Submissions from 1973

Interaction of calcium with mitochondria isolated from ehrlich ascites tumour cells., R F. Thorne and F L. Bygrave

Effects of heat alone and in combination with radiation on normal and neoplastic tissue in vivo. Abstr., D E. Thrall and E L. Gillette

Effect of heat on the c3h mouse mammary adenocarcinoma evaluated in terms of tumor growth., D E. Thrall, E L. Gillette, and C L. Bauman

Haemadsorption by lymphoid tissue from normal mice., S Thunold

Complement factors and the growth of ehrlich's carcinoma., S Thunold, V Horseide, and F Hartveit

Localization in mouse lymphoid tissue of receptors for immunoglobulin., S Thunold, O Tonder, and J Wiig

Selective dna synthesis by cells specifically localizing in response to xenogeneic erythrocytes., D R. Thursh and E E. Emeson

Graft-vs-host reactivity of mouse thymocytes, effect of cortisone pretreatment of donors., R E. Tigelaar and R Asofsky

Synergy among lymphoid cells mediating the graft-versus-host response. V. Derivation by migration in lethally irradiated recipients of two interacting subpopulations of thymus-derived cells from normal spleen., R E. Tigelaar and R Asofsky

Antibody response to tumor specific cell surface antigen and cross reactive antigens in tumor cells. Abstr., C C. Ting and R B. Herberman

Suppression of autochthonous grafts of spontaneous mammary tumor by induced allogeneic graft rejection mechanism., R Tokuzen and W Nakahara

Rabbit serum as complement source in the cytoxicity test against mouse ascites tumors. Abstr., W R. Tolbert, C P. Eng, J P. Concannon, and L M. Schiffer

Genetic control of experimental autoimmune thyroiditis in mice. Abstr., V Tomazic, N R. Rose, and D C. Shreffler

Inheritance of susceptibility and resistance to rauscher leukaemia virus., F D. Toth, L Vaczi, and M Balogh

Suppression of established friend virus leukemia by statolon. Vii. Relative roles of interferon and the immune response in development of fv-dormant infections., S T. Toy, O S. Weislow, and E F. Wheelock

Inhibition of friend virus (fv) cytotoxic antibody by gamma 1 igg from sera of normal and statolon-induced dormant fv-infected mice. Abstr., S T. Toy and E F. Wheelock

Environmental modifiability of the brain, pituitary and adrenals during maturity and aging in the c57bl/10 mouse. Abstr., B D. Trapp and J M. Ordy

Graft-versus-host-induced immunosuppression. The effect of antigenic stimulation on cell-mediated and humoral immune responses., W Treiber and W S. Lapp

Phenylalanine hydroxylase in dilute lethal mice., D M. Treiman and A Tourian

Prevention of acute graft-versus-host (gvh) mortality with spleen- -absorbed antithymocyte globulin (atg)., J J. Trentin and K P. Judd

Lymphocyte interactions in the presence of mitogens. New possibilities of exploring histocompatibility in the mouse and man., G Tridente, L Yung, G Mok, tridente E. Lupatin, and donati L. Fiore

Ultrastructural basis of biochemical effects in a series of lethal alleles in the mouse. Neonatal and developmental studies., M J. Trigg and waelsch S. Gluecksohn

Immunological characterization of a low molecular weight polypeptide of murine leukemia virus., S R. Tronick, J R. Stephenson, and S A. Aaronson

Replication of the moloney murine sarcoma-leukemia virus in xc cells., S T. Trowbridge, melnick M. Benyesh, and N Biswal

Preparation of two solid phase immunogens., G N. Trump

Increased h-2 antigenic sites after sv40 transformation of balb/c 3t3 fibroblasts. Abstr., E Tsakraklides, J Kersey, and R A. Good

Correlation of cell transit time with survival time in acute intesti- nal radiation death of germ-free and conventional rodents., S Tsubouchi and T Matsuzawa

Chemotherapy of lymph node metastasis by thigh and footpad inoculation of mouse leukemia l-1210 cells., S Tsukagoshi, T Inouye, and Y Sakurai

Alterations of mouse embryo cells during in vitro aging., A Tuffery and R Baker

Dominance of akr lymphocytes in tetraparental akr--cab-t6t6 chimaeras., M Tuffrey, R D. Barnes, E P. Evans, and C E. Ford

Immune complex in glomeruli of normal pregnancy. Abstr., K S. Tung

Induction of axon growth and increased acetylchoinesterase production in mouse neuroblastoma cells by sulfur mustard. Abstr., J D. Turnbull, V J. Aloyo, and B Papirmeister

