Submissions from 1973

Guidelines for nomenclature of genetically determined biochemical variants in the house mouse, mus musculus.

Independent segregation of loci for activation of biologically dis- tinguishable rna c-type viruses in mouse cells., S A. Aaronson and J R. Stephenson

Mice selected for rearing behavior, some physiological variables., J H. Abeelen, P H. Kroon, and M F. Bekkers

The selective concentration of sulphadiazine and related compounds in malignant tissue., G Abel, T A. Connors, W C. Ross, and L Pichat

An in vivo evaluation of the chemotherapeutic potency of phenylalanine ammonia-lyase., C Abell, D Hodgins, and W Stith

Polysomes in various phases of the cell cycle in synchronized plasmacytoma cells., K Abraham, I Pryme, A Abro, and R Dowben

Some cellular characteristics of the epididymal adipose tissue in lean and obese-hyperglycemic mice., R Abraham

Enzyme activities in induced and serially transplanted murine mammary adenocarcinomas., S Abraham, J Bartley, K B. Ome, L J. Faulkin, and D Medina

Inhibition of the immune response by 7s antibody. Mechanism and site of action., S Abrahams, R A. Phillips, and R G. Miller

Further studies of thymus-bone marrow cell synergism in cutaneous manifestations of delayed hypersensitivity to methylated human serum albumin., A Ackerman and D Eidinger

Variations among sublines of inbred akr mice., R T. Acton, E P. Blankenhorn, T C. Douglas, R D. Owen, O Hilgers, H A. Hoffman, and E A. Boyse

A physical adherence column method for the preparation of t and b lymphocytes from normal mouse spleen., P B. Adams

Biological characterization of t and b lymphocytes seperated from normal mouse spleen by a physical adherence column method., P B. Adams

Combined radiotherapy and immunotherapy of c3h mammary tumors. Abstr., A Adler, D Brown, H G. Seydel, N Bhalla, and R Prehn

Preimmunization as a means to prolong the life span of mice bearing artificially induced tumors of the mediastinum. Abstr., L Adlersberg, J M. Singer, and S C. Edberg

Host defenses during primary veneuzuelan equine encephalomyelitis virus infection in mice. II. In vitro methods for the measurement and qualitation of the immune response., W H. Adler and S G. Rabinowitz

Influence of the occlusion of splenic vessels on bone marrow radioiron uptake in the mouse., M C. Aggio, M T. Bruzzo, L M. Fernandez, and M J. Montano

Cell transfer studies in cyclophosphamide-induced tolerance., A C. Aisenberg and C Murray

Effect of casein on carcinogenesis of 3-methylcholanthrene in mice. Abstr., Y Akamktsu

H-2 antigens on nuclear membranes., W H. Albert and D A. Davies

Chemotherapy for an elective effect on mammalian tumour cells., T Alderson

Dynamics of stem hemopoietic liver cells in the ontogenesis of mice of line cba and c57bl/6., N Y. Alekseeva and I N. Golovistikov

Effect of a proline analogue, azetidine-2-carboxylic acid, on the morphogenesis in vitro of mouse embryonic lung., T Alescio

Meiotic confirmation of the identification of chromosomes 9 and 13 in t(9,19)163h, t(5,13)264ca, and t(1,13)70h stocks in mus musculus., P W. Allderdice, V G. Dev, D A. Miller, G M. Jagiello, and J J. Hutton

Thalicarpine (nsc-68075) inhibition of dna, rna, and protein synthesis in cultured mouse leukemia cells (l1210). Abstr., L M. Allen

Inhibition of macromolecular biosynthesis in cultured l1210 mouse leukemia cells by thalicarpine (nsc 68075)., L M. Allen and P J. Creaven

Transfer of specific secondary immunity from radiation chimeras to sublethally irradiated syngeneic and f1 recipients. Abstr., D C. Allison, M R. Abell, and F E. Payne

Comparison of partially purified h-2 antigens extracted with four ionic agents by microcomplement fixation., M A. Alspaugh and W C. Davis

Normal t-cell receptors for alloantigens., A Altman, I R. Cohen, and M Feldman

Microfluorometric comparisons of chromatin thermal stability in situ between normal and neoplastic cells., M R. Alvarez

Susceptibility to audio stimulation in mice., P Alvarez, M Cordova, L Gaete, and holmgren R. Urba

Effect of removal of blocking antibodies by immunoadsorption on the growth of ascites tumors. Abstr., J L. Ambrus and C M. Ambrus

The anamnestic response to hl-a and h-2 antigens., D B. Amos, R B. Corley, and D D. Kostyu

