Submissions from 1969

Cancerogenesi da idrazide dell'acido isonicotinico e uretano in topi swr lattanti., M I. Colnaghi, G D. Porta, and L Parmi

Purification and properties of thyrotropin from functional pituitary tumors in mice., P G. Condliffe, M Mochizuki, Y A. Fontaine, and R W. Bates

Radiation and aging effect on taste structure and function., A D. Conger and M A. Wells

Cyclic phenomena in the graft-versus-host reaction., E A. Cornelius, E J. Yunis, and C Martinez

Depression of erythrocyte maturation as a result of the graft-vs-host reaction., E A. Cornelius, E J. Yunis, and C Martinez

In situ observations on the surface projections of mouse enbryo cell strains., R Cornell

Spontaneous neoplastic transformation in vitro, ultrastructure of transformed cell strains and tumors produced by injection of cell strains., R Cornell

Inhibition of the allograft response by alloantisera. Abstr., J M. Corson

Cold agglutinin (ca) production by nzb/bl mice. Abstr., N Costea, V Yakulis, and P Heller

Radioresistant mutants of l5178y cells., V D. Courtenay

Implantation and development of mouse eggs transferred to the uteri of non-progestational mice., T P. Cowell

Effects of a space-cabin atmosphere on the immune response, i. Depresssion in spleen weights and antibody titers., R V. Coyne and G A. Ackerman

Effects of a space-cabin atmosphere on the immune response, ii. Histochemical and biochemical alterations in oxidative enzyme activity., R V. Coyne and G A. Ackerman

Antibodies of the iga type in intestinal plasma cells of germfree mice after oral or parenteral immunization with ferritin., P A. Crabbe, D R. Nash, H Bazin, H Eyssen, and J F. Heremans

Control of purine ribonucleotide interconversions in tumor cells. Abstr., G W. Crabtree and J F. Henderson

Antitumoral activity of the fern cibotium schiedei., W A. Creasey

Antitumour activity in a series of bisdiketopiperazines., A M. Creighton, K Hellmann, and S Whitecross

Abolition, par injection de cellules lymphoides parentales, d'un chimerisme etabli chez des souris hybrides., Y Crepin, briot M. Liacopoulos, and B Halpern

Effect of lymphatic obstruction on the growth and metastasis of tumors., G Crile and P F. Schofield

A reinvestigation of the origin of cells in grafted tumours, using the mouse t6 marker chromosome., C J. Croft

Some factors affecting production by mice of 'enhancing' antibody. Abstr., A J. Crowle, Y Fujita, and C C. Hu

Adoptive transfer of immunologic tolerance into normal mice., A J. Crowle and C C. Hu

Investigation of the mechanisms by which 'enhancing' antiserum prevents induction of delayed hypersensitivity to protein antigens in mice., A J. Crowle and C C. Hu

Genetics of the allograft reaction against hemopoietic cells. Abstr., G Cudkowicz and M Bennett

Differentiation of potentially immunocompetent cells in the mouse. In e. A. Mirand and n. Back (ed.), Germ-free biology, plenum press,, G Cudkowicz and G M. Shearer

Cellular differentiation of the immune system of mice. V. Class differentiation in marrow precursors of plaque-forming cells., G Cudkowicz, G M. Shearer, and R L. Priore

Molecular distribution of h-2 alloantigenic specificities on fragments solubilized by papain from cell membranes. Abstr., S Cullen and S G. Nathenson

Quantitative studies of cellular and humoral immune responses to tumor cells after treatment with antineoplastic agents. Abstr., F J. Cummings, S Rudnick, and P Calabresi

Studies on the cellular basis of igm immunological memory. The induction of antibody formation in bone marrow cells primed spleen cells., A J. Cunningham

The development of clones of antibody-forming cells in the spleens of irradiated mice. I. Detection of plaque-forming cell colonies, and their relationship to haemolytic foci., A J. Cunningham

The development of clones of antibody-forming cells in the spleens of irradiated mice. II. Some properties of plaque-forming cell colonies, and evidence for their clonal nature., A J. Cunningham

A histochemical study of the effect of estrogen on oxidative enzymes in the testes of cryptorchid balb/c mice., C Currie and R A. Huseby

The foetus as an allograft, the role of maternal unresponsiveness to paternally derived foetal antigens., G A. Currie

Tumour specific immunogenicity of methylcholanthrene-induced sarcoma cells after incubation in neuraminidase., G A. Currie and K D. Bagshawe

