Submissions from 1969

Strain differences in liver autoantibody response of inbred mice., H Flad, J H. Playfair, A Ghaffar, and P A. Miescher

Fine structure of murine pulmonary adenomata induced by carcinogen treatment in organ culture., B Flaks and A Flaks

Selective inhibition of the semiconservative replication of mouse satelite dna., W G. Flamm, N J. Bernheim, and J Spalding

A study of combined treatment with chemical immunosuppressants and antilymohocytic serum to prolong skin allograft survival., G L. Floersheim

Treatment of moloney lymphoma with lethal doses of dimethyl-myleran combined with injections of haemopoietic cells., G L. Floersheim

Bone-marrow transplantation after antilymphocytic serum and lethal chemotherapy., G L. Floersheim and M Ruszkiewicz

Effet, selon la dose, du pretraitement chez la souris receveur d'homo- greffes de peau par des preparations lipoptroteiques, hydrosolubles et purifiees d'antigenes h-2., I Florentin

Inhibition in vitro de la multiplication des cellules leucemiques murine l 1210 par des preparations d'interferon., brouty boye Fontaine, I Gresser, coelho A. Macieira, C Rosenfeld, and M Thomas

Sources of nitrogen as rate-limiting factors for purine biosynthesis de novo in ehrlich ascites tumor cells., L Fontenelle and J F. Henderson

Inhibition of glycolysis in ehrlich ascites tumor cells incubated with formimino-l-glutamate., L J. Fontenelle and J F. Henderson

Analysis in vitro of tolerance., I J. Forbes

Differential transmission of translocations induced in spermatogonia of mice by irradiation., C E. Ford, A G. Searle, E P. Evans, and B J. West

Sensitivity of the newly synthesized and template dna of lymphoma cells to damage by methyl methanesulphonate, and the nature of associated 'repair' processes., B W. Fox and M Fox

Evidence for genetic expression of integrated dna in lymphoma cells., M Fox, B W. Fox, and S R. Ayad

A model in comparative teratogenesis, ii. Response to 5-fluoro-2- -deoxycytidine at successive stages in organogenesis of mice of strains c57bl/6jhanffm and c57bl/10jffm-+ld., J Franz and K Degenhardt

The occurrence of nerve fibre degeneration in brains of mice inoculated with scrapie., H Fraser

Caratteristiche enzimatiche di un adenocarcinoma spontaneo della ghiandola sottomascellare del topo c3h., L Frati and A Caputo

Lipid abnormalities in foam cell reticulosis of mice, an analogue of human sphingomyelin lipidosis., D S. Fredrickson, H R. Sloan, and C T. Hansen

Nucleotide metabolism in ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells., A Fridland and P G. Scholefield

Modifications metaboliques ex vivo des cellules tumorales au cours de la croissance d'une ascite experimentale de la souris c3h., E Frindel, M C. Blayo, and J J. Pocidalo

Cell transfer studies in immunosuppressed mice. The role of the macrophage., A W. Frisch and B J. Wilson

Morphology of ascites sarcoma rab i of the mouse., S Fritsch, H Heinecke, and W Jungstand

Derivatives of 2-amino-6-purinethiol., F Fukuoka, R Tokuzen, A Hoshi, F Egami, K Nagasawa, N Y. Re, and N B. Some

Electron microscope observations on virus particles associated with a transplantable renal adenocarcinoma in balb/cf/cd mice., B Fulluga, A Claude, and E Mrena

Sterol metabolism in brain tumors and cerebrospinal fluid., R Fumogalli, E G. Paoletti, and R Paoletti

Cell mass, hair type and expression of the agouti gene., D B. Galbraith

An inborn error of cerebroside biosynthesis as the molecular defect of the jimpy mouse brain., C Galli, G M. Kneebone, and R Paoletti

Independent genetic control of the catalytic activity and the rate of degradation of catalase in mice., R E. Ganschow and R T. Schimke

Mouse mammary carcinogenesis by ethyl and butyl carbamates., H Garcia and A Guerrero

Demonstration of a direct relationship between blood platelet number and frequency of metastases in mice. Abstr., G J. Gasic and T B. Gasic

Genetic control of the immune response in mice. I. Segregation data and localization to the fifth linkage group of a gene affecting anti- body production., D L. Gasser

Time relationship between neutral stimulus for lh-releasing factor and ovulation in the pms-treated mouse. Abstr., A H. Gates

Hereditary defect of the pilosebaceous unit in a new double mutant mouse., A H. Gates, F D. Arundell, and M A. Karasek

