Submissions from 1973

Mechanism of augmented graft survival in mice after als and bone marrow infusion., M L. Wood, G Heppner, J J. Gozzo, and A P. Monaco

Efficacy of sample combustion techniques for tritium recovery after tritiated cortisol injections in pregnant a/jax mice., N K. Wood, W Kisieleski, G C. Dodds, and M C. Jacobs

Anaerobic glycolysis in spontaneous and transplanted liver tumors of mice., M W. Woods and G Vlahakis

Histocompatibility antigens on the surface of cultivated epidermal cells from mouse embryo skin., P K. Worst and N E. Fusenig

Suppression of pigmentation in mouse melanoma cells by 5-bromodeoxy- uridine. Effects on tyrosinase activity and melanosome formation., J R. Wrathall, C Oliver, S Silagi, and E Essner

Tumorigenicity and antigenicity of mouse cells infected with simian virus 40. I. Relationship of growth in vitro and in vivo in immuno- suppressed and immunocompetent recipients., P W. Wright, H S. Smith, and J M. Coy

Transfer rna methylases and transfer rna-methylated bases of polyoma virus-transformed and spontaneously transformed mouse culture cells., S E. Wright, R E. Gallagher, R C. Ting, and R C. Gallo

Estimation of the pool size of different anti-nip antibodies for the cba/h strain., G M. Wybrow and I L. Berryman

A high mammary tumor virus producing mouse cell line. Abstr., M J. Yagi

Immunosuppression induced with cell-free fluid of ehrlich carcinoma ascites and its fractions., H Yamazaki, K Nitta, and H Umezawa

Assortative mating in mice. Iii. Genetic determination of female mating preference., J Yanai and G E. Clearn

Assortative mating in mice. II. Strain differences in female mating preference, male preference, and the question of possible sexual selection., J Yanai and G E. Clearn

Enhancement by human placental lactogen of mammary hyperplastic nodules in ovariectomized mice., R Yanai and H Nagasawa

Analysis of high-molecular-weight ribonucleic acid associated with intracisternal a particles., S S. Yang and N A. Wivel

Incorporation of (1-14c)-oleic acid into neutral glycerides and phosphoglycerides of mouse brain., T Yau and G Sun

Effect of (1,2-bis(3,5-dioxopiperazin-1-yl-propane) (icrf-159) on the pharmacodynamics of daunomycin. Abstr., D W. Yesair, E Schwartzbach, M A. Asbell, and I Wodinsky

Glycosphingolipids of clonal lines of mouse neuroblastoma and neuro- blastoma x l cell hybrids., G Yogeeswaran, R K. Murray, M L. Pearson, B D. Sanwal, F A. Morris, and F H. Ruddle

Interaction of cerebellar mutant genes. I. Mice doubly affected by 'staggerer' and 'weaver' conditions., C H. Yoon and Z R. Frouhar

Ultraviolet inactivation of murine leukemia virus and its assay in permissive and non-permissive cells., H Yoshikura

Ultraviolet sensitivity of helper function of murine leukemia virus., H Yoshikura

Non-specific resistance to tumor growth in listeria immune mice. Abstr., S Youdim, M Moser, and O Stutman

Cellular immunity in the mouse, thymus dependency of the in vitro response to listeria antigen. Abstr., S Youdim, R D. Nelson, and O Stutman

Studies of delayed hypersensitivity to l. Monocytogenes in mice, nature of cells involved in passive transfers., S Youdim, O Stutman, and R A. Good

Thymus dependency of cells involved in transfer of delayed hyper- sensitivity to listeria monocytogenes in mice., S Youdim, O Stutman, and R A. Good

Requirement for living bacteria in nonspecific resistance to tumors in listeria immune mice. Abstr., S Youdim, O Stutman, and M Moser

The induction of cellular immunity with soluble murine histocompati- bility antigens., J M. Young and L Gyenes

The effect of methyl ccnu (nsc-95441) on the cellular kinetics of normal and leukemic murine tissues in vivo., R C. Young

The effect of methyl ccnu on the cellular kinetics of normal and leukemic tissues in vivo. Abstr., R C. Young and D Goldberg

Enhanced antitumor effect of cytosine arabinoside given in a schedule dictated by kinetic studies in vivo., R C. Young, D Goldberg, and P S. Schein

In vitro studies on mechanism of the 'eclipse' of cell-mediated immunity in mice bearing advanced tumors., J K. Youn, D L. Francois, and G Barski

The effect of specific antisera on the metabolism of membrane- associated antigens of murine leukemia cells. Abstr., A C. Yu and E P. Cohen

The isolation of thymus-leukemia (tl) antigens and their metabolism during antigenic modulation. Abstr., A C. Yu and E P. Cohen

