Submissions from 1979

Selective effects of anti-ia serum and complement treatment upon polyclonal b lymphocyte responses to dextran sulfate and lipopolysaccharide., P H. Bick and D C. Shreffler

Genetic independence of the embryonic reactivity difference to cortisone- and 6-aminonicotinamide-induced cleft palate in the mouse., F G. Biddle and F C. Fraser

Kinetics of 57co-bleomycin in mice after intravenous, sub- cutaneous and intratumoral injection., J Bier, P Benders, M Wenzel, and K Bitter

Astroglia-specific protein (gfa) in clonal cell lines derived from the g26 mouse glioma., A Bignami and A C. Stoolmiller

Idiotypic determinants on t-cell subpopulations., H Binz, H Frischknecht, F W. Shen, and H Wigzell

Enhanced metabolism of 7-ethoxycoumarin in senescent rodents. Abstr., L S. Birnbaum

Senescent changes in mouse hepatic aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase. Abstr., L S. Birnbaum and M B. Baird

Active ion transport in cultured mammaryr epithelial cell monolayers. Abstr., C A. Bisbee

Mouse mammary epithelial cells on floating collagen gels. Transepithelial ion transport and effects of prolactin., C A. Bisbee, T E. Machen, and H A. Bern

Biophysical changes of cell membrane during the growth of an ascitic tumour. Abstr., P Bischoff, F Robert, and M Donner

Localization of mononeurones supplying hind limb muscles in the mouse. Abstr., T J. Biscoe and S Mchanwell

Non-immunological cell death of intravenously injected murine tumour cells., C J. Bishop and K J. Donald

Nature and complexity of the fmr antigenic system., A Bismuth, D Kremsdorf, P Debre, and J P. Levy

Combined effects of bcg or candida albicans (ca) with anti- tumor agents against a virus-induced lymphoma in mice., F Bistoni, P Marconi, M Pitzurra, L Frati, F Spreafico, A Goldin, and E Bonmassar

Increased survival of cba pluripotent haemopoietic stem cells in vitro induced by a marrow stromal factor in sl/sld mice., M J. Blackburn and H M. Patt

Effect of dietary cholesterol on ultraviolet light carcinogen- esis., H S. Black, S V. Henderson, C M. Kleinhans, R Phelps, and J I. Thornby

Variations in h-2 expression in p815 cells after infection with vesicular stomatitis virus. Abstr., P L. Black, E S. Vitetta, J Forman, and J W. Uhr

B-cell influences on the induction of allotype suppressor t cells., S J. Black and L A. Herzenberg

Ponding normal rodents. Abstr., A J. Blair, W Boyle, J Parra, J Dawley, D D. Mccann, and D. Corres

Benzo(a)pyrene to mutagenic metabolites., D A. Blake, F Martz, martz A. Gery, G B. Gordon, D E. Mellits, and T F. Metabolize

Maternal and embryonic gene differences influencing place- ntal transfer in mice. Abstr., A Blakley

Immune-type interferon-induced transfer of viral resistance., J E. Blalock, J Georgiades, and H M. Johnson

Production of fetal antigen-bearing erythrocytes in irradiated adult mice grafted with fetal liver hematopoietic cells., J P. Blanchet, J Samarut, and G Mouchiroud

Preliminary evidence for different d end h-2 molecules acting as restriction antigens from influenza and alpha viruses. Abstr., R Blanden and A Mullbacher

Primary anti-viral cytotoxic t-cell responses in semiallogeneic chimeras are not absolutely restricted to host h-2 type., R V. Blanden and M E. Andrew

Different d end-dependent antigenic determinants are recog- nized by h-2-restricted cytotoxic t cells specific for influenza and bebaru viruses., R V. Blanden, A Mullbacher, and R B. Ashman

Suppression of phosphorylcholine-specific ige antibody formation in balb/c mice by isologous anti-t 15 antiserum., K Blaser, M Geiser, and A L. Weck

Histochemical studies on genetical control of hormonal enzyme inducibility in the mouse. Iii. Beta-glucuronidase distribution pattern of epididymis in different genotypes., S R. Blecher and S Kirkeby

