Submissions from 1979

An x-ray microanalysis survey of the concentration of elements in the cytoplasm of different mammalian cell types., I L. Cameron, T B. Pool, and N K. Smith

Enhancement by lps of b-cell function in genetically deficient mice., P A. Campbell and P D. King

Non-helper virus sequences of moloney-msv. Localization on linear unintegrated viral dna and relationship to other balb/c- -derived sarcoma viruses. Abstr., E Canaani

Restriction enzyme analysis of mouse cellular type c viral dna: emergence of new viral sequences in spontaneous akr/j lymphomas., E Canaani and S A. Aaronson

Patterned acquisition of the antibody repertoire: diversity of the hemagglutinin-specific b-cell repertoire in neonatal balb/c mice., M P. Cancro, D E. Wylie, W Gerhard, and N R. Klinman

Circadian variation of the streptozotocin-diabetogenic effect in mice., S Candela, R E. Hernandez, and J J. Gagliardino

Relationship of biochemical drug effects to their antitumor activity-i. Diacridines and the cell membrane., E S. Canellakis and T Chen

Immunological circuits: cellular composition., H Cantor and R K. Gershon

Immunogenetic analysis of "natural killer" activity in the mouse., H Cantor, M Kasai, F W. Shen, J C. Leclerc, and L Glimcher

Efficacy of tumor cell extracts in immunotherapy of murine el-4 leukemia., J L. Cantrell, C A. Mclaughlin, and E Ribi

Antitumor activity and lymphoreticular stimulation properties of fractions isolated from corynebacterium parvum., J L. Cantrell and R W. Wheat

The effect of chloroform ingestion on the growth of some murine tumours., I D. Capel, H M. Dorrell, M Jenner, and D C. Williams

Correlation between tumour size, metastatic spread and gal- actosyl transferase activity in cyclophosphamide-treated mice bearing the lewis lung carcinoma., I D. Capel, M Jenner, M H. Pinnock, H M. Dorrell, and D C. Williams

Passive enhancement of mouse skin allografts by alloantibodies is fc dependent., P J. Capel, W P. Tamboer, R M. Waal, A L. Jansen, and R A. Koene

Structural studies on induced antibodies with defined idiotypic specificities. Vii. The complete amino acid sequence of the heavy chain variable region of anti-p-azophenylarsenate antibod- ies from a/j mice bearing a cross-reactive idiotype., J D. Capra and A Nisonoff

In vitro synthesis of the myelin basic proteins in the developing mouse brain: properties of a homogenate system., G D. Carey and A T. Campagnoni

Thy-1 heterogeneity of mouse thymocytes., S Carlsson, T Stigbrand, and B Winblad

Education of mouse lymphocytes against human lymphoblast- oid cell-lines: specific recognition of determinants inde- pendent of serologically defined hla allotypes and epstein- -barr virus-coded antigens., C Carnaud, P Errasti, and R V. Gaag

Suppression of malignancy in human lung cancer (a549/8) x mouse fibroblast (3t3-4e) somatic cell hybrids., D N. Carney, C J. Edgell, A F. Gazdar, and J D. Minna

Effects of insulin on lipolysis and lipogenesis in adipocytes from genetically obese (ob/ob) mice., J A. Carnie, D G. Smith, and vavayannis M. Mavris

Palmityl-coa and stearyl-coa desaturase in mouse brain microsomes during development in normal and neurological mutants (quaking and jimpy)., J P. Carreau, O Daudu, P Mazliak, and J M. Bourre

Studies on murine ss protein: demonstration that s region encodes structural gene for fourth component of complement., M C. Carrol and J D. Capra

Testis mass loss in the mouse induced by tritiated thymidine, tritiated water, and 60co gamma irradiation., T E. Carr and J Nolan

Resistance to ehrlich ascites tumor in a strain of dystrophic mice., P J. Carry, D M. Prescott, and G K. Ogilvie

