Submissions from 1979

Detection of primitive macrophage progenitor cells in mouse bone marrow., T R. Bradley and G S. Hodgson

Involvement of peripheral and central nerves in murine dystrophy., W G. Bradley and E Jaros

Protein synthesis in mouse spermatozoa., P W. Bragg and M A. Handel

Induction of tolerance to type iii pneumococcal polysaccharide (s3) with s3 coupled to spleen cells. Abstr., mullen H. Braley

Failure of bcg to render c3h/hej mice hyperreactive to endotoxin. Abstr., C L. Brandon, R E. Baughn, D M. Musher, and D L. Peavy

Post-transcriptional control in the early mouse embryo., P Braude, H Pelham, G Flach, and R Lobatto

Effect of methylprednisolone on the cell kinetic response of c3h/hej mammary tumors to cyclophosphamide and adriamycin., P G. Braunschweiger and L M. Schiffer

T1699 tumor cure by cell kinetic-directed sequential chemotherapy. Abstr., P G. Braunschweiger and L M. Schiffer

Human obesity and some of its experimental counterparts., G A. Bray

Hypothalamic and genetic obesity in experimental animals: an autonomic and endocrine hypothesis., G A. Bray and D A. York

Node-like areas of intramembraneous particles in the unensheathed axons of dystrophic mice., G M. Bray, M J. Cullen, A J. Aguayo, and M Rasminsky

Spleen cell kinetics in mice bearing the landschutz ascites tumour., J Brazil and H Mclaughlin

Intrinsic adp-ribose transferase activity versus levels of mono(adp-ribose) protein conjugates in proliferating ehrlich ascites tumor cells., R Bredehorst, M Goebel, F Renzi, M Kittler, A Klapproth, and H Hilz

Chromosome studies of two transplantable leukemias of bn mice., U Bregula, I Wlodarska, and J Wezyk

Germ line integration of moloney leukemia virus: identification of the chromosomal integration site., M Breindl, J Doehmer, K Willecke, and R Jaenisch

Conformation of moloney murine leukaemia proviral sequences in chromatin from leukaemic and nonleukaemic cells., M Breindl and R Jaenisch

Synergistic cytotoxicity to melanomas and leukemias in vitro with thymicine (nsc-21548) and arabinosylcytosine (nsc-63878). Abstr., T R. Breitman and B R. Keene

Specific unresponsiveness to skin allografts in mice. V. Synergy between donor tissue extract, procarbazine hydro- chloride and antilymphocyte serum in creating a long- -lasting unresponsiveness mediated by suppressor t cells., L Brent and S C. Opara

Synergy between antigen, antilymphocyte serum, and procarbazine hydrochloride in murine skin allo- transplantation., L Brent and S C. Opara

Quantitation of intracellular metabolites of [35s]-6- -mercaptopurine in l5178y cells grown in time-course incubates., H Breter and R K. Zahn

Difference in growth of hormone dependent and hormone independent mammary tumors of gr mice, in vivo and in vitro., P Briand, S M. Thorpe, and J L. Daehnfeldt

Genetic difference in salmonella susceptibility of bsvs and c57bl/6 mice. Abstr., D E. Briles

Immune response deficiency of bsvs mice. II. Generalized deficiency to thymuc-dependent antigens., D E. Briles, R M. Perlmutter, D Hansburg, S Little, and J M. Davie

Deux nouveaux locus d'esterases es-14 et es-15 chez les souris (genre musl.): Caracterisation par differents substrats et inhibiteurs., davidian J. Britton and F Bonhomme

Histological analyses of lethal yellow mouse embryos (ay/ay) at 90 and 132h post coitum., K T. Brock and N H. Granholm

Metabolism and chemotherapeutic effects of 9-beta-d-arabino- furanosyl-2-fluoroadenine (f-araa) and evidence for its acti- vation by deoxycytidine kinase. Abstr., R W. Brockman, Y Cheng, F M. Schabel, and J A. Montgomery

