Submissions from 1973

Infection and immunoglobulin concentrations in chediak-higashi mice. Abstr., R J. Elin and S M. Wolff

Characterization of thymus-derived and bone marrow-derived rosette- -forming lymphocytes., B E. Elliott and J S. Haskill

A persistent lymphoid cell population in the thymus., E V. Elliott

Radiation control of pulmonary metastases--mouse model. Abstr., mahdi A. El, J Shaeffer, and W Constable

Mechanism of graft-versus-host-induced lymphadenopathy in mice., E E. Emeson and D R. Thursh

The popliteal lymph node graft-versus-host (gvh) assay in mice. Abstr., E E. Emeson and D R. Thursh

Localization of alpha-fetoprotein in transplantable murine teratocarcinomas., N V. Engelhardt, V S. Poltoranina, and A K. Yazova

Onset of synthesis of mitochondrial enzymes during mouse development. Synchronous activation of parental alleles at the gene locus for the m-form of nadp-dependent malate dehydrogenase., W Engel

Early developmental changes of the lactate dehydrogenase isoenzyme pattern in mouse, rat, guinea-pig, syrian hamster and rabbit., W Engel and U Petzoldt

The fate of anti-ig-surface ig complexes on b lymphocytes., H D. Engers and E R. Unanue

A simple technique for measuring thyroxine secretion rate in the mouse., P England, J Webb, W A. Harland, and K Whaley

Studies on thyroid function in the mouse, interstrain differences in thyroxine secretion rates and organ content of thyroxine., P England, J Webb, T W. Randall, W A. Harland, and K Whaley

Haploid gene expression versus meiotic drive, the relevance of inter- cellular bridges during spermatogenesis., R P. Erickson

Fate of exogenous horseradish peroxidase in renal lysosomes of mice with chediak-higashi syndrome. Abstr., E Essner and C Oliver

Origin of lysosomes in hepatocytes of mice with chediak-higashi syndrome. Abstr., E Essner and C Oliver

Enzymes of cholesterol ester metabolism in the brain of mutant mice, quaking and jimpy., Y Eto and K Suzuki

Evidence for the involvement of 7sgamma2a-immunoglobulin., J C. Eustace, M T. Enhancement, and I V. Further

Continued methylation of mouse satellite dna. Abstr., H H. Evans, S R. Littman, and T E. Evans

Early response of mouse foot pads to mycobacterium laprae., M J. Evans, H E. Newton, and L Levy

Macrophages and the tumour bearing host., R Evans

Immunologically specific activation of macrophages armed with the specific macrophage arming factor (smaf)., R Evans, H Cox, and P Alexander

Resistance to mouse ascites tumor cells induced by prior inoculations with lethally-irradiated cells of the same line. Abstr., T Evans, D Crouse, K Brandt, A Boynton, and K Coop

Genetics of the fertility of animals. V. The weight of mice of the balb and c57bl lines and their reciprocal hybrids and its relationship to fertility., V I. Evsikov, T D. Osetrova, L P. Kondrina, and D K. Belyaev

Lymphoid cell renewal under low level irradiation. Xvii. Cell kinetic analysis of radiation leukemogenesis. Abstr., J Fabrikant and B Foster

Immunological reactivity during pregnancy in the mouse., N Fabris

Reaction of human smooth muscle antibody with thymus medullary cells., A Fagraeus, H The, and G Biberfeld

Isolation and characterization of membrane-bound polysomes from ascites tumor cells., I Faiferman, A O. Pogo, J Schwartz, and M D. Kaighn

Overcoming some limiting factors in tumour immunotherapy., O Fakhri and J R. Hobbs

7s Anti-tumour antibodies and activated fc in macrophage tumour cell interaction., O Fakhri, H Mclaughlin, and J R. Hobbs

Proteins in the degenerative retina of c3h mice, deficiency of a cyclic-nucleotide phosphodiesterase and opsin., D Farber and R Lolley

Isolation of poly (adenylic acid)-rich ribonucleic acid from mouse myeloma and synthesis of complementary deoxyribonucleic acid., C H. Faust, H Diggelmann, and B Mach

The interphotoreceptor space. I. Postnatal ontogeny in mice and rats., L Feeney

Adoptive chemoimmunotherapy of a moloney lymphoma. Abstr., A Fefer

Allogeneic adoptive chemoimmunotherapy of a moloney lymphoma. Abstr., A Fefer

Treatment of a moloney lymphoma with cyclophosphamide and h-2- -incompatible spleen cells., A Fefer

