Faculty Research 1970 - 1979

Faculty Research 1970 - 1979



Submissions from 1979

International system for human gene nomenclature ISGN (1979)., T B. Shows, C A. Alper, D Bootsma, M Dorf, T Douglas, T Huisman, S Kit, H P. Klinger, T H. Roderick, and al et

Requirements for mitogenic stimulation of murine B cells by soluble anti-IgM antibodies., C L. Sidman and E R. Unanue

Inherited muscle and nerve diseases in mice: a tabulation with commentary., R L. Sidman, J S. Cowen, and E M. Eicher

H-Y antigen: no evidence for alleles in wild strains of mice., E Simpson, C Brunner, C Hetherington, P R. Chandler, M Brenan, M Dagg, and D W. Bailey

The processing of T-lymphocytes by the gut of the suckling neonate., P W. Slobodian, G A. Carlson, and T G. Wegmann

Recent advances in histocompatibility immunogenetics., G D. Snell

Teratocarcinomas rarely develop from embryos transplanted into athymic mice., D Solter and I Damjanov

Embryo-derived teratocarcinoma: I. The role of strain and gender in the control of teratocarcinogenesis., D Solter, M Dominis, and I Damjanov

Developmental stage-specific antigens during mouse embryogenesis., D Solter and B B. Knowles

The induction of antigenic changes in a teratocarcinoma stem cell line (F9) by retinoic acid., D Solter, L Shevinsky, B B. Knowles, and S Strickland

Behavioral studies using genetically defined mice--a bibliography (July 1976-August 1978)., R L. Sprott and J Staats

A case of true bilateral hermaphroditism in a dog., J P. Sundberg

Genetic regulation of mup production in recombinant inbred mice., P R. Szoka and K Paigen

Cyclopropane fatty acid synthase of Escherichia coli. Stabilization, purification, and interaction with phospholipid vesicles., F R. Taylor and J E. Cronan

Triaglycerol metabolism in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Relation to phospholipid synthesis., F R. Taylor and L W. Parks

Autoclavable medium AM 77B., C Waymouth

Autoclavable medium AM 77B., C Waymouth

The ability of the murine placenta to absorb monoclonal anti-fetal H-2K antibody from the maternal circulation., T G. Wegmann, T R. Mosmann, G A. Carlson, O Olijnyk, and B Singh

Allogeneic placenta is a paternal strain antigen immunoabsorbent., T G. Wegmann, B Singh, and G A. Carlson

Pregnant mice are not primed but can be primed to fetal alloantigens., T G. Wegmann, C A. Waters, D W. Drell, and G A. Carlson

T lymphocyte response to H-2 mutants: cytotoxic effectors are Ly-1+2+., P J. Wettstein, D W. Bailey, L E. Mobraaten, J Klein, and J A. Frelinger

Resolution of products of the duplicated hemoglobin alpha-chain loci by isoelectric focusing., J B. Whitney, G T. Copland, L C. Skow, and E S. Russell

Gonadal development in hermaphrodite mice., W K. Whitten

The morphology of fetal gonads of spontaneous mouse hermaphrodites., W K. Whitten, W G. Beamer, and A G. Byskov

Genetic variation in alkaline phosphatase of the house mouse (Mus musculus) with emphasis on a manganese-requiring isozyme., F H. Wilcox, L Hirschhorn, B A. Taylor, J E. Womack, and T H. Roderick

Linkage of the locus for conversion of albumin (Acf-1) in the house mouse, Mus musculus., F H. Wilcox, J E. Womack, and T H. Roderick

Genetic regulation of coumarin hydroxylase activity in mice. Evidence for single locus control on chromosome., A W. Wood and B A. Taylor

Submissions from 1978

Infection of mouse preimplantation embryos with simian virus 40 and polyoma virus., J Abramczuk, A Vorbrodt, D Solter, and H Koprowski

Production of HLA antibody in mice immunised with syngeneic mouse-human hybrid cells containing human chromosome 6., D P. Aden, R Mausner, and B B. Knowles


Spontaneous murine lupus-like syndromes. Clinical and immunopathological manifestations in several strains., B S. Andrews, R A. Eisenberg, A N. Theofilopoulos, S Izui, C B. Wilson, P J. McConahey, E D. Murphy, J B. Roths, and F J. Dixon

Alteration of islet cell populations in spontaneously diabetic mice., D Baetens, Y Stefan, M Ravazzola, Lagae F. Malaisse, D L. Coleman, and L Orci

