Submissions from 1979

Enzyme activity responsible for the phosphorylation of 9-beta-d- -arabinofuranosyl-2-fluoroadenine (f-araa) to f-araamp in l1210 cells. Abstr., Y Cheng, J Tsou, and R W. Brockman

Effect of 5-phosphoribosyl-1-pyrophosphate on de novo pyrimidine biosynthesis in cultured ehrlich ascites cells made permeable with dextran sulfate 500., J Chen and M E. Jones

Detection of h-2db antigen on osmotic shock-treated friend leukemia virus particles., S Chen and F Lilly

Modulation of granulomatous hypersensitivity. I. Characteri- zation of t lymphocytes involved in the adoptive suppression of granuloma formation in schistosoma mansoni-infected mice., S W. Chensue and D L. Boros

Functional characterization of mouse lymphocyte subpopulations identified by their natural binding of bacteria. I. Identifi- cation of the ig-secreting cell subpopulation., W Chen, M Teodorescu, and E P. Mayer

Splenic suppressor cells in murine plasmacytoma (pc). Abstr., Y Chen and P Heller

Regulatory t cell subpopulations in pregnancy. I. Evidence for suppressive activity of the early phase of mlr., G Cheouat and G A. Voisin

Anticonvulsant effect of yohimbine in quaking mice: antag- onism by clondine and prazosine., R Chermat, F Lachapelle, N Baumann, and P Simon

Hybrid resistance to parental bone marrow transplantation: adaptive modification of hemopoietic stem cell in a nonsyngeneic environment., J L. Chertkov, I M. Gelfand, O A. Gurevitch, and G A. Udalov

Radiosensitivity of progenitor cells of the hematopoietic microenvironment., J L. Chertkov and O A. Gurevitch

Persistence of infectious friend virus in spleens of mice after spontaneous recovery from virus-induced erythroleukemias., B Chesebro, M Bloom, K Wehrly, and J Nishio

Indentification of a non-h-2 gene (rfv-3) influencing recovery from viremia and leukemia induced by friend virus complex., B Chesebro and K Wehrly

Antibody-induced modulation of friend virus cell surface antigens decreases virus production by persistent erythroleukemia cells: influence of the rfv-3 gene., B Chesebro, K Wehrly, D Doig, and J Nishio

Characteristics of a low-molecular-weight factor ex- tracted from mouse tumors that affects in vitro prop- erties of macrophages., H T. Cheung, W D. Cantarow, and G Sundharadas

Tumoricidal activity of macrophages induced by lipopolysac- charide and its inhibition by a low molecular weight factor extracted from tumors., H T. Cheung, W D. Cantarow, and G Sundharadas

Production of chemotactic activity in mixed leukocyte cultures: maximum effect caused by h-2i region disparity., H T. Cheung and G Sundharadas

Quantitative evaluation of the activity of the malate-asparate shuttle in ehrlich ascites tumor cells., B Chiaretti, A Casciaro, G Minotti, M L. Eboli, and T Galeotti

Sulfated mucopolysaccharides from normal and virus trans- formed rodent fibroblasts., V P. Chiarugi and C P. Dietrich

Further studies of anti-murine plasma cell serum: effects on immunologic enhancement., D S. Chi and N S. Harris

Preparation of functionalized derivatives of insulin: conjugation of erythrocytes for hemagglut- ination and plaque-forming cell assays., C C. Chien, R Lieberman, and J K. Inman

Surface characteristics of separated subpopulations of mouse teratocarcinoma cells., W J. Childress, R I. Freedman, C Koprowski, M H. Doolittle, P Sheeler, and S B. Oppenheimer

The clonal analysis of cytotoxic lymphocytes against 2,4,6-trinitrophenyl (tnp)-modified cells., L Ching and J Marbrook

Hapten-specific ige antibody responses in mice. IX. Suppression of ige antibody production by passive transfer of t cells from adjuvant-primed syngeneic mice., N Chiorazzi, A S. Tung, and D H. Katz

