Faculty Research 1970 - 1979

Faculty Research 1970 - 1979



Submissions from 1970

Effects of proteolytic enzymes on murine H-2 antigens., M Cherry, I Hilgert, A A. Kandutsch, and G D. Snell

Development of two-cell mouse embryos in the absence of a fixed nitrogen source., J A. Cholewa and W K. Whitten

Glycoprotein coat of the TA 3 cell. I. Removal of carbohydrate and protein material from viable cells., J F. Codington, B H. Sanford, and R W. Jeanloz

delta-Aminolevulinate dehydratase (mouse liver)., D L. Coleman

Proc Symp Genetic Control of Mammalian Metabolism, June 30-July 2, 1969., D L. Coleman

The effects of hypothalamics lesions in genetically diabetic mice., D L. Coleman and K P. Hummel

Aggression in mice selectively bred for brain weight., R A. Collins

Experimental modification of brain weight and behavior in mice: an enrichment study., R A. Collins

A new genetic locus mapped from behavioral variation in mice: audiogenic seizure prone (ASP)., R L. Collins

The sound of one paw clapping: an inquiry into the origin left-handedness., R L. Collins

Unilateral inhibition of sound-induced convulsions in mice., R L. Collins

The position of autosomal glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase on linkage group 8 of the mouse., R L. Collins and J J. Hutton

Evidence for an asymmetry of cerebral function in mice tested for audiogenic seizures., R L. Collins and R Ward

Hypophyseal LH and FSH release and uterine nucleic acid changes during the mouse estrous cycle., C Desjardins, V M. Chapman, and F H. Bronson

Genetics of animals with spontaneous diabetes., M M. Dickie

Determination of sex of teratomas derived from early mouse embryos., G R. Dunn and L C. Stevens

Determination of sex of teratomas derived from early mouse embryos., G R. Dunn and L C. Stevens

The position of ru-2 and qv with respect to the flecked translocation in the mouse., E M. Eicher

X-autosome translocations in the mouse: total inactivation versus partial inactivation of the X chromosome., E M. Eicher

Effects of ovariectomy and ovarian hormones on RNA base ratios in specific rabbit brain areas., B E. Eleftheriou, C Desjardins, and M L. Pattison

Effects of amygdaloid lesions on hypothalamic-hypophysial luteinizing hormone activity., B E. Eleftheriou, C Desjardins, and A J. Zolovick

Melanogenesis in amphibians. 3. The buoyant density of oocyte and larval xenopus laevis melanosomes and the isolation of oocyte melanosomes from the eyes of PTU-treated larvae., J J. Eppig

Melanogenesis in amphibians. I. A study of the fine structure of the normal and phenylthiourea-treated pigmented epithelium in Rana pipiens tadpole eyes., J J. Eppig

Melanogenesis in amphibians. II. Electron microscope studies of the normal and PTU-treated pigmented epithelium of developing Notophthalmus viridescens eyes., J J. Eppig

Iodine-125, a tracer in cell biology: physical properties and biological aspects., H H. Ertl, L E. Feinendegen, and H J. Heiniger

Cultivation and in vitro characterization of mouse phagocytic cells., R Evans

Further studies on the replication of the lactate dehydrogenase-elevating virus (LDH virus) in mouse peritoneal macrophage cultures., R Evans

Cooperation of immune lymphoid cells with macrophages in tumour immunity., R Evans and P Alexander

Biochemical parameters of clinical significance in rabbits. II. Diurnal variations., R R. Fox and C W. Laird

Diurnal variations in rabbits: hematological parameters., R R. Fox and C W. Laird

Sexual cycles., R R. Fox and C W. Laird

Biochemical parameters of clinical significance in rabbits. I. Strain variations., R R. Fox, C W. Laird, E M. Blau, H S. Schultz, and B P. Mitchell

Lymphosarcoma in the rabbit: genetics and pathology., R R. Fox, H Meier, D D. Crary, D D. Myers, R F. Norberg, and C W. Laird

