Submissions from 1969

The relation between cilia and mitoses in the mouse adenohypophysis., K P. Dingemans

Cell-free passage of chemically induced thymic lymphoma in c57bl mice. Abstr., R G. Doell

Fluorescent antibody studies of chemical and virus-induced thymic lymphomas in c57bl mice. Abstr., R G. Doell

Effect of syngeneic bone marrow cell dose on the 30-day and 90-day ld50 of x-irradiated mice., D G. Doherty

Effect of small doses of syngeneic bone marrow on the 30- and 90-day ld50 of x-irradiated mice., D G. Doherty and L H. Smith

Louping-ill encephalitis in c57 black mice., P C. Doherty

Fine structural studies of capillaries in nzb/nzw mice., G J. Dohrmann and P B. Herdson

Fine structural studies of capillaries in nzb/nzw mice. Abstr., G J. Dohrmann and P B. Herdson

Lobated nuclei in epithelial cells of the choroid plexus of young mice., G J. Dohrmann and P B. Herdson

Radiation-induced mitotic delay in cultured mammalian cells (l5178y)., Y Doida and S Okada

Effect of l-asparaginse (a-ase) on asparagine dependent mouse leukemic cells in culture. Abstr., M R. Dollinger, D Benvenisti, M Kaufman, and J H. Burchenal

In vivo and in vitro studies of steroid production by a luteoma and an adrenal cortical carcinoma in mice., O V. Dominguez and R A. Huseby

Karyological analysis of mouse and rat embryo cells transformed by murine sarcoma virus (harvey)., L Donner, A Turano, and J Bubenik

Anomalies de la courbe dose reponse d'animaux syngeniques a l'inocula- tion d'un petit nombre de cellules tumorales., M Donner, D Oth, and C Burg

Influence de la voie d'administration du serum anti-lymphocytaire chez la souris soumise a une greffe allogenique cutanee., L Dordevic, G Lejeune, G Degiovanni, and severyns A. Haenen

Immunisation de souris akr par des cellules de leucemies induites par le virus de gross, absence de tolerance., J Dore, E Ajuria, and G Mathe

Reactions immunitaires chez les souris akr leucemiques ou pre- leucemiques., J F. Dore, M Schneider, and G Mathe

Effect of isogenic red blood cells transfusion on the immune response of mouse radiation chimeras. Lymphatic tissue and germinal centers in immune response, plenum,, G Doria

Immunologically competent thymus cells of bone marrow origin., G Doria and G Agarossi

The genetic and developmental regulation of hepatic delta-amino- levulinate dehydratase in mice., D Doyle and R T. Schimke

Comparison of erythropoietin preparations yielding different dose- -response slopes in the exhypoxic polycythemic mouse assay., P P. Dukes, D Hammond, and N A. Shore

Chemical inhibition of blastic transformation in phytohemagglutinin- -stimulated lymph nodes. Lymphatic tissue and germinal centers in immune response, plenum,, P Dukor and F M. Dietrich

Growth of ascites tumor cells deficient in essential fatty-acids. Abstr., L M. Dunbar, R S. Viener, and J M. Bailey

The rbe of 14 mev neutrons. Observations on colony-forming units in mouse bone-marrow., W Duncan, D Greene, A Howard, and J B. Massey

Studies of effects of t-alleles in the house mouse on spermatozoa. II. Quasi-sterility caused by different combinations of alleles., L C. Dunn and D Bennett

Cancer of the uterine cervix induced in balb/c mice by an anti-fer- tility drug. Abstr., T B. Dunn

Cancer of the uterine cervix in mice fed a liquid diet containing an antifertility drug., T B. Dunn

Comparative aspects of hematopoietic neoplasms of rodents., T B. Dunn

Mast cell neoplasms of mice., T B. Dunn

Studies of the relation of thymus-dependent lymphoid system and pituitary gland. Abstr., R J. Duquesnoy, G E. Rodey, B Holmes, and R A. Good

Reoxygenation of tumors during fractionated radiotherapy., L A. Du sault

Enhancement by hypophyseal hormones on the malignant transformation of transplanted hyperplastic nodules of the mouse mammary gland., A Dux and O Muhlbock

Mouse mammary carcinoma induced by pituitary isografts in mammary fat pads., A Dux and O Muhlbock

Role of the greater omentum in the immunological response of mice and rats to the intraperitoneal inoculation of ehrlich ascites tumor., K Dux

