Faculty Research 1970 - 1979

Faculty Research 1970 - 1979



Submissions from 1976

Genes on chromosome 3 of the mouse., M T. Davisson, E M. Eicher, and M C. Green

Development of teratomas from the ectoderm of mouse egg cylinders., S B. Diwan and L C. Stevens

Intradermal transplantation in mice of small numbers of sarcoma cells followed by tumor growth and regression., W B. Dunham and C Waymouth

Inherited ateliotic dwarfism in mice. Characteristics of the mutation, little, on chromosome 6., E M. Eicher and W G. Beamer

Hypophosphatemia: mouse model for human familial hypophosphatemic (vitamin D-resistant) rickets., E M. Eicher, J L. Southard, C R. Scriver, and F H. Glorieux

Evolution of mammalian carbonic anhydrase loci by tanden duplication: close linkage of Car-1 and Car-2 to the centromere region of chromosome 3 of the mouse., E M. Eicher, R H. Stern, J E. Womack, M T. Davisson, T H. Roderick, and S C. Reynolds

Analysis of mouse oogenesis in vitro. Oocyte isolation and the utilization of exogenous energy sources by growing oocytes., J J. Eppig

Defined nutrient medium for the in vitro maintenance of Xenopus laevis oocytes., J J. Eppig and J N. Dumont

Protein labelling patterns in oocytes of Xenopus laevis., J J. Eppig and R A. Eckhardt

The bifunctional role of mammalian, avian and amphibian tyrosinases in melanogenesis., J J. Eppig and V J. Hearing

Culture of cells in beem capsules: a new technique for electron microscopic study of monolayer cultures., J J. Eppig, E H. Leiter, and C Waymouth

Comparison of exogenous energy sources for in vitro maintenance of follicle cell-free Xenopus laevis oocytes., J J. Eppig and M L. Steckman

Mechanisms of extracellular killing of nucleated mammalian cells by macrophages., R Evans

Tumor macrophages in host immunity to malignancies., R Evans

Tumor macrophages in host immunity to malignancies., R Evans

Inhibition of 125IUdR incorporation by supernatants from macrophage and lymphocyte cultures: a cautionary note., R Evans and C G. Booth

Identical genetic basis for lymphosarcoma and hemolytic anemia in the rabbit., R R. Fox and H Meier

Clinical hematological progression of hereditary lymphosarcoma in rabbits., R R. Fox, R F. Norberg, and H Meier

Genetic control of ligand-induced events in B lymphocytes., R J. Fram, C L. Sidman, and E R. Unanue

Tight-skin, a new mutation of the mouse causing excessive growth of connective tissue and skeleton., M C. Green, H O. Sweet, and L E. Bunker

Avoidance of graft versus host reactions in cured W-anemic mice., D E. Harrison

Population of lymphoid tissues in cured W-anemic mice by donor cells., D E. Harrison and C M. Astle

Effect of allelic substitutions at the hairless locus on endogenous ecotropic murine leukemia virus titers and leukemogenesis., H J. Heiniger, R J. Huebner, and H Meier

Depletion of L-cell sterol depresses endocytosis., H J. Heiniger, A A. Kandutsch, and H W. Chen

Variation in ribosomal RNA gene number in mouse chromosomes., A S. Henderson, E M. Eicher, M T. Yu, and K C. Atwood


Glucose requirement for mouse sperm capacitation in vitro., P C. Hoppe

Control of the synthesis and assembly of RNA polymerase in Escherichia coli., A Ishihama, I Ito, Y Iwakura, Fukuda R, M Taketo, and T Saitoh

Control of formation of RNA polymerase in Escherichia coli., A Ishihama, M Taketo, T Saitoh, and R Fukuda

HLA antigens in three Siberian populations., P Iv:anyi, I K. Egorov, L Pellar, A F. Malenko, H Bavorov:a, J Forejt, E Hinzov:a, J Hronkov:a, D Iv:anyi, and E Iva:skov:a

The research animal and the significance of a health monitoring program., A M. Jonas

Immunogenetic analysis of H-2 mutations. IV. Mapping of and immune reactions to the H-2fa mutation., J Klein, I K. Egorov, Y A. Mnatsakanyan, and V Hauptfeld

The reversible expression of an adult isozyme locus, Gdc-1, in tumors of the mouse., L P. Kozak and E D. Murphy

Keratoconjunctivitis associated with sialodacryoadenitis in rats., Y L. Lai, R O. Jacoby, P N. Bhatt, and A M. Jonas

Myodystrophy, a new myopathy on chromosome 8 of the mouse., P W. Lane, T C. Beamer, and D D. Myers

