Submissions from 1969

Effect of d-glucosamine on the adenine and uridine nucleotides of of sarcoma 180 ascites tumor cells., J G. Bekesi and R J. Winzler

The effect of d-glucosamine on the metabolism of neoplastic tissue. Abstr., J Bekesi and R J. Winzler

Interactions between amino acids during transport and exchange diffusion in novikoff and ehrlich ascites tumor cells., M L. Belkhode and P G. Scholefield

Distribution and metabolism of the periodate oxidation product of 9-beta-d-ribosyl-6-methylthiopurine., J P. Bell and R H. Gisler

Synergistic killing of ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells by ascorbate and 3-amino-1,2,4-triazole., L Benade, T Howard, and D Burk

Mammary tumor virus potentiation of endogenous prolactin effect on mammary gland differentiation., david M. Ben, W E. Heston, and D Rodbard

Productivity of inbred mice, influence of floor area of the cage., E Benhar

Genetical and embryological comparisons of semilethal t-alleles from wild mouse populations., D Bennett and L C. Dunn

Characterization and significance of abnormal leukocyte granules in the beige mouse. A possible homologue for chediak-higashi aleutian trait., J M. Bennett, R S. Blume, and S M. Wolff

Alloantigen-sensitive units (aasu) of mouse lymphoid tissues. Abstr., M Bennett

Rna in the periphery of rapidly proliferating mouse lymphoid cells., M Bennett, E Mayhew, and L Weiss

Hereditary infections with mammary tumor viruses in mice., P Bentvelzen and J H. Daams

Study of immunoglobulins in axenic mice thymectomized at birth., J Benveniste, G Lespinats, and J Salomon

A method for osseal radiomicrometric measurements in mice experiments., L Berek

Changes of mucopolysaccharides in the epiphyseal plates of mice following neonatal thymectomy., L Berek, K Aszodi, Z Banos, and E A. Szeri

Dose-response curves for agents that impair cell reproductive integrity, a fundamental difference between dose-response curves for antimetabolites and those for radiation and alkylating agents., M C. Berenbaum

Kinetic analysis of a graft reaction induced in cell culture., G Berke, G Yagil, H Ginsburg, and M Feldman

Studies on the nuclear exoribonuclease of hela and ehrlich ascites tumor cells. Abstr., D M. Berkowitz and M B. Sporn

Behavior of marrow stem cells in irradiated and non-irradiated mice after treatment with cytotoxic agents., I Berman, B M. Cabe, and M M. Dauer

Studies on murine sarcoma virus, a morphological comparison of tumorigenesis by the harvey and moloney strains in mice, and the establishment of tumor cell lines., L D. Berman and A C. Allison

Lens detachment and choroid fissure closure in the embryonic mouse eye. Abstr., M B. Berman and L J. Pierro

The production of disseminated histoplasmosis in the mouse, the effects of changes in reticulo-endothelial function., C L. Berry

Death of murine tumour cells after irradiation with collimated beams of fast neutrons of different energies, and the response of the same cells to mono-energetic charged particles of different ionization densities. Abstr., R J. Berry, J T. Brennan, L Goodman, D F. Herring, A C. Lucas, D W. Quam, and I V. Reproductive

Studies on the stationary growth phase of l1210 cells in culture. Abstr., B K. Bhuyan, C M. Carmody, and T J. Fraser

Effect of insulin-glucose altered metabolic states on the response of ehrlich ascites tumors to ionizing radiation. Abstr., J E. Biaglow, N Ferencz, and H L. Friedell

Acquisition and retention of a conditioned avoidance response in mice as influenced by pemoline, by some of its derivatives and by some cns stimulants., C Bianchi and uberti E. Marazzi

Survival of mouse type-b spermatogonia for the study of the biological effectiveness of very high-energy neutrons., M Bianchi, M Quintiliani, J Baarli, and A H. Sullivan

Placental barrier to maternal cells., W D. Billington, D R. Kirby, J J. Owen, M A. Ritter, M D. Burtonshaw, P. Evans, C E. Ford, I K. Gauld, and A M. Laren

Action in vivo du retinol et du calciferol sur la tumeur d'ehrlich., A Billitteri and Y Raoul

Cyclic variation in the h-2 isoantigenic expression of mouse lymphoma cells in vitro., B Bjaring, G Klein, and I Popp

Specific activities of uridine phosphorylase and uridine kinase in ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells and 6-azauracil- and 6-azauridine- -treated sublines in successive transplant generations., D G. Blair and A D. Hall