Septal lesion interactions with genotype on sensory reactivity and fluid consumption. Abstr., R M. Bligh, R J. Fanelli, A N. Ritz, P J. Donovick, and R G. Burright

A difference in glutamate-decarboxylase activity between isolated and grouped mice., J Blindermann, F V. Defeudis, M Maitre, R Misslin, P Wolff, and P Mandel

Genetic correlation between open-field activity and defecation: analysis with the cxb recombinant-inbred strains., D A. Blizard and D W. Bailey

Modulation of delayed hypersensitivity in mice by cobra venom factor., N Bloksma, H V. Dijk, W Bijlsma, and J Willers

Metabolic requirements for differentiation of embryonic sympathetic ganglia cultured in the absence of exogenous nerve growth factor., E M. Bloom and I B. Black

Suppression of the immune response in tumor-bearing mice. II. Characterization of adherent suppressor cells., J A. Bluestone and C Lopez

Suppression of the immune response in tumor-bearing mice. I. Response to virus-producing tumor cells and non-virus- -producing tumor cells., J A. Bluestone and C Lopez

Prostaglandin and arginase synthesis in spleen cell cultures of mice bearing tumors. Abstr., E J. Blumenthal and H G. Morris

Comparative analysis of genotype dependent responses(s) of ethanol on the opiate-sensitive receptors of vas deferens in three different strains of mice. Abstr., K Blum, A H. Briggs, L Dellalo, and S F. Elston

Plasminogen activator secretion during mouse embryogenesis., V C. Bode and M A. Dziadek

Effect of carcinogen ethionine on enzymatic methylation of dna sequences with various degrees of repetitiveness., T L. Boehm and D Drahovsky

Thymic regeneration after dexamethasone treatment as a model for subpopulation development., W Boersma, I Betel, and G V. Westen

Quantitation of bone marrow thymocyte precursors from kinetics of thymocyte development after bone marrow transplantation. Abstr., W Boersma, R Daculsi, and G V. Westen

Growth of human tumor xenografts implanted under the renal capsule of normal immunocompetent mice., A E. Bogden, P M. Haskell, D J. Lepage, D E. Kelton, I R. Cobb, and H J. Esber

Lipoprotein changes induced by bacterial lipopolysaccharides in 'non-responder' c3h/hej mice., hansen T. Bog, wulff B. Hertel, and U Back

Sensitivity of spleen-colony-forming units to chronic bleomycin., G V. Bogliolo, G G. Massa, A F. Sobrero, E O. Lanfranco, and I M. Pannacciulli

Adult microvascular disturbances as a result of juvenile onset diabetes in db/db mice., H G. Bohlen and B A. Niggl

Arteriolar anatomical and functional abnormalities in juvenile mice with genetic or streptozotocin-induced diabetes mellitus., H G. Bohlen and B A. Niggl

Natural antilymphoma antibodies in c3hf mice serum: lack of identity with autoimmune and anti murine leukemia virus antibodies., M Boiocchi, M A. Pierotti, S Menard, and M I. Colnaghi

Induction of lymphomas by urethane in combination with diethylstilboestrol in cflp mice., F Bojan, I Redai, and S Gomba

The physical separation of three subpopulations of granulocyte/macrophage progenitor cells from mouse bone marrow., S Bol, J Visser, and G V. Engh

The effect of major and minor trauma on lymphocyte kinetics in mice., P M. Bolton, S M. Kirov, and K J. Donald

Cultures of pancreatic cells from dbdb mice. Abstr., W Bolton, A E. Iii, K Andrews, S Terrell, and B R. Brinkley

Cellular basis of regulation of expression of idiotype. II. Immunity to anti-mopc-460 idiotype antibodies increases the level of anti-trinitrophenyl antibodies bearing 460 idiotypes., C Bona, R Hooghe, P A. Cazenave, C Leguern, and W E. Paul

Immune response to levan. II. T independence of suppression of cross-reactive idiotypes by anti-idiotype antibodies., C Bona, R Lieberman, S House, I Green, and W E. Paul

