Submissions from 1973

Use of normal antigen blocking sera to direct the specificity of antisera towards mouse leukemia cells. Abstr., A E. Reif, P J. Smith, and C M. Robinson

Simian virus 40 rapidly lowers camp levels in mouse cells., A Rein, R A. Carchman, G S. Johnson, and I Pastan

Mechanism of sv 40 pretection in myeloma oncogenesis. Abstr., C L. Reinisch

Sv40 protection in myeloma oncogenesis., C L. Reinisch

Detection of tumour-associated transplantation antigen of bo-iv carcinoma on somatic cells of tumour-free syngeneic mice. II. Search for a common antigen in some organs and spontaneous mammary carcinomas., A Rejthar and J Wotke

Growth characteristics of bone marrow colonies derived from the mouse homologue of the chediak-higashi syndrome of man propagated in semi- -solid agar cultures. Abstr., H W. Renshaw and W C. Davis

Avoidance conditioning in mice as a function of their mothers' exposure to shock., R H. Ressler and L T. Anderson

Avoidance conditioning in mice as a function of their mothers' training., R H. Ressler and L T. Anderson

Relationship of 5-fluorouracil, uracil and orotic acid phosphoribosyl- transferase activities in p1534j murine leukemic cells. Abstr., P Reyes and M Guganig

Ca2+ transport by mitochondria from l1210 mouse ascites tumor cells. Abstr., B Reynafarje

Ca2+ transport by mitochondria from l1210 mouse ascites tumor cells., B Reynafarje and A L. Lehninger

Inhibition by diphosphonates of bone resorption in mice and comparison with grey-lethal osteopetrosis., J J. Reynolds, H Murphy, R Muhlbauer, D Morgan, and H Fleisch

Strain variation on termination of tolerance to human gamma globulin in mice. Abstr., O A. Rey and M Azar

Therapeutic and immunologic effect of iodoacetate in mature akr mice., M S. Rheins and A D. Barker

Localization of horse radish peroxidase in mouse and guinea pig peritoneal macrophages after uptake in vivo and in vitro, an electron microscope study., J M. Rhodes, andersen A. Birch, and H Ravn

Abnormal hydroxyproline content in fibular cartilage of newborn brachypod mice. Abstr., R K. Rhodes and W A. Elmer

Electron microscopic study of lymphatic tissues of mice inoculated with a leukemogenic extract from radiation-induced tumors., castagnoli P. Ricciardi, J Jadin, and J Maisin

Stimulation of tyrosine hydroxylase activity in an adrenergic clone of mouse neuroblastoma by dibutyryl cyclic amp., E Richelson

Transport of neurotransmitter precursors into cultured cells., E Richelson and E J. Thompson

Blood volume determination in the mouse., A C. Riches, J G. Sharp, D B. Thomas, and S V. Smith

Phosphorylation of nuclear proteins in rodent tissues. Abstr., P G. Riches, K R. Harrap, S M. Sellwood, and A J. Gillivray

Inhibition of the graft-versus-host reaction. II. Prevention of acute graft-versus-host mortality by fab fragments of antilymphocyte globulin., E R. Richie, M T. Gallagher, and J J. Trentin

Prevention of graft-versus-host disease by fab fragments derived from alg., E R. Richie, M T. Gallagher, and J J. Trentin

Biological expressions of lymphocyte activation. II. Generation of a population of thymus-derived suppressor lymphocytes., R R. Rich and C W. Pierce

Characteristics of the binding of dapsone and monoacetyldapsone by serum albumin., R W. Riley and L Levy

Effect of catechins on membrane permeability in streptomyces hydro- genans and ehrlich ascites tumor cells., K Ring, W L. Heinrich, H Ehle, and E Rohde

Aldehyde dehydrogenase isozymes in rat hepatoma--mouse fibroblast hybrids., D Rintoul, R Lewis, and J Morrow

Differential effect of neuraminidase on the immunogenicity of viral- -associated and private antigens of mammary carcinomas. Abstr., A Rios and R L. Simmons

Immunospecific regression of various syngeneic mouse tumors in response to neuraminidase-treated tumor cells., A Rios and R L. Simmons

Immune capacity and response to antigenic tumors., R J. Risdall, J C. Aust, and C F. Khann

Simian virus 40-host cell interactions. I. Temperature- -sensitive regulation of sv40 t antigen in 3t3 mouse cells transformed by the ts101 temperature-sensitive early mutant of sv40., J A. Robb

Cross-immunity between chemically-induced sarcomas, detected by trans- plantation in restricted genetic conditions., F Robert, D Oth, and F Dumont

Double-stranded rna as an inhibitor of protein synthesis and as a sub- strate for a nuclease in extracts of krebs ii ascites cells., H D. Robertson and M B. Mathews