Prolongation of allograft survival with antimacrophage serum., J W. Dyminski and B F. Argyris

Further investigations on the proliferative response of mouse bladder epithelium to 4-ethylsulphonylnaphthalene-1-sulphonamide., F K. Dzhioev, M Wood, D M. Cowen, O Campobasso, and D B. Clayson

Autoimmune reactions and malignant changes in germ-free new zealand black mice., J East and M Branca

The distribution of heterologous tumour cells in chick embryos following intravenous injection., G C. Easty, D M. Easty, and R Tchao

The growth of heterologous tumour cells in chick embryos., G C. Easty, D M. Easty, and R Tchao

Further observations on the inhibitory effect of myxoviruses on a transplantable murine leukemia., M D. Eaton and A R. Scala

A subcellular agent inducing plasma cell leukemias in mice. The relation of this agent to amyloidosis and chronic murine pneumonia., P Ebbesen

Lack of evidence for oncogenic or amyloid inducing qualities of mycoplasma neurolyticum inoculated into balb/c mice., P Ebbesen and K Lind

An electron microscopic examination of murine plasma cell neoplasms with and without paraproteinemia., P Ebbesen, T Schiodt, and H E. Christensen

Effect of friend leukemia virus infection upon polycythemia and delta- -aminolevulinic acid synthetase activity in murine spleen and liver., P S. Ebert, M A. Chirigos, P A. Ellsworth, and G I. Malinin

Cytoplasmic fine structure during hormonally controlled differentia- tion in vaginal epithelium., E M. Eddy and B E. Walker

Apparent changes in mouse liver dna content due to interference by non-dna diphenylamine-reacting cytoplasmic material., M Edelman, C A. Hirsch, H H. Hiatt, and M Fox

The isolation and characterization of adenosine monophosphate-rich polynucleotides synthesized by ehrlich ascites cells., M Edmonds and M G. Caramela

Effect of lsd-25 on mitotic and meiotic chromosomes of mice and monkeys., J Egozcue and S Irwin

Genetic aspects of the graft-versus-host reaction of mice., E J. Eichwald, E A. Hart, and B Eichwald

Survey of histocompatibility testing. Biological backgrounds, probabilistic and statistical models and problems., johnson R. Elandt

Cell renewal of the normal mouse cornea., K Elgjo

Epidermal cell proliferation during the first 24 hr after injection of an aqueous skin extract (chalone)., K Elgjo

The stability of the epidermal mitosis inhibiting factor (chalone) in water solution., K Elgjo

Pattern of inhibition of macromolecular synthesis in cultured 6c3hed lymphoma cells deprived of asparagine. Abstr., K Ellem, A Fabrezio, and L Jackson

The incidence of spontaneously occurring anti-liver antibodies in new zealand black mice., C J. Elson and J D. Naysmith

Detection and investigation of a new type of esr signal characteristic of some tumour tissues., N M. Emanuel, A N. Saprin, V A. Shabalkin, L E. Kozlova, and K E. Krugljakova

Studies on plasma membranes. X. A survey of enzyme activities displayed by plasma membranes isolated from mouse liver and three mouse hepatoma strains., P Emmelot and C J. Bos

Cross antigenicity of ehrlich ascites tumor fluid. Abstr., C P. Eng

Malignancy of somatic cell hybrids., B Ephrussi, R L. Davidson, and M C. Weiss

Salicylate-induced foetal haemorrhage in two mouse strains., M Eriksson

A strain difference in 2,5-di-tert-butylhydroquinone (dbh) toxicity in the mouse., B H. Ershoff

Some genes and manganese metabolism. Abstr., L C. Erway

Development of male mammary gland tissue in female mice. Abstr., A Erwin

Immunological response of three mouse strains to typhoid vaccine and vi antigen., V M. Esposito, J C. Feeley, W D. Leeder, and M Pittman

Localization of peroxidase activity in microbodies of fetal mouse liver., E Essner

Effect of ionizing radiations on concentration and distribution of plasma protein-bound neutral hexoses in mice and dogs. Abstr., A S. Evans

A 39,x/41,xyy mosaic mouse., E P. Evans, C E. Ford, and A G. Searle

Comparison of methods of fractionation on effectiveness of x-irradia- tion on s-180 ascites tumor cells. II. Dna synthesis. Abstr., T C. Evans, D B. Leeper, and R F. Hagemann

