupus nephritis: the effect of azathioprine on immunoreactants and glomerular permeability. Abstr., T Cavallo, K Graves, and N A. Granholm

The activation of macrophages (m0) and augmentation of natural killer (nk) cell activity by partially thiolated polynucleotides. Abstr., P F. Cavanaugh Jr., Y K. Ho, and T J. Bardos

Effects of apomorphine, clonidine or 5-methoxy-nn-dimethyltryp- tamine on approach and escape components of lateral hypothalamic and mesencephalic central gray stimulation in two inbred strains of mice., P Cazala and A M. Garrigues

Induction of micronuclei in mouse bone-marrow cells by the flavonoid 5,3',4'-trihydroxy-3,6,7,8-tetramethoxy-flavone (thtmf)., G F. Cea, K F. Etcheberry, and F N. Dulout

Phenotypic and functional properties of murine thymocytes. Iii. Kinetic analysis of the recovery of intrathymic cytolytic t lymphocyte precursors after in vivo administration of hydrocortisone acetate., R Ceredig and D E. Cummings

Precursors of t cell growth factor producing cells in the thymus: ontogeny, frequency, and quantitative recovery in a subpopulation of phenotypically mature thymocytes defined by monoclonal anti- body gk-1.5., R Ceredig, D P. Dialynas, F W. Fitch, and H R. Macdonald

Impaired lung defenses against staphylococcus aureus in mice with hereditary deficiency of the fifth component of complement., M C. Cerquetti, D O. Sordelli, R A. Ortegon, and J A. Bellanti

Comparative efficacy of 5-aza-2'-deoxycytidine and cytosine arabinoside against l1210 intracerebral murine leukemia. Abstr., G G. Chabot and R L. Momparler

Of glucocorticoids in vivo., A K. Chan, U B. Lymphosarcoma, and O S. Effects

Experimental corneal allograft rejection: description of murine model and a new hypothesis of immunopathogenesis., J W. Chandler, keil L. Ray, and T E. Gillette

Tumor selective enhancement of radioactivity uptake in mice treated with alpha-difluoromethylornithine prior to administration of 14c-putrescine., J E. Chaney, K Kobayashi, R Goto, and G A. Digenis

Ciglitazone, a new hypoglycaemic agent. Iii. Effect on glucose disposal and gluconeogenesis in vivo in c57bl/6j-ob/ob and -+/? mice., A Y. Chang, B J. Gilchrist, and B M. Wyse

Ciglitazone, a new anti-diabetic agent. Abstr., A Y. Chang, B M. Wyse, and B J. Gilchrist

The metabolic effect of ciglitazone, a new oral hypoglycemic agent, in the insulin-resistant animal models. Abstr., A Y. Chang, B M. Wyse, and B J. Gilchrist

Kinetic studies of adenosine kinase from l1210 cells: a model enzyme with a two-site ping-pong mechanism., C Chang, S Cha, R W. Brockman, and I L. Jr

Blast transformation of b cells induced by an alpha-macroglobulin- -associated lymphokine produced in crowded lymphoid cell cultures., J Chang, D Ganea, S Dray, and M Teodorescu

Regulation of cutaneous sensitivity induced by irradiated s. Mansoni. Abstr., L Ch'ang and D G. Colley

Biochemical studies on ethylnitrosourea (enu) carcinogenesis in rats and mice. Abstr., M J. Chang and R W. Hart

Binding of cells to matrixes of distinct antibodies coated on solid surface., T Chang

An evaluation of peroxidase as a marker for estrogen action in normal mammary glands of mice., J K. Chan and G Shyamala

Activation of lipolysis by epinephrine and electrical stimulation in the perfused hindquarters of lean and obese-diabetic (db/db) mice., T M. Chan, J Dehaye, and A Tatoyan

Glucose transport in developing ehrlich ascites tumor cells: parallel changes in the rate of glucose uptake and cytochalasin b binding acitivyt during tumor development and methotrexate treatment., T W. Chan, K P. Fung, Y M. Choy, and C Y. Lee