Rods and cones in the mouse retina. II. Autoradiographic analysis of cell generation using tritiated thymidine., dawson L. Carter and M M. Lavail

Rods and cones in the mouse retina. I. Structural analysis using light and electron microscopy., dawson L. Carter and M M. Lavail

Chromosomal proteins from the embryoid body/teratocarinoma system., D B. Carter and S E. Harris

The effects of polychlorinated biphenyls (pcbs) on t-cell- -mediated immunity in mice. Abstr., J W. Carter

Differential activity of purified human fibroblast interferon against human tumor vs. Normal diploid cells. Abstr., W A. Carter and J S. Horoszewicz

An improved method for analyzing survival data from combina- tion chemotherapy experiments., W H. Carter, D M. Stablein, and G L. Wampler

Antileukemic activity and cardiac toxicity of 4-demethoxy- daunorubicin (4-dmd) in mice. Abstr., A M. Casazza, C Bertazzoli, G Pratesi, and A D. Marco

Antiproliferative effects of 9-beta-d-arabinofuranosyladenine 5'-monphosphate and related compounds against mouse leukemia l1210/c2 cells in culture. Abstr., C E. Cass and M J. Robins

Antiproliferative effects of 9-beta-d-arabinofurano- syladenine 5'-monophosphate and related compounds in combination with adenosine deaminase inhibitors against mouse leukemia l1210/c2 cells in culture., C E. Cass, T H. Tan, and M Seiner

Expression of fetal and neonatal hepatic functions by mouse hepatoma-rat hepatoma hybrids., D Cassio and M C. Weiss

Effects of lsd-25 on avoidance behavior and locomotor activity in mice., C Castellano

Effects of mescaline and amphetamine on simultaneous visual discrimination in two inbred strains of mice., C Castellano

Isolation and characterization of two types of ribonucleases h in krebs ii ascites cells., G Cathala, J Rech, J Huet, and P Jeanteur

Initial studies of the molecular organization of the cell- -substrate adhesion site., M K. Cathcart and L A. Culp

Phospholipid composition of substrate adhesion sites of normal, virus-transformed, and revertant murine cells., M K. Cathcart and L A. Culp

Translocation yield from mouse spermatogonial stem cells following unequal-sized x-ray fractionations. Evidence of radiation-induced loss of heterogeneity., B M. Cattanach and A J. Crocker

An attempt to distinguish a modified genetic response of the mouse testis to x-ray exposure by the action of a spermato- gonial chalone., B M. Cattanach, J T. Jones, S J, and R A. Crocker

Response of congenitally athymic (nude) and phenotypically normal mice to cryptococcus neoformans infection., L K. Cauley and J W. Murphy

Binding of human igg subclasses and their domains to mouse macrophage fc receptors. Abstr., N Cavaillon, M Klein, and K J. Dorrington

Glomerular transfer of endogenous albumin and igg in proteinuric mice. Abstr., T Cavallo, O I. Czechner, G F. Melnick, K Graves, and C T. Ladoulis

Dna fragmentation in some organs of rats and mice treated with cycasin., M Cavanna, S Parodi, M Taningher, C Bolognesi, and G Brambilla

Rewarding and aversive properties of electrical stimu- lation in the dorsal and ventral regions of the lateral hypothalamus in the mouse., P Cazala

Effects of the albino gene on self-stimulation behavior in the lateral hypothalamus in the mouse., P Cazala and J Guenet

Partial n-terminal amino acid sequence analyses and comparative tryptic peptide maps of murine ia molecules encoded by the i-a subregion., J M. Cecka, M Mcmillan, D B. Murphy, and L Hood

Cyclical changes in susceptibility of a myeloma tumor (lpc-1) to immune destruction. Iii. Periodic production of a cell surface glycoprotein and changes in reactivity with cytotoxic t cells and anti-h-2d sera., E Celis, T W. Chang, and H N. Eisen