Glutathione synthesis in lymphoma l5178y cells. Abstr., A E. Brodie, M Evenson, and D J. Reed

Characterization of a monoclonal anti-beta2-microglobulin antibody and its use in the genetic and biochemical anaylsis of major histocompatibility antigens., F M. Brodsky, W F. Bodmer, and P Parham

Monoclonal antibodies for analysis of the hla system., F M. Brodsky, P Parham, C J. Barnstable, and W F. Bodmer

The effect of trypan blue on the early control of trypanosoma musculi parasitemia in mice., B O. Brooks and N D. Reed

Murine neurotropic retrovirus spongiform polioencephalomyelopathy: acceleration of disease by virus inoculum concentration., B R. Brooks, J R. Swarz, O Narayan, and R T. Johnson

Hemoglobin ontogeny during normal mouse fetal development., T W. Brotherton, D H. Chui, J Gauldie, and M Patterson

Fetal erythropoiesis and hemoglobin ontogeny in tail-short (ts/+) mutant mice., T W. Brotherton, D H. Chui, E C. Mcfarland, and E S. Russell

Decreased sensitivity to interferon associated with in vitro transformation of x-ray-transformed c3h/10t1/2 cells., boye D. Brouty, I Gresser, and C Baldwin

Reversion of the transformed phenotype to the parental phenotype by subcultivation of x-ray-transformed c3h/10t1/2 cells at low cell density., boye D. Brouty, I Gresser, and C Baldwin

Solubilization of alkyldihydroxyacetone-p synthase from ehrlich ascites cell microsomal membranes., A J. Brown and F Snyder

Suppressed or enhanced antibody responses in vitro after bcg treatment of mice: importance of bcg viability., C A. Brown, I N. Brown, and V S. Sljivic

Mhc control of t lymphocyte-macrophage interactions., E R. Brown, B Singh, K C. Lee, T G. Wegmann, and E Diener

Formation of dna adducts in 10t1/2 mouse embryo fibroblasts incubated with benzo(a)pyrene or dihydrodiol oxide deriva- tives., H S. Brown, A M. Jeffrey, and I B. Weinstein

Host treatments affecting artificial pulmonary metastases: interpretation of loss of radioactively labelled cells from lungs., J M. Brown and E T. Parker

A sensitive assay for the detection of cytotoxic antibodies to mammalian cell surface antigens., J M. Brown, W P. Thorpe, and S A. Rosenberg

Pharmacokinetic considerations in testing hypoxic cell radiosensitizers in mouse tumours., J M. Brown, N Y. Yu, and P Workman

Detection of polymorphism in balb/c leukemia viruses with mouse antisera., J P. Brown, M Boiocchi, and R C. Nowinski

Indirect 125i-labeled protein a assay for monoclonal antibodies to cell surface antigens., J P. Brown, J D. Tamerius, and I Hellstrom

Epidermal growth factor and the control of proliferation of balb 3t3 and benzo[a]pyrene-transformed balb 3t3 cells., K D. Brown and R W. Holley

Binding, internalization, and degradation of epidermal growth factor by balb 3t3 and bp3t3 cells: relationship to cell density and the stimulation of cell proliferation., K D. Brown, Y Yeh, and R W. Holley

Mouse albumin mrna in liver and hepatoma cell lines. Preparation of complementary dna from purified mrna and quantitation by nucleic acid hybridization., P C. Brown and J Papaconstantinou

In vitro and in vivo binding of progestins to the androgen receptor of mouse kidney: correlation with biological activities., T R. Brown, L Bullock, and C W. Bardin

Comparative ultrastructure and cytochemistry of epidermal responses to tape stripping, ethanol and vitamin a acid in hairless mice., W R. Brown and J E. Habowsky

Lymphoid function in f1 parent chimeras. Lack of evidence for adaptive differentiation of b cells or antigen-presenitng cells., J Bruce

Restoration of impaired immune functions of aged animals by chronic bestatin treatment., rosset M. Bruley, I Florentin, N Kiger, J Schulz, and G Methe

