Faculty Research 1970 - 1979

Faculty Research 1970 - 1979



Submissions from 1972

Selective breeding for variations in thyroidal iodine release rate in mice., C K. Chai and A Melloh

Stimulation of hepatic RNA synthesis in dwarf mice by ovine prolactin., H W. Chen, D H. Hamer, H J. Heiniger, and H Meier

Tumorigenesis in strain DW-J mice and induction by prolactin of the group-specific antigen of endogenous C-type RNA tumor virus., H W. Chen, H Meier, H J. Heiniger, and R J. Huebner

Development of two-cell mouse embryos in the absence of a fixed-nitrogen source., J A. Cholewa and W K. Whitten

Dose-dependence of superovulation response in mice to two injections of PMSG., C M. Christenson and B E. Eleftheriou

Glycoprotein coat of the TA3 cell. Isolation and partial characterization of a sialic acid containing glycoprotein fraction., J F. Codington, B H. Sanford, and R W. Jeanloz

Audiogenic seizures., R L. Collins

Standardized karyotype for the mouse, Mus musculus., on Standardized Committee

Karyotypes of the teleost family Esocidae., M T. Davisson

Centric fusion and trisomy for the LDH-B locus in brook trout, Salvelinus fontinalis., M T. Davisson, J E. Wright, and L M. Atherton

Zonal centrifugation and flotation-fractionation of msd mutant mouse brain., E D. Day, D D. Mickey, L C. Rigsbee, and H Meier

Cytotoxicity of murine peritoneal macrophages in tumour allograft immunity., Otter W. Den, R Evans, and P Alexander

Time of X chromosome inactivation: does it occur at the same time in all cells of the embryo?, M S. Deol and W K. Whitten

Time of X chromosome inactivation in retinal melanocytes of the mouse., M S. Deol and W K. Whitten

Histocompatibility mutations in mice: chemical induction and linkage with the H-2 locus., I K. Egorov and Z K. Blandova

The T6 translocation in the mouse: its use in trisomy mapping, centromere localization, and cytological identification of linkage group 3., E M. Eicher and M C. Green

Cytological identification of the chromosomes involved in Searle's translocation and the location of the centromere in the X chromosome of the mouse., E M. Eicher, M N. Nesbitt, and U Francke

Effects of amygdaloid lesions on hypothalmic macromolecules., B E. Eleftheriou

A gene controlling plasma serotonin levels in mice., B E. Eleftheriou and D W. Bailey

Genetic analysis of plasma corticosterone levels in two inbred strains of mice., B E. Eleftheriou and D W. Bailey

A gene controlling male pheromonal facilitation of PMSG-induced ovulation in mice., B E. Eleftheriou, D W. Bailey, and M X. Zarrow

Effects of neonatal and adult treatments with gonadal hormones on choline acetylase activity in brain regions of male mice after fighting., B E. Eleftheriou and C L. Dobson

Effects of amygdaloid lesions on reversal learning in the deermouse., B E. Eleftheriou, M F. Elias, and R L. Norman

Reversal learning and RNA labeling in neurological mutant mice and normal littermates., M F. Elias and B E. Eleftheriou

Metabolism of cytidine diphosphate diglyceride in ataxic rabbit brain., S G. Eliasson, J D. Scarpellini, and R R. Fox

Amino acid pools in developing oocytes of Xenopus laevis., J J. Eppig and J N. Dumont

Cytochemical localization of tyrosinase activity in pigmented epithelial cells of Rana pipiens and Xenopus laevis larvae., J J. Eppig and J N. Dumont

The expression of the isocitrate dehydrogenase locus (ld-1) during mouse embryogenesis., C J. Epstein, J A. Weston, W K. Whitten, and E S. Russell

Macrophages in syngeneic animal tumours., R Evans

Mechanism of immunologically specific killing of tumour cells by macrophages., R Evans and P Alexander

Role of macrophages in tumour immunity. I. Co-operation between macrophages and lymphoid cells in syngeneic tumour immunity., R Evans and P Alexander

Role of macrophages in tumour immunity. II. Involvement of a macrophage cytophilic factor during syngeneic tumour growth inhibition., R Evans and P Alexander

