Submissions from 1973

Estimation of light-chain gene reiteration of mouse immunoglobulin by dna-rna hybridization., T L. Delovitch and C Baglioni

Prolongation par l'interferon de la survie des greffes de peau chez la souris., E De maeyer, L Mobraaten, and guignard J. Maeyer

The role of the histocompatibility-2-linked ss-slp region in the control of mouse complement., P Demant, J Capkova, E Hinzova, and B Voracova

Transplantation analysis of the h-2 system., P Demant and R J. Graff

Genetics of mammalian gametes (analysis of the post-segregation effect in the gametes of mice)., Y S. Demin, L D. Safronova, and M I. Baskevich

Distribution of vitamin d3, evidence of accumulation in renal proxi- mal tubuli and thyroid parafollicular cells., L Dencker and H Tjalve

Changes in the rate of repopulation during multifraction irradiation of mouse skin., J Denekamp

In vitro and in vivo labelling of animal tumours with tritiated thymidine., J Denekamp and R Kallman

Mice reared with rats, effects of prenatal and postnatal maternal environments upon hybrid offspring of c57bl/10j and swiss albino mice., V H. Denenberg, R E. Paschke, and M X. Zarrow

Effects of igm on the in vivo and in vitro immune response., G Dennert

Phagocytic cells as effectors in a cell-mediated immunity system., G Dennert and E S. Lennox

Rat thoracic duct cells as a substitute for t cells and carrier in the antibody response of mouse spleens deficient in thymus cells., G Dennert and E S. Lennox

Inhibition of mortality and induction of immunity to friend disease by lectin-treated virus., P B. Dent

Mechanism of enhancement of metastases by l-asparginase in allogeneic (s180 in c57) and isogeneic (s1 in a/jax) mouse tumors. Abstr., S Deodhar, T Chiang, and J Clough

An experimental approach to the understanding and treatment of hereditary syndromes with congenital deafness and hypothyroidism., M Deol

The role of the tissue environment in the expression of spotting genes in the mouse., M Deol

Congenital deafness and hypothyroidism., M S. Deol

Normal distribution, patching and capping of lymphocyte surface immunoglobulin studied by electron microscopy., S De petris and M C. Raff

Effects of posttrial hippocampal stimulation on acquisition of operant behavior in the mouse., C Destrade, mourat B. Soumireu, and B Cardo

Hydroxyurea effects in the c3h mouse. I. Duodenal crypt cell kinetics., L A. Dethlefsen and R M. Riley

Hydroxyurea effects in the c3h mouse. II. Mammary tumor cell kinetics., L A. Dethlefsen and R M. Riley

The genetic control of serum iga level in axenic and holoxenic mice. The effect of prednisolone., C Detrie, A Galinha, and J Salomon

Original antigenic sin at the cellular level. II. Specificity of the antibodies produced by individual cells., S Deutsch, M Vinit, and A E. Bussard

A dose-response study of resistance of leukemia l1210 to cyclophosphamide., W D. De wys

Delayed hematological recovery after cyclophosphamide treatment in the presence of an advanced tumor., W D. De wys and J M. Mansky

Enhancement of 'memory cell' pool by polyanions in mice., T D. Diamantstein, R Schmuderrich, and J Kielmann

Identification of cells in primate bone marrow resembling the hemo- poietic stem cell in the mouse., K A. Dicke, M J. Noord, B Maat, U W. Schaefer, and D W. Bekkum

Genetic kyphoscoliosis in mice., A G. Dickinson and V M. Meikle

Differences in access into the central nervous system of me7 scrapie agent from two strains of mice., A G. Dickinson and G W. Outram

Antigen recognition, i. Immunological significance of antigen-binding cells., E Diener, N Kraft, and W D. Armstrong

Selective immunosuppression with methotrexate and 5-fluorouracil. Abstr., J A. Di lorenzo, D E. Griswold, and P Calabresi

The isolation and characterization of soluble murine h-2 alloantigens., D Di padua, I F. Kenzie, and P S. Russell

Response of melanoma cells to dibutyryl cyclic amp in relation to cell cycle. Abstr., A Dipasquale and J M. Guire

Genetics of the immune response. II. Inheritance of antibody speci- ficity to lipopolysaccharides in mice., R Di pauli

Study of h-2 mutations in mice. Communication iii. Serological analysis of the mutation 504 and recombinant heplotypes h-2 derived from it., I P. Dishkant, A A. Vedernikov, and I K. Egorov

Enzymatic sites of action of n6- (delta2-isopentenyl) adenosine (ipar). Abstr., A Y. Divekar and M T. Hakala

