Submissions from 1973

Perinatal folate deficiency, effects on developing brain in c57bl/6j mice., W Shaw, R A. Schreiber, and J W. Zemp

Cellular analysis of immunosuppression to synthetic polypeptide immunogens induced by a murine leukemia virus., G M. Shearer, E Mozes, ghera N. Haran, and Z Bentwich

Envelope of mouse mammary tumor virus studied by freeze-etching and freeze-fracture techniques., J B. Sheffield

Chondral dysplasia induced by zirconium and hafnium., W B. Shelley

Cyclic amp levels and the morphological differentiation of mouse neuroblastoma cells., J R. Sheppard and K N. Prasad

Dna polymerases in midgestation mouse embryo, trophoblast, and decidua., M I. Sherman and H S. Kang

Relations between postnatal days of mice and carcinogenic effect of cycasin., C Shibuya and I Hirono

Studies on the acid mucopolysaccharide coat of viruses and transformed cells., T Shigematsu and L Dmochowski

Effect of neonatal splenectomy on cellular cooperation in igm and igg synthesis. Abstr., J A. Shillcock, F Pappas, and J R. Battisto

Serum alkaline phosphatase activity in normal and transplantable osteosarcoma-bearing mice., K Shimokawa

The role of hydrolytic enzymes in amyloidogenesis. Abstr., T Shirahama and A S. Cohen

Effects of natural thymocytotoxic autoantibody of nzb mice and of specifically prepared antilymphocyte serum on the tissue distribution of 51cr-labeled lymphocytes., T Shirai, T Yoshiki, and R C. Mellors

Growth hormone and premature ageing., J Shire

The adrenal glands of mice with hereditary pituitary dwarfism., J G. Shire and E A. Hambly

Uridylic acid synthesis in ehrlich ascites carcinoma. Properties, subcellular distribution, and nature of enzyme complexes of the six biosynthetic enzymes., W T. Shoaf and M E. Jones

An inherited brain anomaly in mouse fetuses of an inbred strain. Abstr., R Shoji

Characterisation and separation of mouse lymphocyte subpopulations responding to phytohemagglutinin and pokeweed mitogens., K Shortman, W J. Byrd, J C. Cerottini, and K T. Brunner

Staphylococcal botryomycosis in a specific-pathogen-free mouse colony., F S. Shults, P C. Estes, J A. Franklin, and C B. Richter

The isolation and chemical composition of premelanosomes and melano- somes, human and mouse melanomas., A N. Siakotos, V Patel, and A Cantaboni

Effects of hycanthone on rapidly proliferating cells., S M. Sieber, peng J. Whang, D G. Johns, and R H. Adamson

Inhibitory action of vitamin a on a murine sarcoma., E Siefter, M Zisblatt, N Levine, and G Rettura

Interferon induction in new zealand black mice by murine leukemia virus., B V. Siegel, M K. Brown, and J I. Morton

Immunologic stimuli in relation to leukemogenesis. II. Effect of phytohemagglutinin on rauscher viral leukemogenesis., B V. Siegel and J I. Morton

The effect of chemical protectors on 4 mev x-ray or fission neutron irradiated mice. A crypt survival study. Abstr., C Sigdestad and R Scott

Vertebral aging in hypopituitary dwarf mice., R Silberberg

Use of normal mouse serum to detect indirect plaque-forming cells., D M. Silver and H J. Winn

Variations in the responses of c57bl and a mice to sheep red blood cells. II. Analysis of plaque-forming cells., D M. Silver and H J. Winn

Male specific antigen, homology in mice and rats., W K. Silvers and S Yang

Regulation of acetylcholine receptors in relation to acetylcholi- nesterase in neuroblastoma cells., R Simantov and L Sachs

Effect of sodium n-dipropylacetate on audiogenic seizures and brain gamma-aminobutyric acid level., S Simler, L Ciesielski, M Maitre, and P Mandel

Increasing the immunogenicity of 'private' mammary tumor antigens with neuraminidase. Abstr., R L. Simmons and A Rios

Experimental immunotherapy of minimal residual tumor using neuraminidase. Abstr, R L. Simmons, A Rios, and J R. Schmidtke

Failure of bacillus calmette-guerin (bcg) infection to suppress the growth of transplanted mouse and rat sarcomas., J Simova and J Bubenik

The histological response to a xenogeneic tumour in mice., E Simpson and P Beverley

Lymphocyte-dependent antibody in a tumor xenograft system., E Simpson, P C. Beverley, and V Jones

