Submissions from 1969

On plasmocytoma oncogenesis of mice. Iii. Annulate lamellae with unusual morphology in a plasmocytoid neoplasia of mice (hipa tumor)., E Grieshaber, G Pedio, and J R. Ruttner

On plasmocytoma--oncogenesis of mice. V. Viruses and virus related structures in hipa tumor., E Grieshaber, G Pedio, and J R. Ruttner

The effects of corticosteroids and roentgen irradiation on the growth of transplantable harding-passey melanoma. (russ.), V L. Grigor'ian

The effect of 5-fluorouracil on direct and developed spleen hemolysin plaque-forming cells of mice., D E. Griswold and E M. Uyeki

Hepatic lipidosis associated with l-asparaginase treatment., M A. Gross, R J. Speer, and J M. Hill

The combined effect of 6-azauridine and irradiation in vivo and in vitro. -- V. Primary and secondary antibody response in mice pre- treated with repeated 6-azur application and irradiation., J Grozdanovic, G Truxova, and Z Vich

Carcinostase durch heterocyclische derivate des 2-amino-1,4-naphtho- chinons bei transplantations-tumoren., E Grundmann, J Juhling, J Putter, and H J. Seidel

Threshold phenomena versus cell heredity in the manifestation of sex-linked genes in mammals., H Gruneberg

Studies of the physiological disposition of the antitumor agent, camp- tothecin sodium (nsc 100880) in rodents. Abstr., A M. Guarino, L G. Hart, J B. Call, and V T. Oliverio

Effect of oxamate, pyruvate, nicotinamide and streptozotocin on the pentose phosphate pathway intermediates in ascites tumour cells., K A. Gumaa and P M. Lean

The pentose phosphate pathway of glucose metabolism, enzyme profiles and transient and steady-state content of intermediates of alternative pathways of glucose metabolism in krebs ascites cells., K A. Gumaa and P M. Lean

Studies on the mode of action of n-isopropyl-alpha-(2-methylhy- drazino)-p-toluamide (mih)., J Gutterman, A T. Huang, and P Hochstein

Effect of interferon on the course of spontaneous and radiation- -induced renal lesions in the rf/un mouse., P H. Guttman, W C. Davis, H H. Fudenberg, and T C. Merigan

Sequential behaviour in a novel situation in two inbred strains of mice and their hybrids., R Guttman, I Lieblich, and G Naftali

Variation in activity scores and sequences in two inbred mouse strains, their hybrids, and backcrosses., R Guttman, I Lieblich, and G Naftali

Ultrastructural study of spontaneous amyloidosis and lupus-like glomerulonephritis in nh/ki mice. Abstr., F Gyorkey, K Min, P Gyorkey, T Wenger, A Liebelt, and R Liebelt

Effect of dimethyl sulfoxide on rna synthesis in s-180 tumor cells., R F. Hagemann

Effect of heparin, coumarin and eta-aminocaproic acid (eaca) on spontaneous metastasis formation. Influence on the moment of metastasis formation. Possible cytotoxic effect of heparin and coumarin in blood., B Hagmar

Disseminating effect of heparin on experimental tumour metastases., B Hagmar and B Boeryd

Distribution of intravenously induced metastases in heparin- and coumarin-treated mice., B Hagmar and B Boeryd

Autoantibodies and nephritis in the white strain (nzw) of new zealand mice., B H. Hahn and L E. Shulman

Sensitivity of mammalian cells to asparaginase or azaserine in vitro as affected by the source of dicarboxylic amino acids. Abstr., M T. Hakala

The effects of whole body irradiation on serum colony stimulating factor and in vitro colony-forming cells in the bone marrow., B M. Hall

Restoration of immunologic competence of neonatally thymectomized mice by isogeneic and xenogeneic thymic grafts., G A. Hallenbeck, T P. Kubista, and R G. Shorter

Delayed hypersensitivity to chemically induced tumors in mice and correlation with an in vitro test., W J. Halliday and M Webb

Declenchement de l'anemie hemolytique autoimmune chez de jeunes souriceaux nzb par l'administration de corynebacterium parvum., B Halpern and A Fray

The arrangement of h-2 alloantigen on the cell surface. Abstr., U Hammerling, T Aoki, E D. Harven, L J. Old, and E A. Boyse

New visual markers of antibody for electron microscopy., U Hammerling, T Aoko, H A. Wood, L J. Old, E A. Boyse, and E D. Harven