Properties of mouse alpha-galactosidase., A J. Lusis and K Paigen

Isolation, characterization, and radioimmunoassay of murine egasyn, a protein stabilizing glucuronidase membrane binding., A J. Lusis, S Tomino, and K Paigen

Invasion and metastasis of a xenogeneic tumor in nude mice., H Maguire, H C. Outzen, R P. Custer, and R T. Prehn

Osteopetrosis, a new recessive skeletal mutation on chromosome 12 of the mouse., S C. Marks and P W. Lane

Depilated (dep), a mutant gene that affects the coat of the mouse and acts in the epidermis., T C. Mayer, N J. Kleiman, and M C. Green

Glk: a locus controlling galactokinase activity in the mouse., J D. Mishkin, B A. Taylor, and W J. Mellman

Purkinje cell degeneration, a new neurological mutation in the mouse., R J. Mullen, E M. Eicher, and R L. Sidman

Regulation of globin gene expression., A W. Nienhuis, J E. Barker, A Deisseroth, and W F. Anderson

Intestinal calcium and phosphate transport in genetic hypophos- phatemic mice., P J. O'Doherty, H F. DeLuca, and E M. Eicher

Differentiation of a methylcholanthrene-induced sarcoma to a benign plexiform fibroneural tumor in an adult frog (Rana pipiens). Possible influence of host regenerative capacity., H C. Outzen and R P. Custer

Influence of regenerative capacity and innervation on oncogenesis in the adult frog (Rana pipiens)., H C. Outzen, R P. Custer, and R T. Prehn

Genetic determination of the beta-galactosidase developmental program in mouse liver., K Paigen, M Meisler, J Felton, and V Chapman

Change of concanavalin A induced agglutinability during preimplantation mouse development., J Rowinski, D Solter, and H Koprowski

Motheaten, an immunodeficient mutant of the mouse. II. Depressed immune competence and elevated serum immunoglobulins., L D. Shultz and M C. Green

Control of B-lymphocyte function. I. Inactivation of mitogenesis by interactions with surface immunoglobulin and Fc-receptor molecules., C L. Sidman and E R. Unanue

Recognition structures determined by the H-2 complex., G D. Snell

Brain and sperm cell surface antigen (NS-4) on preimplantation mouse embryos., D Solter and M Schachner

Standardized nomenclature for inbred strains of mice: sixth listing., J Staats

Strain distribution and linkage relationship of a mouse embryonic hemoglobin variant., R H. Stern, E S. Russell, and B A. Taylor

Animal model of human disease: benign cystic and malignant ovarian teratoma., L C. Stevens

Biosynthesis of RNA polymerase in Escherichia coli. IV. Accumulation of intermediates in mutants defective in the subunit assembly., M Taketo and A Ishihama

Peptide analysis of RNA polymerase alpha subunit from Escherichia coli: comparison of free with assembled form., M Taketo and A Ishihama

Genetic analysis of susceptibility to isoniazid-induced seizures in mice., B A. Taylor

Linkage of the cadmium resistance locus to loci on mouse chromosome 12., B A. Taylor

A new allele of ocular retardation: early development and morphogenetic cell death., K Theiler, D S. Varnum, J H. Nadeau, L C. Stevens, and B Cagianut

Cell-mediated cytotoxicity to SV40-specific tumour-associated antigens., G Trinchieri, D P. Aden, and B B. Knowles

Ultrastructural localization of cytoplasmic phosphatases in preimplantation mouse embryos., A Vorbrodt, M Konwi:nski, D Solter, and H Koprowski

Submissions from 1975

Hormonal Correlates of Behavior.

In vitro fertilization and early embryogenesis: a cytological analysis., E Anderson, P C. Hoppe, W K. Whitten, and G S. Lee

Activation and inactivation of genes determining hemoglobin types., W F. Anderson, J E. Barker, N A. Elson, W C. Merrick, A W. Steggles, G N. Wilson, J A. Kantor, and A W. Nienhuis

Study of H-2 mmutations in mice. IV. A comparison of the mutants M505 and Hzl by skin grafting and serological techniques., A S. Apt, Z K. Blandova, I P. Dishkant, T E. Shumova, A A. Vedernikov, and I K. Egorov

On the feasibility of mapping low-multiplicity genes by in situ by hybridization., K C. Atwood, A S. Henderson, D Kacian, and E M. Eicher

On the feasibility of mapping low-multiplicity genes by in situ hybridization., K C. Atwood, A S. Henderson, D Kacian, and E M. Eicher

Genetics of histocompatibility in mice. I. New loci and congenic lines., D W. Bailey

Opiate receptors in mice: genetic differences., A Baran, L Shuster, B E. Eleftheriou, and D W. Bailey