Unexpected high incidence of tumours in thymectomized mice treated with anti-lymphocytic globulin and mycobacterium leprae., J M. Gaugas, F C. Chesterman, M S. Hirsch, R J. Rees, and C Gilchrist

Neutrophil kinetics after acute hemorrhage., M S. Gaylor, P A. Chervenick, and D R. Boggs

Chemical induction of dominant lethals in female mice., W M. Generoso

Strain and sex variations in the sensitivity of mice to dominant- -lethal induction with ethyl methanesulfonate., W M. Generoso and W L. Russell

Transplantation of allogeneic and xenogeneic (rat) marrow in irradiated mice as affected by radiation exposure rates., N Gengozian, D E. Carlson, and E M. Allen

Effect of syngeneic antilymphocyte serum on rat-mouse radiation chimeras., N Gengozian and C C. Congdon

Hyperinsulinism in mice with genetically determined obesity., S M. Genuth

Mastzellen- und histamingehalt der milz ausgewahlter mausestamme., A Gerber

Studies on the metabolism of diphenylhydantoin in mice., N Gerber and K Arnold

Inhibition of tumor growth by nucleoside cyclic 3',5'-monophosphates., D Gericke

The effects of single gene substitution on the mammalian melanocyte system--a qualitative and quantitative histological study in the c57bl and dbl mice., D E. Gerson and G Szabo

Radiosensitization of ehrlich ascites tumour cells by a specific antibody., T Ghose and M Cerini

On the action of colchicine and colcemid on two lines of the ehrlich- -lettre mouse-ascites tumour cells., I Ghosh and S Ghosh

Chromosomal alterations in the evolution of substrains of the ehrlich- -lettre-mouse ascites tumour., S Ghosh and I Ghosh

Colony-forming cells in irradiated, partially shielded, endotoxin- -treated mice., J Gidali, I Feher, A Gallyas, and V Varteresz

Beeinflussung der homo-transplantations-reaktion durch vorbehandlung der transplantat-spender., G U. Gillissen

Genetic assimilation of environmental variability in the organization of behavioural capacities of the developing nervous system., B E. Ginsburg

Further studies of the lethal effects of heat on tumor cells. Abstr., B C. Giovanella, R Mosti, and C Heidelberger

Studies on immunosuppression by purine nucleoside analogues--ii. Effects of skin-graft rejection and immediate hypersensitivity in mice., R H. Gisler and J P. Bell

Effect of protamine sulphate and environmental temperature on mouse sarcoma 180., E M. Glaser and J P. Austin

Macrophages and interferon production in vivo. Abstr., L A. Glasgow

Uptake of isologous dna by mouse leukemia l1210 cells. Abstr., J L. Glick and A C. Dutton

In vitro reactivation of antibody response in explants of irradiated spleens. Lymphatic tissue and germinal centers in immune response, plenum,, A Globerson and M Feldman

An immunochemotherapeutic system for the treatment of a transplanted moloney virus-induced lymphoma in mice., J P. Glynn, B L. Halpern, and A Fefer

Mouse kidney as an induced accumulator of electricity., H G. Godlewski, A Huszczuk, and B Penar

Weight of seminal vesicles and size of penis papillae in castrated mice depending on a dose of testosterone propionate., B Godowicz

Radiation effects on oral epithelium in mice., R A. Goepp and F W. Fitch

Binding of c14-nitrogen mustard to dna, rna and protein of hn2-sensi- tive and resistant l5178y lymphoblasts. Abstr., G J. Goldenberg and C L. Vanstone

Importance of regional lymph nodes in transplantation-type immunity to murine leukemia l5178y. Abstr., G J. Goldenberg and F Wilt

The incidence of mammary tumors in x/gf mice foster-nursed by iba/gf females. Abstr., A Goldfeder and A K. Ghosh

Unusual ultrastructures in a thymic lymphoma of an x-ray- and urethan- -treated x/gf mouse., A Goldfeder and A K. Ghosh

Radiosensitivity and biological properties of tumors xiv. Correlation between mitochondrial structure, oxidative metabolism, and radio- sensitivity., A Goldfeder and J N. Selig

Transport energetics of the folic acid analogue, methotrexate, in l1210 leukemia cells, enhanced accumulation by metabolic inhibitors., I D. Goldman

Tolerance to opioid narcotics. I. Tolerance to the 'running fit' caused by levorphanol in the mouse., A Goldstein and P Sheehan

Hemolysis in mice exposed to varying levels of hyperoxia., J R. Goldstein and C E. Mengel