Structural studies of a heavy chain from a mouse immunoglobulin m with antibody activity., E A. Robinson, E Appella, and K R. Intire

Combinations of the effect of radiotherapy, alkylating agents and phytohemagglutinin on sarcoma 180 in swiss mice., E Robinson and T Mekori

Cellular radiosensitivity and tumor radiation response in the emt6 tumor cell system., S Rockwell and R F. Kallman

Ribosomal proteins in rapidly growing and non-proliferating mouse cells., A Rodgers

The feulgen banded karyotype of the mouse, analysis of the mechanisms of banding., T C. Rodman and S Tahiliani

Blocking and redistribution ('capping') of antigen receptors on t and b lymphocytes by anti-immunoglobulin antibody., G Roelants, L Forni, and B Pernis

Chromosomal aberrations in the early embryogenesis of mice. Abstr., G Rohrborn and I Hansmann

The suppression of the immune response in vivo by cholera enterotoxin. Abstr., R T. Rolley, L M. Lichtenstein, and C S. Henney

Dynamics of receptor and antigen interaction at the lymphocyte., R T. Rolley and J J. Marchalonis

Tumor immunity to murine plasma cell tumors. I. Tumor-associated transplantation antigens of nzb and balb/c plasma cell tumors., M Rollinghoff, B T. Rouse, and N L. Warner

Release of antigen-specific immunoglobulin from cytotoxic effector cells and syngeneic tumour immunity in vitro., M Rollinghoff, H Wagner, R Cone, and J Marchalonis

Mechanism of the immune reaction to syngeneic murine plasma cell tumors. Abstr., M Rollinghoff, H Wagner, and N L. Warner

Antibody-mediated inhibition of primary antibody formation in vivo and in vitro in nzb mice., M Rollinghoff and N L. Warner

Age and sex differences in mortality after proton irradiation of the brain maturity and aging in c57bl/10 mice., C Rolsten, J M. Ordy, and T Samorajski

Age differences in the morphologic organization of the posterior tibial nerve of the mouse. Abstr., C Rolsten and T Samorajski

An unusual response of hamster lymphocytes to pha., N Ron, A Laufer, and I Gery

Analyse des lesions squelettiques des membres posterieurs chez les souris dh/+., M A. Rooze

Effects of antithymocyte serum and antilymphocyte serum on the postnatal development of the thymolymphatic system in balb/c mice., C Ropke

Prolonged survival of tumor allografts in mice pretreated with soluble transplantation antigens., E B. Rosenberg, J Hill, A Ferarri, R B. Herberman, C Ting, D L. Mann, and J Fahey

Short-term effects of ionizing radiation on volume-regulation of murine lymphoma cells in vitro. Evidence for the involvement of hydro- gen peroxide., H M. Rosenberg and E Mathews

A technique for studying kinetic alterations induced by chemotherapy in normal and tumorous tissues in vivo. Abstr., S H. Rosenoff, F W. Bostick, V T. Vita, and R C. Young

The binding of a naphthalene dye associated with j-chain attachment in an immunoglobulin a mouse immunoglobulin., R W. Rosenstein and P Jackson

A quantitative fluorimetric assay for melanin. Abstr., M H. Rosenthal, J W. Kreider, and R Shiman

Acute lethality for mice following administration of cyclophosphamide with barbiturates., W C. Rose, A E. Munson, and S G. Bradley

Transformation of spleen cells three hours after infection in vivo with friend leukemia virus., G B. Rossi, G Cudkowicz, and C Friend

Impaired antibody response in folate deficient mice persisting after folate repletion., S P. Rothenberg, M D. Costa, and F Siy

A mathematical model of the cell cycle of l5178y., J L. Roti roti and S Okada

Protein synthesis during the cell cycle of l5178y cells., J Roti roti, S Okada, and H Eberle

Adaptation of mouse leukemic cells (l5178y) to anisotonic media., L W. Roti roti and A Rothstein

Adaptation of mouse leukemic cells (l5178y) to anisotonic media. II. Cell growth., L W. Roti roti and A Rothstein

Studies on characterization of the lymphoid target cell for activity of a thymus humoral factor., V Rotter, A Globerson, I Nakamura, and N Trainin

Tumor immunity to murine plasma cell tumors. II. Essential role of t lymphocytes in immune response., B T. Rouse, M Rollinghoff, and N L. Warner

The in vivo activity of in vitro immunized mouse thymocytes. Iii. Fate of in vitro immunized thymocytes., B T. Rouse and H Wagner

A major genetic locus affecting resistance to infection with murine leukemia viruses. Iii. Assignment of the fv-1 locus to linkage group viii of the mouse., W P. Rowe, J B. Humphrey, and F Lilly

