Submissions from 1973

Regulation of the antibody response to type iii pneumococcal polysaccharide. I. Nature of regulatory cells., P J. Baker, N D. Reed, P W. Stashak, and B Prescott

Acute destruction by humoral antibody of rat skin grafted to mice., C A. Baldamus, I F. Kenzie, H J. Winn, and P S. Russell

'weak' Histocompatibility antigens generate functionally 'strong' humoral immunity as measured by an in vivo assay. Abstr., W M. Baldwin and N Cohen

Immune serum implements either accelerated rejection or prolonged survival of murine skin grafts., W M. Baldwin, I )ii, and N Cohen

Prolonged survival of murine skin grafted across a weak histocom- patibility barrier as a function of skin-grafting technique., W M. Baldwin, I )ii, N Cohen, and B B. Hrapchak

Evidence for naturally occurring murine sarcoma virus., J K. Ball, D Harvey, and J A. Mccarter

Partial characterization of rd114 virus by dna-rna hybridization studies., M A. Baluda and burman P. Roy

Cell-free synthesis of rat growth hormone., F C. Bancroft, G Wu, and G Zubay

Cytogenetics of mouse leukemia earad1 carried serially in the original isogenic hybrid strain., A T. Banerjee and S P. Banerjee

Hormonal regulation of rapidly labeled rna in normal preneoplastic and neoplastic tissues of mouse mammary gland., D Banerjee, M Banerjee, and R Mehta

Rapidly-labelled rna in the mouse mammary gland before and during lactation., D N. Banerjee and M R. Banerjee

Binding patterns of 3-methylcholanthrene to replicating and nonreplicating dna of preneoplastic nodule of mouse mammary gland., M R. Banerjee, D L. Kinder, and J E. Wagner

Dna polymerase activity and dna synthesis in preneoplastic nodule outgrowths of balb/c and c3h mouse mammary gland., M R. Banerjee, R G. Mehta, and J E. Wagner

Whole mammary gland organ culture, selection of appropriate gland., M Banerjee, B G. Wood, and D L. Kinder

Hereditary iron deficiency, x-linked anaemia (sla) in newborn and suckling mice. Abstr., R Bannerman, C E. Bannerman, and P Kingston

Hereditary disorders of the red cell in animals., R Bannerman, J Edwards, and P Pinkerton

Hereditary disorders of the red cell in animals., R M Bannerman, J A Edwards, and P H Pinkerton

Chemical mutagens. Abstr., R Barale, M Ducci, S Baroncelli, C Bauer, G Bronzetti, A Cammellini, R Guglielminetti, C Leoporini, N Loprieno, R Nieri, D M. Nozzolini, and M A. By

Cytogenetic analysis of early stages of embryogenesis in mice hetero- zygous for robertsonian translocation t1ald., V S. Baranov and A P. Dyban

Synergism of immunosuppressive agents. Abstr., C R. Bareham, D E. Griswold, and P Calabresi

Immunoprophylactic and immunotherapeutic effects of iodoacetate and of neuramidase-treated p388 leukemia cells. Abstr., A D. Barker and R M. Folk

Immunologic responsiveness of young akr mice to iodoacetate and to iodoacetate-treated tumor cells., A D. Barker, M S. Rheins, G W. Davis, and H E. Wilson

The effect of rabbit anti-mouse brain-associated theta serum on the immunologic responsiveness of akr mice., A D. Barker, M S. Rheins, and R L. Pierre

Cell separation by velocity sedimentation of postnatal mouse cerebellum., D S. Barkley, L L. Rakic, J K. Chaffee, and D L. Wong

Dna synthesis in vitro during contact sensitivity in the mouse., R Barnes

Allotype-specific anti-autoantibody activity in tetraparental nzb mice., R D. Barnes and M Tuffrey

Suppression of lymphoma development in tetraparental akr mouse chimaeras derived from ovum fusion., R D. Barnes, M Tuffrey, and C E. Ford

Maternal processes in the cold-adaptation of mice., S Barnett

Movements of virgin, pregnant and lactating mice in a residential maze., S Barnett and I M. Ewan

Growth of the p388 leukemia as an ascites tumor in zinc-deficient mice., D Barr and J Harris

Low-leukemogenic variants of rauscher leukemia virus obtained in long- -term cultures at supra-optimal temperature., G Barski, D Barbieri, J K. Youn, and G Hue

Expression of malignancy in interspecies chinese hamster x mouse cell hybrids., G Barski, M Blanchard, J K. Youn, and B Leon

Strain differences in the ability of antithymocyte serum (ats) to enhance the antibody response of inbred mice to type iii pneumococcal polysaccharide., D R. Barthold, P W. Stashak, D F. Amsbaugh, and P J. Baker

Differential effects of concanavalin a on t helper dependent and independent antibody responses., R F. Barth and O Singla