Studies on the mechanism of corticosteroid-induced lymphocytolysis., R W. Turnell, L H. Clarke, and A F. Burton

Humoral and cellular immune responses of mice to rabies and smallpox vaccines., G S. Turner

The sensitivity of bleomycin of spleen colony forming units in the mouse., P Twentyman and N Bleehen

Popliteal lymph node weight gain assay for graft-versus-host reactivity in mice., V Twist and R Barnes

Modification of severe graft-versus-host disease with antisera to the theta antigen or to whole serum., M L. Tyan

Fetal lymphoid tissues, antibody production in vitro., M L. Tyan, D B. Ness, and P R. Gibbs

Multihormonal activities of normal and neoplastic pituitary cells as indicated by immunohistochemical staining., G Ueda, P Moy, and J Furth

Redistribution and fate of ig complexes on surface of b lymphocytes, functional implications and mechanisms., E R. Unanue and M J. Karnovsky

Ligand-induced movement of lymphocyte membrane macromolecules. Iii. Relationship between the formation and fate of anti-ig-surface ig complexes and cell metabolism., E R. Unanue, M J. Karnovsky, and H D. Engers

Spontaneous leukemia of akr mice., P C. Ungaro, W P. Mardiney, P A. Prevention, and T Of

An enzymatic function associated with transformation of fibroblasts by oncogenic viruses. I. Chick embryo fibroblast cultures transformed by avian rna tumor viruses., J Unkeless, A Tobia, L Ossowski, J Quigley, D Rifkin, and E Reich

Comparative survival of male recipients of female or maternal marrow, a preliminary report. Abstr., D E. Uphoff

Maternal control of the immune response., D E. Uphoff

Maternal influences on mouse embryos and preservation of mutant strains by freezing., D E. Uphoff

Maternal influences on the immune response., D E. Uphoff

Survival of irradiated hybrid female mice inoculated with maternal bone marrow, a preliminary report., D E. Uphoff

Sensitizing ability and toxicity of iodoacetamide in radiotherapy of a c3h mouse mammary carcinoma., M Urano, N Tanaka, and S Hayashi

A, b, and t cell function in mouse allogeneic radiation chimeras. Abstr., P Urso and N Gengozian

T cell deficiency in mouse allogeneic radiation chimeras., P Urso and N Gengozian

Interactions of normal and cancer cells from swiss and mammary tumor mouse explant tissues. Abstr., I L. Uydess, R Linderman, and D F. Parsons

B-cell amplification by dibutyryl cyclic amp in mice., A D. Uzunova and E E. Hanna

Humoral and cellular immune factors in the systemic control of artificially induced metastases in c3hf mice., J Vaage

Influence of tumor antigen on maintenance versus depression of tumor- -specific immunity., J Vaage

Seasonal rhythmicity of 59fe uptake into the erythropoietic organs of strain c57bl/10 mice., J Vacha, V Znojil, and J Hola

Schedule-dependent therapeutic synergism for l-asparaginase and methotrexate in leukemic (l5178y) mice., S Vadlamudi, B Krishna, V V. Reddy, and A Goldin

Remission induction with vincristine and prednisone and remission maintenance with methotrexate in mice bearing lymphosarcoma p1798., S Vadlamudi, M Padarathsingh, N Mantel, and A Goldin

Release of lymphotoxins by spleen cells sensitized against mouse tumor associated antigens., D Vaillier, M Donner, J Vaillier, and C Burg

Interaction of genotype and exogenous neonatal estrogen, aggression in female mice., J R. Vale, D Ray, and C A. Vale

The interaction of genotype and exogenous neonatal androgen and estrogen, sex behavior in female mice., J R. Vale, D Ray, and C A. Vale

Diallel analyses of water intake, body weight, and percent hemoconcen- tration in male mice., J R. Vale and C A. Vale

The kinetics of lethality of actinomycin d (act-d) on normal and leukemic cells. Abstr., F Valeriote

Antidonor immunologic reactions of long-standing radiation chimeras., D W. Van bekkum and J Roodenburg

Antibody-dependent lymphoid cell-mediated cytotoxicity, role of lymphocytes bearing a receptor for complement., J A. Van boxel, W E. Paul, M M. Frank, and I Green

Somatosensory cortex, structural alterations following early injury to sense organs., H Van der loos and T A. Woolsey

Effect of heavy netals on the in vitro cytotoxicity of 3-ethoxy-2- -oxobutyraldehyde bis(thiosemicarbazone) and related compounds., G Van giessen, J Crim, D Petering, and H Petering

