Submissions from 1973

Cell-mediated immunity in vitro against syngeneic mouse plasma tumour cells., H Wagner and M Rollinghoff

In vitro induction of tumor-specific immunity. I. Parameters of acti- vation and cytotoxic reactivity of mouse lymphoid cells immunized in vitro against syngeneic and allogeneic plasma cell tumors., H Wagner and M Rollinghoff

T-cell-mediated immune responses induced in vitro, a probe for allo- graft and tumor immunity., H Wagner, M Rollinghoff, and G J. Nossal

Contributions of the genes albinism (c) and retinal degeneration (rd) to a strain-by-training procedure interaction in avoidance learning., D Wahlsten

Studies on fertility of ddk mice, reciprocal crosses between ddk and c57bl/6j strains and experimental transplantation of the ovary., N Wakasugi

Cross-species reactivity of rabbit-anti-mouse brain associated theta sera. Abstr., S D. Waksal and R L. Pierre

Functional differentiation of thymic-derived lymphocytes. Abstr., S D. Waksal, L Weprin, and R L. Pierre

The early immune response to mycobacterium lepraemurium in inbred mice and rats., B H. Waksman

Protein synthesis in systems containing fractions from rabbit reticulocytes and krebs ascites cells. Abstr., A A. Waldman and J Goldstein

T cell-dependent mediator in the immune response., H Waldmann and A Munro

Properties of educated t cells. The ability of educated t cells to facilitate the immune response to non-cross reacting antigens in vitro., H Waldmann, A Munro, and P Hunter

Longterm dietary restriction and immune function in mice, response to sheep red blood cells and to mitogenic agents., R Walford, R Liu, delima M. Gerbase, M Mathies, and G Smith

A cure for osteopetrosis. Abstr., D G. Walker

Experimental osteopetrosis., D G. Walker

Osteopetrosis cured by temporary parabiosis., D G. Walker

Active transport of tyrosine into brain regions of senescent mice. Abstr., J Walker, G Hody, and C Finch

The bioassay of growth hormone in snell's dwarf mice, effects of thyroxine and prolactin on the dose-response curve., M Wallis and J A. Dew

The immunopathology of trichiniasis in t-cell deficient mice., R S. Walls, R L. Carter, E Leuchars, and A J. Davies

Immunological assessment of mice with chronic jaundice and runting induced by reovirus 3., M Walters, N Stanley, R Dawkins, and M Alpers

Effect of the carrier protein on idiotypic specificities of antihapten antibodies produced in an inbred strain of mice., A Wang and A Nisonoff

Effect of a podophyllotoxin derivative (vp-16) on nucleic acid and protein biosynthesis in l1210 leukemic cells. Abstr., J J. Wang and D S. Chervinsky

Effect of alloxan on calcium metabolism in mice and rats., J Wang, J C. Rogler, and D P. Doolittle

Studies on the mode of action of 2,2'-anhydro-1-beta-d-arabinofurano- sylcytosine., M C. Wang, R A. Sharma, and A Bloch

Effects of humoral and cellular immune reactions on tumor target cells in vitro. Their dependence on iso-, allo- or xenogenic origin of lymphocytes and antisera., H Warnatz, F Scheiffarth, and J Ruters

Inhibition of purine synthesis de novo in cultured l5178y cells by methylthioinosine., C T. Warnick, S C. Kim, and A R. Paterson

Effect of methylthioinosine on nucleotide concentrations in l5178y cells., C T. Warnick and A R. Paterson

Mammary tumorigenesis through perinatal radiation of mice. Abstr., S Warren and O Gates

Activity of the reticuloendothelial system and the antibody response. I. Effect of stilboestrol on res activity and localization of sheep erythrocytes in the mouse., G W. Warr and V S. Sljivic

Regulation of the immune response with antigen specific igm antibody, a dual role., W M. Wason

Suppression of the antibody response to srbc with f(ab')2 and igg in vitro., W M. Wason and F W. Fitch

Alterations in the epithelial surface of a/jax mouse palatal shelves prior to and during palatal fusion, a scanning electron microscopic study., R E. Waterman, L M. Ross, and S M. Meller

Diurnal and socially induced changes of plasma corticosterone in mice using an improved fluorometric technique. Abstr., F M. Watson, M E. Kross, and J P. Henry

The role of humoral factors in the initiation of in vitro primary immune responses. I. Effects of deficient fetal bovine serum., J Watson and R Epstein

The role of humoral factors in the initiation of in vitro primary immune responses. II. Effects of lymphocyte mitogens., J Watson, R Epstein, I Nakoinz, and P Ralph

The use of bacterial lipopolysaccharides to show that two signals are required for the induction of antibody synthesis., J Watson, E Trenkner, and M Cohn

