Submissions from 1973

Role of nucleoside transport in glucocorticoid-induced regression of lymphosarcoma. Abstr., J Stevens, Y Stevens, U Behrens, and V Hollander

Role of nucleoside transport in glucocorticoid-induced regression of mouse lymphoma p1798., J Stevens, Y Stevens, U Behrens, and V Hollander

Early effects of glucocorticoid treatment on amino acid metabolism in lymphosarcoma p1798., J Stevens, Y Stevens, and V P. Hollander

A developmental genetic approach to the study of teratocarcinogenesis., L C. Stevens

A new inbred subline of mice (129/tersv) with a high incidence of spontaneous congenital testicular teratomas., L C. Stevens

Nutrient utilization of adherant and nonadherant peritoneal exudate cells. Abstr., C C. Stewart

Biometrical genetics with one or two loci, the inheritance of physio- logical characters in mice., J Stewart and R C. Elston

Arylhydroxytriazenes, a new class of immunosuppressants, P B. Stewart, G J. Possanza, and F K. Hess

On the kinetics of erythroid cell differentiation in fetal mice. I. Microspectrophotometric determination of the hemoglobin content in erythroid cells during gestation., R Stiener and H Vogel

Effects of phenylalanine ammonia-lyase and phenylalanine deprivation on murine leukemic lymphoblasts in vitro., W J. Stith, D S. Hodgins, and C W. Abell

Genetic analysis of tail rattling in the mouse., R D. St john

Functional heterogeneity of murine lymphoid cells. Iii. Differential responsiveness of t cells to phytohemagglutinin and concanavalin a as a probe for t cell subsets., J D. Stobo and W E. Paul

Lymphocytes lacking easily detectable surface immunoglobulin (ig) and theta. Abstr., J D. Stobo and W E. Paul

Functional heterogeneity of murine lymphoid cells. IV. Allogeneic mixed lymphocyte reactivity and cytolytic activity as functions of distinct t cell subsets., J D. Stobo, W E. Paul, and C S. Henney

Functional heterogeneity of murine lymphoid cells. V. Lymphocytes lacking detectable surface theta or immunoglobulin determinants., J D. Stobo, A S. Rosenthal, and W E. Paul

Differential effects of cyclophosphamide on the b and t cell compartments of adult mice., G D. Stockman, L R. Heim, M A. South, and J J. Trentin

Combined modality therapy of spontaneous murine breast cancer. II. Effect of surgery plus chemotherapy on cell-mediated tumor immunity and serum blocking factor. Abstr., R L. Stolfi, R A. Fugmann, L M. Stolfi, and D S. Martin

Immune response of mice to nucleic acids, strain-dependent differ- ences in magnitude and class of antibody production., B D. Stollar, S Fuchs, and E Mozes

Multiple immunoglobulin genes in all somatic cells. Abstr., U Storb

Growth inhibition of mouse lymphoma cells, l5178y, in vitro, by gluco- corticoids, alterations in choline metabolism., M T. Story and G Melnykovych

Biosynthesis and assembly of igm. Free thiol groups present on the intracellular subunits., D I. Stott and A Feinstein

Studies on membrane-bound receptors for antigen. Preparation of populations of receptors-depleted lymphocytes., R D. Stout and A H. Coons

The thymus-derived lymphocyte, functional subpopulations. Abstr., R L. St pierre and S D. Waksal

Characteristics of hairs and related mechanoreceptors in the mouse and rabbit., W E. Straile and S J. Mann

Increased life-span in akr leukemia mice treated with prophylactic chemotherapy., M J. Straus, S C. Choi, and A Goldin

Increased lifespan with altered sequence of administration of bcnu and cytoxan in l1210 leukemic mice., M J. Straus, S C. Choi, and A Goldin

The immune response in steroid deficient mice., C B. Streng and P Nathan

Effect of 5-methyl-cytidine on growth and regression of spontaneous tumours in mice., L C. Strong and H Matsunaga

Nature of lymphocyte-tumor interaction. A general method for cellular immunoabsorption., R D. Stulting and G Berke

Immunocompetent t cells are derived from immunoincompetent post- -thymic cells. Abstr., O Stutman

Lymphocyte sequestration, its possible role in tumor immunity., O Stutman

Analysis of urine of ms (mosaic) mutants in mouse., J Styrna

Monoclonal macroglobulinemia in nzb/nzw f1 mice., S Sugai, R Pillarisetty, and N Talal

Enrichment of memory cells carrying receptors for a protein antigen (hsa)., D Sulitzeanu and M Axelrad