The in vitro growth of bone marrow cells from rauscher leukemia virus infected mice., L Van griensven, E V. Hull, and M D. Vries

Genetic control of mitochondrial enzymes in human-mouse somatic cell hybrids., V Van heyningen, I Craig, and W Bodmer

Stimulation of in vitro antibody responses to sheep red cells by thymus cells activated to histocompatibility antigens., D C. Vann and P C. Galloway

Cortisone-treated spleen cells, restoration of in vitro antibody responses by a factor from activated t cells. Abstr., D C. Vann and S Varrati

Effect of x-irradiation on melanosomal tyrosinase activity., M H. Van woert and F Korb

Enhancement of virus-induced leukemias and sarcomas in f1 hybrid mice inoculated with parental spleen cells., B Varet, A Cannat, N Feingold, J Wechsler, and J P. Levy

Transcription of mouse mammary tumor virus genes in tissues from high and low tumor incidence mouse strains., H E. Varmus, N Quintrell, E Medeiros, J M. Bishop, O C. Nowinski, and N H. Sarkar

In vitro studies of dissociated cells from newborn mouse dorsal root ganglia., S Varon, C Raiborn, and E Tyszka

Kinetic parameters of bone marrow stem cells using in vivo suicide by tritiated thymidine or by hydroxyurea., F Vassort, M Winterholer, E Frindel, and M Tubiana

Increased cytolytic effect of immune lymphocytes in a syngeneic tumour system following simple purification procedures., D M. Vasudevan, K T. Brunner, and J Cerottini

Characterization of an immunosuppressive factor present in mouse serum., B Veit and J G. Michael

Comparison of techniques for taking liver and lung samples from small rodents for bacteriological culture., A P. Verstraete

A radioimmunoassay for mtv-antigens., A A. Verstraeten, P C. Hageman, and H G. Kwa

High-frequency induction in vivo of mouse leukemia in akr strain by 5-azacytidine and 5-iodo-2'-deoxyuridine., J Vesely and A Cihak

Role of hormonal environment, partial hepatectomy, and dose of ethyl- nitrosourea in renal carcinogenesis., S D. Vesselinovitch, L Itze, N Mihailovich, K V. Rao, and B Manojlovski

Further evidence for the resemblance of h-2d to non-h-2 antigens., V Viklicky

On the origin of mast cells in adult life., V Viklicky, P Sima, and H Pritchard

Translation of poliovirus mrna in mammalian cell-free systems. Abstr., komaroff L. Villa, D Baltimore, and H F. Lodish

Synthesis, transport, dynamics and fate of cell surface ig and alloantigens in murine lymphocytes., E S. Vitetta and J W. Uhr

Immunoglobulin synthesis and secretion by cells in the mouse thymus that do not bear theta antigen., E S. Vitetta, J W. Uhr, and E A. Boyse

The effect of methotrexate on granulocytic stem cells and granulopoiesis., W R. Vogler, E S. Mingioli, and F A. Garwood

Immunoallogeneic shock in adult mice injected with allotransplantation immune sera., J Voisin, R Kinsky, and G A. Voisin

Characterization of a neoplasm arising in c3h/fg mice exposed to thyrocalcitonin (tct). Abstr., J E. Volz, C P. Barrett, and J P. Petrali

Direct cell contact is required in the syngeneic mixed lymphocyte reaction., H Von boehmer

Syngeneic mixed lymphocyte reaction between thymocytes and peripheral lymphoid cells in mice, strain specificity and nature of the target cell., H Von boehmer and P B. Adams

The degradation of newly synthesized rna in ehrlich ascites tumor cells., R G. Von tigerstrom

Single cell transplants of gross virus-induced lymphomas. Abstr., D L. Vredevoe and E F. Hays

Male-specific antigen, modification of potency by the h-2 locus in mice., S S. Wachtel, D L. Gasser, and W K. Silvers

Continued expression of h-y antigen on male lymphoid cells resident in female (chimaeric) mice., S S. Wachtel, E H. Goldberg, E Zuckerman, and E A. Boyse

The distribution of chlorcyclizine-14c in pregnant mice., W J. Waddell

Enhanced growth of fibrosarcoma in mice treated with phytohemagglu- tinin., D J. Wagener

Cell-mediated immune response in vitro. IV. Metabolic studies on cellular immunogenicity., H Wagner

Cell-mediated immune responses in vitro, interaction of thymus- -derived cells during cytotoxic allograft responses in vitro., H Wagner