Submissions from 1973

Effect of monolayer fractionation of lymphocytes on graft-versus-host reactivity., W R. Clark and A K. Kimura

Reutilization of thymidine and iododeoxyuridine by mouse mammary carcinoma strain mtg-b., K H. Clifton and J M. Cooper

Mutagenicity of hycanthone and several of its analogs in l5178y mouse lymphoma cells. Abstr., D Clive

An in vitro system for quantitating mutations at the thymidine kinase locus in l5178y mouse lymphoma cells. Abstr., D Clive, W G. Flamm, M R. Machesko, and N J. Bernheim

Ovulation and embryo development in mouse, rat and man., D L. Cockroft, R G. Edwards, R L. Gardner, R Gosden, C W. Howe, H. Johnson, M H. Kaufman, D A. New, V E. Papaioannou, C E. Steele, A E. Szulman, D G. Whittingham, and C R. Austin

Cell-surface glycoproteins of two sublines of the ta3 tumor., J F. Codington, B H. Sanford, and R W. Jeanloz

Surface characteristics of two sublines of the ta3 tumor. Abstr., J F. Codington, B H. Sanford, and R W. Jeanloz

Progestins and mammary cancer induction. Abstr., E Coezy and G Rudali

Peroxide detoxification affecting the production of immunoglobulin by mouse myeloma tumor cells in vitro., H J. Cohen

Regulation of autosensitization. The immune activation and specific inhibition of self-recognizing thymus-derived lymphocytes., I R. Cohen and H Wekerle

The effect of hyperimmune enhancing alloantiserum on cell mediated immunity. Abstr., J M. Cohen

Synergism between subpopulations of thymus-derived cells mediating the proliferative and effector phases of the mixed lymphocyte reaction., L Cohen and M L. Howe

Skeletal muscle phosphorylase kinase deficiency, detection of a pro- tein lacking any activity in icr/ian mice., P T. Cohen and P Cohen

Complement dependent (c'dcc) and independent (c'icc) cytotoxicity of c3hf/heha mouse spleen cells sensitized against sheep red blood cells (srbc), effects of cytochalasin b. Abstr., S Cohen, C Mawas, and E Mihich

Complement dependent (c'dcc) and independent (c'icc) cytotoxicity of spleen cells from mice sensitized with sheep red blood cells (srbc) and cytotoxicity of non-sensitized spleen cells in the presence of heat-inactivated immune serum without added complement (nc-is). Abstr., S Cohen, C Mawas, and E Mihich

In vitro correlates of lymphocytic choriomeningitis (lcm) virus- -induced immune response. Abstr., G A. Cole, R A. Prendergast, and C S. Henney

Effects of parabiosis of obese with diabetes and normal mice., D Coleman

The influence of enetic background on the expression of the obese (ob) gene in the mouse., D Coleman and K Hummel

The influence of genetic background on the expression of the obese (ob) gene in the mouse., D Coleman and K Hummel

Eosinophils and immune mechanisms. I. Eosinophil stimulation promoter (esp), a lymphokine induced by specific antigen or phytohemagglutinin, D G. Colley

Rna-mediated immunologic depression., M E. Colmerauer, L Rumi, F Saal, C Dosne, and S L. Rabasa

Evidence for virus-related and unrelated antigens on murine lymphomas induced by chemical carcinogens., M I. Colnaghi and G D. Porta

Preparation and properties of the (na+ + k+)-atpase of plasma mem- branes from ehrlich ascites cells., M Colombini and R M. Johnstone

A biologically active metabolite of cyclophosphamide., M Colvin, C A. Padgett, and C Fenselau

Plasma membrane fluidity and surface motility of mouse c-1300 neuroblastoma cells., P Comoglio and G Filogamo

Immunohistochemical study of iga transepithelial transfer into diges- tive tract secretions in the mouse., P M. Comoglio and R Guglielmone

Radiation and actinomycin d mortality studies in c57bl/6 mice. II. Combined treatment and gastrointestinal lethality., J Concannon, M Dalbow, R Hagemann, J Frich, S Hodgson, Weil, and R Martinelli

Radiation and actinomycin d mortality studies, circadian variations in lethality due to independent effects of either agent., J Concannon, M Dalbow, C Weil, and S Hodgson

Pathogenesis of herpetic neuritis and ganglionitis in mice. Evidence for intra-axonal transport of infection., M L. Cook and J G. Stevens

Influence of cell-free ascites fluid and adenosine 3'5'-cyclic monophosphate upon the cell kinetics of ehrlich's ascites carcinoma., P R. Cooper and H Smith

