Faculty Research 1970 - 1979

Faculty Research 1970 - 1979



Submissions from 1977

Chromosomal location of soluble glutamic-pyruvic transaminase-1 (Gpt-1) in the mouse., E M. Eicher and J E. Womack

Mouse oocyte development in vitro with various culture systems., J J. Eppig

Ovarian teratomas in mice are derived from oocytes that have completed the first meiotic division., J J. Eppig, L P. Kozak, E M. Eicher, and L C. Stevens

Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency syndrome in CBA/J mice. Ultrastructural study., J J. Eppig and E H. Leiter

Effect of X-irradiation on host-cell infiltration and growth of a murine fibrosarcoma., R Evans

The effect of azathioprine on host cell infiltration and growth of a murine fibrosarcoma., R Evans

Location of Mls locus on mouse chromosome 1., H Festenstein, C Bishop, and B A. Taylor

Jax inbred and mutant bearing rabbits., R R. Fox

Transplacental carcinogenic effects of combined treatment of ethylurea and sodium nitrite in rabbits., R R. Fox, B A. Diwan, and H Meier

Effect of ascorbic acid on intraocular pressure of normal and buphthalmic rabbits., R R. Fox, K W. Lam, and J F. Coco

Strain differences in the prealbumin serum esterases of JAX rabbits., R R. Fox and Zutphen L. van

Comparative studies of RNA polymerase subunits from various bacteria., R Fukuda, A Ishihama, T Saitoh, and M Taketo

Steroid hormones increase the growth of MuLV in rat tumor XC cells., J W. Gautsch, H G. Bedigian, and H Meier

Evidence from chimaeras for the pattern of proliferation of epidermis in the mouse., M C. Green, D Durham, T C. Mayer, and P C. Hoppe

Bradypneic, a new mutation in mice causing slow breathing, runting, and early death., M C. Green and C L. Jahn

Factors influencing the measurement and the reproducibility of aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase activity in culutred human lymphocytes., H L. Gurtoo, J Minowada, B Paigen, N B. Parker, and N T. Hayner

Cell lines from old immunodeficient donors give normal responses in young recipients., D E. Harrison, C M. Astle, and J W. Doubleday

Laboratory animals exhibiting obesity and diabetes syndromes., L Herberg and D L. Coleman

Microsurgically produced homozygous-diploid uniparental mice., P C. Hoppe and K Illmensee

Allosteric regulation of aspartate transcarbamoylase. Analysis of the structural and functional behavior in terms of a two-state model., G J. Howlett, M N. Blackburn, J G. Compton, and H K. Schachman

Consequences of blocked sterol synthesis in cultured cells. DNA synthesis and membrane composition., A A. Kandutsch and H W. Chen

Binding of 25-hydroxycholesterol and cholesterol to different cytoplasmic proteins., A A. Kandutsch, H W. Chen, and E P. Shown

Effects of 25-hydroxycholesterol and 7-ketocholesterol, inhibitors of sterol synthesis, administered orally to mice., A A. Kandutsch, H J. Heiniger, and H W. Chen

Reactivity to SV40 T antigen in athymic (nude), anti-thymocyte serum-treated, and normal mice., B B. Knowles, S R. Ford, and D P. Aden


Complement-mediated antiserum cytotoxic reactions to human chromosome 7 coded antigen(s): immunoselection of rearranged human chromosome 7 in human-mouse somatic cell hybrids., B B. Knowles, D Solter, G Trinchieri, K M. Maloney, S R. Ford, and D P. Aden

Ultrastructural study of concanavalin A receptors on preimplantation mouse embryos., M Konwi:nski, A Vorbrodt, D Solter, and H Koprowski

Ultrastructural study of concanavalin-A binding to the surface of preimplantation mouse embryos., M Konwinski, A Vorbrodt, D Solter, and H Koprowski

The transition from embryonic to adult isozyme expression in reaggregating cell cultures of mouse brain., L P. Kozak

Ultrastructural and immunohistological characterization of a cell culture model for the study of neuronal-glial interactions., L P. Kozak, J J. Eppig, D Dahl, and A Bignami

MRNA-directed synthesis of catalytically active mouse beta-glucuronidase in Xenopus oocytes., C Labarca and K Paigen

Rat model for hereditary retinal degeneration., Y L. Lai and A M. Jonas

Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency syndrome in CBA/J mice. III. Pathological and genetic analysis., E H. Leiter and Beamer T. Cunliffe

Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency syndrome in CBA/J mice. II. Biochemical studies., E H. Leiter, E C. Dempsey, and J J. Eppig

Identification of dihydrothiazoles in urine of male mice., H M. Liebich, A Zlatkis, W Bertsch, Dahm R. Van, and W K. Whitten