Comparative chemotherapy lethality on bone marrow, immune, and tumor stem cells. Abstr., S E. Chism, P E. Crewther, and A C. Begg

Suppressor cell activation by heat-treated allogeneic stimulator cells. Abstr., K M. Chiu, R B. Faanes, and Y S. Choi

Radiation-induced osteogenic sarcoma of c3h mouse: effects of corynebacterium parvum and wbi on its natural history and response to irradiation., C H. Choi, R S. Sedlacek, and H D. Suit

Activity of retinoids against benzo(a)pyrene-induced hyper- plasia in mouse prostate organ cultures., D P. Chopra and L J. Wilkoff

Effect of retinoids and estrogens on testosterone-induced hyperplasia of mouse prostate explants in organ culture., D P. Chopra and L J. Wilkoff

Lipid-free glycerol teichoic acid., F W. Chorpenning, J J. Lynch, and H R. Cooper

Metabolism and effects of 5-(beta-d-ribofuranosyl)isocytosine in p815 cells., T Chou, J H. Burchenal, J J. Fox, K A. Watanabe, U K. Chu, and F S. Philips

Biochemical effects of 2'fluoro-5-iodo-arabinosyl cytosine. A new pyrimidine nucleoside analog. Abstr., T Chou, J J. Fox, and F S. Philips

Macrophage-dependent, nk-cell-independent "natural" surveill- ance of tumours in syngeneic mice., D A. Chow, G 'reene, M I, and A H. Greenberg

Genetic control of experimental autoimmune myasthenia gravis in mice. I. Lymphocyte proliferative response to acetylchol- ine receptor is under h-2-linked ir gene control., P Christadoss, V A. Lennon, and C David

Genetic control of experimental autoimmune myasthenia gravis (eamg) in mice. Abstr., P Christadoss, V A. Lennon, E Lambert, and C S. David

Interconversion of carbamyl-l-aspartate and l-dihydroorotate by dihydroorotase from mouse ehrlich ascites carcinoma., R I. Christopherson and M E. Jones

Control of solid tumor metastases with a high-molecular- -weight derivative of methotrexate., B C. Chu and J M. Whiteley

Tumor necrosis serum induced a serologically distinct population of nk cells., M Chun, V Pasanen, U Hammerling, and M K. Hoffman

The influence of mouse genotype on the changes in brain cyclic nucleotide levels induced by acute alcohol adminstration., A C. Church and D Feller

The influence of mouse genotype on passive avoidance learning and subsequent concentrations of norepinephrine and serotonin in the hypothalamus and hippocampus., A C. Church and R L. Sprott

Macrophage accumulation inhibited by extracts of murine leukemia viruses (mlv). Abstr., G J. Cianciolo, H J. Thiel, D P. Bolognesi, and R Snyderman

Cholesterol content of different t-lymphocyte tumor lines. Abstr., M Cian, H P. Bentley, and R D. Peterson

Prolongation of mouse skin allograft by splenectomy and lymphnodectomy following transplantation., J C. Cicciarelli, M D. Cooper, and W L. Myers

Inhibition of adipose conversion of balb/c 3t3 cells by interferon. Abstr., L Cioe, T G. O'brien, and L Diamond

Cell-mediated cytotoxic responses of spleen cells from mice bearing primary, chemically induced tumors., C I. Civin, N Dorfman, A Eggers, K Fink, D Penvose, C K. Hsu, and J R. Wunderlich

H-2 linked immune response to murine experimental schistosoma mansoni infections., F H. Claas and A M. Deelder

Soluble suppressor activity of concanavalin a-activated spleen cells on b-lymphocyte colony formation in vitro., M H. Claesson

B and t lymphocytes colony formation in agar: 2-mercaptoethanol- -activated albumin can substitute for 2-mercaptoethanol., M H. Claesson, H Flad, and H G. Opitz

