Submissions from 1973

Differential effects of microsomal enzyme inducers on aryl hydrocarbon hydroxyalse (ahh) activity in mouse tissues in vivo and in organ culture. Abstr., K Burki, A G. Liebelt, and E Bresnick

Induction of aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase in mouse tissues from a high and low cancer strain and their f1 hybrids., K Burki, A G. Liebelt, and E Bresnick

Early effects of 3-methylcholanthrene (mc) and its 'k region' expoxide on mouse skin, possible relationship to tumorigenesis. Abstr., K Burki, J E. Wheeler, and E Bresnick

Stimulation of murine lymph node cells by syngeneic methylcholan- threne-induced sarcoma cells. Abstr., M W. Burk, S Yu, and C F. Khann

A factor from a transformed cell line that affects cell migration., R R. Burk

The effect of divided doses of x-rays on the regrowth of hair in the mouse., T E. Burlin, A V. Challoner, I A. Magnus, and L Szur

Isoproterenol-induced phase shifts in circadian rhythm of mitosis in murine corneal epithelium., E R. Burns and L E. Scheving

Rapid in vitro method for determining cytotoxicity of antitumor agents., H Buskirk, J Crim, G V. Giessen, and H Petering

The synthesis, assembly, and secretion of gamma globulin by mouse myeloma cells. VI. Assembly of igm proteins., J Buxbaum and M D. Scharff

Inhibition of replication and differentiation in malignant mouse neuroblasts., J E. Byfield and U Karlsson

Alternative potentiating and inhibitory effects of gvh reaction on formation of antibodies against a thymus-independent polysaccharide (siii)., P Byfield, G H. Christie, and J F. Howard

Relative resistance of early memory cells in mice primed with sheep erythrocytes to cytotoxic effects of anti-theta serum., P Byfield and A Salerno

The role of the thymus in maturational development of phytohemagglutinin and pokeweed mitogen responsiveness., W J. Byrd, H Von boehmer, and B T. Rouse

Drug receptors and the haemopoietic stem cell., J W. Byron

Binding of antigen by immunocytes. I. Effect of ligand valence on binding affinity of mopc 315 cells for dnp conjugates., J Bystryn, G W. Siskind, and J W. Uhr

Kinetics of murine haemopoietic cell proliferation in diffusion chambers., A Byum and H Breivik

Chediak-higasi syndrome (c-hs) studies in mouse and mink kidney and liver lysosomes. Abstr., Z Camacho and G Padgett

Kinetics of immunoreactive insulin release in obese hyperglycemic laboratory rodents., D P. Cameron, W Stauffacher, M Amherdt, L Orci, and A E. Renold

Antinuclear antibodies in hybrid mice inoculated with parental spleen cells., A Cannat and B Varet

Induction of antinuclear antibodies in mice inoculated with rauscher leukemogenic virus, possible role of genetic factors in 'non-new zealand' strains., A Cannat and B Varet

Paradoxical effect of anti-thymocyte serum on the thymus., H Cantor and R Asofsky

Characteristics of disparate histocompatibility barriers in congenic strains of mice. II. Antibody-associated suppression., J L. Cantrell and W H. Hildemann

A host-mediated assay for chemical mutagens using the l5178y/asn murine leukemia. Abstr., R L. Capizzi, W J. Smith, R Field, and B Papirmeister

Phylogenetically associated residues within the vhiii subgroup of several mammalian species. Evidence for a 'pauci-gene' basis for anti- body diversity., J D. Capra, R L. Wasserman, and J M. Kehoe

Quantitation of mouse mammary tumor virus (mtv) virions by radio- immunoassay., R D. Cardiff

Acid phosphatase activity in the liver of mice with transplanted leukaemia., O Carevic, V Sverko, and M Boranic

Stimulation of the immune response to l1210/mtx in dba/2j mice by anti-l1210/mtx. Abstr., G A. Carlson and G Terres

In vitro inhibitory effects of narcotic analgesics and other psycho- tropic drugs on the active uptake of norepinephrine in mouse brain tissue., F J. Carmichael and Y Israel

Increased reactivity of mouse spleen cells sensitized in vitro against syngeneic tumor cells in the presence of a thymic humoral factor., C Carnaud, D Ilfeld, I Brook, and N Trainin

Immunochemical analysis of the cross-reacting idiotypes of mouse myeloma proteins with anti-dextran activity and normal anti-dextran antibody., D Carson and M Weigert

Mendelian segregation of a tolerance-inducing self-antigen in the spleen., J Carter and T G. Wegmann

Treatment of a mouse lymphoma by l-asparaginase, success depends on the host's immune response., R L. Carter, T A. Connors, B J. Weston, and A J. Davies

Some thoughts on experimental models and their clinical correlations., S K. Carter