Histology of islets of langerhans of the obese-hyperglycemic (ob/ob) mouse and changes with alloxan and streptozotocin., G D. Amromin, R J. Mahler, and I Gerson

Continued study of the ultrastructure of the gingiva in the diabetic mouse., S E. Anapolle, J T. Albright, and F O. Craft

A cytological analysis of fertilization of mouse eggs in vitro. Abstr., E Anderson, P Hoppe, and W Whitten

Response to a conditioned aversive event in mice as a function of frequency of premating maternal shock., L T. Anderson and R H. Ressler

Induction of immunoglobulin m synthesis and secretion in bone-marrow- -derived lymphocytes by locally concentrated concanavalin a., J Andersson and F Melchers

The mitogenic effect of lipopolysaccharide on bone marrow-derived mouse lymphocytes. Lipid a as the mitogenic part of the molecule., J Andersson, F Melchers, C Galanos, and O Luderitz

Allograft immunity in vitro. V. Generation of cytotoxic effector cells in mixed lymphocyte culture and the specificity of target cell lysis., L C. Andersson and P Hayry

Fractionation of mouse t and b lymphocytes by preparative cell elec- trophoresis. Efficiency of the method., L C. Andersson, S Nordling, and P Hayry

Proliferation of b and t cells in mixed lymphocyte cultures., L C. Andersson, S Nordling, and P Hayry

Specific priming of mouse thymus-dependent lymphocytes to allogeneic cells in vitro., L Andersson and P Hayry

Allograft immunity in vitro. VI. Autonomy of t lymphocytes in target cell destruction., L Andersson, S Nordling, and P Hayry

Activation of leukemia viruses by graft-versus-host and mixed-lympho- cyte-culture reactions, electron microscopic evidence of c-type particles., schwartz J. Andre, R S. Schwartz, M S. Hirsch, S M. Phillips, and P H. Black

Glucocorticoid inhibition of rna synthesis and the critical period for cleft palate induction in inbred mice., F D. Andrew, D Bowen, and E F. Zimmerman

Biological properties of esteroprotease isolated from the submaxillary gland of mice., M Angeletti, G Sbaraglia, E D. Campora, and L Frati

Phospholipids and calcium uptake in experimental tumors., L Anghileri

Calcium metabolism in tumors--its relationship with chromium complex accumulation. V. The interaction nucleic acid-calcium and the calcification of tumors., L J. Anghileri

Calcium-phosphate-phospholipid complexes in experimental tumors, their possible relationship with tumor calcification., L J. Anghileri and R Dermietzel

Chemical protection of mammalian oral mucosa exposed to daily radiation. Abstr., H Antone and S Gibbs

Demonstration of a cell-surface antigen associated with murine sarcoma virus by immunoelectron microscopy., T Aoki, J R. Stephenson, and S A. Aaronson

Antigenic properties of endogenous type-c viruses from spontaneously transformed clones of balb/3t3., T Aoki and G J. Todaro

Tumor growth and disulfide reduction, possible dependence on protein-disulfide reductase., C A. Apffel and J E. Walker

Immunogenic properties of a solubilized tumor antigen from an rna virus-transformed neoplasm. Abstr., E Appella, T Fischetti, and L W. Law

Comparative analysis of the cyanogen bromide fragments of mopc 511 and mopc 47a mouse myeloma heavy chains. Abstr., E Appella, E Z. Robinson, and S C. Morris

Production of histamine-like and prostaglandin-like substances from serum incubated with rat, dog, mouse or human tumours., M C. Apps and D B. Cater

Tumor induction by immunologically activated murine leukemia virus., M Y. Armstrong, N H. Ruddle, M B. Lipman, and F F. Richards

The early response of immunocompetent cells as analyzed by velocity sedimentation separation., W Armstrong and N Kraft

Surface antigens common to mouse cleavage embryos and primitive teratocarcinoma cells in culture., K Artzt, P Dubois, D Bennett, H Condamine, C Babinet, and F Jacob

Contact sensitivity in the mouse. XI. Movement of t blasts in the draining lymph nodes to sites of inflammation., G Asherson, G Allwood, and B Mayhew

Contact sensitivity in the mouse. Xii. The use of dna synthesis in vivo to determine the anatomical location of immunological unrespon- siveness to picryl chloride., G Asherson and R Barnes

Contact sensitivity in the mouse. X. Non-specific cytotoxicity of t blasts in the draining lymph nodes., G Asherson and J Ferluga

Contact sensitivity in the mouse. IX. The role of immunological and non-immunological inflammation in the movement of lymphocytes to immunized lymph nodes., G L. Asherson and R M. Barnes