Effect of pr-8 viral respiratory infection on benzo(a)pyrene hydroxylase activity in balb/c mice., T H. Corbett and P Nettesheim

Effect of viral double-stranded rna on mammalian cells in culture, cytotoxicity under conditions preventing viral replication and protein synthesis., stewart B. Cordell and M W. Taylor

Effect of viral double-stranded rna on protein synthesis in intact cells., stewart B. Cordell and M W. Taylor

Development of tumors as a result of graft-versus-host reaction., E A. Cornelius

Viral etiology of immunologically induced lymphomas., E A. Cornelius

Heart transplantation in congenic strains of mice., R J. Corry, H J. Winn, and P S. Russell

Primarily allografts of hearts in mice. The role of h-2d, h-2k, and non-h-2 antigens in rejection., R J. Corry, H J. Winn, and P S. Russell

Inhibition of ribonucleotide reductase from ehrlich tumor cells by rna., J G. Cory

Irreversible inhibition of ribonucleotide reductase from ehrlich tumor cells by a modulator analog., J G. Cory and C B. George

Preferential growth of c3hf mouse lung tumors in (c3hf x a)f1 hybrid mice, immunologic cross reactions between tumors and normal strain a lung tissue. Abstr., W G. Cotton, J M. Rice, and E Esber

Cytochimie ultrastructurale des granules mastocytaires dans les ganglions de la souris., R Courtoy and L Simar

B cell mitogenic properties of thymus-independent antigens., A Coutinho and G Moller

In vitro induction of specific immune responses in the absence of serum, requirement for nonspecific t or b cell mitogens., A Coutinho and G Moller

Mitogenic properties of the thymus-independent antigen pneumococcal polysaccharide siii., A Coutinho and G Moller

A late effect of radiation on the haemopoietic stem cells of the mouse., V Covelli and P Metalli

Erythrocyte autoantibodies induced in mice immunized with rat erythrocytes., K Cox and D Keast

Abelson virus activity in mice and rats neutralized with anti-rauscher virus serum., K O. Cox and D Keast

Rauscher virus infection, erythrocyte clearance studies, and auto- immune phenomena., K O. Cox and D Keast

Heat production and heat loss in d-amphetamine hyperthermia in aggregated swiss webster and bdf1 mice., A L. Craigmill, H J. Kupferberg, and J W. Miller

Cdr reversal of growth inhibition by iudr. Abstr., J Cramer and G Cramer

Cross-stimulation of monoclonal antibodies in anamnestic responses., M Cramer and D G. Braun

Electrophysiologie du cortex cerebelleux chez la souris mutante 'staggerer.', F Crepel, J Mariani, H Korn, and J Changeux

Some characteristics of strain sjl/jdg mice., C G. Crispens

In vitro synthesis of collagen in ascites cell-free system. Abstr., R Crkvenjakov, K F. Dewey, R Schwarz, and H B. Doty

In-vitro and in-vivo adherence of allergised lymph-node cells to bp8 ascites tumour cells, in the presence of polyamines and quarternary ammonium compounds., J Crocker and D B. Cater

Distribution of 5-3h-uridine incorporated into rna of mouse brain as a function of injection route, an autoradiographic investigation. Abstr., R S. Crockett and E E. Quinton

Fate of murine fibrosarcoma allografts and radiolabeled tumor-enhanc- ing igg2, normal (nonenhancing) igg2 and bacterial endotoxin in endo- toxin-tolerant and nontolerant mice. Abstr., J M. Cruse, G K. Lewis, H D. Whitten, E S. Watson, and J F. Fields

Facilitation of macrophage-mediated destruction of allogeneic fibrosarcoma cells by tumor-enhancing igg2 in vitro., J M. Cruse, H D. Whitten, G K. Lewis, and E S. Watson

An abnormality of hepatic lipogenesis in a mutant strain of acatala- semic mice., R R. Cuadrado and L A. Bricker

The fasted obob mouse, model for the metabolic response to fasting in man. Abstr., G S. Cuendet, C B. Wollheim, D P. Cameron, L Balant, A, and E B. Marliss

Peristaltic contractions of the murine urogenital sinus., G R. Cunha

The role of androgens in the epithelio-mesenchymal interactions involved in prostatic morphogenesis in embryonic mice., G R. Cunha

Syngeneic immune serum specifically inhibits the motility of tumour cells., G A. Currie and G C. Sime

Adoptive immunotherapy by parabiosis for syngeneic mouse and rat sarcomas. Abstr., V E. Currie and C M. Southam