Morphine, mescaline and cocaine on water maze discrimination in mice., C Castellano

Further investigations on the behaviour of cultivated salivary gland adenocarcinoma of the mouse., L Castelli, M Marcante, and A Caputo

Foetal antigens and cancer., J E. Castro, E M. Lance, P B. Medawar, J Zanelli, and R Hunt

Human parathyroid adenomata maintained in immunosuppressed mice., J E. Castro and J M. Zanelli

Genetic disorders of sex determination in mice and other mammals, p. 129-141. In a. G. Motulsky and w. Lentz (ed.) Internat. Cong. Ser. NO. 310- -birth Defects-(proc. Fourth internat. Conf. Vienna, austria, 2-8, B M. Cattanach

Nondisjunction and reduced fertility caused by the tobacco mouse metacentric chromosomes., B Cattanach and H Moseley

Reactivity of mice hypersensitized with dinitrophenol to growth of syngeneic tumors. Abstr., G Cavallo and G Forni

And reeler mutant mice, an autoradiographic analysis., V Caviness, M O. Hippocampus, and D G. Normal

Retrophippocampal, hippocampal and related structures of the forebrain in the reeler mutant mouse., V S. Caviness and R L. Sidman

Time of origin of corresponding cell classes in the cerebral cortex of normal and reeler mutant mice. An autoradiographic analysis., V S. Caviness and R L. Sidman

Antigen binding rosette forming cells in a friend virus-induced leukemia., J Cerny and J Halasa

Inhibitory effect of interferon preparations and inducers on the multiplication of transplanted allogeneic spleen cells and syngeneic bone marrow cells., J Cerottini, K T. Brunner, P Lindahl, and I Gresser

Mechanisms of antibacterial immunity against vibrio cholerae in the intestinal tracts of baby mice., W Chaicumpa and D Rowley

The use of ruthenium red in an electron microscope study of cytophago- cytosis., V C. Chambers

Determining the stage of the estrous cycle in the mouse by the appear- ance of the vagina., A K. Champlin, D L. Dorr, and A H. Gates

Predominance of theta-positive lymphocytes in gut-associated and peri- pheral lymphoid tissues of newborn mice., A D. Chanana, J Schaedeli, M W. Hess, and H Cottier

Ultrastructural and associated studies on experimental mastitis in the mouse produced by three strains of streptococcus., R L. Chandler

The development and specific suppression of concomitant immunity in two syngeneic tumour-host systems., K D. Chandradasa

The localization of actin-like fibers in cultured neuroblastoma cells as revealed by heavy meromyosin binding., C Chang and R D. Goldman

Regulation of the immune response. VI. Inability of f(ab')2 antibody to terminate established immune responses and its ability to interfere with igg antibody-mediated immunosuppression., P L. Chan and N R. Sinclair

Mechanism of interferon uptake in parental and somatic monkey-mouse hybrid cells., C Chany, A Gregoire, M Vignal, moncuit J. Lemaitre, P Brown, F Besancon, H Suarez, and R Cassingena

Mouse leukemia therapy, effects of bcg dose and route of administration. Abstr., S D. Chaparas, J Pearson, N A. Sher, and M Chirigos

Immunization against mammary tumorigenesis in mice with formalin- -inactivated mtv. Abstr., J Charney, D H. Moore, J A. Holben, and C M. Cody

Antigen recognition by t lymphocytes. IV. Differences in antigen- -binding characteristics of t- and b-rfc, a cause for variations in the evaluation of t-rfc., J Charrieire, M Dardenne, and J Bach

Apparent relation of metabolites of progesterone to progesterone activity, 16 alpha-hydroxyprogesterone antagonism in the uterine stromal nuclei of the mouse., R T. Chatterton and T R. Forbes

Intracellular localization of glutamine-aminohydrolase in normal and malignant tissues., L Chaudhuri and G Shrivastava

Side-chain altered methotrexate analogs designed with improved membrane transport properties. Abstr., M Chaykovsky, A Rosowsky, and E J. Modest

Effect of complete freund's adjuvant on transplanted and spontaneous lymphoma in akr mice. Abstr., J H. Check, L W. Brady, and E A. O'neill

Walls against ehrlich carcinoma and a syngeneic lymphoid leukemia in mice., L Chedid, A Lamensans, F Parant, M Parant, A Adam, J F. Petit, D E. Lederer, and T E. Cell

B lymphocytes as stimulators of a mixed lymphocyte reaction., C Cheers and J Sprent

Dependence of 5-methyltetrahydrofolate utilization by l5178y murine leukemia cells in vitro on the presence of hydroxycobalamin and transcobalamin ii., P L. Chello and J R. Bertino

Effects of priming for audiogenic seizures in mice as a function of genotype and sound intensity., C Chen

Interference with priming for audiogenic seizures by ether and prepriming stimulation., C Chen