Induction of b cell tolerance by antigen specific t cell factor., M Feldmann

Cell interactions in the immune response in vitro. VI. Mediation by t cell surface monomeric igm., M Feldmann, R E. Cone, and J J. Marchalonis

Between hl-a and p systems., M Fellous, P Couillin, sautes C. Neauport, J Frezal, C Billardon, D J. Dausset, and S O. Syntheny

Nicotine and pyrrolidine-induced release of 5-hydroxytryptamine and histamine from neoplastic mast cells., H Felsenfeld and L A. Corrado

Ketone body oxidation by mouse hepatoma bw7756., A Fenselau and K Wallis

Ketone body utilization by mouse hepatoma bw7756. Abstr., A Fenselau and K Wallis

Grammar of a movement sequence in inbred mice., J C. Fentress and F P. Stilwell

The influence of the partner cell on the production of l virus and the expression of viral surface antigen in hybrid cells., E M. Fenyo, G Grundner, F Wiener, E Klein, G Klein, and H Harris

Combined effects of iodoacetamide, x-rays, and magnetic fields on lymphoma cells. Abstr., J Feola

Histopathology and time course of rejection of allografts of mouse small intestine., A Ferguson and D M. Parrott

Increased cytolytic activity of a subcellular fraction from mouse liver after b.c.g. Infection., J Ferluga

Reproductive deficiency of nzb male mice. Possibility of a viral basis., G Fernandes, E Yunis, and R Good

Lack of correlation between the effects of cortisone on mouse spleen plaque-forming cells and circulating anti-sheep red blood cell haemo- lysins., A Ferreira, C Moreno, and G Hoecker

Protection against radiation leukemogenesis by repeated injections of immune and nonimmune foreign sera., J F. Ferrer, M Lieberman, and H S. Kaplan

A multivariate analysis of subline divergence in the shape of the mandible in c57bl/gr mice., M Festing

Water escape learning in mice. II. Replicated selection for increased learning speed., M F. Festing

Water escape learning in mice. I. Strain differences and biometrical considerations., M F. Festing

Autoimmunity in chronic graft-versus-host disease., P J. Fialkow, C Gilchrist, and A C. Allison

Chromosomal abnormalities in spleens of new zealand black mice, a strain characterized by autoimmunity and malignancy., P J. Fialkow, G R. Paton, and J East

Control of normal differentiation of myeloid leukemic cells to macrophages and granulocytes., E Fibach, M Hayashi, and L Sachs

Immune-stimulation and/or inhibition of tumor cells growth in-vitro. Abstr., I J. Fidler

In vitro studies of cellular-mediated immunostimulation of tumor growth., I J. Fidler

Selection of successive tumour lines for metastasis., I J. Fidler

The clonal selection of successive tumor lines for metastasis. Abstr., I J. Fidler

The relationship of embolic homogeneity, number, size and viability to the incidence of experimental metastasis., I J. Fidler

Immunological tolerance to a hapten. I. Induction and maintenance of tolerance to trinitrophenyl with trinitrobenzene sulfonic acid., J M. Fidler and E S. Golub

Induction of tolerance to a hapten. II. Maintenance and escape of the tolerant state to tnp., J M. Fidler and E S. Golub

Tumor-specific transplantation antigens in reticulum cell sarcomas and lymphomas induced by the friend virus complex., A H. Fieldsteel, P J. Dawson, and C Kurahara

Inhibition of the growth of ehrlich ascites tumors by treatment with the respiratory inhibitor rotenone., M J. Figueras and M Gosalvez

Retardation of hair regrowth, a phenomenon of senescence in c57bl/6j male mice., C E. Finch

Hematologic and serum electrolyte values of the c57bl/6j male mouse in maturity and senescence., C E. Finch and J R. Roster

A combined biochemical and histological study on the islets of langerhans in the genetically obese hyperglycaemic mouse and in the lean mouse, including observations on the effects of streptozotocin treatment., J A. Findlay, K A. Rookledge, chain A. Beloff, and J D. Lever

Schistosoma mansoni infection in mice depleted of thymus-dependent lymphocytes. I. Eosinophilia and immunologic responses to a schisto- somal egg preparation., D P. Fine, R D. Buchanan, and D G. Colley