Specific activities of uridine kinase and uridine phosphorylase of ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells during tumor growth. Abstr., D G. Blair and D J. Rainnie

Detection by immunodiffusion of mouse mammary tumor virus in milk samples and correlation with tumor development., P B. Blair

Increased antibacterial resistance and immunodepression during graft-versus-host reactions in mice., R V. Blanden

On the regulation of hemopoietic spleen colonies produced by embryonic and adult cells., I Bleiberg and M Feldman

Studies on the biologic activity and mode of action of 7-deazainosine., A Bloch, E Mihich, R J. Leonard, and C A. Nichol

Biological activity of 4-thiouridine (tur) amd 6-thioxanthosine (txr). Abstr., A Bloch, R K. Robins, M W. Winkley, and J T. Witkowski

Diethyl amino-ethyl dextran (deae-d) effects on l1210 in vitro. Abstr., J B. Block and J J. Oppenheim

Diethyl amino-ethyl dextran (deae-d) effects on l1210 in vitro. Abstr., J B. Block and J J. Oppenheim

The influence of the bone marrow on the repopulation of the thymus in x-irradiated mice., H Blomgren

Evidence for a small pool of immunocompetent cells in the mouse thymus., H Blomgren and B Andersson

Uptake of 125i-labelled 4-iodophenylalanine in tumours of mice., L Blomquist, H Flodh, and S Ullberg

Uptake of labelled vitamin b12 and 4-iodophenylalanine in some tumours of mice., L Blomquist, H Flodh, and S Ullberg

Quantitative dose-response relationships of murine sarcoma virus (moloney) in balb/c mice., G R. Blumenschein and J B. Moloney

Giant neutrophil granules in the chediak-higashi syndrome of man, mink, cattle and mice., R S. Blume, G A. Padgett, S M. Wolff, and J M. Bennett

Fine structure of a transplanted chemically induced nonlymphoid thymoma., D E. Bockman and O Stutman

The effect of gold thioglucose on allergic encephalomyelitis in inbred mouse strains. Abstr., D H. Boehme and O Werdelin

Influence of splenectomy on intravenously induced and spontaneous metastases in mice., B Boeryd and B Hagmar

Contribution of the mouse spleen to post-hemorrhagic erythropoiesis., D R. Boggs, A Geist, and P A. Chervenick

Polymeric hemoglobins of the house mouse (mus musculus l.), Isolation of cysteinyl peptides., J Bonaventura

The effects of a single dose of 7,12-dimethylbenz(a)-anthracene on the epidermis and hair follicles of mice, with notes on concurrent changes in the ovaries and adrenals., B Bond and J W. Orr

High-yield isolation of mouse mammary tumor virus., H E. Bond and W T. Hall

Influence of tween 80 on the antileukemic activity of 1,3-bis(2- -(chloroethyl)-1-nitrosourea (nsc-409,962)., E Bonmassar, S Vadlamudi, W Vieira, and A Goldin

Intranuclear rods in pancreatic islet beta-cells., L Boquist

Recurrence of a transplanted leukaemia in mouse radiation chimaeras receiving anti-donor isoimmune serum., M Boranic

Distribution of sheep red blood cells in tissues of normal and hereditarily spleenless mice. Abstr., F Borek, J R. Battisto, and D Fabian

Rauscher leukemia virus-induced immunosuppression of spleen cells cultured in millipore diffusion chambers. Abstr., L Borella

The suppressive effect of rauscher leukemia virus on the secondary antibody response of spleen cells cultured in cell-impermeable diffusion chambers., L Borella

Hematological changes in tumor-bearing mice treated with l-aspara- ginase active guinea pig serum., L Borella, N M. Hamlin, and R Hiramoto

Interactions between tumor and normal cells. Abstr., E Borenfreund, Y Honda, M Steinglass, and A Bendich

Observations on the differentiation in vitro of mouse metanephros., E Borghese and A M. Dani

Studies on the persistence of methotrexate, cytosine arabinoside, and leucovorin in serum of mice., J Borsa, G F. Whitmore, F A. Valeriote, D Collins, and W R. Bruce

Graft versus host inhibition. I. Incubated parental strain spleen and liver cells administered to f1 mice., M M. Bortin, A A. Rimm, and E C. Saltzstein

Immunogenesis of murine bone marrow cells and spleen cells against transplantation antigens. Abstr., M M. Bortin, A A. Rimm, and E C. Saltzstein

Ontogenesis of immune capability of murine bone marrow cells and spleen cells against transplantation antigens., M M. Bortin, A A. Rimm, and E C. Saltzstein