Interphase death of cultured mammalian cells (l5178y)., R Goldstein and S Okada

Studies on the induction of immunologic unresponsiveness. Iii. Anti- gen form and mouse strain variation., E S. Golub and W O. Weigle

Nz mouse epizootic, an associated syndrome of haemorrhages and myocarditis., C M. Goodall and M Bielschowsky

Nz mouse epizootic, histopathologic diagnosis., C M. Goodall and M Bielschowsky

Nz mouse epizootic, reciprocal interference between vaccinia and epizootic viruses., C M. Goodall and M Bielschowsky

Nz mouse epizootic, transmission and infective unity of visceral and cutaneous lesions., C M. Goodall and M Bielschowsky

Thyroxine binding proteins of mouse serum at physiological ph., A Gordon and T Coutsofitides

Cell membrane k+ transport and glycolysis. Abstr., E E. Gordon and M D. Hartog

Heterogeneity of mouse myeloma gamma g globulins as revealed by enzymatic proteolysis., G Gorini, G A. Medgyesi, and G Doria

Stimulatory effects of inosine and deoxyinosine on the incorporation of uracil-2-14c,5-fluorouracil-2-14c, and 5-bromouracil-2-14c into nucleic acids by ehrlich ascites tumor cells in vitro., A M. Gotto, M L. Belkhode, and O Touster

An attempt to produce low-zone tolerance to tissue alloantigens., R J. Graff and A A. Kandutsch

The influence of the gonads and adrenal glands on the immune response to skin grafts., R J. Graff, M A. Lappe, and G D. Snell

Histocompatibility genes of mice. IX. The distribution of the alleles of the non-h-2 histocompatibility loci., R J. Graff and G D. Snell

Histocompatibility typing of inbred mice for known non-h-2 alleles., R J. Graff and G D. Snell

Inhibition of mouse lymphocyte-target l cell in vitro destruction with antiserum from lymphotoxin immunized animals. Abstr., G A. Granger, W P. Kolb, T W. Williams, and J J. Kramer

Lymphocyte in vitro cytotoxicity, specific release of lymphotoxin- -like materials from tuberculin-sensitive lymphoid cells., G A. Granger, S J. Shacks, T W. Williams, and W P. Kolb

Comparison between the effects of a single dose of a chemical carcino- gen on gnotobiotic and conventional mice. In e. A. Mirand and n. Back (ed.), Germ-free biology, plenum press,, G A. Grant and F J. Roe

Effect of germ-free status and antilymphocyte serum on induction of various tumours in mice by a chemical carcinogen given at birth., G A. Grant and F J. Roe

Influence of germ-free status on hepatoma induction by 7,12-dimethyl- benz(a)anthracene in c3h mice., G A. Grant and F J. Roe

The interaction of 6,6'-dithiodinicotinic acid with thiols and with ehrlich ascites tumor cells., D R. Grassetti, J F. Murray, and H T. Ruan

Immunosuppressive effects of adamantoyl cytarabine--i. Inhibition of hemagglutinin formation and graft versus host reactions in mice., G D. Gray, M M. Mickelson, and J A. Crim

Particulate-associated glycolytic enzmes in ascites tumor. Abstr., W V. Greenhouse and E L. Coe

Inhibition of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase from ehrlich ascites carcinoma by atp., W V. Greenhouse, H Nowaki, and E L. Coe

Consequences of increased nadase activity, nad-specific dehydrogenase activity in ehrlich ascites cells. Abstr., S Green and A Dobrjansky

The effect of age on the size and metabolic activity of isolated adipose cells from c57b mice. Abstr., M R. Greenwood, P R. Johnson, and J Hirsch

Isolation and some characteristics of a group-specific antigen of the murine leukemia viruses., A Gregoriades and L J. Old

A genetic investigation of eye lens protein variants among inbred mouse strains. Abstr., G Greiffendorf and S L. Beck

Exogenous interferon and inducers of interferon in the treatment of balb/c mice inoculated with rc19 tumour cells., I Gresser and C Bourali

Prolongation de la survie des souris inoculees avec des cellules tumorales et traitees avec des preparations d'interferons., I Gresser, C Bourali, J Levy, D. Fontaine, and M Thomas

Increased survival in mice inoculated with tumor cells and treated with interferon preparations., I Gresser, C Bourali, J P. Levy, brouty boye Fontaine, and M T. Thomas

Interferon and murine leukemia. VI. Effect of interferon preparations on the lymphoid leukemia of akr mice., I Gresser, J Coppey, and C Bourali

Activite de la phosphatase alcaline dans les tissus pulmonaires de souris xvii-g et c57bl., L Griciute and G Rudali