An antigenic determinant of cytotoxic lymphocytes., K A. Sullivan, G Berke, and D B. Amos

Characterization and poly(adenylic acid) content of ehrlich ascites cell ribonucleic acids fractionated on unmodified cellulose columns., N Sullivan and W K. Roberts

Cholera toxin inhibits macromolecular synthesis in mouse spleen cells., B M. Sultzer and J P. Craig

Acceptance of phenotypically differing cultured skin in mane and mice., W T. Summerlin, C Broutbar, R B. Foanes, R Payne, O Stutman, L Hayflick, and R A. Good

The rate of mutation of l5178y asparagine-dependent mouse leukemia cells to asparagine independence and its biological consequences., W P. Summers and R E. Handschumacher

Synthesis and expression of surface antigens during the cell cycle., M C. Sumner, R C. Collin, and C A. Pasternak

Drug resistance and detection of r factors among fecal escherichia coli strains isolated from laboratory animals., P Sundara and M Kashiwazaki

Metabolism of palmitic acid in the subcellular fractions of mouse brain., G Y. Sun and L A. Horrocks

A simple microradioisotopic assay for 5'-nucleotidase activity. Application to central nervous tissue., A A. Suran

Spontaneous metastasis formation in immunosuppressed mice. Abstr., M Suurkula and B Boeryd

Synergism between alloantibodies or f(ab')2 and prednisone in the survival of murine split heart allografts., S Svehag and W Schilling

Recombinant inbred lines, value in the genetic analysis of bio- chemical variants., R T. Swank and D Bailey

Genetic control of glucuronidase induction in mice. Abstr., R T. Swank, R Ganschow, and K Paigen

Gallium-67 localization in mouse peritoneal cells. Abstr., D C. Swartzendruber, G Wolfe, and K F. Hubner

Effect of external whole-body x-irradiation on gallium-67 retention in mouse tissues. Abstr., D Swartzendruber and K Hubner

Effect of external whole-body x-irradiation on gallium-67 retention in mouse tissues., D Swartzendruber and K F. Hubner

Wheel-running activity during ad lib and food-deprivation conditions in four inbred mouse strains., J P. Symons

Biologically active c5 production by c5 deficient mice after cyto- genetic manipulation. Abstr., R Synderman and N Levy

Gastric tumors in mice fed refined corn oil plus free fatty acids. Abstr., J Szepsenwol

Changes in the pituitary of mice following daily administration of estradiol dipropionate to mice. Abstr., J Szepsenwol and N V. Boschetti

Histone f1 phosphorus content and dna synthesis in slowly-growing sub- lines of l5178y-s cells., I Szumiel, O Rosiek, J Z. Beer, E Budzicka, J Sablinski, and M Kopec

Proliferation of donor marrow and thymus cells in the myeloid and lymphoid organs of irradiated syngeneic host mice., A Takada and Y Takada

Regulation of immune response(1). Abstr., A Takada and Y Takada

Role of the thymus in the proliferation and migration of donor marrow cells in irradiated allogeneic host mice., A Takada and Y Takada

Role of the thymus in the proliferation and migration of donor marrow cells in the irradiated host mice. Abstr., A Takada and Y Takada

Fluorescence and giemsa banding studies of the allocyclic x chromosome in embryonic and adult mouse cells., N Takagi and M Oshimura

Macroautoradiographic and radiometric studies on the distribution of 3-methylcholanthrene in mice and their fetuses., G Takahashi and K Yasuhira

Studies on shortening of estrous cycle in 4-day cyclic mice. Iii. Effect of male proximity on induction of ovulation by the progesterone treatment. (jap. With eng. Summ.), K W. Takahashi and T Nobunaga

Studies on shortening of estrous cycle in 4-day cyclic mice. IV. Effect of male proximity on the estrogen secretion. (jap. With eng. Summ.), K W. Takahashi and T Nobunaga

Epithioandrostanol on mammary tumors of rats and mice., O Takatani, S Kumaoka, and K Yamaguchi

The pancreatic beta-cell recognition of glucose and phlorizin. Abstr., I B. Taljedal, B Hellman, A Lernmark, and J Sehlin

A third non-adherent cell required for the in vitro immune response to sheep erythrocytes., D W. Talmage and H Hemmingsen

Malignant lymphoma and amyloidosis following graft-versus-host reaction., M Tanaka, T Shibata, Y Ito, and A Kunii

An immunopathological study of radiation chimaera induced by allogeneic bone marrow transplantation in mice., T Tanaka

A technique of ovarian transplantation in mice., Y Tanioka, M Tsukada, and K Esaki