Genetic influences on socialization., J L. Fuller

Pharmacogenetics., J L. Fuller

Strain differences in the effects of chlorpromazine and chlordiazepoxide upon passive and active avoidance in mice., J L. Fuller

Genetic and temporal characteristics of audiogenic seizures in mice., J L. Fuller and R L. Collins

Genetics of audiogenic seizures in mice: a parable for psychiatrists., J L. Fuller and R L. Collins

Welcome to symposium participants [Symp Genet Control Mammal Metab]., E L. Green

Do cells outside the testes participate in repopulating the germinal epithelium after irradiation? Negative results., E L. Green and S E. Bernstein

The developmental effects of congenital hydrocephalus (ch) in the mouse., M C. Green

Soluble RNA methylase activity of transplantable mouse hepatomas., R L. Hancock and J Granau

A comparison of corneal epithelium regeneration in normal and buphthalmic rabbits., T M. Harris, L B. Sheppard, W M. Shanklin, and R R. Fox

Simple liquid scintillation counting of tritium incorporated in mouse bone marrow., H J. Heiniger, L Giesen, and L E. Feinendegen

Group-specific antigen expression during embryogenesis of the genome of the C-type RNA tumor virus: implications for ontogenesis and oncogenesis., R J. Huebner, G J. Kelloff, P S. Sarma, W T. Lane, H C. Turner, R V. Gilden, S Oroszlan, H Meier, D D. Myers, and R L. Peters

"Switched off" vertically transmitted C-type RNA tumor viruses as determinants of spontaneous and induced cancer: a new hypothesis of viral carcinogenesis., R J. Huebner, G J. Todaro, P Sarma, J W. Hartley, A C. Freeman, R L. Peters, C E. Whitmire, H Meier, and R V. Gilden

Hypodactyly, a semidominant lethal mutation in mice., K P. Hummel

Linkage analyses using biochemical variants in mice. 3. Linkage relationships of eleven biochemical markers., J J. Hutton and T H. Roderick

Tyzzer's disease in the rat. Its possible relationship with megaloileitis., A M. Jonas, D H. Percy, and J Craft

Dynamics of immunologic enhancement., N Kaliss

Immunological enhancement as a possible element in the etiology of cancer., N Kaliss

Comparison of the effects of some C27-, C21-, and C19-steroids upon hepatic sterol synthesis and hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA reductase activity., A A. Kandutsch and R M. Packie

Pteridines in the tu-h strain of Drosophila melanogaster., B Knowles

Studies on the biosynthesis of Hansenula holstii mannans from guanosine diphosphate mannose., L P. Kozak and R K. Bretthauer

Diurnal variations in rabbits: biochemical indicators of thyroid function., C W. Laird and R R. Fox

The effect of age on cholesterol and PBI levels in the 3-3c hybrid rabbit., C W. Laird and R R. Fox

Effect of strain and age on some hematological parameters in the rabbit., C W. Laird, R R. Fox, B P. Mitchell, E M. Blau, and H S. Schultz

Strain variations in rabbits: biochemical indicators of thyroid functions., C W. Laird, R R. Fox, H S. Schultz, B P. Mitchell, and E M. Blau

Splenic destruction of newly-formed red blood cells and shortened erythrocyte survival in mice with congenital microcytosis., S A. Landaw, E S. Russell, and S E. Bernstein

Computer calculation of Wright's inbreeding coefficient by Cruden's method., F H. Li and T H. Roderick

Spastic, an hereditary neurological mutation in the mouse characterized by vertebral arthropathy and leptomeningeal cyst formation., H Meier and C K. Chai

The effect of poly rI/rC on sRNA methylase activity in normal and leukemic mouse spleens., H Meier, R L. Hancock, and R J. Huebner

A neurological mutation (msd) of the mouse causing a deficiency of myelin synthesis., H Meier and A D. MacPike

Occurrence, pathological features, and propagation of gonadal teratomas in inbred mice and in rabbits., H Meier, D D. Myers, R R. Fox, and C W. Laird