Genetic and biochemical studies of the adrenal lipid depletion pheno- type in mice., C H. Doering, J G. Shire, S Kessler, and R B. Clayton

Proteins from melanosomes of mouse and chick pigment cells., P Doezema

Schedule dependency of the antileukemic activity of the podophyllo- toxin-derivative vp 16-213 (nsc-141540) in l1210 leukemia., P Dombernowsky and N I. Nissen

Adhesive specificity in normal and transformed mouse fibroblasts., J K. Dorsey and S Roth

Corticoid-induced cleft palate as a model system for the distinction of maternal and foetal genomes interacting with exogenous teratogen., M Dostal and R Jelinek

Sensitivity of embryos and intraspecies differences in mice in response to prenatal administration of corticoids., M Dostal and R Jelinek

Carrier independent t cell helper effects in antigenic stimulation., R A. Doughty and N R. Klinman

Application of the autoanalyser to h-2 typing in the mouse., R Douglas and H G. Nieman

A rat analog of the mouse theta antigen., T C. Douglas

Genetic variation in mouse thymocyte antigens detected by hetero- antisera., T C. Douglas

Histochemical responses of dystrophic murine muscles cross-innervated by sciatic nerves of normal mice, p. 374-380. In a. T. Milhorat [ed.], Excerpta med. Internat. Congr. Ser. NO. 333, Exploratory concepts in muscular dystrophy ii., W B. Douglas and E Cosmos

-el4 Cytotoxic activity in the serum of c57bl/6 mice., W P. Drake, P C. Mardiney, S A. Antiserum, and C. Anti

Effect of diet on survival and nephropathy of nzb/nzw hybrid mice., E L. Dubois and L Strain

Response of the pronuclear mouse embryo to x-irradiation in vitro. Abstr., R Du frain and A Casarett

Amino acid sequence of the light chain of a mouse myeloma protein (mopc-315)., E S. Dugan, R A. Bradshaw, E S. Simms, and H N. Eisen

Protein degradation in liver and heart tissues of mature and old mice. Abstr., J T. Du

Conditions limiting multiplication of fibroblastic and epithelial cells in dense cultures., R Dulbecco and J Elkington

Eradication of lymphoma cells with allogeneic immune peritoneal cells., H F. Dullens and W D. Otter

Electron microscopic study of involuting thymus of 'lethargic' mutant mice., H Dung

Deficiency in graft-versus-host (gvh) reactions induced by spleen cells of 'lethergic' mutant mice in neonatal f1 hybrids. Abstr., H C. Dung

Mapping the h-2-linked genes governing, respectively, the immune responses to a glutamic acid-alanine-tyrosine copolymer and to limiting doses of ovalbumin., E K. Dunham, M E. Dorf, D C. Shreffler, and B Benacerraf

Mapping genes governing immune responses of mice to gat and ovalbumin. Abstr., E K. Dunham, D C. Shreffler, and B Benacerraf

Effects of the antineoplastic alkaloid acronycine on nucleoside uptake and incorporation into nucleic acids by cultured l5178y cells., B P. Dunn, P W. Gout, and C T. Beer

Development of increased cytoplasmic binding of androgen in the sub- mandibular gland of the mouse with testicular feminization., J F. Dunn, J L. Goldstein, and J D. Wilson

Polymorphisms for lethal alleles in european populations of mus musculus., L Dunn, D Bennett, and J Cookingham

Persistent virus infection with neurological involvement in mice infected with mhv3. Abstr., J M. Dupuy, C L. Prevost, leblond E. Levy, and J L. Virelizier

Increased responsiveness to phytohemagglutinin and graft-vs-host reactivity of thymus cells from snell-bagg dwarf mice., R J. Duquesnoy and R C. Ahrens

Etude de l'action des androgenes sur l'incorporation de cytidine dans les organes du tractus genital de la souris male. II. Influence de l'implantation d'androgene a des souris normales., M Durliat and C Vendrely

(14c)glucosamine Incorporation into specific products in the nerve ending fraction in vivo and in vitro., G R. Dutton, P Haywood, and S H. Barondes

Inhibitory and stimulatory effects of concanavalin a on the response of mouse spleen cell suspensions to antigen., R W. Dutton

In vitro sensitization to transplantation antigens. Vii. Enhanced graft-vs-host activity of in vitro allosensitized lymphoid cells., J W. Dyminski and B F. Argyris

In vitro sensitization to transplantation antigens. VI. Inhibition of sensitization., J W. Dyminski and B F. Argyris