Structural evidence for a polymorphic or allelic form of the heavy chain variable region., J L. Claflin and S Rudikoff

Control of vk expression in the mouse. I. Unexpected expression of the vk allele, igk-pcb, in a somatic cell hybrid of akr (igk-pca) origin., J L. Claflin and S L. Wei

Structural evidence for recombination at the igh (h chain) complex locus in bab 14 mice., J L. Claflin, J Wolfe, and V J. Ruppert

Selective protective effect of butylated hydroxytoluene against 1,2-dimethylhydrazine carcinogenesis in balb/c mice., N K. Clapp, N D. Bowles, L C. Satterfield, and W C. Klima

Effects of the antioxidant butylated hydroxytoluene (bht) on mortality in balb/c mice., N K. Clapp, L C. Satterfield, and N D. Bowles

In vitro growth of t lymphocyte colonies requires accessory cells. Abstr., D A. Clark

Pregnancy-induced involution of the thymus can be pre- vented by immunizing with paternal skin grafts: a strain- -dependent effect., A G. Clarke

Clq-binding activity of serum from allogeneically and syngeneically pregnant mice., A G. Clarke and P J. Mclaughlin

The phylogeny of mammalian histocompatibility immunogenes., E A. Clark and R C. Harmon

Characteristics and genetic control of nk-cell-mediated cytotox- icity activated by naturally acquired infection in the mouse., E A. Clark, P H. Russell, M Egghart, and M A. Horton

Cytoskeletal elements and growth control: effects of cytochalasin and colchicine on 3t3 cells. Abstr., G D. Clarke and P J. Ryan

Resistance to babesia spp. And plasmodium sp. In mice pre- treated with an extract of coxiella burnetti., I A. Clark

A new method for quantitation of cell-mediated immunity in the mouse., J M. Clark, H Menduke, and E F. Wheelock

Role of the myeloperoxidase-h202-halide system in concan- avalin a-induced tumor cell killing human neutrophils., R A. Clark and S J. Klebanoff

Characterization of major histocompatibility antigens on trinitrophenyl-modified cells., L T. Clement and E M. Shevach

Tumor-associated antigens of chemically-induced murine tumors: the emergence of mulv and fetal antigens after seriol passage in culture., P H. Cleveland, L G. Belnap, F B. Knotts, H K. Nayak, S M. Baird, and Y H. Pilch

Tolerance of histoincompatible marrow grafts., R E. Click

A comparison of [35s]sodium sulfate and [75se]selenome- thionine as platelet labels for the assay of thrombo- poietin., R Clift and T P. Mcdonald

Lymphoma mutagen assay system., D Clive, K O. Johnson, J F. Spector, A G. Batson, D M. Brown, and T A. Mouse

Cell-surface antigens associated with recombinant mink cell focus-inducing murine leukemia viruses., M W. Cloyd, J W. Hartley, and W P. Rowe

Xanthine oxidase activity in extracts from contact-inhibited and spontaneously transformed mouse embryo cells in culture. Abstr., M M. Clynes, M F. Shannon, and M P. Hurley

Multiple sclerosis-associated agent. Failure of ms brain and serum to depress the polymorph count in normal mice and mice inoculated with cells containing c/type particles., J M. Cobill, D Hughes, A B. Keith, K R. Cameron, and E A. Caspary

Immunosuppression by a mouse tumor resembles antigenic competit- ion., C G. Cocito, B Michot, J Radovich, and D W. Talmage

Isolation and partial characterization of an epiglycanin-like glycoprotein from a new non-strain-specific subline of ta3 murine mammary adenocarcinoma., J F. Codington, A G. Cooper, D K. Miller, H S. Slayter, I C. Brown, C Silber, and R W. Jeanloz

Variations in the sialic acid compositions in glycoproteins of mouse ascites tumor cell surfaces., J F. Codington, G Klein, C Silber, and R W. Jeanloz