Effect of coordinated therapeutic assays using c. Parvum, interferon and arginine butyrate on spontaneous disease and survival of akr mice., C Chany, I Cerutti, and B Mace

Vaccination against spontaneous abortion in mice., G Chaouat, N Kiger, and T G. Wegmann

Evidence for granulocyte-mediated macrophage activation after c. Parvum immunization., S K. Chapes and S Haskill

Role of corynebacterium parvum in the activation of peritoneal macrophages. II. Identification of distinguishable anti-tumor activities by macrophage subpopulations., S K. Chapes and S Haskill

Tic activity in vitro and in vivo., H A. Chapman Jr., Z Vavrin, and J B. Hibbs Jr.

Electrophoretic variation for x chromosome-linked hypoxanthine phosphoribosyl transferase (hprt) in wild-derived mice., V M. Chapman, P G. Kratzer, and B A. Quarantillo

Detection of mouse mutants with altered enzyme activities. Abstr., D J. Charles and W Pretsch

By the in vivo administration of anti-asialo gm1., M R. Charley, A Mikhael, M Bennett, J N. Gilliam, D R. Sontheimer, and T O. Mice

Influence of selenium (se) and beta-carotene on transformtaion of mammary cells in culture of the whole mammary organs of balb/c mice. Abstr., M Chatterjee and M R. Banerjee

Recirculating and sessile b cell populations in normal and cba/n mice., M Chaudhuri, V J. Wallis, and D I. Connell

Biochemical properties of the 145,000-dalton super-t antigen from simian virus 40-transformed balb/c3t3 clone 20 cells., F Chaudry, G J. Belsham, and A E. Smith

Induction of presumed somatic gene mutations in mice by 2-napthylamine., P S. Chauhan, klaus A. Neuhauser, and U H. Ehling

Reproduction in mice: spermatozoa as factors in the development and implantation of embryos., S Chaykin and J G. Watson

Antibody responses elicited by a polyvalent vaccine containing syn- thetic diphtheric, streptococcal and hepatitis peptides coupled to the same carrier., L Chedid, M Jolivet, F Audibert, G Przewlocki, D H. Beachey, masse H. Gras, and A Tartar

Resistance and susceptibility of mice to bacterial infection. IV. Functional specificity in natural resistance to facultative intracellular bacteria., C Cheers and M Ho

A mouse hepatocyte carbohydrate-specific receptor and its inter- action with liver-metastasizing tumor cells., popov R. Cheingsong, P Robinson, P Altevogt, and V Schirrmacher

Initial rate kinetics and evidence for duality of mediated transport of adenosine, related purine nucleosides, and nucleoside analogues in l1210 cells., P L. Chello, F M. Sirotnak, D M. Dorick, C Yang, and J A. Montgomery

Effects of glucose, anoxia, and adriamycin on the chemiluminescence of ehrlich ascites cells., B Cheng, M Williams, and B Chance

Post-translational modification of a major cell surface glycoprotein varies markedly in different cells. Abstr., J Chen, W Pan, and J T. August

Pre-crisis mouse cells show strain-specific covariation in the amount of 54-kilodalton phosphoprotein and in susceptibility to transformation by simian virus 40., S Chen, G Blanck, and R E. Pollack

Ige class-restricted tolerance induced by neonatal administra- tion of soluble or cell-bound ige., S Chen and D H. Katz

Changes in surface antigens of immature thymocytes under the influence of t-cell growth factor and thymic factors., S S. Chen, J S. Tung, S Gillis, R A. Good, and J W. Hadden

Regulation of granulomatous inflammation in murine schistosomiasis. II. T suppressor cell-derived, i-c subregion-encoded soluble suppressor factor mediates regulation of lymphokine production., S W. Chensue, D L. Boros, and C S. David

Production of superoxide anion, prostaglandins, and hydroxy- eicosatetraenoic acids by macrophages from hypersensitivity- -type (schistosoma mansoni egg) and foreign body-type granulomas., S W. Chensue, S L. Kunkel, G I. Higashi, and D L. Boros