Cell cycle of lymphocytes in mouse thymus., J I. Fabrikant and B R. Foster

The kinetics of lymphoid cell proliferation during radiation-induced lymphoma in c57bl mice. Abstr., J I. Fabrikant and B R. Foster

Synthesis of embryonic hemoglobins during erythroid cell development in fetal mice., A Fantoni, A D. Chapelle, and P A. Marks

The epithelium-connective tissue interface during closure of the secondary palate in rodent embryos., A I. Farbman

A cytotoxic antiglobulin technique for assay of antibodies to histo- compatibility antigens., L Fass and R B. Herberman

Incorporation and degradation of 125i-insulin by mouse hepatoma cells. Abstr., N M. Fedynskyj, M L. Chandler, and L V. Beck

Immunotherapy and chemotherapy of moloney sarcoma virus-induced tumors in mice., A Fefer

Treatment of primary moloney sarcoma virus (msv)-induced tumors in balb/c mice. Abstr., A Fefer and M Gaston

Studies on the relations between virus release and cellular immuno- sensitivity in moloney lymphomas., E M. Fenyo, P Biberfeld, and E Klein

Oxygen enhancement ratio and rbe of helium ions on mouse lymphoma cells., J M. Feola, J H. Lawrence, and G P. Welch

Rbe of negative pions on a murine ascites tumor, irradiated and assayed in vivo. Abstr., J M. Feola, M R. Raju, C Richman, and J H. Lawrence

Mouse blood lymphocyte origins investigated by a simple cell culture technique. Lymphatic tissue and germinal centers in immune response, plenum,, H Festenstein, A J. Davies, E Leuchars, V J. Wallis, and M J. Doenhoff

Inbred mice in research., M F. Festing

Titration der leukamogenen und immunogenen aktivitat des graffi leukamievirus der maus., F Fey and G Pasternak

Neurological illness after inoculation of tissue from tumour bearing animals., E J. Field, D H. Adams, and G Joyce

Porphobilinogen and porphyrin synthesis in splenomegaly of some murine leukemias., L A. Fields, S Vadlamudi, V S. Waravdekar, and A Goldin

Induction of lymphatic leukaemia in balb/c mice from the original isolate of rauscher virus., A H. Fieldsteel, P J. Dawson, and C Kurahara

Friend virus-induced reticulum cell sarcomas grown in vitro, further evidence for the absence of friend virus., A H. Fieldsteel, C Kurahara, and P J. Dawson

Moloney leukaemia virus as a helper in retrieving friend virus from a non-infectious reticulum cell sarcoma., A H. Fieldsteel, C Kurahara, and P J. Dawson

Virus induced aplastic crisis in mice., S M. Fikrig and S Berkovich

Ageing and the regulation of cell activities during exposure to cold., C E. Finch, J R. Foster, and A E. Mirsky

Regulation of liver tyrosine aminotransferase by endogenous factors in the mouse., C E. Finch, H S. Huberman, and A E. Mirsky

Immunoglobulin and antibody production in germfree and conventional balb/c mice infected with plasmodium berghei. Abstr., J F. Finerty and C B. Evans

Some characteristics of an isolated group antigen common to most strains of murine leukemia virus., M A. Fink, L R. Sibal, N A. Wivel, and T E. O'conner

Location of the mup-a locus on mouse linkage group viii., J S. Finlayson, D M. Hudson, and B L. Armstrong

Isolation and identification of a helper virus found in the moloney sarcoma-leukemia virus complex., P J. Fischinger, C O. Moore, and T E. O'connor

Radiation leukemia virus, quantitative tissue culture assay., P J. Fischinger and T E. O'conner

Studies on the mechanism of freezing damage to mouse liver using a mitochondrial enzyme assay. II. Comparison of slow and rapid cooling rates., W N. Fishbein and R E. Stowell

Effect of antilymphocyte serum on parameters of tumor growth in a syngeneic tumor-host system., B Fisher, O Soliman, and E R. Fisher

Metabolism suppression of glucose penetration in ascites tumor cells. Abstr., P H. Fishman and J M. Bailey

Creatine metabolism in skeletal muscle. V. An intracellular abnormality of creatine trapping in dystrophic muscle., C D. Fitch and L G. Moody

Creatine entry into skeletal muscle of normal and of dystrophic mice., C D. Fitch and M Rahmanian