Cyclical changes in susceptibility of a myeloma tumor (lpc-1) to immune destruction. I. Changes in reactivity with cytotoxic t lymphocytes and anti-h-2d sera., E Celis, A H. Hale, J H. Russell, and H N. Eisen

Microfilament bundles in transformed mouse clid x transformed cho cell hybrids. Correlation with tumorigenicity in nude mice., J E. Celis, J V. Small, K Kaltoft, and A Celis

Frequency of alloreactive cytotoxic t cell precursors in the mouse thymus and spleen during ontogeny., R Ceredig

Studies on the efficiency of translation and on the stability of actin messenger ribonucleic acid in mouse sarcoma ascites cells., S Cereghini, T Geoghegan, I Bergmann, and G Brawermann

Interactions of murine leukemia virus (mulv) with isolated lymphocytes. IV. The role of mitogen-induced cellular dna synthesis in virus infection and replication., J Cerny and D D. Isaak

Transplantation of human malignant mesothelioma (hmm) into nude mice. Abstr., A P. Chahinian, J T. Beranek, Y Suzuki, J C. Bekesi, and J F. Holland

In vitro immunosuppressive effect of serum from orally immunized mice., M Chalon, R W. Milne, and J Vaerman

Measurement of thymus weight, lumbar node weight and progesterone levels in syngeneically pregnant, allo- geneically pregnant, and pseudopregnant mice., S P. Chambers and A G. Clarke

Development of acute tolerance to pentobarbital. Differential effects in mice., A W. Chan and A J. Siemens

Use and functional properties of peripheral blood lymphocytes in mice., P Chandler, T Matsunaga, D Benjamin, and E Simpson

Immunological resistance to growth of tumours in syngeneic multiparous mice., K D. Chandradasa and R M. Barnes

Trisomy no. 15 In murine thymomas induced by chemical carcinogens, x-irradiation, and an endogenous murine leukemia virus., F P. Chan, J K. Ball, and F R. Sergovich

Maturation of bone marrow lymphocytes. Iii. Genesis of fc receptor-bearing "null" cells and b lymphocyte subtypes defined by concomitant expression of surface igm, fc, and complement receptors., F P. Chan and D G. Osmond

Preferential homing of passively transferred t cells into skin allografts of mice., A E. Chang and P H. Sugarbaker

Preferential homing of passively transferred t cells into skin allografts of mice. Abstr., A E. Chang and P H. Sugarbaker

Relationship between t-antigen and tumor-specific trans- plantation antigen in simian virus 40-transformed cells., C Chang, R G. Martin, D M. Livingston, S W. Luborsky, C Hu, and P T. Mora

Identification and partial characterization of new antigens from simian virus 40-transformed mouse cells., C Chang, D T. Simmons, M A. Martin, and P T. Mora

Expression of tumor associated antigens by a producer and a nonproducer leukemia induced by rauscher virus (r-mulv)., K S. Chang and W Liu

Natural killer cell activity promoted by sjl/j mouse reticulum cell neoplasms. Abstr., K S. Chang and T Log

Correlation of in vitro transformation with in vivo tumor- igenicity in 10t1/2 mouse cells exposed to uv light., G L. Chan and J B. Little

Response of plateau-phase mouse embryo fibroblasts to ultra-violet light., G L. Chan and J B. Little

Structural relatedness of mouse lactate dehydrogenase isozymes, a4 (muscle), b4 (heart), and c4 (testis)., S T. Chang, C Lee, and S S. Li

Lymphomas with cytotoxic activity., T W. Chang and H N. Eisen

Mixed agglutination in microtiter u-trays., M Chan, K Kano, and F Milgrom

Purine excretion by mouse peritoneal macrophages lacking adenosine deaminase activity., T Chan

The possibility of antiidiotypic activity in multipareous mice., G Chaouat, R G. Kinsky, H Duc, and P Robert

