Submissions from 1969

Development of luxoid (lu) skeletal defects in vitro., D J. Burda and E M. Center

Dialysable agent involved in the stimulation of thymic regeneration following injury., M Burger and A Knyszynski

The effect of 19s alpha-2 globulin from human serum on the hemoglobin content of bone marrow of irradiated mice., M Burger and A Knyszynski

Stimulation of thymic and bone marrow regeneration in irradiated mice by protein fractions of human serum and sheep spleen., M Burger, A Knyszynski, and I Berenblum

Effect of oral copper sulfate on 7,12-dimethylbenz(alpha)anthracene carcinogenesis in mice., H R. Burki and G T. Okita

In vivo oxidation of glucose-1-14c and glucose-6-14c in mice with 7,12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene-induced tumors., H R. Burki and G T. Okita

On the failure of self-inhibition of growth in tumors., E R. Burns

Changes in virus attachment and other surface properties of l4946 mouse leukemia cells on adaptation to growth in tissue culture., D H. Burrin and A P. Lennan

The effect of arginase on tumor cells. Abstr., A F. Burton

Protection against mammary tumors in mice by immunization with purified mammary tumor virus preparations., D S. Burton, P B. Blair, and D W. Weiss

Assay of cytotoxic agents with l1210 cells. Abstr., H H. Buskirk

Azuleno(5,6,7-cd)phenalene, the first non-aromatic carcinogenic hydro- carbon. Abstr., hoi N. Buu, N B. Giao, and C Jutz

The x-y-z scheme of immunocyte maturation. Vii. Cell division and the establishment of short-term igm memory., P Byfield and E Sercarz

An in vitro reaction between labelled flagellin or haemocyanin and lymphocyte-like cells from normal animals., P Byrt and G L. Ada

Virus particles of the b type associated with lung tumours in gr mice., J Calafat

The structure of the mammary tumor virus., J Calafat and P Hageman

An ultrastructural and cytological study of preimplantation develop- ment of the mouse., P G. Calarco and E H. Brown

The effects of vitamin k1 and synthetic substitutes on tumour cell sulphydryl levels., G Calcutt

The metabolism of formycin, an adenosine analogue., I C. Caldwell, J F. Henderson, and A R. Paterson

Effect of polyuridylic and polyadenylic acids on plaque-forming cells and percursor cells in the mouse spleen. Abstr., P A. Campbell and P Kind

Suppression of rauscher virus-induced leukemia by l-asparaginase., W F. Campbell and A S. Levine

Synergy in graft-versus-host (gvh) reactions produced by cells from nzb/bl mice. Abstr., H Cantor, R Asofsky, and N Talal

Morphological studies of a new transplantable salivary gland tumor in c3h mice., A Caputo and L Orci

Correlation of infectivity with radioisotope studies of the mammary tumor virus (mtv) in vitro. Abstr., R D. Cardiff and P B. Blair

Biometrics of reversal learning in mice, i. Effects of iti and strain., A B. Carran

The mitotic response of thymus-derived cells to a variety of different antigens. Lymphatic tissue and germinal center in immune response, plenum,, R Carter, A Davies, E Leuchars, V Wallis, and R Gershon

Mycophenolic acid, and anti-cancer compound with unusual properties., S B. Carter, T J. Franklin, D F. Jones, B J. Leonard, S Mills, R W. Turner, and W B. Turner

An xyy sex-chromosome constitution in the mouse., B M. Cattanach and C E. Pollard

Controlling elements in the mouse x-chromosome. I. Interaction with the x-linked genes., B M. Cattanach, C E. Pollard, and J N. Perez

Immunosuppression by leukemia viruses. II. Cytokinetics of appearance of hemolysin-forming cells in infected mice during the anamnestic response to sheep erythrocytes., W S. Ceglowski and H Friedman

Immunosuppression by leukemia viruses. Iii. Adoptive transfer of antibody-forming cells to friend disease virus-infected mice., W S. Ceglowski and H Friedman

Murine virus leukaemogenesis, relationship between susceptibility and immunodepression., W S. Ceglowski and H Friedman

Determination of avidity on anti-albumin antibodies in the mouse. Influence of the number of cells transferred on the quality of the secondary adoptive response., F Celada, D Schmidt, and R Strom

Morphology and embryology of duplicitas posterior mice., E M. Center

The effect of antilymphocyte serum on the induction and growth of tumor in the adult mouse., G J. Cerilli and R C. Treat

