Faculty Research 1970 - 1979

Faculty Research 1970 - 1979



Submissions from 1973

On the inheritance of handedness I laterality in inbred mice., R L. Collins

Guidelines for nomenclature of genetically determined biochemical variants in the house mouse, Mus musculus., on Standardized Committee

Spiral ganglion virus-like particles of guinea pigs. Further observations., J L. Craft, D A. Hilding, P N. Bnatt, and A M. Jonas

Preferential retention of the human chromosome C-7 in human-(thymidine kinase deficient) mouse hybrid cells., C M. Croce, B B. Knowles, and H Koprowski

Does the absence of immunologic surveillance affect the tumor incidence in "nude: mice? First recorded spontaneous lymphoma in a "nude: mouse., R P. Custer, H C. Outzen, G J. Eaton, and R T. Prehn

Yolk sac carcinoma grown from mouse egg cylinder., I Damjanov and D Solter

Teratocarcinoma with the capacity for differentiation restricted to neuro-ectodermal tissue., I Damjanov, D Solter, and D Serman

Chromosomal banding patterns of two paracentric inversions in mice., M T. Davisson and T H. Roderick

Cytogenetic analysis of pseudolinkage of LDH loci in the teleost genus Salvelinus., M T. Davisson, J E. Wright, and L M. Atherton

Prolongation per l'interfer- on de la survie des greffes de peau chez la souris., Maeyer E. De, L E. Mobraaten, and Maeyer Guignard De

[H-2 mutations in mice. III. Serological analysis of mutation 504 and its derived H-2 recombinant haplotypes], I P. Dishkant, A A. Vedernikov, and I K. Egorov

Transplacental effects of 1-ethyl-1-nitrosourea in inbred strains of mice. III. Association between infectious or subinfectious endogenous type-C RNA tumor virus expression and chemically induced tumorigenesis., B A. Diwan, H Meier, and R J. Huebner

Translocation trisomic mice: production by female but not male translocation carriers., E M. Eicher

Use of chimeras to transmit lethal genes in the mouse and to demonstrate allelism of the two X-linked male lethal genes jp and msd., E M. Eicher and P C. Hoppe

The influence of exteroceptive stimuli and pheromonal facilitation of ovulation in different strains of mice., B E. Eleftheriou, C M. Christenson, and M X. Zarrow

Differences in spatial discrimination reversal learning between two inbred mouse strains following specific amygdaloid lesions., M F. Elias, M Dupree, and B E. Eleftheriou

Macrophages and the tumour bearing host., R Evans

Preparation of pure cultures of tumor macrophages., R Evans

Immunologically specific activation of macrophages armed with the specific macrophage arming factor (SMAF)., R Evans, H Cox, and P Alexander

Differences in reutilization of thymidine in hemopoietic and lymphopoietic tissues of the normal mouse., L E. Feinendegen, H J. Heiniger, G Friedrich, and E P. Cronkite

Standardized nomenclature for inbred strains of rats, fourth listing., M Festing and J Staats

Ethyl palmitate-induced bartonellosis as an index of functional splenic ablation., S C. Finch and A M. Jonas

Hereditary diaphragmatic hernia in the rabbit., R R. Fox and D D. Crary

The non-H-2 histocompatibility loci and their antigens., R J. Graff and D W. Bailey

The new alleles of the H-3 locus., R J. Graff, D Brown, and G D. Snell

Technique for chronic cannulation of the canine thoracic duct., E J. Gralla, F M. Cappiello, and A M. Jonas

Multiple effector roles of lymphocytes in allograft immunity., C K. Grant, R Evans, and P Alexander

Strain differences in susceptibility to the teratogenic effect of acetazolamide in mice., M C. Green, C A. Azar, and T H. Maren

Normal production of erythrocytes by mouse marrow continuous for 73 months., D E. Harrison

Iodination of ribosomal RNA in vitro., H J. Heiniger, H W. Chen, and S L. Commerford

A micromethod for lymphoblastic transformation of mouse lymphocytes from peripheral blood., H J. Heiniger, J M. Wolf, H W. Chen, and H Meier


Fertilization in vitro and development of mouse ova., P C. Hoppe and S Pitts

Factors involved in the cytotoxicity of normal guinea pig serum for cells of murine tumor TA3 sublines treated with neuraminidase., R C. Hughes, P D. Palmer, and B H. Sanford

