Submissions from 1973

Chemical induction of subcutaneous tumors in balb/c and swiss mice infected with wild type c rna viruses derived from balb/c tissues., R A. Salerno, G M. Ramm, and C E. Whitmire

Early life nutritional deprivation, persistent alteration of blood and urine amino acids in mice., S Samuels

Studies of neoplastic myelomonocytic cells in balb/c mice producing infectious c-type viruses., F T. Sanel

Transplantability and antigenicity of two sublines of the ta3 tumor., B H. Sanford, J F. Codington, R W. Jeanloz, and P D. Palmer

Long-term spontaneous tumor incidence in neonatally thymectomized mice., B H. Sanford, H I. Kohn, J J. Daly, and S F. Soo

Fibrosarcoma induction in immunosuppressed mice., B H. Sanford and S F. Soo

Partial characterization of immunoglobulins in tumor-bearing mice. Abstr., W Sansing, J Bundren, R Glass, J Killion, and G M. Kollmorgen

The glycoprotein surface coat on different classes of murine lympho- cytes., V Santer, R E. Cone, and J J. Marchalonis

Thymo-lymphatic organ response to the ldh-virus. Abstr., G Santisteban and V Riley

Effects of methadone on activity and on brain monoamines in two mouse strains. Abstr., C A. Santos, I )ii, L Middaugh, N Buckholtz, and J W. Zemp

Comparative light and electron microscopic study of retinal histo- genesis in normal and rd mutant mice., S Sanyal and A K. Bal

Induction of mitotic synchrony by intermittent hyperthermia in ehrlich carcinoma in vivo., M D. Sapozink, E E. Deschner, and E W. Hahn

Effect of human milk on the mouse mammary tumor virus., N H. Sarkar, J Charney, A S. Dion, and D H. Moore

The effect of ph on the morphology, electrophoretic mobility, and infectivity of the mouse mammary tumor virus., N H. Sarkar, D H. Moore, and J Charney

A rabbit antiserum to a thymus extract specific for mouse thymus- -derived cells., S Sarkar, R Hyman, T Masuda, and L A. Herzenberg

Dual ultrastructural localization of acid phosphatase in mouse kidney tubule cells., M Sasaki and W H. Fishman

Response of gamma-irradiated mouse salivary gland cells to a prolifer- ative stimulus., T Sasaki and T Nogami

Leukemia-associated transplantation antigens related to murine leukemia virus. The x.1 System, immune response controlled by a locus linked to h-2., H Sato, E Boyse, T Aoki, C Iritani, and L Old

Complex saccharides of cultured melanoma cells. Abstr., C Satoh, J W. Kreider, and E A. Davidson

Comparative study of cytochromes between virus-transformed and untransformed cells., N Sato, B Chance, K Kato, and W Klietmann

Effects of hydrocortisone on the development in vitro of the secondary palate in two inbred strains of mice., I Saxen

Serologically demonstrable cell surface specificities on mouse neuro- blastoma c1300., M Schachner

Distribution of h-2 alloantigen in adult and developing mouse brain., M Schachner and R L. Sidman

Studies on the sexual difference in the 'spontaneous' production of anti-(human)-a antibodies in c57bl/10 mice., H Schanzer and P Rubinstein

Early evaluation of mixed leukocyte interactions in mice and guinea pigs using measurements of protein synthesis., B Schechter, S A. Rosenberg, R Levy, S Ficker, and W D. Terry

Early evaluation of mli in immunized mice, importance of h-2 and non h-2 differences. Abstr., B Schechter and D H. Sachs

Biologically and chemically pure mrna coding for a mouse immunoglo- bulin l-chain prepared with the aid of antibodies and immobilized oligothymidine., I Schechter

Use of antibodies for the isolation of different molecular weight species of mrnas coding for the mouse immunoglobulin l-chain. Abstr., I Schechter and M Miller

Pha and casein stimulation in amyloidotic mice. Abstr., M A. Scheinberg and E S. Cathcart

3-(tetraacetyl Glucopyranos-2-yl)-1-(2-chloroethyl)-1-nitrosourea, gcnu (nsc-114460), a non-myelosuppressive antitumor agent. Abstr., P Schein, M M. Menamin, A T, and E Anderson

3-(tetraacetyl Glucopyranos-2-yl)-1-(2-chloroethyl)-1-nitrosourea, an antitumor agent with modified bone marrow toxicity., P S. Schein, M G. Menamin, and T Anderson

Lymphocyte reactivity to serologically undetected components of the major histocompatibility complex (mhc). Abstr., D J. Schendal, B J. Alter, and F H. Bach