Cellular changes and gamma globulin production in mouse spleen during induction of immunological tolerance. Lymphatic tissue and germinal centers in immune response, plenum,, J Cerny and V Viklicky

Paralysing treatment with protein antigen in mice. II. Globulin- containing cells, haematopoietic stem cells and plaque-forming (anti-srbc) cells in the spleen., J Cerny, V Viklicky, and T Hraba

Paralysing treatment with protein antigen in mice. I. Cellular changes in the spleen., J Cerny, V Viklicky, and kossakowska T. Rymaszewska

Comparison of the immune responsiveness of nzb and nzb x nzw f1 hybrid mice with that of other strains of mice., J Cerottini, P Lambert, and F J. Dixon

Rapid changes of nuclease activities in spleens of leukaemia virus infected mice., A K. Chakrabarty, H Friedman, and W S. Ceglowski

The ultrastructure of target cells and immune macrophages during their interaction in vitro., V C. Chambers and R S. Weiser

Influence of defined incompatibilities and area of burn on skin-homo- graft survival in burned-subjects., K Chambler and J R. Batchelor

Leucemogenese induite chez la souris xviinc par les preparations acellulaires d'un chlorome experimental., A Chamorro

125i-insulin Uptake and degradation by transplanted mouse hepatoma. Abstr., M L. Chandler, N M. Fedynskj, and L V. Beck

Paternal versus maternal inactivation in the x chromosome of female mice., A C. Chandley

Morphologic and serologic studies of transplanted human leukocyte culture (m-1) cells in laboratory animals., S Chandra, D E. Brown, P Aldenderfer, C Garon, F T. Buschek, and R A. Manaker

Enhancing effect of the murine sarcoma virus (msv) on the replication of the mouse hepatitis virus (mhv) in vitro., C Chany and maridor F. Robbe

Social rank in male mice and adrenocortical response to open field exposure., V M. Chapman, C Desjardins, and F H. Bronson

Nature et dimension des molecules radioactives presentes dans le sang de la souris apres injection intraperitoneale de dna-3h., P Charles, J Remy, and L Ledoux

Small, inherited differences in blood glucose levels in mice., D Charlesworth

Development of an infectivity assay for mouse mammary-tumor virus., J Charney, B D. Pullinger, and D H. Moore

Enzyme studies in the dystrophic mouse., S K. Chattopadhyay, H D. Brown, and A B. Patel

Study of tissue antigens of mice cc57br with leukaemia (reticulo- sarcomatosis) in gel precipitation reaction. (russ.), B E. Chechik and V M. Bergolts

Delayed hypersensitivity in murine pulmonary pertussis., C Cheers

Prolactin of normal and dwarf mice., E V. Cheever, B K. Seavey, and U J. Lewis

Cultivation in vitro of cells derived from adult c3h mouse ventral prostate., T T. Chen and C Heidelberger

In vitro malignant transformation of cells derived from mouse prostate in the presence of 3-methylcholanthrene., T T. Chen and C Heidelberger

Quantitative studies on the malignant transformation of mouse prostate cells by carcinogenic hydrocarbons in vitro., T T. Chen and C Heidelberger

A description of mu, a non-h-2 alloantigen on c3h/sn mice., M Cherry and G D. Snell

Decreased neutrophils and megakaryocytes in anemic mice in genotype w/wv., P A. Chervenick and D R. Boggs

The influence of intracellular recovery and hypoxic cells on the radiation response of mammary tumours and skin in c3h mice., P J. Cheshire and P J. Lindop

Beta cell proliferation and dna synthesis in diabetic mutant mice. Abstr., W L. Chick

Inhibition of mouse sarcoma 180 by polysaccarides from lentinus edodes (berk.) Sing., G Chihara, Y Maeda, J Hamuro, T Sasaki, and F Fukuoka

Effective antiviral therapy of two murine leukemias with an inter- feron-inducing synthetic carboxylate copolymer., M A. Chirigos, W Turner, J Pearson, and W Griffin

Etude comparee de differentes formes de diabete chez la souris., nia P. Chirvan and prot P. Bibal

Obesity and insulin resistance in the obese-hyperglycemic mouse (obob)., C Chlouverakis and P A. White

Endometrial sarcomas in mice, a survey of 130 cases., I Chouroulinkov, J Guillon, and M Guerin