Effects of papaverine and calcium-free medium on salivary gland morphogenesis., J F. Ash, B S. Spooner, and N K. Wessells

Antigen-induced redistribution of lymphocyte surface receptors. Abstr., R F. Ashman

Lymphocyte receptor movement induced by sheep erythrocyte binding., R F. Ashman

Direct demonstration of theta-positive antigen-binding cells, with antigen-induced movement of thymus-dependent cell receptors., R F. Ashman and M C. Raff

Augmented agglutination of erythrocytes in the presence of macro- phages, a new assay for antibody., P W. Askenase

A histological study of tooth allografts. Abstr., M E. Atkinson

Further studies on the role of the adenyl cyclase-amp- -phosphodiesterase system in the mechanism of insulin secretion. Abstr., T Atkins and A J. Matty

The effect of age on aspects of normal and obese hyperglycaemic mouse islet morphology and metabolism. Abstr., T Atkins, A J. Matty, and C J. Bailey

Isolation of theta antigen from the surface of thymus lymphocytes., J Atwell, R Cone, and J Marchalonis

Studies on the mechanism of action of the tumour inhibitory triazenes., R C. Audette, T A. Connors, H G. Mandel, and W C. Ross

Graft-vs.-host Reaction in tissue culture., R Auerbach and M Shalaby

Polyadenylic acid sequences in mitochondrial rna. Abstr., N G. Avadhani, M Kuan, and R J. Rutman

On the mechanism of delayed hypersensitivity transfer., M Averbakh, V Kluiev, and V Litvinov

Combination chemotherapy with cytosine arabinoside, l-asparaginase, and 6-azauridine for transplantable murine leukemias., T L. Avery and D W. Roberts

In vitro synthesis of dna complementary to mrna derived from a light chain-producing myeloma tumour., H Aviv, S Packman, D Swan, J Ross, and P Leder

Genetic control of immunological tolerance to human gamma globulin in mice. Abstr., M Azar and A Wyche

Genetic control of histocompatibility antigens., F H. Bach

The major histocompatibility complex in transplantation immunology., F H. Bach

Cell mediated immunity, separation of cells involved in recognitive and destructive phases., F H. Bach, M Segall, K S. Zier, P M. Sondel, B J. Alter, and M L. Bach

Antigen recognition by t lymphocytes. Iii. Evidence for two popula- tions of thymus-dependent rosette-forming cells in spleen and lymph nodes., J Bach and M Dardenne

Studies on thymus products. II. Demonstration and characterization of a circulating thymic hormone., J Bach and M Dardenne

Studies on thymus products. IV. Absence of serum 'thymic activity' in adult nzb and (nzb x nzw)f1 mice., J Bach, M Dardenne, and J Salomon

Demonstration of a circulating thymic hormone in mouse and in man., J F. Bach, M Dardenne, and M Bach

Mixed leukocyte cultures and immune response region disparity., M L. Bach, M B. Widmer, F H. Bach, and J Klein

Basis for loss of therapeutic effectiveness of l-asparaginase in sensitized mice., S Baechtel and M D. Prager

Goldbehandlung und uberlebenszeit bei ehrlich aszites tumor. (eng. Summ.), H Baenkler and J Ruters

Aberrant immunoglobulin production in stable mouse myeloma tumor variants. Abstr., L K. Bailey, K Hannestad, and H N. Eisen

Distribution in mice of 51cr-labelled lymphoid cells according to size., G Bain, D Pezzot, and P Asquith

Sedimentation velocities of cells mediating two different gvh lesions., G Bain, D Pezzot, and P Asquith

Inhibition of palatal fusion in vitro by beta-2-thienylalanine., G Baird and A C. Verrusio

Isolation of the hydrocarbon-deoxyribonucleoside products from the dna of mouse embryo cells treated in culture with 7-methylbenz(a)- anthracene-3h., W M. Baird and P Brookes

Studies on the formation of hydrocarbon-deoxyribonucleoside products by the binding of derivatives of 7-methylbenz(a)anthracene to dna in aqueous solution and in mouse embryo cells in culture., W M. Baird, A Dipple, P L. Grover, P Sims, and P Brookes

Production of antiserum in mice to human leukaemia- -associated antigens., M A. Baker and R N. Taub

Lipogenic activation after nibbling and gorging in mice., N Baker and R J. Huebotter

Specific role of glucose in rapid lipogenic activation in vivo., N Baker and R J. Huebotter

Net increase of lipid fatty acid in ehrlich ascites carcinoma during growth., N Baker, P Mermier, and L Wilson