The effects of x-irradiation on the metastatic growth of p815x2 mastocytoma in mice. Abstr., L Schenken, L Poulakos, and R Hagemann

The genetics of the immune response to a synthetic double-stranded rna in a mutant cba mouse strain., I Scher, M M. Frantz, and A D. Steinberg

Sex linked immune deficiency to a synthetic double stranded rna in a mutant mouse strain. Abstr., I Scher and A D. Steinberg

Cytokinetics of the s-180 ascites tumor system., L M. Schiffer, J S. Nelson, B Dilettuso, and W Randolph

Stability of resistance-susceptibility characteristics in 2 inbred mouse strains., L J. Schiff, P W. Barbera, A M. Schefner, and S M. Poiley

Stimulation of igg antibody response in vitro by t cell-replacing factor., A Schimpl and E Wecker

Antibody-induced alteration in the expression of the h-2 antigenicity on murine peritoneal cells, the effect of metabolic inhibitors on antigenic modulation and antigen recovery., M Schlesinger and M Chaouat

Thymus cell subpopulations separated on discontinuous bsa gradients, antigenic properties and circulation capacity., M Schlesinger, S Gottesfeld, and Z Korzash

Antigenic differences between spleen-seeking and lymph node-seeking thymus cells., M Schlesinger, korzash Z. Shlomai, and E Israel

A comparative study of the biologic and molecular basis of murine mammary carcinoma, a model for human breast cancer., J Schlom, R Michalides, D Kufe, R Hehlmann, S Spiegelman, P Bentvelzen, and P Hageman

Evidence for viral involvement in murine and human mammary adenocarci- noma., J Schlom and S Spiegelman

Imuran-induced regression of plasma cell tumor mopc-315., M Schlossberg and V P. Hollander

Chemotherapeutic, carcinogenic and cell regulatory effects of 1-phenyl -3-monomethyltriazene (pmt). Abstr., F A. Schmid and D J. Hutchison

Decrease in oncogenic potential of l1210 leukemia by triazenes., F A. Schmid and D J. Hutchison

Effects of sublethal irradiation on the plaque-forming cell response in mice., J R. Schmidtke and F J. Dixon

The effect of in vivo irradiation on macrophage function., J R. Schmidtke and F J. Dixon

Concurrent increased immunogenicity and macrophage handling of neuraminidase treated sheep red blood cells. Abstr., J R. Schmidtke and R L. Simmons

Cyclic-nucleotide phosphodiesterase activity in normal and degenerative retinae. Abstr., S Y. Schmidt

Cyclic-nucleotide phosphodiesterase. An early defect in inherited retinal degeneration of c3h mice., S Y. Schmidt and R N. Lolley

Immune response by cultured bone marrow and thymus cells. Abstr., S K. Schmiege and H C. Miller

Ethanol preference and behavioral tolerance in mice, biochemical and neurophysiological mechanisms., C W. Schneider, S K. Evans, M B. Chenoweth, and F L. Beman

Effect of isopropyl methane sulphonate (ims) on haemopoirtic colony- -forming cells., R Schofield and L Lajtha

Regulation of the immune response by igm antibody, a paradoxical suppression of the in vitro primary immune response to sheep erythro- cytes by passive igm., J W. Schrader

Specific activation of the bone marrow-derived lymphocyte by antigen presented in a non-multivalent form. Evidence for a two-signal mechanism of triggering., J W. Schrader

The effects of folic acid deficiency on some aspects of development in dba/2j and c57bl/6j mice., R A. Schreiber, W Shaw, and J W. Zemp

Neonatal folate deficiency, effect on audiogenic seizures in dba/2j mice., R A. Schreiber and J W. Zemp

Toxicity of vincristine to cells in interphase. Abstr., R Schrek

The capacity of macrophage components to inhibit anti-macrophage serum activity., A Schroit, B Geiger, and R Gallily

Human x mouse somatic cell hybrid clone secreting immunoglobulins of both parental types., J Schwaber and E P. Cohen

Human x mouse somatic cell hybrid secreting immunoglobulins containing heavy chains from both parental cells. Abstr., J Schwaber and E P. Cohen

Heart autoantibodies in mice, genetic, bacterial, and age deter- minants., J H. Schwab and R R. Brown

Cytotoxic effect of viruses on harding-passey melanoma in tissue culture., A E. Schwartz, J S. Schwartz, and E W. Friedman

Biosynthetic properties of h-2 alloantigens, turnover rate in h-2d tumor cells., B D. Schwartz, S Wickner, T V. Rajan, and S G. Nathenson

The molecular classes of two homocytotropic antibodies in the mouse., H A. Schwartz and B B. Levine