Definition of inbred strains., D W. Bailey

Sources of subline divergence and their relative importance for sublines of six major inbred strains of mice., D W. Bailey

Transmissible murine colonic hyperplasia., S W. Barthold, G L. Coleman, R O. Jacoby, E M. Livestone, and A M. Jonas

Spontaneous sex mosaicism in BALB/cWt mice., W G. Beamer, W K. Whitten, and E M. Eicher

Induction of type C RNA virus from cultured rabbit lymphosarcoma cells., H G. Bedigian, R R. Fox, and H Meier

Hemoglobin switching in sheep: commitment of erythroid stem cells to expression of the betaC-globin gene and accumulation of betaC-globin mRNA., E J. Benz, J E. Barker, J E. Pierce, P A. Turner, and A W. Nienhuis

Regulation of the rate of beta-galactosidase synthese by the Bgs and Bgt loci in the mouse., F G. Berger and K Paigen

A nuclear extract of Xenopus laevis oocytes that accurately transcribes 5S RNA genes., E H. Birkenmeier, D D. Brown, and E Jordan

The effects of passive immunization with tumor-specific antiserum on the active immune response of mice to sublines of leukemia L1210., G A. Carlson and G Terres

Paternal-strain antigen excess in semiallogeneic pregnancy., G A. Carlson and T G. Wegmann

Spontaneous amyloidosis in LLC mice., C K. Chai

Alteration of 86Rb+ influx and efflux following depletion of membrane sterol in L-cells., H W. Chen, H J. Heiniger, and A A. Kandutsch

The role of cholesterol in malignancy., H W. Chen, A A. Kandutsch, and H J. Heiniger

Differences between C57BL strains at an erythrocyte antigen locus., M Cherry, D W. Bailey, and G D. Snell

Linkage in mice of genes controlling an immunoglobulin kappa-chain marker and the surface alloantigen Ly-3 on T lymphocytes., J L. Claflin, B A. Taylor, M Cherry, and M Cubberley

Diabetes and obesity: thrifty mutants?, D L. Coleman

Obese and diabetes: two mutant genes causing diabetes-obesity syndromes in mice., D L. Coleman

In the beginning was the asymmetry gradient, even when it was null: a propositional framework of a general theory for the inheritance of asymmetry., R L. Collins

Relationship between Moloney MSV tumor resistance and endogenous virogene expression in AKR mouse strain and its hybrids., A Colombatti, Rossi A. De, B A. Taylor, Bianchi L. Chieco, and H Meier

Retroesophageal right subclavian artery in rabbits; genetics and pathology., D D. Crary and R R. Fox

Status of the linkage map of the mouse., M T. Davisson and T H. Roderick


Cytotoxic T-cell responses in mice infected with influenza and vaccinia viruses vary in magnitude with H-2 genotype., P C. Doherty, W E. Biddison, J R. Bennink, and B B. Knowles

Genetic analyses of differences in incidence of mammary tumors and reticulum cell neoplasms with the use of recombinant inbred lines of mice., A Dux, O M:uhlbock, and D W. Bailey

Murine ovarian teratomas and parthenotes as cytogenetic tools., E M. Eicher

Autosomal phosphoglycerate kinase linked to mouse major histocompatibility complex., E M. Eicher, M Cherry, and L Flaherty

Absence of mitochondrial malic enzyme in mice carrying two complementing lethal albino alleles., E M. Eicher, S E. Lewis, H A. Turchin, and Waelsch S. Gluecksohn

Assignment of genes to regions of mouse chromosomes., E M. Eicher and L L. Washburn

Developmental potential of LT/Sv parthenotes derived from oocytes matured in vivo and in vitro., J J. Eppig

Granulosa cell deficient follicles: occurrence, structure, and relationship to ovarian teratocarcinogenesis in strain LT/Sv mice., J J. Eppig

Effects of progesterone and oestradiol-17beta on the spontaneous meiotic maturation of mouse oocytes., J J. Eppig and S L. Koide

Ovarian teratomas in mice are derived from oocytes that have completed the first meiotic division., J J. Eppig, L P. Kozak, E M. Eicher, and L C. Stevens

Failure to relate the anti-tumour action of cyclophosphamide with the immunogenicity of two murine fibrosarcomas., R Evans