Differential effect of a synthetic polyribonucleotide complex on spontaneous and transplanted leukemia in mice., H Meier, D D. Myers, and R J. Huebner

Ineffectiveness of poly rI/rC on transplanted tumors induced by methylcholanthrene., H Meier, D D. Myers, and R J. Huebner

Statolon-therapy of spontaneous viral-caused mouse tumors., H Meier, D D. Myers, and R J. Huebner

Muscular dystrophy in the mouse caused by an allele at the dy-locus., H Meier and J L. Southerd

The effect of chemotherapy on germinal testicular tumors in mice., B M. Mount, L C. Stevens, and W F. Whitmore

Prevalence of murine C-type RNA virus group specific anitgen in inbred strains of mice., D D. Myers, H Meier, and R J. Huebner

Excretion of murine leukemia virus., D D. Myers, H Meier, J S. Rhim, and R J. Huebner

Rates of sterol synthesis and hydroxymethylglutaryl coenzyme A reductase levels, and the effects of cholest-4-en-3-one on these parameters, in the livers of inbred strains of mice., R M. Packie and A A. Kandutsch

A nomenclatural system for outbred animals., S M. Poiley, A E. Bogden, H L. Foster, T W. Norton, W B. Root, and J Staats

Adult and embryonic transfer RNA., O M. Rennert and R L. Hancock

Two radiation-induced chromosomal inversions in mice (Mus musculus)., T H. Roderick and N L. Hawes

Linkage of esterase-3 and rex on linkage group VII of the mouse., T H. Roderick, J J. Hutton, and F H. Ruddle

Low viability, skin lesions, and reduced fertility associated with microcytic anemia in the mouse., E S. Russell, E C. McFarland, and E L. Kent


Characterization and genetic studies of microcytic anemia in house mouse., E S. Russell, D J. Nash, S E. Bernstein, E L. Kent, E C. McFarland, S M. Matthews, and M S. Norwood

Morphogenetic studies of the rabbit. XLI. Gradients of correlation in the architecture of morphology., P B. Sawin, R R. Fox, and H B. Latimer

Morphogenetic studies of the rabbit. XLI. Gradients of correlation in the architecture of morphology., P B. Sawin, R R. Fox, and H N. Latimer

Morphogenetic studies of the rabbit. XL. Growth gradient interaction and function in morphology., P B. Sawin and M Hamlet

Immunologic enhancement., G D. Snell

Ultrastructure of mouse egg-cylinder., D Solter, I Damjanov, and N Skreb

Extrauterine growth of mouse egg-cylinders results in malignant teratoma., D Solter, N Skreb, and I Damjanov

A chamber for the instrumental control of licking behavior in the laboratory mouse., R L. Sprott, F W. Clark, and R E. Wimer

Bibliography of George D. Snell., J Staats

Animal models for human disease: Teratoma., L C. Stevens

Environmental influence on experimental teratocarcinogenesis in testes of mice., L C. Stevens

Experimental production of testicular teratomas in mice of strains 129, A/He, and their F1 hybrids., L C. Stevens

The development of transplantable teratocarcinomas from intratesticular grafts of pre- and postimplantation mouse embryos., L C. Stevens

[Diminished phytohemagglutinin stimulation of human lymphocyte cultures in liver cirrhosis: studies with 3H-thymidine and I-125 desoxyuridine], P Surianu, H J. Heiniger, and L E. Feinendegen

Basophilic leukocytes in the hyperlipemic rabbit., Neumann E. Thonnard, R R. Fox, and W L. Taylor

Esterase alterations in the liver and kidneys of ducky, a neurological mutation in mice., S Tsuji and H Meier

Esterase alteratons in the liver of dystrophic mice., S Tsuji and H Meier

Lipolytic esterase activity of adipose tissue from mice with three types of hereditary obesity., S Tsuji and H Meier

Histone methylase activity of adult, embryonic and neoplastic liver tissues., G Turner and R L. Hancock

Osmolality of mammalian blood and of media for culture of mammalian cells., C Waymouth

The role of pheromones in mammalian reproduction., W K. Whitten and F H. Bronson