Genetic mapping of the fv-1 locus of the mouse., W P. Rowe and H Sato

Thymic dependency of tumor-induced immunodepression., G F. Rowland, A J. Edwards, M R. Sumner, and C M. Hurd

Mammary tumour and hepatoma suppression by dietary restriction in c3h avy mice. Abstr., C Rowlatt, L M. Franks, and M U. Sheriff

Behavior-genetic analysis of mouse emotionality. I. Factor analysis., J R. Royce, W Poley, and L T. Yeudall

Effect of priming on interferon inhibition of con a induced spleen cell blastogenesis., K Rozee, S Lee, and J Ngan

Mutageneic activity in somatic and germ cells following chronic inhalation of sulfur mustard. Abstr., H Rozmiarek, R L. Capizzi, B Papirmeister, W H. Fuhrman, and W J. Smith

Development and cell kinetics of the kreisler (kr/kr) mouse., R J. Ruben

The cellular basis of cross-tolerance., T J. Ruben, J M. Chiller, and W O. Weigle

The immune response against hapten-autologous protein conjugates in the mouse. I. Specificity of antibodies produced during the primary response against dinitrophenylated mouse serum albumin., B Rubin

The immune response against hapten-autologous protein conjugates in the mouse. IV. Thymus dependency of the primary response to hapten- autologous albumin conjugates., B Rubin, K Hiesche, V Schirrmacher, and H Wigzell

The immune response against hapten-autologous protein conjugates in the mouse. II. Carrier specificity in the secondary anti-hapten response and evidence of the existence of specific helper cells., B Rubin, V Schirrmacher, and H Wigzell

Hapten-reactive helper lymphocytes., B Rubin and H Wigzell

The immune response against hapten-autologous protein conjugates in the mouse. Iii. Specificity of cooperating non-thymus-processed (b) and thymus-processed (t) lymphocytes., B Rubin and H Wigzell

The carcinogenicity of sodium cyclamate in combination with other oncogenic agents. Abstr., G Rudali, kovacs I. Muranyi, E Coezy, and L Aussepe

Cellular immunity in the mouse. Abstr., N H. Ruddle

Effect of l-valine on renal excretion, blood concentrations and toxi- city of cycloleucine in mice., H W. Ruelius, F J. Gregory, S K. Kirkman, and F W. Janssen

Histologic comparison of progressing and regressing murine (moloney) sarcomas. Abstr., S W. Russell and L Buettner

In vivo repair following nitrogen mustard treatment of ehrlich ascites tumors. Abstr., R J. Rutman, L Yin, and E H. Chun

Immunity and asparaginase suppression of tumor growth., W L. Ryan and G L. Curtis

Enhancement of asparaginase-induced regression of the 6c3hed lympho- sarcoma by protein-free diet., W L. Ryan and H C. Sornson

The mixed lymphocyte reaction in h-2k, h-2d, and non-h-2 incompatibi- lity., M Rychlikova, P Demant, and P Ivanyi

Immunosuppression by respiration inhibitors, an in vitro study. Abstr., T Y. Sabet

Spontaneous tumors in c3h-avy and c3h-avy f b mice, high incidence in the united states and low incidence in australia., J R. Sabine, B J. Horton, and M B. Wicks

Control of lipid metabolism in hepatomas, conversion of glutamate carbon to fatty acid carbon via citrate in several transplantable hepatomas., J R. Sabine, L Kopelovich, S Abraham, and H P. Morris

Serologic distinction between soluble species-specific and strain- -specific transplantation antigens., D H. Sachs, I F. Kenzie, H J. Winn, and P S. Russell

Effects of stress and rem sleep deprivation on the patterns of avoidance learning and brain acetylcholine in the mouse., T Sagales and E F. Domino

Serum transmissibility of immune polioencephalomyelitis in c58 mice., M A. Sager, J W. Lawton, and W H. Murphy

A spectrophotometric quantitation of cytotoxic action of antiserum and complement by trypan blue., N Saijo

Survival of clonogenic cells of a murine epithelioma treated with neocarzinostatin., K Sakamoto and M Sakka

Scanning electron microscopic study of skeletal muscle. Normal, dystrophic, and neurogenic atrophic muscle in mice and humans., N Sakuragawa, T Sato, and T Tsubaki

Detection of a graft-versus-host reaction between mice compatible at the h-2 locus., M H. Salaman, N Wedderburn, H Festenstein, and B Huber

Antibody response to a protein antigen (ovalbumin) in dissociated spleen cell cultures from primed mice, evidence for a suppressive effect of antigen., M R. Salaman and S Britton

Inhibition of milk secretion by intraperitoneal injections of milk into lactating mice., N L. Sala, M A. Cannata, E Luther, J C. Arballo, and J H. Tramezzani