Mitotic activity of bone marrow cells, blood serum transferrin type and fertility in inbred and hybrid mice. (russ.), L V. Dzetsina and Y A. Golota

Enhancement of lymphoma cell immunogenicity by infection with non- ocogenic virus., M D. Easton, J A. Heller, and A R. Scala

Papilloma induction in different aged skin grafts to young recipients., P Ebbesen

Decreased formation of syncytial plaques in the xc-test with a double- -cloned hypotetraploid xc-cell line and evidence of budding c-type particles in this and ordinary hypodiploid xc-cell lines., P Ebbesen, O Jorgensen, and J Visfeldt

Murine reticulum cell neoplasms type b (hodgkin's like lesions) induced in balb/c mice with field isolates of murine leukemia virus., P Ebbesen, nielsen R. Rask, J W. Hartley, and W P. Rowe

Comparative study of acetylcholinesterase and choline acetyl- transferase enzyme activity in brain of dba and c57 mice., A Ebel, J C. Hermetet, and P Mandel

Cross reactivity between synthetic t,g a-l and transplantation antigens in cba mice., A Ebringer and D A. Davies

Ultrastructure of sth cells of the pars distalis of castrated male mice after hepatectomy., J M. Echave llanos and C L. Dumm

Helper-dependent properties of friend spleen focus-forming virus, effect of the fv-1 gene on the late stages in virus synthesis., R J. Eckner

Esp-1 type-c virus, helper activity for the expression of leukemia in mice and characterization of the virus envelope. Abstr., R J. Eckner, E S. Priori, E A. Mirand, and L Dmochowski

Binding of thyrotropin releasing hormone by thyrotropin-secreting cells., L J. Eddy, J M. Hershman, R E. Taylor, and S B. Barker

Peroxidase-mediated mammalian cell cytotoxicity., P J. Edelson and Z A. Cohn

Predicted and observed results of combination chemotherapy with inhibitors of dna synthesis. Abstr., M Edelstein

Interaction and release of soluble immune complexes from mouse b lymphocytes., A Eden, C Bianco, B Bogart, and V Nussenzweig

Mechanism of binding of soluble immune complexes to lymphocytes., A Eden, C Bianco, and V Nussenzweig

Litter size and emotionality in two strains of mice., O Egan and J R. Royce

Cytological expression of x-ray damage in radiosensitive l5178y cells. Abstr., U Ehmann, H Nagasawa, and J Lett

Symptoms of x-ray damage exhibited by a radiosensitive l5178y line. Abstr., U Ehmann, D Petersen, and J Lett

Translocation trisomic mice, production by female but not male translocation carriers., E M. Eicher

Use of chimeras to transmit lethal genes in the mouse and to demon- strate allelism of the two x-linked male lethal genes jp and msd., E M. Eicher and P C. Hoppe

Idiotype expression and the inheritance of mouse antibody clones., K Eichmann

Mendelian segregation of a mouse antibody idiotype., K Eichmann and C Berek

A quantitative assay for the mixed leukocyte reaction by mouse spleen cells., arini M. El and D Osoba

Differentiation of thymus-derived cells from precursors in mouse bone marrow., arini M. El and D Osoba

Physical properties of mouse spleen cells involved in the mixed leuko- cyte reaction and graft-vs-host disease., arini M. El and D Osoba

Estimation of prevalence rates of radiogenic leukemias in rfm/u mice., R M. Elashoff, F C. Ludwig, and P Hemphill

Untersuchungen uber den einfluss einer vorbehandling mit cyclophos- phamid, ribo-azauracil und mercaleukin auf die experimentelle metas- tasierung im syngenen tumor-wirt-system, ii. Auf chemisch induzierte sarkome von maus und ratte., B Elbe, C Nowak, W Arnold, and E Bender

The influence of exteroceptive stimuli and pheromonal facilitation of ovulation in different strains of mice., B E. Eleftheriou, C M. Christenson, and M X. Zarrow

Demonstration of proliferation by bone marrow-derived lymphocytes of guinea pigs, mice and rabbits in response to mitogen stimulation in vitro., G J. Elfenbein, M R. Harrison, and I Green

Pathogenie de l'hepatite toxique de la souris provoquee par le fv 3 (frog virus 3). Inhibition de la synthese des macromolecules du foie., M Elharrar, C Hirth, J Blanc, and A Kirn

Changes in fat cell morphology during lactation in the mouse., J J. Elias, D R. Pitelka, and R C. Armstrong

Differences in spatial discrimination reversal learning between two inbred mouse strains following specific amygdaloid lesions., M F. Elias, M Dupree, and B E. Eleftheriou