Rosette-formation and parasite agglutination, new approaches to malarial immunology. Abstr., J F. Finerty, K B. Powers, and C B. Evans

A murine model for chemotherapy of neuroblastoma. Abstr., J Z. Finklestein, P E. Byfield, and J E. Byfield

Physiologic disposition of short chain aliphatic hydroxamates in the mouse. II. Absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of 1-14c-acetohydroxamic acid., W N. Fishbein, C L. Streeter, and J Daly

Host-transplant relationship of cultured mouse embryos., D L. Fisher and M Smithberg

In vitro and in vivo x-irradiation of preimplantation mouse embryos., D L. Fisher and M Smithberg

Active transport of glucose anomers by ascites tumour cells., P H. Fishman and J M. Bailey

Deciduous incisor teeth of the mouse (mus musculus)., L R. Fitzgerald

The unusual fate of second skin grafts across an h(tla) barrier., L Flaherty and D Bennett

Establishment and characterization of a transplantable dibutyl- nitrosamine-induced mouse bladder tumor line fcb., A Flaks and B Flaks

The combined effect of radiation and chemical carcinogens in female a x if mice., A Flaks, J Hamilton, D Clayson, and P Burch

Induction of unresponsiveness to skin and heart allografts in mice by a synergistic treatment with procarbazine, antilymphocyte serum, and donor-type cells., G L. Floersheim

Shortened survival of skin allografts in mice after treatment with pus lyophilizates., G L. Floersheim and kalantzis A. Logara

T lymphocyte specificity of a lymphocyte-inhibiting factor (chalone) extracted from the thymus., I Florentin, N Kiger, and G Mathe

Metabolic evaluation of sexual dimorphism. IV. Metabolic differences related to the oxidative metabolism., A Floridi, I Blotta, and M L. Marcante

Effect of age on thyroxine-induced cardiac hypertrophy in mice., J R. Florini, Y Saito, and E J. Manowitz

Pharmacological disposition in mice of 02.2'-anhydro-1-beta-d- -arabinosylcytosine 3'-phosphate, A potential antileukemic agent., J H. Focke, I )ii, W J. Broussard, and J Nagyvary

Glycogen and glycogen phosphorylase in the cerebral cortex of mice under the influence of methionine sulphoximine., J Folbergrova

Self-regulation of growth in three dimensions., J Folkman and M Hochberg

The relationship of gamma-aminobutyrate levels and its metabolism to age in brains of mice., M L. Fonda, D W. Acree, and S B. Auerbach

1-fluoro-analogs Of glycerol-3-p, dihydroxyacetone-3-p, and glycerol in chemotherapy of l-1210 mouse leukemia. Abstr., T P. Fondy, K L. Karker, and J L. Basloe

Specific stimulation of lymphoid cells from tumor-bearing mice by solubilized tumor antigens. Abstr., J T. Forbes, S Konda, R D. Schimpff, and R T. Smith

In vitro characterization of cell subpopulations in lymph nodes from tumor-bearing as compared to intensively immunized mice. Abstr., J T. Forbes, S Konda, and R T. Smith

Steroid pellets and venous diameter in orchidectomized, ovariectomized and ovariectomized-hysterectomized mice., T R. Forbes and E Taku

Serum distribution of gold in mice strains bsvs and brvr after injection of goldthioglucose. Abstr., M W. Fordice and J S. Bykowski

Centromeric heterochromatin polymorphism in the house mouse. Evidence from inbred strains and natural populations., J Forejt

Heterogeneity of the effector cells in the cytotoxic reaction against allogeneic lymphoma cells., J Forman and S Britton

Generation of cytotoxic lymphocytes in mixed lymphocyte reactions. I. Specificity of the effector cells., J Forman and G Moller

The effector cell in antibody-induced cell mediated immunity., J Forman and G Moller

Growth of syngeneic tumours in unimmunized newborn and adult hosts., G Forni and P M. Comoglio

Isolation of plasma membranes from ehrlich ascites tumor cells. Influence of amino acids on (na+ + k+)-atpase and k+-stimulated phosphatase., J G. Forte, T M. Forte, and E Heinz

Stimulation of (na+(+)k+)-atpase by amino acids in plasma membranes from ehrlich ascites cells. Abstr., J G. Forte, T M. Forte, and E Heinz

Strain dependency of hormonally activated c-type rna tumor virus markers in mice., A K. Fowler, P J. Conahey, and A Hellman