Tumors induced by murine sarcoma virus contain precursor cells capable of generating tumor-specific cytolytic t lymphocytes., J M. Chapdelaine, F Plata, and F Lilly

Igg, hypergammaglobulinaemia in chronic parasitic infections in mice: evidence that the response reflects chronicity of antigen exposure., C B. Chapman, P M. Knopf, R F, and E A. Mitchell

Igg, hypergammaglobulinaemia in chronic parasitic infections in mice: magnitude of the response in mice infected with various parasites., C B. Chapman, P M. Knopf, J D. Hicks, and G F. Mitchell

With tumoricidal potential., H A. Chapman and Z V. Hibbs

Levels and distributions of phospholipids and cholesterol in the plasma membrane of neuroblastoma cells., F C. Charalampous

Analyses of genetic variation of mouse and drosophila proteins by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis. Abstr., D Charles and C Lee

Analysis of hla-d region-associated molecules with monoclonal antibody., D J. Charron and H O. Mcdevitt

Mouse mammary tumor virus (mmtv) antigen(s) are present on b lymphocytes of balb/c mice., V Charyulu, M M. Sigel, D L. Durden, and D M. Lopez

The effects of different conditions of organ culture on the survival of the mouse pancreas., H P. Chase, I Ocrant, and D W. Talmage

Localization of major histocompatibility antigens on mouse trophoblast cells. Abstr., hasrouni S. Chatterjee

Localization of h-2 antigens on mouse trophoblast cells., hasrouni S. Chatterjee and P K. Lala

Localization of major histocompatibility antigens on mouse trophoblast cells. Abstr., hasrouni S. Chatterjee and P K. Lala

Preferential b-cell reconstitution following splenic auto- transplantation in mice., S N. Chatterjee, D Eckles, and M E. Gershwin

Mouse genome by 5-iododeoxyuridine with the activation of an endogenous murine leukemia virus., S K. Chattopadhyay, G Jay, M R. Lander, D A. Levine, and A O. Akr

Demonstration in vitro of cytotoxic t cells with apparent spec- ificity toward tumor-specific transplantation antigens on chemically induced tumors., P H. Chauvenet, C P. Mcarthur, and R T. Smith

Inhibition of spontaneous akr leukemia by multiple inocula- tions of corynebacterium parvum., J H. Check, G A. Silverman, R L. Dryden, and L W. Brady

Enhancement of certain biological activities of muramyl dipeptide derivatives after conjugation to a multi-poly(dl-alanine)-- poly(l-lysine) carrier., L Chedid, M Parant, F Parant, F Audibert, F Lefrancier, and M Sela

Food intake, plasma amino acids, and body composition of obese (ob/ob) and lean mice allowed to self-select from diets varying in protein. Abstr., K M. Chee, D R. Romsos, W G. Bergen, and G A. Leveille

Macrophage activation during experimental murine brucellosis: a basis for chronic infection., C Cheers and F Pagram

Different effects of vincristine on methotrexate uptake by l1210 cells and mouse intestinal epithelia in vitro and in vivo., P L. Chello, F M. Sirotnak, and D M. Dorick

Kinetics and growth phase dependence of methotrexate and folic acid transport by l1210 cells. Abstr., P L. Chello, F M. Sirotnak, and D M. Dorick

Suppression of growth of mouse neuroblastoma and a-10 adeno- carcinoma in newborn mice treated with the ganglionic blocking agent chlorisondamine., schorr E. Chelmicka and B G. Arnason

Clonal growth in vitro by mouse kupffer cells., D Chen, H Lin, P Stahl, and E R. Stanley

Correlation of genetic differences in endorphin systems with analgesic effects of d-amino acids in mice., R S. Cheng and B Pomeranz

Biological effects and biochemical properties of 2'azido- and 2'-amino-2'-deoxyarabinofuranosyl pyrimidines and purines. Abstr., Y Cheng, M Bobek, and A Bloch