Submissions from 1969

Endothelial cell-luekocyte bridges in skin allografts., J Wiener, J S. Pearl, R G. Lattes, and D Spiro

Starvation induced ribonuclease activity in lymphosarcoma p1798. Abstr., P H. Wiernik

Cell separation on antigen-coated columns, elimination of high rate antibody-forming cells and immunological memory cells., H Wigzell and B Anderson

Gene action and behavior, an evaluation of major gene pleiotropism., J Wilcock

The isolation and purification of a tyrosinase inhibitor from mouse melanomas. Abstr., G F. Wilgram and J A. Mabel

An electron-microscope study of the effects of lysolecithin on bp8 ascites-tumour cells and phagocytes of mice, compared with the effects of a specific anti-tumour serum plus complement., P J. Wilkinson and D B. Cater

Experimental murine amyloid. IV. Amyloidosis and immunoglobulins., J T. Willerson, R Asofsky, and W F. Barth

Murine amyloid. II. Transfer of an amyloid-accelerating substance., J T. Willerson, J K. Gordon, N Talal, and W F. Barth

Comparative effects of daily fractional and continuous gamma exposure on the survival time of mice. Abstr., D G. Willhoit

Hyperthyroidism, niacin, and isonicotinic acid hydrazide (inah), effects on sarcoma 180., M W. Williams, C S. Williams, B E. Gunning, and J C. Towne

Genetic variability in forebrain structures between inbred strains of mice., R E. Wimer, C C. Wimer, and T H. Roderick

Distribution in vitro de la radioactivite du (1-14c) palmitate, du (1-14c) acetate et du (u-14c) glucose dans les acides gras libres et combines du foie de la souris normale et de la souris obese-hyper- glycemique de bar harbor., J Winand, J Furnelle, and J Christophe

Metabolisme in vitro du tissu adipeux. Vii. Metabolisme du (1-14c) palmitate dans le tissu adipeux epididymaire de la souris normale et de la souris obese-hyperglycemique de bar harbor., J Winand, J Furnelle, and J Christophe

Antibody formation, premature initiation by endotoxin or synthetic polynucleotides in newborn mice., R Winchurch and W Braun

Response of mouse intestinal crypt cells to irradiation with 14 mev neutrons. Abstr., H R. Withers, J T. Brennan, and M M. Elkind

Radiosensitivity and fractionation response of crypt cells of mouse jejunum., H R. Withers and M M. Elkind

Availability of transplantation alloantigens to circulating anti- bodies, studies with alloantibodies of known specificity., I Witz, G Cudkowicz, and D Pressman

Isoantigens available to circulating antibodies., I Witz, N Kaliss, and D Pressman

Moloney lymphoma antibodies from mice, localization in spleens of moloney lymphoma bearing mice., I Witz, G Klein, and D Pressman

Immunosuppressive activity of mouse alloantibodies., I P. Witz, N P. Chiampi, and N Kaliss

Immunosuppressive activity of mouse alloantibodies. Abstr., I P. Witz, N P. Chiampi, and N Kaliss

Brain localizing activity of hetero- and isoimmune sera directed against lymphocytic cells., I Witz and D Pressman

The inductive properties of epithelial established cell lines., K Wlodarski

The use of affinity chromatography for the specific purification of antibodies and antigens., L Wofsy and B Burr

The activity of cell-free tumour fractions in inducing immunity across a weak histocompatibility barrier., A Wolf

Genetic influences on tumor growth and serum insulin level. Abstr., G L. Wolff

Tissue culture analysis of the inherited defect of central nervous system myelination in jimpy mice., M K. Wolf and A B. Holden

A study on the mechanism of resistance to nitrogen mustard (hn2) in ehrlich ascites tumor cells, comparison of uptake of hn2-14c into sensitive and resistant cells., M K. Wolpert and R W. Ruddon

5-phosphoribosyl Pyrophosphate synthetase from ehrlich ascites tumor cells., P C. Wong and A W. Murray

Rna synthesis during early development of the mouse., H R. Woodland and C F. Graham

Factors influencing the induction of tumours of the urinary bladder and liver by 2-acetylaminofluorene in the mouse., M Wood