Inhibition of chemical carcinogen-induced pulmonary neoplasia by buty- lated hydroxyanisole., L W. Wattenberg

Erythrocyte sodium and potassium levels in normal and anemic mice., C Waymouth

The effect of kidney-bean leucoagglutinin on homograft rejection in mice. Abstr., T H. Weber, A Mattsson, V T. Skoog, and V Rasanen

Inheritance of plasma cholesterol levels in mice., R S. Weibust

Analysis of antibody populations to oligo-alanine determinants. II. Kinetic characterization of allotypic subpopulations., I J. Weiler, E Weiler, B Dittrich, and R Sprenger

Suppression of established friend virus leukemia by statolon. V. Reversal of virus-induced immunodepression to sheep erythrocytes., O S. Weislow, H Friedman, and E F. Wheelock

Failure to demonstrate postnatal testicular dependent expression of the male-specific transplantation antigen in mice., I L. Weissman

Thymus cell maturation. Studies on the origin of cortisone-resistant thymic lymphocytes., I L. Weissman

Transfer of tolerance., I L. Weissman

Tumor immunity in vivo, evidence that immune destruction of tumor leaves 'bystander' cells intact., I L. Weissman

Cellular immunity to heterologous erythrocytes in vitro. I. The role of surface-adherent cells and specific mediators in an effector mechanism., I Weissman, D Lannin, L Jerabek, and T Barclay

Inhibition of erythroleukemia in mice by induction of hemolytic anemia prior to infection with rauscher leukemia virus., hamburger A. Weitz, T Fredrickson, J L. Bue, W Hardy, P Ferdinand, and A Gordon

In vivo maturation of rlv-infected erythroblasts. Abstr., hamburger A. Weitz, T N. Fredrickson, A S. Gordon, and W D. Jr

Localization of idiotypic antigenic determinants in the fv region of murine myeloma protein mopc-315., J V. Wells, H H. Fudenberg, and D Givol

Demonstration of fetal antigens immunologically similar to tumor antigens in guinea pig and murine methylcholanthrene induced tumors. Abstr., S Wells, J Grant, and B L. Mevel

6-methyl-8-beta-ergoline-acetonitrile-induced Inhibition of mammary hyperplastic alveolar nodular development and growth in c3h/hej female mice., C W. Welsch and J A. Clemens

Reduced incidence of spontaneous mammary tumors in c3h/hej female mice treated with 2-bromo-alpha-ergocryptine. Abstr., C W. Welsch and C Gribler

Effects of feeding and exercise regimens on adipose tissue glycero- kinase activity and body composition of lean and obese mice., R Welton, R Martin, and B Baumgardt

Hematopoietic cfu in mice infected by the polycythemia-inducing friend virus. II. Survival of lethally irradiated mice grafted with spleen or bone marrow cells from infected donors., F Wendling, P Jullien, and P Tambourin

Hematopoietic colony-forming units in mice infected by the poly- cythemia-inducing friend virus. Iii. Pattern of blood recovery in irradiated mice grafted with normal or infected spleen cells., F Wendling, P Tambourin, and P Jullien

A factor reducing protein synthesis from ehrlich ascites cells., D Werner, G Maier, and R Lommel

Synthesis, intracellular distribution, and secretion of immunoglobulin and h-2 antigen in murine splenocytes., D Wernet, E S. Vitetta, J W. Uhr, and E A. Boyse

In vitro studies on the phagocytosis of staphylococcus aureus by peri- toneal macrophages of new zealand mice., K Whaley and H Singh

Interrelationships of the chemical and biological activities of several nitrosoureas. Abstr., G P. Wheeler, B J. Bowdon, and J A. Grimsley

Leukemic cell kinetics after irradiation in vitro. Abstr., D M. Wheless and J C. Evans

Strain differences in the synaptic connections of the olfactory glomerulus. Abstr., E L. White

Virus-chemical carcinogenesis, a possible viral immunologic influence on 3-methylcholanthrene sarcoma induction., C E. Whitmire

Vocalization of mice influenced by a single gene in a heterogeneous population., G Whitney

Ultrasonic emissions, do they facilitate courtship of mice., G Whitney, J R. Coble, M D. Stockton, and E F. Tilson

Kinetics of the fc receptors for tumor-enhancing igg2 on the macrophage membrane. Abstr., H D. Whitten, J M. Cruse, and D H. Sprunt

Genetic variation of olfactory function in reproduction., W K. Whitten

(maternal Influences on mouse embryos and preservation of mutant strains by freezing.), D G. Whittingham, S P. Leibo, and P Mazur

Changes in growth and adhesion of ehrlich ascites tumour cells coated with trypsin inhibitor (soybean). Abstr., P Whur, R Robson, and N Payne

