Submissions from 1973

Formation of a carcinogen of natural origin in the etiology of ultra- violet light-induced carcinogenesis., H S. Black and D R. Douglas

Comparison of the ease of tolerance induction in thymus and bone marrow of three strains of mice., R Blackstock and R M. Hyde

Purification and properties of dna-dependent rna polymerases from nuclei of ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells. Abstr., D G. Blair

Partial purification and characterization of rna polymerase from nuclei of ehrlich ascites tumor cells., D G. Blair and A K. Mukherjee

Distribution of histamine in 7 brain regions in different species and strains of mammals., I Blanco, M Blanco, M Grau, J Palacios, F Picatoste, and G Scherk

Macrophage activation in mice infected with ectromelia or lymphocytic choriomeningitis viruses., R V. Blanden and C A. Mims

In vitro assay of cellular immunity to tumor-specific antigen(s) of virus-induced tumors by macrophage migration inhibition., J W. Blasecki and S S. Tevethia

Cellular immunity to antigens associated with papovavirus sv40- -transformed cells. Abstr., J W. Blasecki, G Waneck, and S S. Tevethia

Effect of testosterone on the formation of erythroid spleen colonies from fetal liver precursor cells., I Bleiberg, G Perah, and M Feldman

Dissociated thymus and bone marrow cells, synergism in graft versus host reaction., J Blessing

Effect of stimulation of the host defense system by coenzyme q10 on dibenzpyrene-induced tumors and infection with friend leukemia virus in mice., E G. Bliznakov

Prevention, by testosterone, of the intestinal toxicity caused by the antitumor agent 3-deazauridine. Abstr., A Bloch, M C. Wang, and C L. Simpson

Immunoglobulin levels of sera of genetically thymusless (nude) mice., J Bloemmen and H Eyssen

Synergism between thymocytes and lymph node cells in the graft-versus- -host response. Effect of cortisone treatment of the thymus cell donor., H Blomgren

Inhibition of erythropoiesis in the spleens of irradiated mice injected with allogeneic lymphocytes. Reactivity of lymphocytes against non-h-2 transplantation antigens., H Blomgren and B Andersson

Loss of graft-versus-host reactivity of mouse lymphocytes during serial passage through irradiated allogeneic hosts., H Blomgren and B Andersson

Cellular requirements for development of primary anti-hapten antibody responses in vitro., H G. Bluestein and C W. Pierce

Development of primary gamma m, gamma g, and gamma a anti-tnp plaque- -forming cell responses in vitro., H G. Bluestein and C W. Pierce

Adenosine-mediated elevation of cyclic 3',5'-adenosine monophosphate concentrations in cultured mouse neuroblastoma cells., A J. Blume, C Dalton, and H Sheppard

Analyse electrophoretique comparee des proteines cerebrales totales, solubles et particulaires, chez cinq souches de souris. (eng. Abstr.), P Bobillier, S Seguin, B Renaud, and J L. Valatx

Organ distribution of ip administered goldthioglucose in mouse strains bsvs and brvr. Abstr., D H. Boehme and M W. Fordice

Recovery of susceptibility after audiogenic seizure., W O. Boggan

5-hydroxytryptophan Reversal of reserpine enhancement of audiogenic seizure susceptibility in mice., W O. Boggan and L S. Seiden

Delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol effect on audiogenic seizure susceptibility., W O. Boggan, R A. Steele, and D X. Freedman

Sensitivity of plaque-forming cells incubated in dimethyl sulphoxide (dmso) to preservation at low temperatures., F Bohm

Toxicity of dimethyl sulphoxide to plaque-forming cells., F Bohm

Accumulation of 3h-estradiol in transplanted interstitial cell tumors in mice., W Bollengier, A Eisenfeld, and W Gardner

Depression of immune response to moloney leukaemia virus by malarial infection., R Bomford and N Wedderburn

The role of soluble alloantigens in the induction of efferent and afferent blocking of cell mediated immunity. Abstr., B Bonavida, J Zighelboim, and V S. Rao

Infectivity and rna patterns as functions of high- and low-dilution passage of murine sarcoma-leukemia virus, evidence for autointer- ference within an oncornavirus population., M C. Bondurant, A J. Hackett, and F L. Schaffer

Depression of antilymphoma allograft reactivity by tumor-associated factors., E Bonmassar, A Bonmassar, A Goldin, and G Cudkowicz

Increased efficiency of antileukemic chemotherapy combined with allogeneic spleen cells differing for minor histocompatibility., E Bonmassar, A Bonmassar, S Vadlamudi, and A Goldin

Synergistic role of intestinal flagellates and normal intestinal bacteria in a post-weaning mortality of mice., G A. Boorman, J I. Hooft, D V. Waaij, and M J. Noord

Radioimmunoassay of mouse prolactin. Prolactin levels in isograft- -bearing orchidectomized mice., L M. Boot, H G. Kwa, and G Ropcke