A comparative study of heterologous antimouse lymphocyte and anti- mouse thymocyte sera prepared by two different immunization methods., M L. Wood and H M. Vriesendorp

Tumor lipids, metabolic relationships derived from structural analyses of acyl, alkyl, and alk-1-enyl moieties of neutral gly- cerides and phosphoglycerides., R Wood and F Snyder

Antiglycolytic activities of 5-fluorouracil and related pyrimidines in mouse ascites carcinoma cells with special reference to inorganic phosphate and glucose., M W. Woods and D Burk

Activities of enzymes of the pentose phosphate cycle in muscles and ehrlich ascites cells. Abstr., T Wood and E L. Tan

Antibody production studied by means of the localized haemolysis in gel (lhg) assay. Iii. Mouse cells producing five different classes of antibody., H H. Wortis, D W. Dresser, and H R. Anderson

Physical separation of hemopoietic stem cells differing in their capacity for self-renewal., R G. Worton, E A. Culloch, and J E. Till

Physical separation of hemopoietic stem cells from cells forming colonies in culture., R G. Worton, E A. Culloch, and J E. Till

An ultrastructural study of lens invagination in the mouse., J T. Wrenn and N K. Wessells

Infection of human embryonic cell cultures with the rauscher murine leukemia virus., B S. Wright and W Korol

Chromosome preparations from mouse embryos during early organogenesis, dissociation after fixation, followed by air drying., J Wroblewska and A P. Dyban

The correlation between plasma cell tumor development and antibody response in inbred strains of mice., H Yamada, L T. Mashburn, K Takakura, and V P. Hollander

Anti-2,4-dinitrophynl(dnp)-hapten antibody formation at cellular level, hemolytic plaque-in-gel assay for lymphoid cells producing anti-dnp antibody. Abstr., H Yamada and A Yamada

Antibody formation against 2.4-dinitrophenyl-hapten At the cellular level. Hemolytic plaque-in-gel assay for lymphoid cells producing anti-2,4-dinitrophenyl-hapten antibody., H Yamada and A Yamada

Cellular and humoral factors in the suppression of nascent plasma cell tumors on balb/c mice. Abstr., H Yamada and A Yamada

Role of cellular and humoral factors in the destruction of nascent plasma cell tumors., H Yamada, A Yamada, and V P. Hollander

Fine structure of rodent common bile duct epithelium., K Yamada

High secretory activity in the pancreatic b cells of a diabetic strain of the japanese mouse., K Yamada and M Nakamura

A simplified method for determination of hormones responsible for breast cancer., Y Yamamoto

Individuelle unterschiede des entwicklungsstandes bei embryonen der maus (c57bl) in der fruhen phase der organogenese., H Yamamura

Alterations in virus distribution in mouse mammary carcinoma after irradiation, colchicine and androgen., I Yamane

Isoaccepting transfer rna's of l-m cells in culture and after tumor induction in c3h mice., W Yang, A Hellman, D H. Martin, K B. Hellman, and G D. Novelli

Isoaccepting trna's and in vitro hemoglobin synthesis in c3h and c57bl mice. Abstr., W K. Yang, K M. Hilse, and R A. Popp

Studies of tumour invasion in organ culture. I. Effects of basic polymers and dyes on invasion and dissemination., M M. Yarnell and E J. Ambrose

Studies of tumour invasion in organ culture. I. Effects of enzyme treatment., M M. Yarnell and E J. Ambrose

Effect of obese and diabetes mutations on lipolysis in mice. Abstr., T T. Yen, J Steinmetz, and L Lowry

Effect of magnesium pemoline on avoidance conditioning and intertrial activity in two strains of inbred mice., L T. Yeudall, W Poley, and J R. Royce

Comparison of some properties of the radiation-leukemia protection (rlp) factors of sheep spleen and serum. Abstr., L C. Yip and M E. Hodes

Experiments on the mode of action of the radiation leukemia protec- tive ('rlp') activity of serum. Abstr., L Yip, P Yu, and M E. Hodes

Induction of phagocytosis of iron colloid by ehrlich ascites tumor cells with polycationic substances., E Yokomura