Factors influencing adhesion of lymphoid cells., A S. Curtis and M D. Sousa

Antisera to lysosomes. Effect on allograft rejection., G L. Curtis and W L. Ryan

Does the absence of immunologic surveillance affect the tumor inci- dence in 'nude' mice. First recorded spontaneous lymphoma in a 'nude' mouse., R P. Custer, H C. Outzen, G J. Eaton, and R T. Prehn

Antigenic structure of murine mammary tumour viruses., J Daams, P Hageman, J Calafat, and P Bentvelzen

Factors involved in ethanol narcosis, analysis in mice of three inbred strains., R P. Damjanovich and J W. Innes

Yolk sac carcinoma grown from mouse egg cylinder., I Damjanov and D Solter

Cystic fibrosis--a hybrid model., B S. Danes, S D. Holley, and J F. Watkins

Mechanism of decreased accumulation of daunomycin in resistant ehrlich ascites tumor cells. Abstr., K Dano

Studies on thymus products. I. Modification of rosette-forming cells by thymic extracts. Determination of the target rfc subpopulation., M Dardenne and J Bach

Circadian rhythm of fatty acid desaturation in mouse liver., S M. Dato, A Catala, and R R. Brenner

Effect of chronic administration of morphine on mouse brain aminoacyl- -trna synthetase and trna-amino acid binding., R K. Datta and W Antopol

Studies on the uptake of methylglyoxal-bis(guanyl-hydrazone) (ch3-g) and spermidine (spd) in mouse leukemia l1210 sensitive and resistant ch3-g(l1210/ch3-g). Abstr., C Dave and L Caballes

Mechanism of the inhibition of dna biosynthesis by 4,4'-diacetyldi- phenylurea-bis(guanylhydrazone) in leukemia l1210 cells., C Dave, J Ehrke, and E Mihich

New lymphocyte antigen system (lna) controlled by the ir region of the mouse h-2 complex., C David, D C. Shreffler, and J A. Frelinger

Serologic homology between h-2 and hl-a system., C S. David, J Klein, and D C. Shreffler

Serological cross-reaction between h-2d and h-2k region antigens., C S. David, D C. Shreffler, D B. Murphy, and J Klein

B cell proliferation in thymus-deprived mice. Abstr., J M. Davie

A study of methods for producing cell-free tumour antigens from bp8 mouse ascites tumour., E Davies and D Cater

Cytogenetic effects of hycanthone in the mouse. Abstr., R J. Davis and K W. Petersen

Chromosomal banding patterns of two paracentric inversions in mice., M T. Davisson and T Roderick

The relation of the enhancement phenomenon to the physical association of h-2 alloantigens., W C. Davis

Comparison of some of the biological properties of friend virus and its pseudotypes., P J. Dawson and A H. Fieldsteel

Genetic factors in chronic remittent friend disease., P J. Dawson and A H. Fieldsteel

Lymphocyte depletion in the induction of chimerism in mice., J G. Deaton

Inhibition of growth by 6-hydroxydopamine in cultured cells of neuronal and nonneuronal origin., L E. De bault and S A. Millard

Fertile tertiary trisomy in the mouse (mus musculus)., P De boer

Individual versus group caging of mice with grafted tumors., R Dechambre and C Gosse

The effect of tumor size on concomitant tumor immunity., P J. Deckers, R C. Davis, G A. Parker, and J A. Mannick

Antitumor activity of silica gel pf 254 eluate., E De clercq

Breast cancer, induction of differentiation by embryonic tissue., J J. De cosse, C L. Gossens, J F. Kuzma, and B R. Unsworth

Sodium dependency of gamma-aminobutyric acid binding to particulate fractions of mouse brain., F V. De feudis

Entry of water, metabolic substrates and extracellular space markers into various structures of mouse brain in vivo., F V. De feudis and W C. Black

Origin of cells repopulating the spleens of irradiated mice given marrow cells and thymocytes., D L. Dehamer and J W. Goodman

Two populations of autoimmunocompetent anti-erythrocyte plaque forming cells in nzb mice. Abstr., D H. De heer and T S. Edgington

Biosynthesis of immunoglobulin a (iga) and immunoglobulin m (igm). Requirement for j chain and a disulphide-exchanging enzyme for polymerization., E Della corte and R Parkhouse

Biosynthesis of immunoglobulin a (iga). Secretion and addition of carbohydrate to monomer and polymer forms of a mouse myeloma protein., E Della corte and R Parkhouse