Submissions from 1979

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Similarity of casein- and endotoxin-induced, myeloma-assoc- iated and aged sjl/j amyloid in various strains of mice., R Baumal

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Dissection of the anti-alpha-1,3 dextran b specificity repertoire. Abstr., C Bell

Cellular basis for idiotypic suppression of tumor growth. Abstr., C Bell and R Good

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Further characterization of b-tropic murine leukemia viruses isolated from c57bl mice. Abstr., L Benade and J Ihle

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Contributiions by ionic and steric features of ligands to their binding with phosphorylcholine-specific immunoglobulin iga h-8 as determined by fluorescence spectroscopy., L G. Bennett and C P. Glaudemans

Reciprocal stimulation of negatively selected high-responder and low-responder t cells in virus-infected recipients., J R. Bennink and P C. Doherty

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The role of ca2+ in the insulin secretory process as outlined by the ca2+ analogue ba2+. Abstr., P Berggren

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Effect of uncouplers of oxidative phosphorylation on micro- tubule location and surface structure in murine mast cells., porter B. Bergstrom and E Shelton

Hyperthermia and formaldehyde can dissociate the binding and killing activities of cytolytic t lympho- cytes., G Berke, Z Fishelson, and B Schick

Detection of fetal cell surface components by an antiserum to fetal mouse thymocytes. Abstr., D B. Berkoben and P D. Gottlieb

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The activity of partial reactions in the chain elongation of palmitoyl-coa and stearoyl-coa by mouse brain microsomes., J T. Bernert, J Bourre, N A. Baumann, and H Sprecher

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Genetic control of mitochondrial malic enzyme in mouse brain., E G. Bernstine

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A new class of cell surface antigens. Quantitative absorption studies defining cell-lineage-specific antigens on hemopoietic cells., M V. Berridge

Surface antigens of murine hemopoietic stem cells. I. Cross reactivity of antisera against differentiated hemopoietic cells with bone marrow stem cells., M V. Berridge and N Okech

An analysis of h-x transplantation antigens in mice. Abstr., P L. Berryman and W K. Silvers

Studies on the h-x locus of mice. I. Analysis of poly- morphism., P L. Berryman and W K. Silvers

Modulation of cellular interactions between c3h/10t1/2 cells and their transformed counterparts by phosphodiesterase inhibitors., J S. Bertram

Reduction in the formation of carcinogen-induced transformed foci by penicillin g sodium in the c3h/10t1/2 cl8 cell line., J S. Bertram

Correlation of in vivo and in vitro immune reactions against the intradermally developing p-815 mastocytoma in the syngeneic mouse., M Bertschmann, B Scharen, and E F. Luscher

Effects of epidermal chalone and epidermal growth factor on a transplantable epidermal carcinoma (hewitt) of the mouse in vivo., S Bertsch and F Marks

T cell proliferative responses to different fragments of myoglobin are under control of distinct h-2 linked ir genes. Abstr., J A. Berzofsky and L K. Richman

Distinct h-2-linked ir genes control both antibody and t cell responses to different determinants on the same antigen, myoglobin., J A. Berzofsky, L K. Richman, and D J. Killion

Decreases sensitivity of an interferon-resistant subline of murine leukemia l-1210 cells to toxic effects of ricin and abrin., F Besancon and H Ankel

Role of prethymic cells in acquisition of self-tolerance., H O. Besedovsky, A D. Rey, and E Sorkin

Immunoregulation mediated by the sympathetic nervous system., H O. Besedovsky, A D. Rey, E Sorkin, M D. Prada, and H H. Keller

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Mitogenic activation and proliferation of mouse thymocytes. Comparison between isotope incorporation and flow-micro- fluorometry., I Betel, J Martijnse, and G V. Westen

B16 melanoma. Glucocorticoid receptors and the effect of glucocorticoids on tumor growth. Abstr., H S. Bhakoo, R A. Dicioccio, and F Rosen

Enzymatic conversion of retinol to anhydroretinol in spontaneously transformed mouse fibroblasts (balb/c 3t12-3 cells). Abstr., P V. Bhat and L M. Luca

Retinoid metabolism in spontaneously transformed mouse fibroblasts (balb/c 3t12-3 cells): enzymatic conversion of retinol to anhydroretinol., P V. Bhat, L M. Luca, S Adamo, I Akalovsky, jones A. Silverman, and G L. Peck

Phospholipid methylation stimulates lactogenic binding in mouse mammary gland membranes., A Bhattacharya and B K. Vonderhaar

Thyroid hormone regulation of prolactin binding to mouse mammary glands., A Bhattacharya and B K. Vonderhaar

Growth inhibition of plasmacytoma (pc) by specific antigens. Abstr., N Bhoopalam, N Meyerstein, L Hall, and P Heller

Idiotype suppression in immune response of balb/c mice to alpha-1,3-dextran by antiidiotype antibody., N Bhoopalam, N Meyerstein, and P Heller

Regulation of macrophage migration by products of the complement system., C Bianco, O Gotze, and Z Z. Cohn

Genetic analysis of right-, left-handedness in mus musculus l. (russ., Eng. Summ.). Zhurnal vysshei nervnoi deiatel-nosti imeni i. P. Pavlova, V L. Bianky, L Z. Kaidanov, and S N. Novikov

Lack of t-cell mediated cytotoxicity in m-msv system depending on h-2 haplotypes., G Biasi, D Collavo, P Zanovello, A Colombatti, and bianchi L. Chieco

Synergistic cell cycle kinetic effect of low doses of hyperthermia and radiation on tumour cells., P Bichel, J Overgaard, and O S. Nielsen