Disturbances in developmental pathways leading to a neuological disorder of genetic origin, 'leaner', in mice., C H. Yoon

Infectious but non-leukemogenic friend leukemia virus obtained after prolonged cultivation in vitro., H Y. Yoshikura, Y Ikawa, and H Sugano

Changes in the dna synthetic phase of the cell cycle of leukemia l1210 induced by the chemotherapeutic agents 1,3, bis (-2-chloroethyl) -1-nitroso urea (bcnu) and cyclophosphamide (ctx). Abstr., R C. Young

The thymidine-14c and-3h double-labeling technic in the study of the cell cycle of l1210 leukemia ascites tumor in vivo., R C. Young, V T. Vita, and S Perry

Utilization of s35-sulfate in the formation of axurophil granules in the golgi complex of developing eosinophilic leucocytes. Abstr., R W. Young

Recovery from radiation injury which leads to cns death, dose rate and split doses studies. Abstr., J M. Yuhas

Residual radiation injury, hematopoietic and gastrointestinal involvement in relation to age., J M. Yuhas, D Huang, and J B. Storer

Chemoprotection against three modes of radiation death in the mouse., J M. Yuhas and J B. Storer

Differential chemoprotection of normal and malignant tissues., J M. Yuhas and J B. Storer

On mouse strain differences in radiation resistance, hematopoietic death and the endogenous colony-forming unit., J M. Yuhas and J B. Storer

Spontaneous mammary adenocarcinoma in mice. Influence of thymectomy and reconstitution with thymus grafts or spleen cells., E J. Yunis, C Martinez, J Smith, O Stutman, and R A. Good

Post-thymectomy autoimmune phenomena in mice. II. Morphologic obser- vations., E J. Yunis, P O. Teague, O Stutman, and R A. Good

Net charge of histidine and its transport by l1210 cells. Abstr., W L. Yu

Med myopathy, a new hereditary myopathy., S I. Zacks, M F. Sheff, M Rhodes, and A Saito

Etude histo-auto-radiographique de la synthese des immunoglobulines de plasmocytes de tumeurs a myelome de la souris., D Zagury, J W. Uhr, J D. Jamieson, and G E. Palade

Donnees ultrastructurales et electrophysiologiques obtenues au niveau du systeme nerveux central chez la souris 'jimpy'., J P. Zahnd and N Bonaventure

The microcirculatory events within full-thickness skin allografts (homografts) in mice., H A. Zarem

Accumulation of antibody-forming cells in spleens of pre-immunized irradiated mice after transplantation of syngeneic bone marrow., Y M. Zaretskaya, E I. Panteleev, and R V. Petrov

Destruction of carcinogenicity of tumor cells treated with extract of garlic (allium sativum) and allicin., K Zarrin and Y Aynehchi

Differential effects of actinomycin d on splenic nucleic acid and protein synthesis during the in vivo immune response in mice. Abstr., R S. Zeiger and R S. Speirs

Milk yield during prolonged lactation in mice, effect of ovariectomy., G H. Zeilmaker

Transmission of mammary tumor virus by female gr mice, results of egg transplantation., G H. Zeilmaker

Development of mouse blastocysts under the kidney capsule of irradiated rats. A reciprocal transfer study., G H. Zeilmaker and A Timmermans

Further evidence of third party unresponsiveness in immunologically tolerant animals., I M. Zeiss

Treatment of leukemic (l-1210) mice with double-stranded polyribonu- cleotides., L D. Zeleznick and B K. Bhuyan

Detection of antibody to denatured dna in nzb/bl mice., L D. Zeleznick, M S. Holm, and E V. Barnett

Cycloheximide prevention of triamcinolone-induced cleft palate in mice. Abstr., E F. Zimmerman and H Kalter

Suppression of antibody formation by syngeneic small lymphocytes. (russian), S N. Zinzar and moldavsky G. Svet

Antigenicity of the mice ehrlich ascitic tumor cell nuclei., D Zitnan, L Cebecauer, and V Ujhazy

Effect of some anticancer compounds on experimental amyloidosis in mice., W Zschiesche

Cataracts and abnormal proliferation of the lens epithelium in mice carrying the catfr gene., J Zwaan and R M. Williams