Location of phosphorylase kinase (Phk) in the mouse X chromosome., F Huijing, E M. Eicher, and D L. Coleman

Metabolic properties of erythrocytes of normal and genetically anemic mice., J J. Hutton and S E. Bernstein

An improved polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) method for titering mouse allohemagglutinins., N Kaliss

Immune reactions of multiparous female mice to fetal H-2 alloantigens., N Kaliss


Inhibition of sterol synthesis in cultured mouse cells by 7alpha-hydroxycholesterol, 7beta-hydroxycholesterol, and 7-ketocholesterol., A A. Kandutsch and H W. Chen

Graft-vs-host reaction with an H-2 mutant., J Klein and I K. Egorov

Effects of lateral hypothalmic lesions on placentophagia in virgin, primiparous, and multiparous mice., M B. Kristal

The effects of strain, reproductive condition, and strain of placenta donor on placentophagia in nonpregnant mice., M B. Kristal and C L. Williams

Site of catabolite inhibition of carbohydrate metabolism., J F. McGinnis and K Paigen


Comparative immunogenicity and enhanceability of individual H-2K and H-2D specificities of the murine histocompatibility-2 complex., I F. McKenzie and G D. Snell

Immunogenicity and enhancement of normal and tumor tissue in the mouse., I F. McKenzie and G D. Snell

Effects of multiple alleles on the expression of muscular dystrophy: studies with a new genetic variant, dy2J., H Meier

Hereditary lymphosarcoma in WH rabbits and hereditary hemolytic anemia associated with thymoma in strain X rabbits., H Meier and R R. Fox

Pleiotropic gene effects on muscle ultrastructure of normal and dystrophic mice., H Meier and A D. MacPike

Chemical co-carcinogenesis: differential action of various compounds, derepression of endogenous C-type RNA genomes, and influence of different genotypes of mice., H Meier and D D. Myers

Host-gene control of type-C RNA tumor virus expression and tumorigenesis in inbred mice., H Meier, B A. Taylor, M Cherry, and R J. Buebner

Rapid differentiation of certain bacteria in mixed populations by gas-liquid chromatography., B M. Mitruka, A M. Jonas, M Alexander, and R S. Kundargi


Efficiency of transplanting normal, zona-free, and chimeric embryos to one and both uterine horns of inbred and hybrid mice., R J. Mullen and S C. Carter

Plasma gonadotropin levels during early stages of ovarian tumorigenesis in mice of the W x -W u genotype., E D. Murphy and W G. Beamer

Giant granules of beige mice. A quantitative marker for granulocytes in bone marrow transplantation., E D. Murphy, D E. Harrison, and J B. Roths

A gene influencing active avoidance performance in mice., A Oliverio, B E. Eleftheriou, and D W. Bailey

Exploratory activity: genetic analysis of its modification by scopolamine and amphetamine., A Oliverio, B E. Eleftheriou, and D W. Bailey

Alteration of cell-mediated immunity in the mouse following administration of 4-nitroquinoline 1-oxide., H C. Outzen and R T. Prehn

Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency: a new recessive mutation in mice., O H. Pivetta and E L. Green

Major urinary protein and immunoglobulin allotypes of recombinant inbred mouse strains., M Potter, J S. Finlayson, D W. Bailey, E B. Mushinski, B L. Reamer, and J L. Walters

Committee on Standard Genetic Nomenclature for Mice: Guidelines for nomenclature of genetically determined biochemical variants in the house mouse, Mus musculus., T H. Roderick

Genetic and phenotypic variation in weight of brain and spinal cord between inbred strains of mice., T H. Roderick, R E. Wimer, C C. Wimer, and P A. Schwartzkroin

Letter: Effect of neuraminidase on tumor development and growth., B H. Sanford

Transplantability and antigenicity of two sublines of the TA3 tumor., B H. Sanford, J F. Codington, R W. Jeanloz, and P D. Palmer

Long-term spontaneous tumor incidence in neonatally thymectomized mice., B H. Sanford, H I. Kohn, J J. Daly, and S F. Soo

Fibrosarcoma induction in immunosuppressed mice., B H. Sanford and S F. Soo

Fate of listeria monocytogenes in normal rabbit serum., L D. Shultz and M S. Wilder

H-2: its structure and similarity to HL-A., G D. Snell, M Cherry, and P D:emant

Ly-4, a new locus determining a lymphocyte cell-surface alloantigen in mice., G D. Snell, M Cherry, I F. McKenzie, and D W. Bailey