Labelling of mouse alloantibody with tritiated dl-alanine., U Hammerling, N Shigeno, L J. Old, and E A. Boyse

Conservation of histones in chromatin during growth and mitosis in vitro., R Hancock

Biochemical, pathological, and genetic aspects of a spontaneous mouse hepatoma., R L. Hancock and M M. Dickie

Histochemische untersuchungen wahrend der wallerschen degeneration bei c3h/an und c57bl-mausen., F U. Hanefeld

Protection of c58 mice by normal murine tissues against transplantable leukemia, line ib., I H. Han, A G. Johnson, and W H. Murphy

Specific inhibition of immunocompetence., M G. Hanna and M W. Francis

Requirement for continuous antigenic stimulation in the development and differentiation of antibody-forming cells. The effect of passive antibody on the primary and secondary response., M G. Hanna, J P. Nettesheim, and M W. Francis

Development of humoral and cell-mediated immunity to lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus in the mouse., J Hannover larsen

Interferon-mediated natural resistance of mice to arbob virus infection., B Hanson, H Koprowski, S Baron, and C E. Buckler

Chromosomal changes in 20-methylcholanthrene induced sarcomas in mice in relation to time of appearance of the tumours., I Hansteen and S B. Refsum

Formation des colonies spleniques chez la souris injectee de moelle hematopoietique pre-irradiee., J Haot

Survie de souris irradiees a dose letale et injectees de cellules medullaires preirradiees., J Haot

Host resistance against isotransplantation of lymphomas induced by the radiation leukaemia virus., ghera N. Haran

An enzymic signal for scheduling optimal treatment with antileukemic agents. Abstr., C T. Hardesty, D Chen, and J A. Mead

Electron microscopic study of the differentiation of mouse peritoneal macrophages stimulated by corynebacterium ovis infection., G C. Hard

Enzyme activity of donor origin in mouse radiation chimeras., R C. Hard, R C. Allen, D J. Moore, and B Kullgren

The regression of ehrlich's ascites tumour cells transplanted intra- peritoneally in rats., D Hardy

Prolongation of skin allograft survival in mice by an antiserum to calf thymosin., M A. Hardy, J Quint, and D State

Effects of sex, strain and environmental temperature on the composi- tion of the body lipids of mice., W A. Harland and S A. Barnett

The immunofluorescence method in the study of immunologic phenomena accompanying spontaneous regression of crocker sarcoma., A Harlozinska, A Stelmachowska, and R Richter

Prolongation of life, role of free radical reactions in aging., D Harman

(malignancy Of somatic cell hybrids.), H Harris and G Klein

Suppression of malignancy by cell fusion., H Harris, O J. Miller, G Klein, P Worst, and T Tachibana

Oxidation of glutathione in ehrlich ascites tumor cells by methyl phenyldiazenecarboxylate (azoester)., J W. Harris

Protein synthesis and the growth kinetics of ehrlich ascites tumor. Abstr., J W. Harris, F Meyskens, and H M. Patt

Non-protein sulfhydryl content and cell-cycle dynamics of ehrlich ascites tumor., J W. Harris and H M. Patt

Different patterns of response to erythropoietic stress shown by w/wv and sl/sld anemic mice. Abstr., D E. Harrison

Oral polyethylene glycol's inhibitory effect on the subcutaneous growth of ehrlich's carcinoma in mice, and on the local inflammatory response to the tumour., F Hartveit

Sex-difference in the growth of a strain specific mouse tumour, ta3., F Hartveit

The inhibitory effect of oral polyethylene glycol 4000 on the phagocytic activity on the reticuloendothelial system, related to tumour transplantation in mice., F Hartveit

Biological activity and separation of a leukaemogenic virus from murine sarcoma virus-harvey (msv-h)., J J. Harvey and J East

Mechanisms of l-asparaginase resistance, asparagine synthetase (asase) in animal and human neoplasms. Abstr., C M. Haskell and G P. Canellos

Isoantihenic complexity, a speculative essay., G Haughton

Cytolysis of mouse lymph node cells by alloantibody, a comparison of guinea-pig and rabbit complements., G Haughton and M P. Gehee

Specific immunosuppression by minute doses of passive antibody., G Haughton and D R. Nash

Neonatal splenectomy in mice., dolejskova V. Hauptfeldova, K Nouza, V Matousek, and M Hauptfeld

Biosynthesis of glycosphingolipids in mouse kidney homogenates. Abstr., G Hauser and J Hildebrand