Role of macrophages in tumour immunity. 3. Co-operation between macrophages and lymphoid factors in an in vitro allograft situation., R Evans and C K. Grant

Thymus-derived lymphocytes produce an immunologically specific macrophage-arming factor., R Evans, C K. Grant, H Cox, K Steele, and P Alexander

Rabbit models of human disease and their biochemical characterization., R R. Fox

A simple technic for the sexing of newborn rabbits., R R. Fox and D D. Crary

[Studies on the incorporation of exogenic DNA in mammalian cells], G Friedrich, L E. Feinendegen, and H J. Heiniger

Genetic aspects of regulation of food intake., J L. Fuller

Ethanol consumption and preference in mice: a genetic analysis., J L. Fuller and R L. Collins

Brain growth in mice selected for high and low brain weight., J L. Fuller and H D. Geils

Management of Reye's syndrome., M N. Goldschmidt and D W. Bailey

Studies on cerebral energy metabolism during the course of galactose neurotoxicity in chicks., S E. Granett, L P. Kozak, J P. McIntyre, and W W. Wells

Linkage groups: vertebrates. II: mouse., M C. Green

Linkage groups: vertebrates. II: mouse., M C. Green

Cribriform degeneration (cri): a new recessive neurological mutation in the mouse., M C. Green, R L. Sidman, and O H. Pivetta

Factors affecting electroshock seizure thresholds in rats., C Greenspan and R L. Sprott

Lifesparing ability (in lethally irradiated mice) of W-W mouse marrow with no macroscopic colonies., D E. Harrison

Marrow transplantation and iron therapy in mouse hereditary microcytic anemia., D E. Harrison

Normal function of transplanted mouse erythrocyte precursors for 21 months beyond donor life spans., D E. Harrison

Fetal liver erythropoiesis and yolk sac cells., D E. Harrison and E S. Russell

The response of W-W v and Sl-Sl d anaemic mice to haemopoietic stimuli., D E. Harrison and E S. Russell

Studies on the genetic control of cell proliferation. I. Clearance of DNA-bound radioactivity in 19 inbred strains and hybrid mice., H J. Heiniger, J W. Chen, H Meier, B A. Taylor, and L S. Commerford

Does X chromosome inactivation occur during mitosis of first cleavage?, P C. Hoppe and W K. Whitten


Pregnancy block: initation by administered gonadotropin., P C. Hoppe and W K. Whitten

The influence of genetic background on expression of mutations at the diabetes locus in the mouse. I. C57BL/KsJ and C57BL/6J strains., K P. Hummel, D L. Coleman, and P W. Lane

Vaso-occlusive pulmonary artery disease in the cat. A preliminary report., A M. Jonas, T W. Swerczek, and S E. Downing

Immunological enhancement., N Kaliss

Histoincompatibility between the B10.D2-n and B10.D2-0 strains of mice., N Kaliss, D W. Bailey, and H S. Shin

The enhancement assay for prolongation of graft survival., A A. Kandutsch

Androgen effect on genetic and goldthioglucose-induced obesity., A A. Kandutsch, D L. Coleman, and S E. Alpert

Sterol and fatty acid synthesis in developing brains of three myelin-deficient mouse mutants., A A. Kandutsch and S E. Saucier

HL-A antigens on man-mouse hybrid cells., K Kano, B B. Knowles, H Koprowski, and F Milgrom

Genetic control of -glycerolphosphate dehydrogenase in mouse brain., L P. Kozak

Pyrrole pigments in normal and congenitally anaemic mice (+:+, W-W v , ha-ha, nb-nb, mk-mk, f-f and sla-Y)., Birnbaum M. Kreimer, R M. Bannerman, E S. Russell, and S E. Bernstein

Synthesis of amino acids from succinate by the mitochondria of Neurospora crassa., D A. LaBrie, E H. Leiter, A Bergquist, and R P. Wagner

Two new mutations in linkage group XVI of the house mouse. Flaky tail and varitint-waddler-J., P W. Lane

Susceptibility to spontaneous pneumonitis in an inbred strain of beige and satin mice., P W. Lane and E D. Murphy

Ultrastructural, cytochemical and biochemical changes occurring during syngeneic macrophage-lymphoma interaction in vitro., F Lejeune and R Evans