Kinetics of target and aggressor cells during graft-versus-host reaction, implications for treatment with immunosuppressive drugs., M Boranic and poljak M. Blazi

Colony-forming ability of a lymphoid and a myeloid murine leukemia., M Boranic, M Dominis, Z Pavelic, and poljak M. Blazi

Quantitative aspects of destruction of haemopoietic tissue in mouse radiation chimaeras., M Boranic, I Tonkovic, and M Blazi

Quantitative aspects of destruction of hemopoietic tissue in mouse radiation chimeras. Abstr., M Boranic, I Tonkovic, and M Blazi

Inhibition of protein synthesis in ehrlich ascites tumor cells by irradiation (365nm) in the presence of skin-photosensitizing furocoumarins., F Bordin, F Baccichetti, R Bevilacqua, and L Musajo

Interaction between contact sensitizing agents and sensitized lymph node cells in mice., T E. Borel and D R. Bainbridge

Induction of immunological tolerance by a hapten (dnp) bound to a non- -immunogenic protein carrier., Y Borel

Carrier determined tolerance. Abstr., Y Borel and L Kilham

Prevention of murine lupus nephritis by carrier-dependent induction of immunologic tolerance to denatured dna., Y Borel, R M. Lewis, and B D. Stollar

Graft versus leukemia, quantification of adoptive immunotherapy in murine leukemia., M M. Bortin, A A. Rimm, and E C. Saltzstein

Graft-versus-leukemia, quantification of adoptive immunotherapy in murine leukemia. Abstr., M M. Bortin, A A. Rimm, and E C. Saltzstein

Graft versus leukemia. Iii. Apparent independent antihost and antileukemic activity of transplanted immunocompetent cells., M M. Bortin, A A. Rimm, E C. Saltzstein, and G E. Rodey

Cell kinetics in mouse thymus studied by simultaneous use of 3h- -thymidine and colchicine., K Borum

Brain gangliosides of myelin synthesis-deficient mice., M A. Bosch, G Rebel, L L. Sarlieve, and N M. Neskovic

Growth- and density-dependent inhibition of deoxyglucose transport in balb 3t3 cells and its absence in cells transformed by murine sarcoma virus., S K. Bose and B J. Zlotnick

Biochemical parameters correlated with tumour cell implantation., H B. Bosmann, G F. Bieber, A E. Brown, K R. Case, D M. Gersten, T W. Kimmerer, and A Lione

Mechanisms of action of topically applied triamcinolone acetonide in prolonging skin allograft survival time., P S. Boss, W B. Jolley, and E J. Ainsworth

Virus-induced diabetes mellitus. I. Hyperglycemia and hypoinsulinemia in mice infected with encephalomyocarditis virus., D W. Boucher and A L. Notkins

Evolution, in mouse brain microsomes, of lipids and their constituents during myelination., J Bourre, S A. Pollet, O L. Daudu, and N A. Baumann

Etude 'in vitro' des acides gras synthetises dans les microsomes de cerveaux de souris normales et 'quaking'., J Bourre, S Pollet, G Chaix, O Daudu, and N Baumann

The characteristics of actinomycin d uptake in ehrlich ascites tumor cells in vitro. Abstr., D Bowen and I D. Goldman

In vitro interference between low and high leukaemogenic variants of rauscher virus., R E. Boyd, J K. Youn, and G Barski

Transplantation of interstitial cells of the testis., P F. Boyle and M Fox

Theta antigen and immunoglobulin on a tissue-cultured mouse lymphoma., A W. Boylston

Investigation of effects of cyclic amp and related drugs on recovery of radiation-induced mitotic delay in mouse ascites tumor cells. Abstr., A Boynton and T Evans

Tolerance of sk-incompatible skin grafts., E A. Boyse, E A. Carswell, M P. Scheid, and L J. Old

Axoplasmic flow in axonal neuropathies. II. Axoplasmic flow in mice with motor neuron disease and muscular dystrophy., W G. Bradley and E Jaros

Abnormalities of peripheral nerves in murine muscular dystrophy., W G. Bradley and M Jenkison

Foreign-body tumorigenesis in mice, most probable number of originator cells., K G. Brand, L C. Buoen, and I Brand

A comparison of the ouabain-sensitive (na+ + k+)-atpase of normal and dystrophic skeletal muscle., G M. Bray

Genetic selection for neuroblasts differentiated for an enzyme of transmitter synthesis. Abstr., X Breakefield and M Nirenberg

Acidic glycosaminoglycans in developing sterno-costal cartilage of the hydrocephalic (ch+/ch+) mouse., M Breen, R Richardson, W Bondareff, and H G. Weinstein

Induction of hapten-specific tolerance in mouse b cells. Abstr., J C. Breitner

Schedule dependence of the lethal effects of 6-azauridine and cytosine arabinoside on murine leukemia cells (l5178y) in culture., W D. Brenckman, M Chu, and G A. Fischer

The effect of extracellular calcium and magnesium on the proliferation of murine lymphoblasts., J K. Brennan and M A. Lichtman