Interference with priming for audiogenic seizures in balb/c mice by prior auditory stimulation., C Chen

Sensitization for audiogenic seizures in two strains of mice and their f1 hybrids., C Chen

Densensitization of priming-induced audiogenic seizure susceptibility in balb/c mice., C Chen and G R. Gates

Effect of priming and tympanic membrane destruction on development of audiogenic seizure susceptibility in balb/c mice., C Chen, G R. Gates, and G R. Bock

Mouse ascites sarcoma 180 thymidylate kinase. General properties, kinetic analysis, and inhibition studies., Y Cheng and W H. Prusoff

Elevated sterol synthesis in lymphocytic leukemia cells from two inbred strains of mice. Abstr., H W. Chen, H Heiniger, and H Meier

Elevated sterol synthesis in lymphocytic leukemia cells from two inbred strains of mice., H W. Chen, A A. Kandutsch, H Heiniger, and H Meier

The genetics of glutamic-pyruvic transaminase in mice, inheritance, electrophoretic phenotypes, and postnatal changes., S Chen, R P. Donahue, and C R. Scott

Tyrosinase isozymes in mammalian melanomas. Abstr., Y M. Chen and A Huo

Inhibition and characterization of thymidylate (dtmp) kinase derived from mouse ascites sarcoma 180. Abstr., Y Chen and W H. Prusoff

The evolution of number of bone marrow stem cells in mice with l1210 leukemia., C Chevalier and E Frindel

Prevention of murine sarcoma virus oncogenesis in offspring of immunized female mice., bianchi L. Chieco, D Collavo, G Biasi, and A Colombatti

Restoration of immunocompetency in tolerant lymphoid cell populations by cellular supplementation., J M. Chiller and W O. Weigle

Termination of tolerance to human gamma globulin in mice by antigen and bacterial lipopolysaccharide (endotoxin)., J M. Chiller and W O. Weigle

Augmentation of chemotherapeutically induced remission of a murine leukemia by a chemical immunoadjuvant., M Chirigos, J Pearson, and J Pryor

Ventromedial hypothalamic lesions in obese-hyperglycaemic mice (obob)., C Chlouverakis, L Bernardis, and D Hojnicki

Contact inhibition of in vitro growth of anaplastic carcinoma cells 15091a. Abstr., T K. Chowdhury and T K. Chaudhuri

Adoptive transfer of cell-mediated immunity to p-815-x2 mastocytoma. Abstr., J A. Christopher

Analgesia following sulfapyridine administration in morphine-pre- treated mice, a morphine 'reservoir'., C P. Chryssanthou

Tumor regression mediated by mycobacterium bovis (strain bcg). Effects of isonicotinic acid hydrazide, cortisone acetate, and antithymocyte serum., E B. Chung, B Zbar, and H J. Rapp

Fine structure of sertoli cells in mice with testicular feminization and an xx sex-reversal. Abstr., K W. Chung

Enhanced antibody response of mice to polyinosinic.polycytidylic Acid by antithymocyte serum and its age-dependent loss in nzb/w mice., T M. Chused, A D. Steinberg, and L M. Parker

In vivo response of l1210 cells to dose fractionation. Abstr., W Chu and J Slater

Genetically controlled alterations in the rate of degradation of phenylethanolamine n-methyltransferase., R D. Ciaranello and J Axelrod

Progressive loss of h-2 antigens with concomitant increase of cell- -surface antigen(s) determined by moloney leukemia virus in cultured murine lymphomas., M Cikes, S Friberg, and G Klein

Immunoglobulin nascent chains on membrane-bound ribosomes of myeloma cells., D Cioli and E S. Lennox

Purification and characterization of nascent chains from immunoglobu- lin producing cells., D Cioli and E S. Lennox

Calcium transport in intact ehrlich ascites tumor cells., A Cittadini, A Scarpa, and B Chance

Clonal nature of the immune response to phosphorylcholine. Abstr., J L. Claflin, J M. Davie, and R Lieberman

Antibody-binding characteristics at the cellular level. II. Presence of cells secreting high affinity igg antibody at the onset of the immune response., L Claflin and B Merchant

Antibody-binding characteristics at the cellular level. I. Compara- tive maturation of hapten-specific igm and igg plaque-forming cell populations., L Claflin, B Merchant, and J Inman

Rabbit antiserum to brain-associated thymus antigens of mouse and rat. II. Analysis of species-specific and cross-reacting antibodies., J Clagett, H Peter, J D. Feldman, and W O. Weigle

Radiation-induced immunosuppression and leukemogenesis. Abstr., N Clapp and J Yuhas

Effect of bordetella pertussis on graft survival after rabbit anti- -mouse lymphocyte serum (als) treatment and donor bone marrow. Abstr., A W. Clark and A P. Monaco