Differential immunosuppressive effects of concanavalin a on t helper dependent and independent antibody responses. Abstr., R F. Barth and O Singla

Effects of antilymphocyte serum on thymic independent immunity. I. Lack of immunosuppressive action on the antibody response to e. Coli lipopolysaccharide., R F. Barth, O Singla, and P Ahlers

Effect of vibrio cholerae neuraminidase treatment on cell surface sialic acid. Abstr., N W. Barton and A Rosenberg

Age-related differences in dna polymerase activities in spleens of balb/c mice. Abstr., R Barton and W Yang

Studies on the mechanism of the anti-melanoma effect of polyinosinic- -polycytidylic acid (pic). II. Decreased growth of b-16 melanoma from prior exposure to the tumor. Abrogation of this response by pic., R S. Bart, A W. Kopf, and S Lam

Dosages cytophotometriques de la teneur en proteines totales de cellules tumorales d'ehrlich hyperdiploides ou hypertetraploides., R Bassleer and A Lepoint

Autogenous immunity to endogenous rna tumor virus, chronic humoral immune response to viral envelope antigens in b6c3f1 mice. Abstr., B L. Batzing, J N. Ihle, M Yurconic, R W. Tennant, and M G. Jr

Graft-versus-host reactivity of intrasplenically administered spleen cells, effect of antilymphocyte serum. Abstr., R L. Baughn and J J. Smith

Antilymphocytic antibodies and marrow transplantation. I. The effect of antilymphocyte serum on xenogeneic engraftment., J Bau and S Thierfelder

Mutations in immunoglobulin-producing mouse myeloma cells., R Baumal, B K. Birshtein, P Coffino, and M D. Scharff

Synthesis, assembly and secretion of mouse immunoglobulin., R Baumal and M Scharff

Synthesis, assembly and secretion of gamma-globulin by mouse myeloma cells. V. Balanced and unbalanced synthesis of heavy and light chains by igg-producing tumors and cell lines., R Baumal and M D. Scharff

Lipid composition of quaking mouse myelin, comparison with normal mouse myelin in the adult and during development., N Baumann, J M. Bourre, C Jacque, and M L. Harpin

Les immunoglobulines de la souris et du rat., H Bazin, A Beckers, B Platteau, J N. Mets, and J Kints

Reduced t cell response of the germ-free allogeneic radiation chimera. Abstr., P M. Bealmear, E Richie, M Gallagher, L Heim, and J J. Trentin

Radioautographic observations on iron absorption by the duodenum of mice with iron overload, iron deficiency, and x-linked anemia., Y C. Bedard, P H. Pinkerton, and G T. Simon

Study of the h-2 mutations in mice. II. Recombination analysis of the mutation 504., A A. Bedernikov and I K. Egorov

X-y chromosome dissociation and sterility in the mouse., C V. Beechey

The fate of neuraminidase-treated leukemia l1210 cells as an immunogen in non-immunized mice. Abstr., J G. Bekesi, L Walter, and J F. Holland

Anti dna antibody production by lymphoid cells of nzb/w mice and human systemic lupus erythematosus (sle)., D Bell, C Clark, S Blomgren, and J Vaughan

Enzyme markers of mouse yolk sac differentiation., K E. Bell and M I. Sherman

Ultrastructural effects of manganese deficiency in liver, heart, kidney, and pancreas of mice., L T. Bell and L S. Hurley

Protection of adult mice against tumor challenge by immunization with irradiated adult skin or embryo cells., A Bendich, E Borenfreund, and E H. Stonehill

Immunodepression by rowson-parr virus in mice. I. Growth curves of rowson-parr virus and immunological relationships with friend virus., M Bendinelli and L Nardini

Immunodepression by rowson-parr virus in mice. II. Effect of rowson- -parr virus infection on the antibody response to sheep red cells in vivo and in vitro., M Bendinelli and L Nardini

The organization of the plasma membrane in mammalian cells., E L. Benedetti, I Dunia, and A Diawara

Genetic differences in aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase induction and benzo(a)pyrene-produced tumorigenesis in the mouse., W F. Benedict, N Considine, and D W. Nebert

The fat organ. Abstr., G Beneke and L Rakow

Sex ratio in progeny of mice inseminated with sperm treated with h-y antiserum., D Bennett and E A. Boyse

Effects of training on post-trial incorporation of uridine into nuclear rna from brain. Abstr., E L. Bennett, P Ferchmin, and J F. Flood

Studies with 8-azainosine, a cytotoxic nucleoside with antitumor activity., L L. Bennett, M H. Vail, P W. Allan, and W R. Jr

Prevention of marrow allograft rejection with radioactive strontium. Evidence for marrow-dependent effector cells., M Bennett