Unequivocal evidence for a beta-d-configuration of the galactose residue in the disaccharide chain of epiglycanin, the major glycoprotein of the ta3-ha tumor cell., J F. Codington, T Yamazaki, D H. Eijnden, N A. Evans, and R W. Jeanloz

Effect of pituitary isografts on the concentration of estrogen and glucocorticoid receptors in c3h mice mammary tumors., E Coezy and H Rochefort

Rapid turnover of intracellular membranes in mopc 41 myeloma cells and its possible relationship to secretion., B G. Cohen, S Mosler, and A H. Phillips

Immune response genes have a variable influence on the selection of antigenic foreign and self determinants of insulin., I R. Cohen, J Talmon, ram V. Lev, and nun A. Ben

Organization of mouse mammary tumor virus-specific dna endogenous to balb/c mice., J C. Cohen, J E. Majors, and H E. Varmus

-infected Normal and neoplastic tissue of the mouse., J C. Cohen, P R. Shank, V L. Morris, R Cardiff, D H. Varmus, and A. Virus

Thymic control of proliferation of t cell precursors in bone marrow., J J. Cohen and S S. Fairchild

Impairment of red blood cell deformability by tumor growth., M H. Cohen

Activation of both t and b lymphocytes in nzb mice. Abstr., P Cohen, K Ugai, F Ligler, and M Ziff

Sensitivity to androgen. A possible factor in sex differ- ences in the immune response., D A. Cohn

Influence of high sensitivity to androgen on sex and strain differences in the immune response to bovine igg. Abstr., D A. Cohn and G Schiffman

The influence of genetic background on the susceptibility of mice to diabetes induced by alloxan and on recovery from alloxan diabetes., J A. Cohn and A Cerami

Functional differentiation of t cell precursors. I. Param- eters of carrier-specific tolerance in murine helper t cell precursors., M L. Cohn and D W. Scott

Tumour promoter induces anchorage independence irreversibly., N H. Colburn, B F. Former, and S H. Yuspa

Obesity genes: beneficial effects in heterozygous mice., D L. Coleman

Catalase in salivary gland striated and excretory duct cells. Iii. Immunocytochemical demonstration with fluorescein- and peroxidase-labelled antibodies., R A. Coleman and J S. Hanker

Further structural analysis of the murine h-2kb glycoprotein using radiochemical methodology., J E. Coligan, T J. Kindt, B M. Ewenstein, H Uehara, O M. Martinko, and S G. Nathenson

Adoptive suppression of granuloma formation by t lympnocytes and by lymphoid cells sensitive to cyclophosphamide., D G. Colley, F A. Lewis, and C W. Todd

Effect of thymosin treatment on antituberculous immunity in immunosuppressed mice., F M. Collins and L K. Auclair

Restoration of t-cell responsiveness by thymosin expression of anti-tuberculous immunity in mouse lungs., F M. Collins and N E. Morrison

Suppressor t-cells in bcg-infected mice., F M. Collins and S R. Watson

Modulation of hapten-specific antibody responses with anti- -carrier antibody. I. Differential effects of igm abd igg anticarrier on primary direct and indirect hapten-specific plaque-forming cells., E W. Collisson and E A. Lamon

Regional lymph node reactivity in explanted bladder cancer of mice as measured by flow cytometry., L G. Collste, Z Darzynkiewicz, F Traganos, T K. Sharpless, W F. Whitmore, and M R. Melamed

H-2 typing of mice genetically selected for high or low antibody production., M J. Colombani, M Pla, D Mouton, and L Degos

H-2-dependent regulation of the high level of expression of ecotropic murine leukemia virus., A Colombatti, A Dux, A Berns, P Demant, and J Hilgers

Leukemia virus in sjl/j mice., A Colombatti, A D. Rossi, J Hilkens, D Collavo, bianchi D. Chieco, and P A. Murine

Peripheral nerve allografts. I. Distinctive histological features of nerve degeneration and immunological rejection., J Comtet and J Revillard

Development of a metastatic brain tumor model in mice., F K. Conley