Interaction of subpopulations of murine lymph node lymphocytes in antigen-induced [14c]-thymidine incorporation: t and b cell synergy in the response to antigen., E Brummer, N Bhardwaj, and H S. Lawrence

Development of antigen-induced proliferative responsive- ness by murine lymph node-cells. I. Identification of differences in the in vitro proliferative responses during a first and a second period of responsiveness., E Brummer and H S. Lawrence

Comparison of mutagenicity, antitumor activity, and chemical properties of selected nitrosoureas and nitrosoamides., R B. Brundrett, M Colvin, E H. White, J Mckee, H E. Hartman, and D L. Brown

Studies on the mechanisms of macrophage activation. II. Parasite destruction in macrophages activated by supernates from concanavalin a-stimulated lymphocytes., Y Buchmuller and J Mauel

Distribution of radiolabeled alloantibodies in mice bearing 3-methylcholanthrene-induced sarcomas., D J. Buchsbaum, P C. Walker, and E A. Johnson

A dichotomy between the expression of igd on b cells and its requirement for triggering such cells with two t-independent antigens., L B. Buck, D Yuan, and E S. Vitetta

Guinea pig complement activator (gpca). A thy-1-independent marker for murine t lymphocytes. Abstr., D B. Budzko and F Kierszenbaum

Regulator of the expression of the gene brachypodism-h in the mouse., R S. Bugrilova and B V. Konyukhov

N-acetyltransferase activity as a possible criterion in prognosing the anti-tumor effect of cyclophosphamide., L N. Bulovskaya, A I. Kolosov, and R G. Krupkin

Terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase in murine thy-1 variant lymphoma cell lines. Abstr., T F. Bumol, E F. Retzel, S D. Douglas, R S. Basch, and J Buxbaum

The effects of allopurinol on skeletal muscle microcirculation in normal and dystrophic mice., T G. Burch and R L. Prewitt

Variations in the responses of mouse strains to rat xenografts., J F. Burdick, S V. Jooste, and H J. Winn

The cytotoxicity of gamma-l-glutaminyl-4-hydroxybenzene for cells that contain tyrosinase, a study of melanaocytes in the hair follicle of the mouse., P C. Burger, L A. Kemper, and F S. Vogel

Adoptive transfer of protection against trypanosoma cruzi with lymphocytes and macrophages., D E. Burgess and W L. Hanson

Detection of antibody-forming cells and humoral antibody to horseradish peroxidase., M Burke, D Harris, B D. Stollar, H Borel, and Y Borel

Effect of modification of plasma membrane fatty acid com- position on fluidity and methotrexate transport in l1210 murine leukemia cells., C P. Burns, D G. Luttenegger, D T. Dudley, G R. Buettner, and A A. Spector

Fatty acid positional specificity in phospholipids of l1210 leukemia and normal mouse lymphocytes., C P. Burns, S L. Wei, D G. Luttenegger, and A A. Spence

The utilization of short and medium chain length fatty acids by l1210 murine leukemia cells., C P. Burns, S L. Wei, and A A. Spector

Circadian rhythms in dna synthesis and mitosis in normal mice and in mice bearing the lewis lung carcinoma., E R. Burns, L E. Scheving, and T Tsai

Evidence that murine pre-b cells synthesise mu heavy chains but no light chains., P Burrows, M Lejeune, and J F. Kearney

Characteristics of murine megakaryocytic colonies in vitro., S A. Burstein, J W. Adamson, D Thorning, and L A. Harker

Derivation of resident and inflammatory peritoneal macrophages from precursor cells differing in 5'-nucleotidase activity., I Bursuker and R Goldman

Quantitative and funtional differences induced in bone marrow-derived mononuclear phagocytes by inflammatory stimuli., I Bursuker and R Goldman

Lymphocyte adherence to high endothelial venules: character- ization of a modified in vitro assay, and examination of the binding of syngeneic and allogeneic lymphocyte populations., E C. Butcher, R G. Scollay, and I L. Weissman