Tobacco tar carcinogenesis., I Chouroulinkov, P Lazar, C Izard, C Libermann, D M. Guerin, and E G. For

Histological and fine structural abnormalities in the livers of nzb/nzw f1 mice., S T. Chou and P B. Herdson

Effects of thermal treatment on mitochondria of brain, liver and ascites cells., E N. Christiansen and E Kvamme

Concepts of genesis and development in early cervical neoplasia., W M. Christopherson

Studies on murine sarcoma virus, antigenic characterization of murine sarcoma virus induced tumor cells., J Chuat, L Berman, P Gunven, and E Klein

Lipid cardiomyopathy of the hypertrophied heart of goldthioglucose obese mice., K C. Chu, R S. Sohal, S C. Sun, G E. Burch, and H L. Colcolough

Mustard-sensitive and -resistant lines of lettre-ehrlich ascites tumor., E H. Chun, L Gonzales, F S. Lewis, J Jones, D R. Rutman, and E I. Nitrogen

Rna synthesis in taper hepatoma and mouse-liver cells., R B. Church, S W. Luther, and B J. Carthy

Tolerance-mediated inheritance of immune responsiveness., B Cinader, S W. Koh, and D Naylor

Quantitative studies on cortisol-induced decay of lymphoid cells in the thymolymphatic system., M H. Claesson and C Ropke

Immunologic complementation between thymus and marrow cells--a model for the two-cell theory of immunocompetence., H N. Claman and E A. Chaperon

Immunologic complementation between thymus and marrow cells--a model for the two-cell theory of immunocompetence., H N. Claman and E A. Chaperon

Thymus-marrow immunocompetence. IV. The growth and immunocompetence of transferred marrow, thymus, and spleen cells in parent and f1 hy- brid mice., H N. Claman, E A. Chaperon, and L L. Hayes

Tumorigenesis in rf mice as influenced by cumulative dose of diethyl nitrosamine (den). Abstr., N K. Clapp and A W. Craig

The fine structure of methylcholanthrene-induced tumors in mice., M A. Clarke

Growth curve studies of the suckling mouse cataract agent in in- dividual compartments of the eye., H F. Clark and D T. Karzon

An immunofluorescence study of the in vitro interaction between lymphoid cells and target cells., J M. Clark and L Weiss

An in vitro immunofluorescent study of the imteraction between lympho- cytes and target cells. Abstr., J M. Clark and L Weiss

Small eye, a mutant in the house mouse apparently affecting the synthesis of extracellular membranes. Abstr., R M. Clayton and J C. Campbell

Duration of the cycle of the seminiferous epithelium in the mouse and hamster determined by means of 3h-thymidine and radioautography., Y Clermont and M Trott

Fractionation of spleen and serum in attempts to isolate the radiation -leukemia protection factor., D B. Clewell, J D. Hubbard, P Yu, L C. Yip, and M E. Hodes

Cell death and tumor growth. Abstr., K H. Clifton and M B. Yatvin

Tissue calcium levels, spontaneous and diet-induced cardiovascular lesions in mice. Abstr., B R. Clower

Enhancement of antitumor effect of alkylating agents by vitamin a. Abstr., M H. Cohen and P P. Carbone

Viral induced immunity to syngeneic rauscher murine leukemia cells, in the absence of allogeneic inhibition., M H. Cohen and M A. Fink

The effect of stressor agents on the grey lethal mouse strain periodontium., M M. Cohen, S Shusterman, and G Shklar

Characterization of the antibody to the c-carbohydrate produced by a transplantable mouse plasmacytoma., M Cohn, G Notani, and S A. Rice

Modification of urethan-lung tumor incidence by low x-radiation doses, cortisone, and transfusion of isogenic lymphocytes., L J. Cole and W A. Foley

Chromatographic fractions of bee venom, cytotoxicity for mouse bone marrow stem cells., L J. Cole and W H. Shipman

Effects of parabiosis of normal with genetically diabetic mice., D L. Coleman and K P. Hummel

Enzymatic studies of the hemopoietic defect in flexed mice., D L. Coleman, E S. Russell, and E Y. Levin

On the inheritance of handedness. II. Selection for sinistrality in mice., R L. Collins

Chromosomal changes associated with urethan leukemogenesis in mice., M I. Colnaghi, G D. Porta, G Parmiani, and G Caprio