Effects of the antineoplastic alkaloid acronycine on the ultrastruc- ture and growth patterns of cultured cells., P Tan and N Auersperg

Influence of genotype of host on regression of solid and ascitic forms of sarcoma 180 and effect of chemotherapy on the solid form., I M. Tarnowski george s and C C. Stock

The decreased density of mitochondrial christae in heart and liver of very old mice. Abstr., E Tate

Combination chemotherapy, the antagonism of methotrexate and cytosine arabinoside., M H. Tattersall and K R. Harrap

Induction of hapten-specific b cell tolerance by low doses of hapten- -carrier conjugate., M J. Taussig

Antigenic competition and genetic control of the immune response. A hypothesis for intramolecular competition., M Taussig, E Mozes, G Shearer, and M Sela

Regeneration of hemopoietic stroma in anemic mice of sl/sld and w/wv genotypes., M Tavassoli, R J. Ratzan, A Maniatis, and W H. Crosby

Genetic control of the group-specific antigen of murine leukaemia virus., B A. Taylor, H Meier, and R J. Huebner

Genetic analysis of resistance to cadmium-induced testicular damage in mice., B Taylor and H Meier

Hydronephrosis in inbred strains of mice with particular reference to the brvr strain., D M. Taylor and H Fraser

Studies of the mechanism of induction of infectious murine leukemia virus from akr mouse embryo cell lines by 5-iododeoxyuridine and 5-bromodeoxyuridine., N Teich, D R. Lowy, J W. Hartley, and W P. Rowe

Relation between the chemotherapy used to induce survival and the degree of resistance to tumor re-challenge. Abstr., M N. Teller, M Bowie, I M. Mountain, and C C. Stock

Reversible inhibition of micro-spike formation and cell division in cultured mouse neuroblastoma cells exposed to halothane. Abstr., A Telser and R E. Hinkley

Enhancement by 1-ethyl-3-(3'-dimethylaminopropyl)carbodiinide. Hc1 of the in vitro cytotoxic action of humoral antibodies against mouse neuroblastoma c1300. Abstr., T Tenforde, R Fawwaz, and W Mehlberg

Effects of polyadenylic acids on transformation and activation of mouse rna tumor viruses. Abstr., R W. Tennant, J G. Farrelly, and F T. Kenney

Special susceptibility of clara cells of the murine terminal bronchiole to 4-nitroquinoline 1-oxide, an electron microscopic observation., K Terao and H Otsu

Adoptive transfer of neonatally induced tolerance into normal mice., D S. Terman, P Minden, and A J. Crowle

Resistance of neonatal tolerance in mice to abrogation by normal immunocytes., D S. Terman, P Minden, and A J. Crowle

The effects of long-term feeding of ddt to balb/c mice., B Terracini, M C. Testa, J Cabral, and N Day

Comparison of the kinetics of colony forming units in spleen (cfus) and culrute (cfuc)., N G. Testa and L G. Lajtha

In vitro induction of tumor-specific transplantation antigen in mouse cells abortively infected with papovavirus sv40. Abstr., S S. Tevethia and V L. Millan

Suppression of acute secondary disease in mice by heterologous anti- -brain serum. Abstr., S Thierfelder, H Rodt, and M Eulitz

Growth inhibition of murine tumor cells, in vitro, by puromycin, (6n)02'-dibutyryl 3',5'-adenosine monophosphate, or adenosine. Evidence of commitment for cell division., D B. Thomas, G Medley, and C A. Lingwood

The in vitro activity of peritoneal exudate cells of nzb/bl and balb/c mice following intraperitoneal injection of spleen cells from diseased and 'healthy' nzb/bl and from old and young balb/c mice., H I. Thomas and D M. Weir

Genetics of aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase induction in mice, additive inheritance in crosses between c3h/hej and dba/2j., P E. Thomas and J J. Hutton

Genetic relationship between aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase inducibility and chemical carcinogen induced skin ulceration in mice., P E. Thomas, J J. Hutton, and B A. Taylor

Effect of cigarette smoking on primary and secondary humoral responses of mice., W Thomas, P G. Holt, and D Keast

Cellular immunity in mice chronically exposed to fresh cigarette smoke., W R. Thomas, P G. Holt, and D Keast

Development and use of an in vitro cell viability assay for testing potential radiochemical sensitizers for hypoxic cells. Abstr., J Thomson and A M. Rauth

Factors influencing the assay for target cells of friend spleen focus-forming virus., S Thomson and P Srivatanakul

Multiple biochemical effects of a series of x-ray induced mutations at the albino locus in the mouse., J Thorndike, M J. Trigg, R Stockert, and C F. Cori