Macrophage requirement for growth of a murine fibrosarcoma., R Evans

Lack of correlation between in vivo rejection of syngeneic fibrosarcomas and in vitro non-specific macrophage cytotoxicity., R Evans, C G. Booth, and F Spencer

EMS-induced dominant lethal dose response curve in DBA/1J male mice., J Favor and J W. Crenshaw

Origin of the B/J, R/J, and Y/J strains of rabbits., R R. Fox

Effect of rabbit strain on activity level and cytotoxicity of serum complement. II. Comparison of five murine target cells., R R. Fox and M Cherry

Effect of rabbit strain on activity level and cytotoxicity of serum complement., R R. Fox, M Cherry, and K L. Shultz

Genetics and pathology of hereditary adrenal hyperplasia in the rabbit: a model for congenital lipoid adrenal hyperplasia., R R. Fox and D D. Crary

Autogenous regulation of RNA polymerase beta subunit synthesis in vitro., R Fukuda, M Taketo, and A Ishihama

Glomerular hyperfiltration during the onset of diabetes mellitus in two strains of diabetic mice (C57BL/6-db/db and C57BL/Ks-db/db)., K Gartner

The cellular site of immunoregulatory breakdown in the lpr mutant mouse., R K. Gershon, M Horowitz, J D. Kemp, D B. Murphy, and E D. Murphy

Evidence for close linkage of a mouse light chain marker with the Ly-2,3 locus., D M. Gibson, B A. Taylor, and M Cherry

The alleles of the H-13 locus., R J. Graff, D H. Brown, and G D. Snell

A brief autobiography relative to work with inbred and mutant mice., E L. Green

A brief autobiography relative to work with inbred and mutant mice., E L. Green

Brief autobiography related to work on inbred mice., M C. Green

Brief autobiography related to work on inbred mice., M C. Green

Brief autobiography related to work on inbred mice., M C. Green

Marked reduction of spectrinin hereditary spherocytosis in the common house mouse., A C. Greenquist, S B. Shohet, and S E. Bernstein

Metabolic activation of aflatoxins related to their mutagenicity., H L. Gurtoo, R P. Dahms, and B Paigen

Cytochrome P-450 in a cultured human lymphocyte cell line., H L. Gurtoo, A J. Marinello, H J. Freedman, B Paigen, and J Minowada

Genetically defined animals valuable in testing aging of erythroid and lymphoid stem cells and microenvironments., D E. Harrison

Is limited cell proliferation the clock that times aging?, D E. Harrison

Measurement of changes in mouse tail collagen with age: temperature dependence and procedural details., D E. Harrison and J R. Archer

Tail collagen aging in mice of thirteen different genotypes and two species: relationship to biological age., D E. Harrison, J R. Archer, G A. Sacher, and F M. Boyce

Loss of proliferative capacity in immunohemopoietic stem cells caused by serial transplantation rather than aging., D E. Harrison, C M. Astle, and J A. Delaittre

Cholesterol is a critical cellular component for T-lymphocyte cytotoxicity., H J. Heiniger, K T. Brunner, and J C. Cerottini

Chimeric mice derived from human-mouse hybrid cells., K Illmensee, P C. Hoppe, and C M. Croce

Tailskin grafts do not show accelerated rejection on splenectomized hosts., L L. Johnson

Inhibition of cholesterol synthesis by oxygenated sterols., A A. Kandutsch and H W. Chen

Biological activity of some oxygenated sterols., A A. Kandutsch, H W. Chen, and H J. Heiniger

Stimulation of erythropoiesis in mice by adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate and prostaglandin E1., G Keighley and N S. Cohen

Monoclonal antibody detecting a stage-specific embryonic antigen (SSEA-1) on preimplantation mouse embryos and teratocarcinoma cells., B B. Knowles, D P. Aden, and D Solter

Preliminary characterization of human cell surface molecules controlled by human chromosomes 6 and 7., B B. Knowles, R Mausner, and D P. Aden

Effect of removal of the zona pellucida on subsequent development of mouse blastocysts in vitro., M Konwinski, D Solter, and H Koprowski

An analysis of differentiation in coaggregation cultures between mouse neuronal and tumor cells., L P. Kozak

Increased synthesis of L-glycerol 3-phosphate dehydrogenase during in vitro differentiation of reaggregating cerebellar cells., L P. Kozak

Glial fibrillary acidic protein in reaggregating and monolayer cultures of fetal mouse cerebral hemispheres., L P. Kozak, D Dahl, and A Bignami