Lymphoid cell functions in mice treated with l-asparaginase., M Bennett, E Mayhew, and T Han

Graft-versus-host reactions in mice. Iii. Epithelioid and multinucleated giant cells of thymic origin., M Bennett and M Montes

Graft-versus-host reactions in mice. IV. Thymus cell suppression of antibody formation., M Bennett, M Sturgeon, and J P. Engler

Translation of collagen mrna from chick embryo calvaria in a cell-free system derived from krebs ii ascites cells., K Benveniste, J Wilczek, and R Stern

Partial transcription of murine type c viral genomes in balb/c cell lines., R E. Benveniste, G J. Todaro, E M. Scolnick, and W P. Parks

The effect of microsomal enzyme inhibition on the immunosuppressive and toxic effects of cyclophosphamide., M C. Berenbaum, W A. Cope, and J A. Double

Cytotoxic lymphocytes in the absence of detectable antibody., G Berke and D Amos

Mechanism of lymphocyte-mediated cytolysis. The lmc cycle and its role in transplantation immunity., G Berke and D B. Amos

Partial definition of serum factors required for lymphocyte-mediated cytotoxicity. Abstr., G Berke, A Kemp, J Dawson, and B Amos

Temperature control of lymphocyte-mediated cytotoxicity in vitro., G Berke and K A. Sullivan

Effect of growth hormone and thyroxine on the contractile properties of dystrophic muscle., S Berk and W Ullrick

Brain norepinephrine levels and turnover rates in castrated mice isolated for 13 months., B K. Bernard and R M. Paolino

Oxidation of fatty acids and ketone bodies in isolated pancreatic islets. Abstr., C Berne

Cytogenetic radiosensitivity and chiasma frequency in wild and labora- tory mice., R J. Berry, C V. Beechey, and A G. Searle

Survival of murine leukaemia cells exposed to 252californium neutrons under conditions simulating implantation of these sources into tissue in radiotherapy., R J. Berry, G D. Oliver, D L. George, and J T. Brennan

Cell-cycle dependency of chemical oncogenic transformation in culture. Abstr., J S. Bertram and C Heidelberger

Some in vivo and in vitro antitumour effects of the deoxyfluoro-d- -glucopyranoses., E M. Bessell, V D. Courtenay, A B. Foster, M Jones, and J H. Westwood

In vitro reactivity of lymphoid cells from tolerant mice., P C. Beverley, L Brent, C Brooks, P B. Medawar, and E Simpson

Immune responses in mice to tumour challenge after immunization with newcastle disease virus-infected or x-irradiated tumour cells or cell fractions., P C. Beverley, R M. Lowenthal, and D A. Tyrrell

Inhibitors of cellular reactivity to methyl cholanthrene induced fibrosarcomas in balb/c mice. Abstr., R M. Bhatnager, A R. Rausen, S E. Read, and J B. Zabriskie

Immunological studies in balb/c mice with an experimentally induced tumor. Abstr., R M. Bhatnager, A R. Rausen, and J B. Zabriskie

Cell-kill kinetics of several s-phase-specific drugs., B K. Bhuyan, T J. Fraser, L G. Gray, S L. Kuentzel, and G L. Neil

The effect of anoxic radiosensitizers on electron transfer in ehrlich ascites tumors. Abstr., J Biaglow

The use of the oxidant 'diamide' for studying the non-mitochondrial reducing capacity of ehrlich ascites tumor cells., J E. Biaglow and O F. Nygaard

Cancerogenesi nei frammenti respiratori iso-trapiantati da topi balb/c/cb/se idrazina-trattati., C Biancifiori

Further studies on the self-limitation of growth of jb-1 ascites tumours., P Bichel

Virus particles in early mouse embryos., W Biczysko, M Pienkowski, D Solter, and H Koprowski

Reduced tumorigenicity of syngeneic mouse sarcoma cells resistant to actinomycin d and ethidium bromide. Abstr., J L. Biedler and R H. Peterson

Spontaneous granulosa cell tumours in mice of strains nzc/bl, nzo/bl, nzy/bl and nzb/bl., M Bielschowsky and E D'ath

Transplantation and cutaneous genetics., R Billingham and W K. Silvers

Transmission of m.laprae In immunosuppressed mice, use of bone marrow shielding in preventing death from irradiation. Abstr., C H. Binford, G P. Walsh, and J L. Theocheung

Fractionation of membrane-bound polysomes, free polysomes, and nuclei from tissue-cultured cells., P J. Birckbichler and I F. Pryme

Beta-cholestanol at the subcutaneous site in marsh female mice. Abstr., F Bischoff, R D. Stauffer, and G Bryson

The presence and expression of rna tumor virus genes in normal and infected cells, detection by molecular hybridization., J M. Bishop, N Jackson, W E. Levinson, E Medeiros, N Quintrell, and H E. Varmus