The effect of the carrier protein on the immune response and on the induction of tolerance in mice to the 2,4-dinitrophenyl determinant., H F. Havas

The mixed lymphocyte reaction (mlr) with mouse peripheral lymphocytes. Abstr., P Hayry and V Defendi

Regeneration and lymphomagenesis in thymus reticular cell grafts in the presence of gross virus. Abstr., E F. Hays

The effect of epithelial remnant and whole organ grafts of thymus on the recovery of thymectomized irradiated mice., E F. Hays

Effects of short-term epithelial reticular cell and whole organ thymus grafts in neonatally thymectomized mice., E F. Hays and P F. Alpert

Skeletal muscle electrolytes as a function of age in normal and dystrophic mice of strain 129., C F. Hazlewood and J M. Ginski

Cell proliferation during development of the iris and cilary body of the mouse. Abstr., E Hearney and L J. Pierro

The effect of phospholipases on the uptake of atropine and acetyl- choline by slices of mouse brain cortex., E Heibronn

Die herkunft des mauseinzuchtstammes ab/jena., H Heinecke

Presence and mobilization of glycogen in mammalian pancreatic beta cells., B Hellman and L Idahl

Adenosine triphosphate levels of mammalian pancreatic b cells after stimulation with glucose and hypoglycemic sulfonylureas., B Hellman, L Idahl, and A Danielsson

Effect of adrenaline on glucose oxidation by pancreatic beta-cells., B Hellman, J Sehlin, and I Taljedal

Control of malignant metastases by icrf 159., K Hellman and K Burrage

Effect of radiation on the capacity of the stem cell compartment to differentiate into granulocytic and erythrocytic progeny., S Hellman, H E. Grate, and J T. Chaffey

Studies on cellular immunity and its serum-mediated inhibition in moloney-virus-induced mouse sarcomas., I Hellstrom and K E. Hellstrom

Serum-mediated protection of neoplastic cells from inhibition by lymphocytes immune to their tumor-specific antigens., I Hellstrom, K E. Hellstrom, C A. Evans, G H. Heppner, E E. Pierce, and J P. Yang

Studies on immunity to autochthonous mouse tumors., I Hellstrom, K E. Hellstrom, G E. Pierce, and A Fefer

Abrogation of cellular immunity to antigenically foreign mouse embryonic cells by a serum factor., K E. Hellstrom, I Hellstrom, and J Brawn

Spontaneous tumours arising in livers of cba/h-t6t6 mice and their association with a latent hepatotrophic virus., B J. Helyer

Spontaneous tumours arising in livers of cba/h-t6t6 mice and their propagation in animals of the same strain., B J. Helyer and A P. Tong

The effect of exogenous atp on the electrolyte content of ta3 ascites tumor cells., H G. Hempling, C C. Stewart, and G Gasic

Endotoxin's influence on the production of skin papillomas in balb/c mice with methylcholantrene. Abstr., J S. Henderson

Combined radiation and chemotherapy effect on colony formation of dividing bone marrow stem cells. Abstr., F R. Hendrickson and G G. Hibbs

Effects of acoustic priming on audiogenic, electroconvulsive, and chemoconvulsive seizures., K R. Henry and R E. Bowman

Studies on serum-mediated inhibition of cellular immunity to spontan- eous mouse mammary tumors., G H. Heppner

In vitro demonstration of tumor-specific antigens in spontaneous mammary tumors of mice., G H. Heppner and G Pierce

Dissociation of multiple polyoma virus functions by ultraviolet irradiation., R B. Herberman and R C. Ting

Effect of iso-antibody on pre-implantation mouse embryos., S Heyner, R L. Brinster, and J Palm

Influence of adrenalectomy and of cortisol on the leukocytic response of mice to infection with s. Aureus., R D. Higginbotham

Exceptions to the genetic rules of transplantation., W H. Hildemann

Fractionation of murine h-2 antigens with the use of detergents., I Hilgert, A A. Kandutsch, M Cherry, and G D. Snell

Resistance to skin grafts induced by cell extracts in congenic strains of mice differing from the donor at various non-h-2 loci., I Hilgert and G D. Snell

Transferase from adenocarcinoma 755 cells., D L. Hill and P. Amido

Immunotherapeutic effect of sensitized leukocytes and antiserum on mouse leukemia., G J Hill, R C Atkins, S Parks, K Littlejohn, and B Eiseman

A colony assay for the cells of a solid tumor. Abstr., R P. Hill and R S. Bush