Adriamycin and daunorubicin, a basis for antitumor selectivity in mice. Abstr., H S. Schwartz

Adriamycin and daunorubicin, a comparison of antitumor activities and tissue uptake in mice following immunosuppression., H S. Schwartz and G B. Grindey

Identifizierung 'atypischer' adeninabbauprodukte isolierter epidermis haarloser mause., E Schwarz, M Berger, and H Pech

Suppression and selection of b cells during lysozyme tolerance in the mouse., R Scibienski and E Sercarz

Identical idiotypes and variable subgroups in antiphosphorylcholine antibody and phosphorylcholine myeloma proteins. Abstr., J Scornik, L Kluskens, and H Kohler

Membrane ultrastructure of freeze-cleaved balb/c 3t3 and sv40 transformed balb/c 3t3 fibroblasts, the effect of cyclic amp derivatives on intramembranous particle distribution. Abstr., R E. Scott and J H. Kersey

Abscesses of the bulbourethral glands of mice due to pasteurella pneumotropica., A Sebesteny

Measurement of tumor immunity in vitro with 125 i-iododeoxyuridine- -labeled target cells., R C. Seeger and J J. Owen

Effects of mannoheptulose on the dynamics of glucose oxidation in the pancreatic beta-cells., J Sehlin

A simple method for skin grafting in germfree mice., K Seibert and M Pollard

Das verhalten hamopoetischer stammzellen bei mausen mit virusleukamie. I. Milzkolonieversuche am mausestamm cba nach infektion mit dem rauscher-virus., H Seidel

Stem cells in the peripheral blood of rauscher leukemic mice., H J. Seidel

X-ray-induced specific-locus mutation rate in newborn male mice., P B. Selby

X-ray-induced specific-locus mutation rates in young male mice., P B. Selby

Cytotoxic effect of human monocytes to mouse red cells., R Seljelid and kaas A. Munthe

Erythrocyte chimaerism in w-series anaemic mice after allogeneic splenic transplants to the renal cortex., M J. Seller

The presence of donor-type immunoglobulins in anaemic mice of the w-series transplanted with allogeneic foetal liver cells., M J. Seller

In vivo effect of adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate on ehrlich ascites tumour cells., M J. Seller and P F. Benson

Phagocytosis of type b and type c virus particles by mouse peritoneal cells in vivo. Abstr., G Seman and L Dmochowski

Viropexis of type b particles in reticulum cell sarcoma of riii/dm strain mice., G Seman and L Dmochowski

Leukemoid reaction in balb/c mice bearing transplantable tumor., F Sendo, T Kodama, and H Kobayashi

Cell-mediated immune reaction against tumors induced by oncorna- viruses. Iii. Studies by mixed lymphocyte--tumor reaction., A Senik, E Gomard, F Plata, and J P. Levy

The effect of 1,3-bis(2-chloroethylamino)-1 nitrosourea (bcnu) on transplanted hematopoietic cells. Abstr., L L. Sensenbrenner

Comparative effects of cytotoxic agents on transplanted hematopoietic and antibody-producing cells., L L. Sensenbrenner, A H. Owens, J R. Heiby, and H F. Jeejeebhoy

Neuraminidase induced loss in the transplantability of murine leukaemia l1210, induction of immunoprotection and the transfer of induced immunity to normal dba/2 mice by serum and peritoneal cells., K K. Sethi and H Brandis

Synergistic cytotoxic effect of macrophages and normal mouse serum on neuraminidase-treated murine leukaemia cells., K K. Sethi and H Brandis

Transplacental and combined long-term effect of ddt in five genera- tions of a-strain mice., L M. Shabad, T S. Kolesnichenko, and T V. Nikonova

Studies on in vitro models of cellular immunity. The role of t and b cells in the secretion of lymphotoxin., S J. Shacks, J Chiller, and G A. Granger

Radiation control of microscopic pulmonary metastases in c3h mice., J Shaeffer, mahdi A. El, and W C. Constable

Comparative survival of skin grafts from several donor species on congenitally athymic mice., C F. Shaffer, N D. Reed, and J W. Jutila

Differential morphology of mouse spleen cells stimulated in vitro by endotoxin, phytohemagglutinin, pokeweed mitogen and staphylococcal enterotoxin b., J W. Shands, D L. Peavy, and R T. Smith

Inhibition of gross leukemia virus replication by 3-deazauridine. Abstr., W M. Shannon and L Westbrook

The source of the cells which repopulate the thymus in irradiated cba mice. Abstr., J G. Sharp and D B. Thomas

Polyamine biosynthesis in brains of dilute lethal (dl/dl) mutant mice. Abstr., E G. Shaskan and J M. Marshall