Nongenetic heterogeneity of mouse beta-galactosidase., A J. Lusis, G A. Breen, and K Paigen

Relationships between levels of membrane-bound glucuronidase and the associated protein egasyn in mouse tissues., A J. Lusis and K Paigen

Inheritance in mice of the membrane anchor protein egasyn: the Eg locus determines egasyn levels., A J. Lusis, S Tomino, and K Paigen

Non-specific cytotoxicity of spleen cells in mice bearing transplanted chemically induced fibrosarcomas., A Mantovani, R Evans, and P Alexander

Site of action of the crinkled (cr) locus in the mouse., T C. Mayer, C K. Miller, and M C. Green

Lymphocyte antigens: Ly-4, Ly-6, and Ly-7., I F. McKenzie, J Gardiner, M Cherry, and G D. Snell

Myopathies caused by three mutations in the mouse., H Meier and A D. MacPike

[Study of H-2 mutations in mice. VII. The defectiveness of the H-2ba mutant in the hemagglutination and graft vs host reactions], I u. Mnatsakanian, L E. Pospelov, and I K. Egorov

Factors contributing to the modulation of norepinephrine uptake by synaptosomes from mouse brain cortex., B Moisset

Genetic analysis of the behavioral response to d-amphetamine in mice., B Moisset

Effects of mutant steel alleles on leukemogenesis and life-span in the mouse., E D. Murphy

Effect of erythropoietin on hemoglobin synthesis., A W. Nienhuis, J E. Barker, and W F. Anderson

Lack of effect of vitamin D and its metabolites on intestinal phosphate transport in familial hypophosphatemia of mice., P J. O'Doherty, H F. DeLuca, and E M. Eicher

Questionable relation of aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase to lung-cancer risk., B Paigen, H L. Gurtoo, J Minowada, L Houten, R Vincent, K Paigen, N B. Parker, E Ward, and N T. Hayner

Distribution of aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase inducibility in cultured human lymphocytes., B Paigen, J Minowada, H L. Gurtoo, K Paigen, N B. Parker, E Ward, N T. Hayner, I D. Bross, F Bock, and R Vincent

Antitumor effects of RNA isolated from murine tumors and embryos., R Pottathil and H Meier

Primary tumor immunity in nude mice., L M. Prehn and H C. Outzen

Immunostimulation of the lymphodependent phase of neoplastic growth., R T. Prehn

Rate-limiting step in the progression of mouse breast tumors., R T. Prehn

Isolation and characterization of a mitochondrial D-amino acid oxidase from Neurospora crassa., M G. Rosenfeld and E H. Leiter

Regulation of transcription during the SV40 lytic cycle., N P. Salzman, E H. Birkenmeier, N Chiu, E May, M F. Radonovich, and M Shani

Levels of delta-aminolevulinate dehydratase, uroporphyrinogen-I synthase, and protoporphyrin IX in erythrocytes from anemic mutant mice., S Sassa and S E. Bernstein

Inhibitors of sterol synthesis. Hypocholesterolemic action of dietary 5alpha-cholest-8(14)-en-3beta-ol-15-one in rats and mice., G J. Schroepfer, D Monger, A S. Taylor, J S. Chamberlain, E J. Parish, A Kisic, and A A. Kandutsch

Inhibition of sterol biosynthesis in L cells and mouse liver cells by 15-oxygenated sterols., G J. Schroepfer, E J. Parish, H W. Chen, and A A. Kandutsch

14alpha-ethyl-5alpha-cholest-7-ene-3beta,15alpha-diol, an extraodinarily potent inhibitor of sterol biosynthesis in animal cells., G J. Schroepfer, E J. Parish, and A A. Kandutsch

Inhibition of sterol synthesis in L cells by 14alpha-ethyl-5alpha-cholest-7-en-15alpha-ol-3-one at nanomolar concentrations., G J. Schroepfer, D L. Raulston, and A A. Kandutsch

Properties of Simian virus 40 transcriptional intermediates isolated from nuclei of permissive cells., M Shani, E H. Birkenmeier, E May, and N P. Salzman

Multivariate and behavior genetic analysis of avoidance of complex visual stimuli and activity in recombinant inbred strains of mice., E C. Simmel and B E. Eleftheriou

The interaction of erythropoietin with fetal liver cells. II. Inhibition of the erythropoietin effect by interferon., K A. Smith, T N. Fredrickson, L E. Mobraaten, and E DeMaeyer

Genetic symbols: how do we get good ones?, G D. Snell

Viable chimaeras produced from normal and parthenogenetic mouse embryos., L C. Stevens, D S. Varnum, and E M. Eicher

Neoplasms of equidae., J P. Sundberg, T Burnstein, E H. Page, W W. Kirkham, and F R. Robinson