An electron microscopic study of normal mouse lung and the early diffuse changes following uracil mustard administration., R H. Curry, G T. Simon, and A C. Ritchie

Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase in normal and malignant mouse tissues and cells propagated in vitro., J L. Daehnfeldt, K Domanska, and A Gromek

Depression of mitosis by gamma-globulin from splenic x-irradiated animals., B Dalos, A Doklen, and M Horvath

The effect of malignant dermal cells on embryonic epidermis in vitro., M R. Daniel

Preliminary data on the relative biological effectiveness of 60-mev protons for leukemia and tumor induction in female rf mice. Abstr., E B. Darden, N Clapp, A Upton, R Bender, and M Jernigan

Hazards from experimental skin painting of carcinogens., H M. Darlow, D J. Simmons, and F J. Roe

The effects of cytoxan on the chromosomes of mouse bone marrow., P K. Datta and E Schleiermacher

Effect of phytohaemagglutinin on ehrlich ascites carcinoma., S P. Datta, M Cerini, T Ghose, and J Cerini

Uptake of 4,4'-diacetyl-diphenyl-urea-bis-guanylhydrazone (ddug) by leukemia l1210 cells. Abstr., C Dave and E Mihich

A method for the detection of antibodies in mice following graft rejection., J R. David, askari S. Al, and H S. Lawrence

Analysis of 10-14-day lethality in cba mice exposed to fast nrutrons of 1 mev mean energy. Abstr., J A. Davids

A maternal effect on the frequency of spontaneous cleft lip in the a/j mouse., J G. Davidson, F C. Fraser, and G Schlager

The thymus and the cellular basis of immunity., A J. Davies

The morphology of immune reactions in normal, thymectomized and reconstituted mice. II. The response to oxazolone., A J. Davies, R L. Carter, E Leuchars, and V Wallis

The morphology of immune reactions in normal, thymectomized and recon- stituted mice. I. The response to sheep erythrocytes., A J. Davies, R L. Carter, E Leuchars, V Wallis, and P C. Koller

The molecular individuality of different mouse h-2 histocompatibility specificities determined by single genotypes., D A. Davies

Soluble tl and h-2 antigens prepared from a tl positive leukaemia of a tl negative mouse strain., D A. Davies, B J. Alkins, E A. Boyse, L J. Old, and E Stockert

Isolation of polysomes from mouse plasmacytomas., B K. Davis, T L. Delovitch, and A H. Sehon

Evaluation of the immunosuppressive properties of ribonuclease complexes., R C. Davis, S R. Cooperband, and J A. Mannick

In vivo thymus-bone marrow cell interactions, effect of tissue isoantigenic disparity on the immunological response of thymus cells. Abstr., W E. Davis and L J. Cole

Retarded immunological recovery in sublethally x-irradiated mice by additional thymic exposure. Reversal with injected marrow cells., W E. Davis and L J. Cole

Inhibition of friend virus-induced splenomegaly by an associated lymphatic leukemia virus., P J. Dawson and A H. Fieldsteel

Pathogenesis of chronic friend disease in hybrid bdf1 mice., P J. Dawson and A H. Fieldsteel

Remission of friend leukemia in bdf1 hybrid mice. Abstr., P J. Dawson and A H. Fieldsteel

Rapid effects of insulin on the hypothalamic satiety center., A F. Debons, I Krimsky, A From, and R J. Cloutier

Pleiotropic effects of albinism on open field behaviour in mice., J C. De fries

A quantitative genetic analysis of change in open-field behavior of mice., J C. De fries, J P. Hegmann, D B. Ross, and M K. Howard

Models in comparative teratogenesis., K H. Degenhardt and J Franz

Differentiation of mammalian somatic cells, dna and hemoglobin synthesis in fetal mouse yolk sac erythroid cells., A De la chapelle, A Fantoni, and P A. Marks

Selective labeling of murine amyloid deposits with tritiated trypto- phan, an in vivo study., R A. De lellis, J S. Ram, C Isersky, and G G. Glenner

Comparative in vivo effects of renal granulopoietic factor and mouse embryo extract in the 30-hour differential spleen colony bioassay. Abstr., L Delmonte and T R. Bradley

Activation of residual colony-forming units in supralethally irradiated mice posttreated with marrow xenografts and rabbit anti- mouse thymus globulin. Abstr., L Delmonte, A H. Nora, and D J. Fernbach

Considerations on factors influencing the oxygenation of ascites tumours., U Del monte