Radiotherapy of experimental lung tumors in the presence and absence of a radioprotective drug, s-2-(3-aminopropylamino)ethylphos- phorothioic acid (wr-2721)., J M. Yuhas

Some pharmacologic effects of wr-2721, their role in toxicity and radioprotection., J M. Yuhas, J O. Proctor, and L H. Smith

Exposure-response curve for radiation-induced lung tumors in the mouse., J M. Yuhas and A E. Walker

Radiation induction of malignant lung tumors in the mouse. Abstr., J M. Yuhas, A E. Walker, and J O. Proctor

Helper function in antibody synthesis mediated by soluble factor(s)., H Yu and J Gordon

Ontogeny of the murine immune system, development of antigen recog- nition and immune responsiveness., L L. Yung, evans T. Wyn, and E Diener

Retardation of autoimmunity and high incidence of tumors in nzb hybrids. Abstr., E J. Yunis, G Fernandes, and E J. Yunis

Regulation of arginine metabolism in tumor cells in relation to protein turnover. Abstr., W D. Yushok

The roles of atp and adp in the control of protein degradation and synthesis. Abstr., W D. Yushok

In vitro cultivation of a chemically induced epidermal carcinoma, establishment of three cell lines and isolation of murine leukemia virus., S H. Yuspa, D L. Morgan, and J A. Levy

Surface binding of amino acids by l1210 cells at 40c., W L. Yu

The effects of antibiotics and cancer chemotherapeutic agents on the cellular transport and antitumor activity of methotrexate in l1210 murine leukemia., R F. Zager, S A. Frisby, and V T. Oliverio

Evidence for multigenic control of immune response to theta-akr antigen in mice., M Zaleski, H Fuji, and F Milgrom

Complementary genes controlling immune response to theta-akr antigen in mice., M Zaleski and F Milgrom

Immunosuppressive effect of graft-versus-host reaction., M Zaleski and F Milgrom

The suppressive effect of graft-versus-host reaction (gvhr) on the immune response of mice to theta akr antigen. Abstr., M Zaleski and F Milgrom

Quantitative study of melanosome and mitochondrial populations in pigmented and amelanotic s-91 mouse melanomas., H D. Zara and H B. Demopoulos

Transplantation immunity to simian virus 40-transformed cells in tumor-bearing mice. I. Development of cellular immunity to simian virus 40 tumor-specific transplantation antigens during tumorigenesis by transplanted cells., J M. Zarling and S S. Tevethia

Transplantation immunity to simian virus 40-transformed cells in tumor-bearing mice. II. Evidence for macrophage participation at the effector level of tumor cell rejection., J M. Zarling and S S. Tevethia

Alterations in lymphocyte populations in murine akr/j leukemia. Abstr., M M. Zatz

Antigen-induced depression of dna synthesis in mouse spleen., M M. Zatz and A L. Goldstein

Alterations in lymphocyte populations in tumorigenesis. I. Lymphocyte trapping., M M. Zatz, A White, and A L. Goldstein

Distribution of histone messenger rna among free and membrane- associated polyribosomes of a mouse myeloma cell line., M Zauderer, P Liberti, and C Baglioni

Enhancement of b16 melanoma metastases by 5-bromo-2-deoxyuridine (budr). Abstr., I Zeidman

Fusion of rat and mouse morulae and formation of chimaeric blasto- cysts., G H. Zeilmaker

Depression on the t cell phenomenon of contact sensitivity by t cells from unresponsive mice., M Zembala and G Asherson

In vivo role of lymphocyte dependent antibody in mediating tumor allograft rejection. Abstr., J Zighelboim, B Bonavida, and J L. Fahey

Growth and malignant conversion of foetal tissues in syngeneic ectopic transplantation., S N. Zinzar, moldavsky G. Svet, B G. Tumyan, and B I. Leitina

Zur unterschiedlichen beeinflussbarkeit der succinatveratmung bzw. Succinatdehydrogenase von leber-und tumorzellen durch 4-hydro- oxypentenal., H Zollner and E Schauenstein

Spontaneous age-dependent production of antibodies against the virion in cba/bln mice infected neonatally with the mammary tumour virus (mtv)., S Zotter, M Muller, and H Grossmann

Effects of variable bacillus calmette-guerin regimens on skin graft rejection., W Zschiesche and H Heinecke

Ultrastructure of sarcoma 180., C Zuckerberg

Der einfluss von geschlecht, gravidtat und alter auf die inzidenz des zellfrei ubertragenen hipa-plasmocytoms bei der balb/c-maus., T Zund, B Odermatt, G Pedio, and J Ruttner

Effects of fetal bovine serum on the anti-srbc response of isolated lymphoid cell cultures. Abstr., R K. Zwerner