Further studies of the population kinetics of primary and metastatic lewis lung carcinoma in bdf1 mice. Abstr., herren L. Simpson, J P. Holmquist, and A H. Sanford

Thymus weight changes during the early post-natal period in mice., L O. Simpson

Ferrokinetics in mammary glands of balb/c mice., D V. Singh, S Albert, and L Calhoun

Detection of nonspecific cytotoxicity in graft-versus-host reaction as a function of target cell type., J N. Singh, E Sabbadini, and A H. Sehon

Purification of mouse interferon by affinity chromatography on a solid-phase immunoadsorbent., J D. Sipe, guignard J. Maeyer, B Fauconnier, and E D. Maeyer

Differential cell permeability and the basis for selective activity of methotrexate during therapy of the l1210 leukemia., F M. Sirotnak and R C. Donsbach

Differential permeability and the basis for selective activity during methotrexate therapy of the l1210 leukemia. Abstr., F M. Sirotnak and R C. Donsbach

Alteration of cell membrane enzymes in the stimulation of cell division. Abstr., A Sivak and B T. Mossman

Reconstitution of immunocompetence in b cells by addition of concanavalin a or concanavalin a-treated thymus cells., O Sjoberg, G Moller, and J Andersson

Pre-clinical trials of a new triazine antifolate, nsc 139105. Abstr., R Skeel, A Cashmore, and J Bertino

Combination chemotherapy of sarcoma 180 with methotrexate and bleo- mycin., R T. Skeel and J R. Bertino

Accumulation of adenosine-3',5'-monophosphate (c-amp) in brain slices from the 'quaking' mouse, a neurologic mutant. Abstr., P Skolnick and J W. Daly

Kidney transplants between mice of graded immunogenetic diversity., M Skoskiewicz, C Chase, H J. Winn, and P S. Russell

Effects of benzoyl hydrazone daunomycin on ehrlich ascites tumor. Abstr., T Skovsgaard and N I. Nissen

Stimulation of transplantation immunity and plasma cell reaction by interferon in mice., S Skurkovich, E K. Aleksandrovskaya, N Levina, N Arkhipova, and T Bulicheva

Disposition of discharged polypeptide chains from normal and neo- plastic mammary epithelial rough microsomes. Abstr., F Slaby

Localization of h-2 histocompatibility alloantigens on embryonic mouse tooth epithelial and mesenchymal cell surfaces. Abstr., H Slavkin, G Trump, V Mansour, P Matosian, and W Mino

Size and configuration of glycoprotein fragments cleaved from tumor cells by proteolysis., H S. Slayter and J F. Codington

Activity of the reticuloendothelial system and the antibody response. II. Effect of stilboestrol on the immune response to sheep erythrocytes in the mouse., V S. Sljivic and G W. Warr

Study of the cellular proliferation kinetics of friend leukemia., joffe F. Smadja, C Jasmin, E P. Malaise, and C Bournoutain

Intracytoplasmic a particles, mouse mammary tumor virus nucleoprotein cores., G H. Smith and N A. Wivel

Mouse immunoglobulin kappa chain mpc 11, extra amino-terminal residues., G P. Smith

Lifespan and incidence of cancer and other diseases in selected long- -lived inbred mice and their f1 hybrids., G S. Smith, R L. Walford, and M R. Mickey

Cell surface properties and the expression of sv40-induced trans- formation., H S. Smith, A J. Hiller, E W. Kingsbury, and dory C. Roberts

Intracellular dosimetry calculations for incorporated 67gallium and 125iodine. Abstr., J M. Smith and K Hofer

Changes in distribution of alkaline phosphatase during early implantation and development of the mouse., M S. Smith

Ly-4, a new locus determining a lymphocyte cell-surface alloantigen in mice., G D. Snell, M Cherry, I F. Kenzie, and D W. Bailey

Effects of immunosuppressive treatment on the in vitro activity of mouse lymphoid cells after stimulation by pha and allogeneic cells., H Snippe, P L. Bruijnzeel, and J M. Willers

Potentiation of the erythroid response., M J. Snodgrass, J M. Hanna, S E. Lymphatic, and Erythropoietin

Urethan-induced pulmonary adenoma as a tool for the study of surfactant biosynthesis., C Snyder, B Malone, P Nettesheim, and F Snyder

Purine nucleotide metabolism and nucleotide pool sizes in synchronized lymphoma l5178y cells., F F. Snyder, J F. Henderson, S Kim, A Paterson, and L W. Brox

A comparative study of spontaneous human, dmba-induced hamster, trans- planted mouse (cloudman s91) and hereditary fish melanomas. Abstr., H J. Sobel, E Marquet, R Schwarz, and G J. Corley