Barbiturate inhibition of growth and of the synthesis of deoxyribo- nucleic acid, ribonucleic acid and protein in cultured mammalian cells., P L. Whyatt and J W. Cramer

Neuroblastoma polyribosomal directed in vitro protein synthesis. Abstr., G Wiche, A Blume, and C Neurath

Lymphocyte reactivity to serologically undetected components of the major histocompatibility complex., M B. Widmer, B J. Alter, F H. Bach, M L. Bach, and D W. Bailey

Aryl hydrocarbon (benzo(alpha)pyrene) hydroxylase, inducible in extra- hepatic tissues of mouse strains not inducible in liver., F J. Wiebel, J C. Leutz, and H V. Gelboin

Purification of a messenger-specific initiation factor from ascites- -cell supernatant., D T. Wigle

Specificity in initiation of protein synthesis in a fractionated mammalian cell-free system., D T. Wigle and A E. Smith

Genetic differences in alteration of albumin in the house mouse, mus musculus., F H. Wilcox

The effect of variations in let and cell cycle on radiation hepato- carcinogenesis., A L. Wiley, H H. Vogel, and K H. Clifton

Kinetic effect of selected purine analogs on viability of cultured leukemia l1210 cells. Abstr., L J. Wilkoff and E A. Dulmadge

Effect of cyclophosphamide on the genetic resistance of c3h mice to mouse hepatitis virus., D O. Willenborg, K V. Shah, and F B. Bang

Possible role of the h-2k-ir regions in 'allogeneic inhibition'. Abstr., R M. Williams

Genetic control of thymus-derived cell function. II. Dynamics of concanavalin-a-stimulated dna synthesis by balb/c and c57bl/6 spleen cells., R M. Williams and B Benacerraf

Studies on actively allergized cells. IV. Light and electron micro- scopic studies on the morphology of rosette-forming cells with special reference to plasma cells., A B. Wilson, S P. Kent, R Millar, I M. Connell, and R Coombs

The cell cycle in the mesencephalon of two neurological mutants of the mouse. Abstr., D B. Wilson

The functions of immune t and b rosette-forming cells., J Wilson

Relative affinity and avidity of the antigen-binding receptors of t and b rosette-forming cells., J D. Wilson and M Feldmann

Reversible and irreversible effects of tissue culture on enzyme patterns of spontaneous mouse tumors and mouse and human embryo tissues., P D. Wilson

Acute destruction by humoral antibody of rat skin grafted to mice. The role of complement and polymorphonuclear leukocytes., H J. Winn, C A. Baldamus, S V. Jooste, and P S. Russell

Influence of preirradiation of lung on development of artificial pulmonary metastases of fibrosarcoma in mice., H R. Withers and L Milas

Structural characteristics of some murine rna tumor viruses studied by lactoperoxidase iodination., O N. Witte, I L. Weissman, and H S. Kaplan

Properties of mouse leukemia viruses. IV. Hemagglutination assay and characterization of hemagglutinating surface components., R Witter, H Frank, V Moennig, G Hunsmann, J Lange, and W Schafer

Properties of mouse leukemia viruses. V. Hemagglutination-inhibition and indirect hemagglutination tests., R Witter, G Hunsmann, J Lange, and W Schafer

Characterization of a temperature-sensitive mutant of balb/c3t3 cells., R Wittes and H Ozer

Structural organization of murine intracisternal a particles., N A. Wivel, K K. Lueders, and E L. Kuff

The kinetics of mast cells in lymph nodes of immunized mice., K Wlodarski, N M. Hancox, M Zaleski, and G Zaleska

Influence of background genome on enzymatic characteristics of yellow (av/-,avy/-) mice., G L. Wolff and H C. Pitot

The hematopoietic microenvironment - its localization and capability for regeneration in sl/sld-cogenic +/+ spleen chimeras. Abstr., N Wolf

Catenated oligomeric circular dna molecules from mitochondria of malignant and normal mouse and rat tissues., D R. Wolstenholme, J D. Laren, K Koike, and E I. Jacobson

Control of phenotypic expression of cultured melanoma cells by melano- cyte stimulating hormones., G Wong and J Pawelek

Control of phenotypic expression of cultured melanoma cells by melanocyte stimulating hormones., G Wong and J Pawelek

Increased rate of digestion by sialidase of polyanion (pa) in sera from tumorous mice compared to sera from normal or inflamed mice. Abstr., R J. Woodman, K Kline, and J M. Venditti

The enhanced therapeutic effect of cis-platinum (ii) diamminodi- chloride l1210 leukemia when combined with cyclophosphamide or 1,2- -bis(3,5-dioxopiperazine-1-yl)propane or several other antitumor agents., R J. Woodman, A E. Sirica, M Gang, I Kline, and J M. Venditti