Specific unresponsiveness to skin allografts in mice. I. Properties of tissue extracts and their synergistic effect with antilymphocytic serum., L Brent, J A. Hansen, P J. Kilshaw, and A V. Thomas

Characterization of the mouse liver cell line fl83b., J L. Breslow, H R. Sloan, V J. Ferrans, J L, and E A. Levy

Reduction of preexisting transplantation immunity by specific pregnancy., E J. Breyere and P J. Spiess

Transfer ribonucleic acids from mouse plasmacytoma tumors producing kappa and lambda immunoglobulin chains., K R. Bridges and G H. Jones

Parental glucose phosphate isomerase activity in three-day mouse embryos., R L. Brinster

Aspartyl-, tyrosyl-, and phenylalanyl-trna profiles in normal and cancerous tissues. Abstr., W T. Briscoe, M Hayashi, and A C. Griffin

Thymus-dependent and thymus-independent effector functions of mouse lymphoid cells. Comparison of cytotoxicity and primary antibody forma- tion in vitro., S Britton, H Perlmann, and P Perlmann

Platelet kinetics and adenosine triphosphatase activity in akr mice., I Brodsky and N V. Dimitrov

Platelet survival and adenosine triphosphatase (atp-ase) activity in akr mice. Abstr., I Brodsky and N V. Dimitrov

Modification of in vitro immune lymphocyte-target cell interaction by some biologically active drugs., B D. Brondz, A E. Snegirova, Y A. Rassulin, and O G. Shamborant

Relationship between killer and rosette-forming cells reactive to h-2 antigens., B Brondz, I Kotomina, L Jeliseyeva, S Egorova, and A Snegirova

Promotion of replication in lymphoid cells by specific thiols and disulfides in vitro. Effects on mouse lymphoma cells in comparison with splenic lymphocytes., J D. Broome and M W. Jeng

Effet de l'interferon sur la synthese des arn, des proteines et des polyribosomes dans les cellules leucemiques murines l 1210., boye D. Brouty, M Fiszman, coelho A. Macieira, and I Gresser

Interferon and cell division. Viii. Effect of interferon on macro- molecular synthesis in l1210 cells in vitro., boye D. Brouty, coelho A. Macieira, M Fiszman, and I Gresser

Inactivation of cultured human cells and control of c3h mouse mammary tumors with accelerated nitrogen ions., D Q. Brown, H G. Seydel, and P Todd

Tumor transplantation, cell number, and mitotic rhythms in low dose challenges by ehrlich ascites tumor., H R. Brown and E R. Burns

The localization of aggregated human gamma-globulin in the spleens of normal mice., J C. Brown, G Harris, M Papamichail, V S. Sljivic, and E J. Holborow

A study of the mechanism by which anticoagulation with warfarin inhibits blood-borne metastases., J M. Brown

Purification and sequence of messenger rna for immunoglobulin light chains., G G. Brownlee, E M. Cartwright, N J. Cowan, J M. Jarvis, and C Milstein

The effects of an acid ph upon the induction of antiviral resistance in vitro by interferon., P Brown, F Besancon, and C Chany

Comparison of fractionated versus split-course irradiation on renal blood flow in mice., R Brown and E Glatstein

The cleavage of adenylosuccinate and 5-amino-4-imidazole-n-succino- carboxamide ribonucleotide by an adenylosuccinate lyase from ehrlich ascites tumor cells., L W. Brox

The metabolism and binding of testosterone in androgen-dependent and autonomous transplantable mouse mammary tumors., N Bruchovsky and J W. Meakin

Ultrastructural indications of synaptic contacts on the somas of bipolar neurons in the spiral ganglion of the postnatal mouse. Abstr., kan R. Bruck

Immunotherapeutic effect of syngeneic tumor cells sequentially treated with concanavalin a (cona) and vibrio cholera neuraminidase (vcn) in mouse. Abstr., A Brugarolas, H Takita, T Han, and K Shimaoka

Spermatogenesis revisited. II. Ultrastructural studies of spermio- genesis in multinucleate spermatids of the mouse., J H. Bryan and J J. Wolosewick

Schistosoma mansoni infection in mice depleted of thymus-dependent lymphocytes. II. Pathology and altered pathogenesis., R D. Buchanan, D P. Fine, and D G. Colley

Splenic imprint on lymphoid cells. Abstr., R A. Bucsi and J R. Battisto

Activity of 2,2'-anhydro-1-beta-arabinofuranosyl-5-fluorocytosine (aafc) and congeners in mouse leukemia. Abstr., J H. Burchenal, M Cole, D Wyke, C Farr, and J J. Fox

Inactivation of mammalian cells after disintegrations of 3h or 125i in cell dna at -196degree c., H J. Burki, R Roots, L Feinendegen, and V Bond

Expression of aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase induction in mouse tissues in vivo and in organ culture., K Burki, A Liebelt, and E Bresnick