Immune response to levan. Iii. The capacity to produce anti- -inulin antibodies and cross-reactive idiotypes appears late in ontogeny., C Bona, J J. Mond, K E. Stein, S House, R Lieberman, and W E. Paul

Cellular basis of regulation of expression of idiotype. I. T-suppressor cells specific for mopc 460 idiotype regulate the expression of cells secreting anti-tnp antibodies bearing 460 idiotype., C Bona and W E. Paul

Elimination of idiotype-specific suppressor t cells by anti-(anti-idiotype) antibody. Abstr., C Bona and W E. Paul

Direct and indirect suppression induced by anti-idiotype antibody in the insulin-bacterial levan antigenic system., C Bona, K E. Stein, R Lieberman, and W E. Paul

Cyclophosphamide-sensitive and cyclophosphamide-resistant suppressor cells in the immune response to alloantigens., B Bonavida, I V. Hutchinson, and A Thomas

Inappropriate alloantigen-like specificities detected on reticulum cell sarcomas of sjl/j mice. Characterization and biological role. Abstr., B Bonavida, J Roman, and I V. Hutchinson

Inappropriate alloantigen-like specificities detected on reticulum cell sarcoma of sjl/j mice. Abstr., B Bonavida and J M. Roman

Analyse genetique de croisements interspecifiques mus musculus l. X mus spretus lataste: liaison de adh-1 avec amy-1 sur le chromosome 3 et de es-14 avec mod-1 sur le chromosome 9., F Bonhomme, F Benmehdi, davidian J. Britton, and S Martin

Influence of presensitization with allogeneic lymphoma cells on growth and response to therapy of radiation-induced lymphomas in mice., A Bonmassar

Changes of the immunogenic properties of k36 lymphoma treated in vivo with 5(3,3-dimethyl-1-triazeno) imidazole-4-carboxamide (dtic)., A Bonmassar, L Frati, M C. Fioretti, L Romani, A. Giamp, and A Goldin

Effects of microsomal enzyme inducers in vivo and inhibitors in vitro on the covalent binding of benzo [a]pyrene metabolites to dna catalyzed by liver micro- somes from genetically responsive and nonresponsive mice., A R. Boobis, D W. Nebert, and O Pelkonen

"spontaneous" Neoplastic transformation in vitro: a form of foreign body (smooth surface) tumorigenesis., C W. Boone, N Takeichi, S Del, and E E. Paranjpe

Karyotypic, antigenic, and kidney-invasive properties of cell lines from fibrosarcomas arising in c3h/10t1/2 cells implanted subcutaneously attached to plastic plates., C W. Boone, D Vembu, B J. White, and M Paranjpe

Differences in the blood glucose response of mice to alloxan and alloxan-inhibiting compounds., L Boquist

Carbonic anhydrase activity in mouse endocrine pancreas., L Boquist and S Hagstrom

Defective tumoricidal capacity of macrophages from a/j mice. I. Characterization of the macrophage cytotoxic defect after in vivo and in vitro activation stimuli., D Boraschi and M S. Meltzer

Defective tumoricidal capacity of macrophages from a/j mice. II. Comparison of the macrophage cytotoxic defect of a/j mice with that of lipid a-unresponsive c3h/hej mice., D Boraschi and M S. Meltzer

Macrophage activation for tumor cytotoxicity depends upon genetic factors. Abstr., D Boraschi and M S. Meltzer

Macrophage activation for tumor cytotoxicity: genetic variation in macrophage tumoricidal capacity among mouse strains., D Boraschi and M S. Meltzer

Genetic analysis of the macrophage tumoricidal defect of a/j mice. Abstr., D Boraschi, M S. Meltzer, and G Doria

Polyriboinosinic:polyribocytidylic acid (poly i:c) as an antitumor compound: factors influencing in vivo activity. Abstr., E C. Borden, G T. Crowley, and E E. Grunden

Conditions for inhibiting and enhancing effects of the protease inhibitor antipain on x-ray-induced neoplastic transformation in hamster and mouse cells., C Borek, R Miller, C Pain, and W Troll