A disease related to cage population density: tail lesions of C3H-HeJ mice., E P. Les

[Formes moleculaires de l'interferon serique induit par le virus de la maladie de Newcastle dans les lignees de souris hautes et basses productices.], I Martelly, Maeyer Guignard De, and D W. Bailey

Genetic control of the immune response. Mapping of the Ir-1 locus., H O. McDevitt, B D. Deak, D C. Shreffler, J Klein, J H. Stimpfling, and G D. Snell

Myeloid leukemia in the rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)., H Meier, R R. Fox, and D D. Crary

Myelin hypoplasia including peripheral neuropathy caused by three mutations of the mouse., H Meier and A D. MacPike

Coordinated development of -glucuronidase and -galactosidase in mouse organs., M Meisler and K Paigen

Genetic control of immune response in mice to a glutamic acid, lysine, phenylalanine copolymer. 3. Use of recombinant inbred strains of mice to establish association of immune response genes with H-2 genotype., C F. Merryman, P H. Maurer, and D W. Bailey

Cellular distribution and possible mechanism of sex-differentiation in XX/Xy chimeric mice., R G. Milet, B B. Mukherjee, and W K. Whitten

Gas chromatography for rapid differentiation of bacterial infections in man., M Mitruka, R S. Kundargi, and A M. Jonas

Hyperplastic and early neoplastic changes in the ovaries of mice after genic deletion of germ cells., E D. Murphy

Familial ataxia of the rabbit Sawin-Anders type: Ultrastructural analysis of degeneration in the cochlear nuclei., J L. O'Leary, R R. Fox, J M. Smith, and J Inukai

Ultrastructural alterations in vestibular and cerebellar nuclei of the ataxic rabbit., J L. O'Leary, R R. Fox, J M. Smith, and J Inukai

Polytransductant formation in Escherichia coli lysogens., I Olsen and K Paigen

Attempted induction of tumor antigens in carcinogen-treated cells., H C. Outzen, E J. Andrews, M A. Basombr:io, S Litwin, and R T. Prehn

'Handedness' in mice: some behavioural correlates., J Papaioannou

Experimental Brucella canis infection in the monkey (Macaca arctoides)., D H. Percy, I N. Egwu, and A M. Jonas

Committee on Standard Genetic Nomenclature for Mice: Standard karyotype of the mouse, Mus musculus., T H. Roderick

Characterization and strain distribution of four alleles at the hemoglobin -chain structural locus in the mouse., E S. Russell, S L. Blake, and E C. McFarland

The relation between erythropoiesis and plasma erythropoietin levels in normal and genetically anaemic mice during prolonged hypoxia or after whole-body irradiation., E S. Russell and G Keighley

Mixed lymphocyte reaction caused by an H-2D mutation (congenic strains-B10.D2 new-B10.504)., M Rychl:ikov:a, P D:emant, and I K. Egorov

Natural mutation rates in the house mouse: estimates for recessive visible mutations., G Schlager

Antibody-mediated suppression of grafted lymphoma cells. I. Participation of a host factor(s) other than complement., H S. Shin, N Kaliss, and D Bornestein


Antibody-mediated suppression of grafted lymphoma cells. II. Participation of macrophages., H S. Shin, N Kaliss, D Bornestein, and M K. Gately

Study of the H-2 mutations in mice. I. Analysis of the mutation M504 by the F1 hybrid method., T E. Shumova, V P. Kryshkina, and I K. Egorov

Estimating the frequency of induced dominant lethal mutations in mice. II. The evaluation of a new method., E R. Soares

Estimating the frequency of induced dominant lethals in mice by uterine dissection after weaning progeny., E R. Soares

Demonstrability of some oxidative enzymes in early rodent embryos with and without fixation., D Solter, I Damjanov, and N Skreb

Long-term studies of feeding behavior of obese, diabetic, and viable yellow mutant mice under ad lib and operant conditions., R L. Sprott

Passive-avoidance conditioning in inbred mice: effects of shock intensity, age, and genotype., R L. Sprott

Standardized nomenclature for inbred strains of mice: fifth listing., J Staats

Genetic relationships between inbred strains of mice., B A. Taylor

Intercellular transfer by phage receptor site lipopolysaccharide., G Watson and K Paigen