Explantation of extraembryonic parts of 7-day-old mouse egg cylinders., D Solter and I Damjanov

Distribution of hydrolytic enzymes in early rat and mouse embryos--a reappraisal., D Solter, I Damjanov, and N Skreb

A developmental genetic approach to the study of teratocarcinogenesis., L C. Stevens

A new inbred subline of mice (129-terSv) with a high incidence of spontaneous congenital testicular teratomas., L C. Stevens

Recombinant inbred lines: value in the genetic analysis of biochemical variants., R T. Swank and D W. Bailey

Biochemical and genetic evidence for a macromolecular -glucuronidase complex in microsomal membranes., R T. Swank and K Paigen

Genetic control of glucuronidase induction in mice., R T. Swank, K Paigen, and R E. Ganschow

Wheel-running activity during ad lib and food deprivation conditions in four inbred mouse strains., J P. Symons

Genetic analysis of resistance to cadmium-induced testicular damage in mice., B A. Taylor, H J. Heiniger, and H Meier

Genetic control of the group-specific antigen of murine leukaemia virus., B A. Taylor, H Meier, and R J. Huebner

Genetic relationship between aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase inducibility and chemical carcinogen induced skin ulceration in mice., P E. Thomas, J J. Hutton, and B A. Taylor

Erythrocyte sodium and potassium levels in normal and anemic mice., C Waymouth

Genetic variation of olfactory function in reproduction., W K. Whitten

Lymphocyte reactivity to serologically undetected components of the major histocompatibility complex., M B. Widmer, B J. Alter, F H. Bach, and D W. Bailey

Serontonin levels in hippicampus: striking variations associated with mouse strain and treatment., R E. Wimer, R Norman, and B E. Eleftheriou

Distribution of glycerolipid-synthesizing enzymes in the subfractions of rat liver microsomes., S Yamashita, K Hosaka, M Taketo, and S Numa

Sex and strain involvement in pheromonal facilitation of gonadotrophin-induced ovulation in the mouse., M X. Zarrow, B E. Eleftheriou, and V H. Denenberg

Submissions from 1972

The interplay of lymphoid cells and macrophages in tumour immunity., P Alexander, R Evans, and C K. Grant

Hereditary microcytic anaemia in the mouse; studies in iron distribution and metabolism., R M. Bannerman, J A. Edwards, Birnbaum M. Kreimer, E McFarland, and E S. Russell

Immunochemical detection of a human species--specific esterase in interspecies hybrid cells., W R. Bartholomew, E M. Bartholomew, B B. Knowles, and N R. Rose

Radioimmunoassay of mouse luteinizing and follicle stimulating hormones., W G. Beamer, S M. Murr, and I I. Geschwind

Replication of a herpesvirus from turkeys (HVT) in hamster kidney cell cultures after infection with a cell-free preparation., H G. Bedigian and M Sevoian

Susceptibility of mammalian (hamster) cell culture to infection with herpesvirus of turkeys., H G. Bedigian and M Sevoian

Chimerism induced by intergenotype transplantation of mouse bone marrow., S E. Bernstein

Characterization of the virus of sialodacryoadenitis of rats: a member of the coronavirus group., P N. Bhatt, D H. Percy, and A M. Jonas


Animal model for hyperprolinemia: deficiency of mouse proline oxidase acitivity., R L. Blake

Hyperprolinemia and prolinuria in a new inbred strain of mice, PRO-Re., R L. Blake and E S. Russell

Complementation study of three mutant alleles at the H-2 locus., Z K. Blandova, T E. Shumova, V P. Kryshkina, and I K. Egorov

Behavioral studies in mice selectively bred for differences in thyroid function., D A. Blizard and C K. Chai

Cerebroside synthesis and hydrolysis in a neurological mutant mouse (msd)., A Brenkert, R C. Arora, N S. Radin, H Meier, and A D. MacPike

Characteristics of disparate histocompatibility barriers in congenic strains of mice. I. Graft-versus-host reactions., J L. Cantrell and W H. Hildemann

Separation of mitochondrial membranes of Neurospora crassa. II. Submitochondrial localization of the isoleucine-valine biosynthetic pathway., W E. Cassady, E H. Leiter, A Bergquist, and R P. Wagner

Biological distances between indigenous populations of Taiwan., C K. Chai