Growth of pulmonary alveolar macrophages in vitro., S Soderland and Y Naum

Hair follicle initiation in reciprocal recombinations of downless homozygote and heterozygote mouse tail epidermis and dermis., J Sofaer

Immunosuppression and malignant lymphomas in graft-versus-host reac- tions., C Solnik, H Gleichmann, M Kavanah, and R S. Schwartz

The effect of adrenalectomy on the development of the obese-hypergly- cemic syndrome in ob/ob mice., J Solomon and J Mayer

Explantation of extraembryonic parts of 7-day-old mouse egg cylinders., D Solter and I Damjanov

Urethan acts as a teratogen and causes ultrastructural changes in early postimplantation mouse embryos., D Solter, I Damjanov, and N Skreb

Studies on the metabolism and carcinogenicity of benzo(a)pyrene in the skin of various strains of mice. Abstr., A Somogyi, S Banerjee, M M. Jacobson, J Spranger, L Achor, R Kuntzman, and A H. Conney

A cell line from a primary tumor arising in a d2 hyperplastic nodule. Abstr., H Soule, T Maloney, J Vazquez, and A Long

Characterization of splenic lymphoid cells in fetal and newborn mice., P G. Spear, A Wang, U Rutishauser, and G M. Edelman

Studies on the mechanism of experimental bone marrow aplasia and on bone marrow transplantation after conditioning with als. Abstr., B Speck and M Kissling

Uptake of very low density lipoprotein triglycerides by ehrlich ascites tumor cells. Abstr., A A. Spector and D E. Brenneman

Spontaneous differentiation of mouse teratocarcinoma in tissue culture. Abstr., W C. Speers, J M. Lehman, and G B. Pierce

Effect of phenylhydrazine-induced hemolytic anemia on nuclear rna polymerase activity of the mouse spleen., J L. Spivak, D Toretti, and H W. Dickerman

Circulating t and b lymphocytes of the mouse. I. Migratory properties., J Sprent

Circulating t and b lymphocytes of the mouse. II. Lifespan., J Sprent and A Basten

Effect of recent antigen priming on adoptive immune responses. I. Specific unresponsiveness of cells from lymphoid organs of mice primed with heterologous erythrocytes., J Sprent and J F. Miller

Fattori extracromosomici nella tumorigenesi polmonare spontanea del topo balb/c/cb/se., F Squartini and G B. Bolis

Cycloheximide affects memory within minutes after the onset of training., L R. Squire, G A. Smith, and S H. Barondes

Activity of a new glycosidic lignan derivative (vp 16-213) related to podophyllotoxin in experimental tumors., H Stahelin

Alloantigenic and xenoantigenic determinants associated with h-2., N A. Staines and D A. Davies

Xenoantisera against lymphoid cells, specificity and use in monitor- ing purification of mouse and human histocompatibility antigens., N A. Staines, G J. O'neill, K Guy, and D A. Davies

The effect of hydrocortisone on lymphocyte-mediated cytolysis., L Stavy, I R. Cohen, and M Feldman

Mycoplasmas provide helper activity for friend spleen focus-forming virus in mice. Abstr., R A. Steeves and J Minowada

Control of antibody response to a nucleic acid antigen. Abstr., A D. Steinberg, T M. Chused, and L M. Parker

On the kinetics of erythroid cell differentiation in fetal mice. II. Dna and hemoglobin measurements of individual erythroblasts during gestation., R Steiner

Further data on the slit-lid mutant in mice and the effect of cortisone and doca on its development., K F. Stein and C N. Kettyle

Identification of a novel cell type in peripheral lymphoid organs of mice. I. Morphology, quantitation, tissue distribution., R M. Steinman and Z A. Cohn

Differential cytotoxicity of activated lymphocytes on allogeneic and xenogeneic target cells. II. Activation by phytohemagglutinin., V Stejskal, S Lindberg, G Holm, and P Perlmann

Progressive karyotypic changes in vitro in the ehrlich lettre ascites subline szel., E M. Stephenson and N G. Stephenson

Characterization of temperature-sensitive mutants of murine leukemia virus., J R. Stephenson and S A. Aaronson

Expression of endogenous rna c-type virus group-specific antigens in mammalian cells., J R. Stephenson and S A. Aaronson

Segregation of loci for c-type virus induction in strains of mice with high and low incidence of leukemia., J R. Stephenson and S A. Aaronson

Characterization of morphologic revertants of murine and avian sarcoma virus-transformed cells., J R. Stephenson, R K. Reynolds, and S A. Aaronson