The effect of antigen priming on immunological response regulation in aging., G M. Butenko and L F. Andrianova

A staphylococcal binding method for identification of antigens on murine leukemia virus infected cells., G H. Butler, M R. Proffitt, and B C. Villano

In vivo generation of hapten-specific killer t cells without elimination of suppressor cells., L D. Butler and J R. Battisto

Combined immunostimulation in the prevention of tumor take in mice using endotoxins, their derivatives, and other immune adjuvants., R C. Butler and A Nowotny

Modification of cfu-s colony morphology by incubation of donor marrow with pokeweed mitogen spleen cell conditioned media (pwmsccm). Abstr., W M. Butler, N Jozsa, and A J. Salvado

Ultrastructural alteration of cytolytic t lymphocytes following their interaction with target cells. Iii. Plasmalemma, "membranosomas"., S N. Bykovskaja, A N. Rytenko, M O. Rauschenbach, and A F. Bykovsky

Potentiation of schistosome granuloma formation by lentinan- -a t-cell adjuvant., J E. Byram, A Sher, J Dipietro, and F Von lichtenberg

The proliferative states of density subpopulations of granulocyte-macrophage progenitor cells., P V. Byrne, W Heit, and B Kubanek

Strutural characteristics of interferons from mouse ehrlich ascites tumor cells., B Cabrer, H Taira, R J. Broeze, T D. Kempe, E Williams, E Slattery, and P Lengyel

Enhanced 5-fluorouracil (5-fu) nucleotide formation following methotrexate (mtx) is the consequence of increased intracellular phosphoribosylpyrophosphate (prpp). Abstr., E Cadman, C Benz, and R Heimer

Mechanism of synergistic cell killing when methotrexate precedes cytosine arabinoside., E Cadman and F Eiferman

Enhanced 5-fluorouracil nucleotide formation after metho- trexate administration: explanation for drug synergism., E Cadman, R Heimer, and L Davis

Immunosuppressive effect of a protein a-binding fraction of nzb/nzw mouse serum. Abstr., W Cafruny, E Freimer, and D Senitzer

Humoral factors liberated by cells that control normal erythropoiesis. Abstr., R A. Cahill, S J. Sharkis, D Wong, and A Ahmed

Clinical and pharmacological implications of cancer cell differentiation and heterogeneity., P Calabresi, D L. Dexter, and G H. Heppner

Cell surface antigens of preimplantation mouse embryos detected by an antiserum to an embryonal carcinoma cell line., P G. Calarco and C L. Banka

Cytolysis of tumor cells by murine pulmonary lymphocytes. Abstr., J L. Caldwell and H B. Kaltreider

Physical association of histocompatibility antigens and tumor-associated antigens on the surface of murine lymphoma cells., G N. Callahan, J P. Allison, and R A. Reisfeld

Hla xenoantisera contain antibodies which cross react with h-2 antigens. Abstr., G N. Callahan, A Ng, and S Ferrone

Expression of a sheep red blood cell receptor by a murine lymphoma., G N. Callahan, M A. Pellegrino, S Ferrone, L Haubrich, and R A. Reisfeld

Alterations in expression of glycoproteins by a murine fibrosarcoma detected with staphylococcus aureus. Abstr., G N. Callahan, M A. Pellegrino, and L E. Walker

Loss of immune competence with age may be due to a qualitative abnormality in lymphocyte membranes., R E. Callard, A Basten, and R V. Blanden

Development of an isotopic staphylococcal protein a test for detection of cell surface mammary tumor virus antigens. Abstr., A H. Callis and E M. Ritzi

Copper metabolism in mottled mouse mutants. Copper concen- trations in tissues during development., J Camakaris, J R. Mann, and D M. Danks

Particle counting immunoassay (pacia). Iii. Automated deter- mination of circulating immune complexes by inhibition of an agglutinating factor of mouse serum., C L. Cambiaso, C Sindic, and P L. Masson