Strain and sex dependence of carrier-determined immunologic tolerance to guanosine., Y Borel and B D. Stollar

Graft versus leukemia: allosensitization of mhc compatible marrow transplant donor mice induced gvl reactivity without intensification of gvh reactivity. Abstr., M M. Bortin, R L. Truitt, J W. Blasecki, C Shih, and A A. Rimm

Adoptive immunotherapy of murine leukemia using cells from alloimmunized h-2-compatible donors. Abstr., M M. Bortin, R L. Truitt, and A A. Rimm

Graft-versus-leukaemia reactivity induced by alloimmunisation without augmentation of graft-versus-host reactivity., M M. Bortin, R L. Truitt, A A. Rimm, and F H. Bach

Density, distribution and mobility of surface anions on a normal/transformed cell pair., J Z. Borysenko and W Woods

Functional maturation of neoonatal spleen cells., schneider R. Bosing

Genome organization of retroviruses. VI. Heteroduplex analysis of ecotropic and xenotropic sequences of moloney mink cell focus-inducing viral rna obtained from either a cloned isolate or a thymona cell line., R A. Bosselman, L J. Griensven, and I M. Verma

Lactate production in intact ehrlich ascites tumor cells., D Bossi, A Cittadini, F Wolf, A Milani, S Magalini, D T. Terranova, and E C. Aerobic

Tumor metastases and cell-mediated immunity in a model system in dba/2 mice. VI. Similar specificity patterns of protective anti-tumor immunity in vivo and of cytolytic t cells in vitro., K Bosslet, V Schirrmacher, and G Shantz

The development of resistance to methotrexate in a mouse melanoma cell line. I. Characterisation of the dihydrofolate reductases and chromosomes in sensitive and resistant cells., C J. Bostock, E M. Clark, N G. Harding, P M. Mounts, smith C. Tyler, V V. Heyningen, and P M. Walker

Differences in [3h]-thymidine uptake of lymph node cells stimulated by con a and pha and h-2 congenic mouse strains., Z Bosze and J Fachet

Genetic control of the proliferative response to oxazolone in h-2 congenic and recombinant strains of mice., Z Bosze and J Fachet

Mice whose b cells cannot produce the t15 idiotype also lack an antigen-specific helper t cell required for t15 expression., K Bottomly and D E. Mosier

Evaluation of concentration and intrinsic binding affinities of antibodies induced in balb/c mice. Abstr., J S. Bourdage, E W. Voss, and J T. Wachsman

Enhancement of interferon antitumor action by sodium butyrate., M F. Bourgeade, I Cerutti, and C Chany

Rapid separation of mouse t and b lymphocytes using wheat germ agglutinin., L Y. Bourguignon, R L. Rader, and J T. Mcmahon

Inhibition of murine sarcoma virus induced transformation in an adenovirus-nrk system., K A. Bourne, E O. Major, and N Khoobyarian

Inhibition of in vitro friend murine leukemia virus infect- ion of lipopolysaccharide-activated b-cells with concanava- lin a., D L. Bowen, D D. Isaak, and J Cerny

Evidence of state dependent learning of brightness discrimin- ation in hypothermic mice., S C. Boyd and W F. Caul

Repertoire of the anti-mopc 173 anti-idiotypic antibodies: genetical and structural features., C Boyer, C Schiff, M Milili, and M Fougereau

Increased mortality of cadmium-intoxicated mice infected with the bcg strain of mycobacterium bovis., B E. Bozelka and P M. Burkholder

Specificity of cytotoxicity t cells directed to influenza virus hemagglutinin., T J. Braciale

Cytotoxic t cell-mediated killing of tumor cells, cytoplasts, and karyoplasts. Abstr., V L. Braciale

Mapping of the locus controlling susceptibility to visceral leishmaniasis in the mouse., D J. Bradley, B A. Taylor, J Blackwell, E P. Evans, D J. Freeman, and T O. williii

Mapping of the locus controlling susceptibility to visceral leishmaniasis in the mouse., D J. Bradley, B A. Taylor, J Blackwell, E P. Evans, J Freeman, and T O. williii