Graft versus host inhibition, fetal liver and thymus cells to minimize secondary disease., M M. Bortin and E C. Saltzstein

Graft versus host inhibition ii. Fetal liver and thymus cells to minimize secondary disease. Abstr., M M. Bortin and E C. Saltzstein

Spleen colony formation in radiation chimeras treated with allo- purinol and ampicillin., M M. Bortin, R J. Sternberg, and A A. Rimm

Lack of restoration of thymic tissue following partial surgical thymectomy in the mouse., K Borum

Sex-specific difference of alkaline phosphatase of ehrlich's carcinoma cells., S Bose, J R. Chowdhury, and A Chakravorty

Hydrolysis of steroid phosphates by mouse tissue phosphatases., V Botte and G Delrio

Genetic aspects of learning and memory in mice., D Bovet, nitti F. Bovet, and A Oliverio

Facilitation of simultaneous visual discrimination by nicotine in four 'inbred' strains of mice., nitti F. Bovet

Avoidance learning in inbred balb/c mice raised as only children or siblings., nitti F. Bovet, A Oliverio, and D Bovet

Hydrolase activities in brain of neurological mutants, cerebroside galactosidase, nitrophenyl galactoside hydrolase, nitrophenyl glucoside hydrolase and sulphatase., D M. Bowen and N S. Radin

Some aspects of normal and abnormal cell surface genetics., E A. Boyse and L J. Old

Genetic control of ovulation rate and embryo survival in mice. II. Effects of crossing selected lines., G E. Bradford and C E. Nott

Characteristics of in vitro colony formation by cells from haemopoie- tic tissues., T R. Bradley, D Metcalf, M Summer, and R Stanley

Inhibition of ehrlich ascites tumor growth by nucleoprotein. II. In vivo fate of the tumor cells., L J. Bradshaw and D R. Webb

The effect of total body irradiation on murine erythropoiesis. Abstr., L W. Brady, L Lisi, I Brodsky, and S T. Ruggieri

Relationship of hydrogen peroxide production by mycoplasma pulmonis to virulence for catalase-deficient mice., P C. Brennan and R N. Feinstein

A barrier system for a breeding and experimental rodent colony, des- cription and operation., J O. Brick, R F. Newell, and D G. Doherty

Regulation of antibody synthesis against escherichia coli endotoxin. Iii. Induction of immunological paralysis in non-immune and pre- -immunized mice., S Britton

Regulation of antibody synthesis against escherichia coli endotoxin. II. Specificity, dose requirements and duration of paralysis induced in adult mice., S Britton

Regulation of antibody synthesis against escherichia coli endotoxin. IV. Induction of paralysis in vitro by treating normal lymphoid cells with antigen., S Britton

Thrombocytopenia, a prelymphoid leukaemic sign in akr mice., I Brodsky

Platelet metabolism in rauscher virus leukemia., I Brodsky and N V. Dimitrov

Effect of a leukemia virus on erythropoiesis., I Brodsky and S B. Kahn

Dose-mortality studies for mice irradiated with x-rays, gamma-rays and 15 mev neutrons., J J. Broerse

The influence of 2-desoxyglucose on glycolysis of homogenates and cytoplasmatic systems of cells and tumor tissues., ardelt B. Broniszewska

Aggressive behavior and seminal vesicle function in mice, differential sensitivity to androgen given neonatally., F H. Bronson and C Desjardins

Release of gonadotrophin in ovariectomized mice after exposure to males., F H. Bronson and C Desjardins

Streptozotocin diabetes in the mouse and guinea pig., G Brosky and J Logothetopoulos

Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of dna polymerase from ehrlich ascites tumor cells and recovery of active enzyme., I R. Brown

X-ray and x-ray-plus-urethane induction of 'leukemogenic' activity in tissues of mice, preliminary electron microscopic studies. Abstr., R C. Brown, V Covelli, A C. Upton, and L C. Satterfield

Comparison of the dose- and time-survival curves for normal hematop- oietic and lymphoma colony-forming cells exposed to vinblastine, vincristine, arabinosylcytosine, and amethopterin., W R. Bruce, B E. Meeker, W E. Powers, and F A. Valeriote

Genetics and adaptive significance of emotional defecation in mice., J H. Bruell

Agents which affect excitation-contraction coupling in normal and dystrophic muscle., M Brust

Cellular response in the brain to concussion., N Bryan and B E. Walker

Prevention of carcinogenesis by murine sarcoma virus (harvey) following injections of immune sera during the latent period., J Bubenik, A Turano, and G Fadda