Hemoglobin switching in sheep and goats. V. Effect of erythropoietin concentration on in vitro erythroid colony growth and globin synthesis., J E. Barker, W F. Anderson, and A W. Nienhuis

Isolation of an endogenous C-type RNA virus from Mus musculus molossinus., H G. Bedigian and H Meier

[An analysis of small differences between mice of lines C57BL/10 and 129 with regard to the chief system of tissue compatibility, H-2], Z K. Blandova and I K. Egorov

Study of H-2 mutations in mice. VI. M523, a new K-end mutant., Z K. Blandova, Y A. Mnatsakanyan, and I K. Egorov

A model for genetic control of programmed expression of H-2 genes., M Boubel:ik, A Lengerov:a, and D W. Bailey

A model for genetic analysis of programmed gene expression as reflected in the development of membrane antigens., M Boubel:ik, A Lengerov:a, D W. Bailey, and V Matou:sek

Cholesterol, 7-ketocholesterol and 25-hydroxycholesterol uptake studies and effect on 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-coenzyme A reductase activity in human fibroblasts., J L. Breslow, D A. Lothrop, D R. Spaulding, and A A. Kandutsch

Private specificities of H-2K and H-2D loci as possible selective targets for effector lymphocytes in cell-mediated immunity., B D. Brondz, I K. Egorov, and G I. Drizlikh

The use of flow microbluorimetry in the analysis of the phenotype expression of mouse histocompatibility antigens., G L. Campbell, L T. Goldstein, and B B. Knowles

Characteristics of histocompatibility barriers in congenic strains of mice. III. Passive enhancement of skin allografts in X-irradiated hosts., J L. Cantrell, N Kaliss, and W H. Hildemann

Genes associated with leukocyte production in mice., C K. Chai

Asymmetrical mixed lymphocyte reaction between inbred strains of rabbit., C K. Chai and C P. Lerner

Relationship between sterol synthesis and DNA synthesis in phytohemagglutinin-stimulated mouse lymphocytes., H W. Chen, H J. Heiniger, and A A. Kandutsch

Influence of genetic background on the expression of mutations at the diabetes locus in the mouse. II. Studies on background modifiers., D L. Coleman and K P. Hummel

Symposium IV: Diabetic syndrome in animals. Influence of genetic background on the expression of mutations at the diabetes locus in the mouse. II. Studies on background modifiers., D L. Coleman and K P. Hummel

When left-handed mice live in right-handed worlds., R L. Collins

Hereditary vestigial pulmonary arterial trunk and related defects in rabbits., D D. Crary and R R. Fox

Ultrastructure of ovarian teratomas in LT mice., I Damjanov, V Kati:c, and L C. Stevens

Hemoglobin synthesis in somatic cell hybrids. II. Coexpression of mouse with human or Chinese hamster globin genes in inter-species somatic cell hybrids of mouse erythroleukemia cells., A Deisseroth, J E. Barker, W F. Anderson, and A W. Nienhuis

Effect of mouse genotype on interferon production. I. Lines congenic at the If-1 locus., Maeyer E. De, Maeyer Guignard De, and D W. Bailey

Prolongation of allograft survival in mice by interferon inducers and interferon preparations., Maeyer E. De, L E. Mobraaten, and Maeyer Guignard De

Separate and polymorphic loci controlling two types of polypeptide chains bearing the H-2 private and public specificities., P Demant, G D. Snell, M Hess, F Lemonnier, Sautes C. Neauport, and F Kourilsky

Chromosome markers in Mus musculus: differences in C-banding between the subspecies M.m. musculus and M.m. molossinus., V G. Dev, D A. Miller, R Tantravahi, R R. Schreck, T H. Roderick, B F. Erlanger, and O J. Miller

Strain differences in aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase induction by 3-methylcholanthrene in rabbits., B Diwan, R R. Fox, and H Meier

Cytology of experimental teratomas and teratocarcinomas., M Dominis, I Damjanov, and D Solter

Husbandry of the "nude: mouse in conventional and germfree environments., G J. Eaton, H C. Outzen, R P. Custer, and F N. Johnson

Activity of cholinergic sysem enzymes in the cochlea of mice sensitized for audiogenic seizure., A Ebel, G Ayad, S Simler, V Stefanovic, R Collins, and P Mandel

Changes with age in protein-bound iodine (PBI) and body temperature in the mouse., B E. Eleftheriou

Hormones and behavior: a genetic approach., B E. Eleftheriou

Psychopharmacogenetics: an integrative approach to the study of genes, drugs and behavior., B E. Eleftheriou

Regional brain catechol-O-methyl transferase: age related differences in the mouse., B E. Eleftheriou