Biosynthesis of RNA polymerase in Escherichia coli. V. Defects of the subunit assembly in a temperature-sensitive beta subunit mutant., M Taketo and A Ishihama

Genetic studies of the Fv-1 locus of mice: linkage with Gpd-1 in recombinant inbred lines., B A. Taylor, H G. Bedigian, and H Meier

Location of Lyb-2 on mouse chromosome 4: Evidence from recombinant inbred strains., B A. Taylor and F W. Shen

Cytotoxic cell-mediated response to tumor antigens on somatic cell hybrids., G Trinchieri, D P. Aden, D Solter, and B B. Knowles

Tumour cell lines induce interferon in human lymphocytes., G Trinchieri, D Santoli, and B B. Knowles

Strain differences in response to dietary cholesterol by JAX rabbits: correlation with esterase patterns., Zutphen L. Van and R R. Fox

Ultrastructural cytochemistry of membrane-bound phosphatases in preimplantation mouse embryos., A Vorbrodt, M Konwinski, D Solter, and H Koprowski

The response of recombinant inbred strains of mice to bacterial lipopolysaccharides., J Watson, R Riblet, and B A. Taylor

Allogeneic pregnancy as immunoabsorbent., T G. Wegmann and G A. Carlson

Genetic control of interindividual variations in racemic warfarin binding to plasma and albumin of twins., G Wilding, B Paigen, and E S. Vesell

Mapping of nucleoside phosphorylase (Np-1) and esterase 10 (Es-10) on mouse chromosome 14., J E. Womack, M T. Davisson, E M. Eicher, and D A. Kendall

Liver-specific lysosomal acid phosphatase deficiency (Apl) on mouse chromosome 17., J E. Womack and E M. Eicher

Submissions from 1976

[Interaction of anti-Kb and anti-Dd effector lymphocytes with target cells of mouse mutant haplotypes], A V. Andreev, G I. Drizlikh, B D. Brondz, and I K. Egorov

Mitogen Synergism in low-responding CBA/CaJ mice., C M. Astle and D E. Harrison

Inducible monooxygenase activities and 3-methyl-cholanthrene-initiated tumorigenesis in mouse recombinant inbred sublines., S A. Atlas, B A. Taylor, B A. Diwan, and D W. Nebert

Feasibility tests for mapping low-multiplicity genes by hybridization in situ., K C. Atwood, M T. Yu, E Eicher, and A S. Henderson

Feasibility tests for mapping low-multiplicity genes by hybridization in situ., K C. Atwood, M T. Yu, E Eicher, and A S. Henderson

Relationship of frozen zygote storage to genetic drift in inbred strains., D W. Bailey

A method for the deionization of bovine serum albumin., J E. Barker and A W. Nienhuis

Methods for the development and analysis of erythroid colonies grown in plasma clot cultures., J E. Barker and A W. Nienhuis

Hemoglobin switching in sheep and goats. VI. Commitment of erythroid colony-forming cells to the synthesis of betaC globin., J E. Barker, J E. Pierce, and A W. Nienhuis

The etiology of transmissible murine colonic hyperplasia., S W. Barthold, G L. Coleman, P N. Bhatt, G W. Osbaldiston, and A M. Jonas

Stimulation of growth in the little mouse., W G. Beamer and E M. Eicher

Evidence for a particle-associated RNA-directed DNA polymerase in rabbit placental and uterine tissues., H G. Bedigian, R R. Fox, and H Meier

Presence of a high-molecular-weight RNA and RNA-directed DNA polymerase in rabbit hereditary lymphosarcoma., H G. Bedigian, R R. Fox, and H Meier

Genetics of the idotype of BALB/c myeloma S117: multiple chromosomal loci for Vh genes encoding specificity for group A streptococcal carbohydrate., C Berek, B A. Taylor, and K Eichmann

Mitochondrial proline dehydrogenase deficiency in hyperprolinemic PRO/Re mice: genetic and enzymatic analyses., R L. Blake, J G. Hall, and E S. Russell

Antibody-induced killing in vivo of L1210/MTX-R cells quantitated in passively immunized mice with 131I-iododeoxyuridine-labeled cells and whole-body measurement of retained radioactivity., G A. Carlson and G Terres

Biological and pathological characteristics in mouse lines with large differences in leukocyte counts., C K. Chai

Reticular cell hyperplasia and amyloidosis in a line of mice with low leukocyte counts., C K. Chai

Effects of cholesterol derivatives on sterol biosynthesis., H W. Chen and A A. Kandutsch

Simian virus 40 DNA replication: Characterization of gaps in the termination region., M C. Chen, E H. Birkenmeier, and N P. Salzman

Steel (Sl) mutation in mice: identification of mutant embryos early in development., D H. Chui, B V. Loyer, and E S. Russell

Animal model of human disease: teratoma and teratocarcinoma., I Damjanov and D Solter