Genetic control of two electrophoretic variants of glucosephosphate isomerase in the mouse (mus musculus)., R J. De lorenzo and F H. Ruddle

Greffes de cellules medullaires associees a des cellules lymphoides ou thymiques chez la souris irradiee a dose letale., M Delrez and J Haot

Regenerating bone-marrow cell lines in two different x-irradiation conditions., M Delrez, J Haot, and E H. Betz

Gene with quantitative effect on circulating interferon induced by newcastle disease virus., E De maeyer and guignard J. Maeyer

Interferon synthesis in x-irradiated animals. Iii. The high radio- sensitivity of myxovirus-induced circulating interferon production., E De maeyer, guignard J. Maeyer, and P Jullien

Interferon synthesis in x-irradiated animals, iv. Donor-type serum interferons in rat-to-mouse radiation chimeras injected with new- castle disease virus., guignard J. De maeyer, E D. Maeyer, and P Jullien

Effects of post-weaning enrichment and isolation upon emotionality and brain weight in the mouse., V H. Denenberg, F Wehmer, J Werboff, and M X. Zarrow

Studies on lung tumours. I. Methylation of deoxyribonucleic acid and tumour formation following administration of dimethylnitrosamine to mice., L Den engelse, P Bentvelzen, and P Emmelot

The nature of the cytotoxic cells in lymph following primary antigenic challenge., S Denham, J G. Hall, A Wolf, and P Alexander

Anti-lymphocytic antibody and autoimmune disease, a review., A M. Denmam

Adoptive transfer of the diseases of new zealand black mice to normal mouse strains., A M. Denman, A S. Russell, and E J. Denman

Attempts to induce a graft-versus-tumour reaction against akr lymphomata, in isogenic mice, by injection of melphalan and foreign immunologically competent cells., P M. Denton and M O. Symes

Cattanach's translocation as a tool for studying the action of the shaker-1 gene in the mouse., M S. Deol and M C. Green

A new approach to mammary tumorigenesis in rodents., K B. De ome and D Medina

Development of tumors, particularly mammary tumors, in agent-free substrain riiieb/de mice., M K. Deringer

Etude comparee a l'aide d'un compteur electronique de la tumeur ascitique d'ehrlich greffee chez la souris et le rat., C Desaive

Alteration of hypophyseal lh and fsh release by exogenous lh and fsh in orchidectomized mice., C Desjardins

Pituitary growth hormone and its hypothalamic releasing factor in normal and genetically diabetic mice., C Desjardins

Reticulum arrangement related to the behavior of cell populations in the mouse lymph node. Lymphatic tissue and germinal centers in immune response, plenum,, M A. De sousa

Induction and recall in contact sensitivity. Changes in skin and draining lymph nodes of intact and thymectomized mice., M A. De sousa and D M. Parrott

The lymphoid tissues in mice with congenital aplasia of the thymus., M A. De sousa, D M. Parrott, and E M. Pantelouris

Comparison of tumor radioactivity after the administration of either 125i- or 3h-labeled 5-iodo-2'-deoxyuridine., L A. Dethlefsen

Electron microscopy of murine sjl/j disease., L Z. De tkaczevski and H J. Wanebo

Relationship of normal cdf1 mouse leukocyte kinetics to growth characteristics of leukemia l1210., V T. De vita, C Denham, and S Perry

Kinetics of cyclophosphamide damage-sublethal damage repair and cell- -cycle-related sensitivity., W D. De wys and N Kight

The selective elimination of immunologically competent cells from bone marrow and lymphocyte cell mixtures. Iii. In vitro test for detection of immunocompetent cells in fractionated mouse spleen cell suspensions and primate bone marrow suspensions., K A. Dicke, G Tridente, and D W. Bekkum

Mutations at the agouti locus in the mouse., M M. Dickie

The genetics of diabetes mellitus in animals. Proc. Third internat. Cong. Endocrinol., Mexico, d. F., 30th June-, M M. Dickie

Two unusual dominant mutations in the mouse., M M. Dickie, J L. Southard, and R T. Farnsworth

Modification of the pathogenesis of scrapie in mice by treatment of the agent., A G. Dickinson and H Fraser

Genetical control of the concentration of me7 scrapie agent in the brain of mice., A G. Dickinson and V M. Meikle

A comparison of some biological characteristics of the mouse-passaged scrapie agents, 22 a and me7., A Dickinson and V M. Meikle

Immunological tolerance in vitro, kinetic studies at the cellular level., E Diener and W D. Armstrong