Submissions from 1979

Lysolecithin analogs as adjuvants in delayed-type hypersensitivity in mice. II. Studies on the mode of action., B Arnold, F G. Staber, and J F. Miller

Antineoplastic activity of poly(l-lysine) with some ascites tumor cells., L J. Arnold, A Dagan, J Gutheil, and N O. Kaplan

Potentiation of t helper cell responses by dextran sulfate. Abstr., L W. Arnold and R E. Mccarthy

Antineoplastische wirksamkeit des anthracyclin-antibiotikums violamycin bi auf experimentelle metastasen-testmodelle bei maus und ratte. (eng. Summ.)., W Arnold, C Nowak, W F. Fleck, D G. Strauss, and W Koch

Development of muscarinic cholinergic receptors in inbred strains of mice. Identification of receptor heterogeneity and relation to audiogenic seizure susceptibility., R S. Aronstam, C Kellogg, and L G. Abood

Alterations of the immune response associated with chronic experimental leishmaniasis., B Arredondo and H Perez

Alterations of the immune response in chronic experimental leishmaniasis. Abstr., B Arredondo and H Perez

Immunological characterization of mouse mammary tumor virus p10 and its presence in mammary tumors and sera of tumor-bearing mice., L O. Arthur and D L. Fine

Establishment of a c3hf mammary tumor cell line expressing endogenous mouse mammary tumor virus: antigenic and genetic relationships of this virus with highly oncogenic mouse mammary tumor viruses., L O. Arthur, G G. Lovinger, and G Schochetman

C3h/henf mouse mammary tumor cell lines as sources of endo- genous mouse mammary tumor virus. Abstr., L O. Arthur, G Schochetman, and D L. Fine

Immunoregulatory responses in experimental disseminated histo- plasmosis: depression of t-cell-dependent and t-effector responses by activation of splenic suppressor cells., R P. Artz and W E. Bullock

Immunoregulatory responses in experimental disseminated histo- plasmosis: lymphoid organ histopathology and serological studies., R P. Artz and W E. Bullock

A t-haplotype (tw75) overlapping two complementation groups., K Artzt, B Babiarz, and D Bennett

Postnatal changes in the distribution of lipid droplets within the liver lobule of the mouse., M Asada and S Kanamura

Microtubules and actin-containing filaments of normal, preneoplastic, and neoplastic mouse mammary epithelial cells., B B. Asch, D Medina, and B R. Brinkley

In vivo mobilization and attraction of specifically sensitized cytotoxic t cells. Abstr., N L. Ascher, R Hoffman, and R L. Simmons

Relative absence of helper cells in rejecting allografts., N L. Ascher, R Hoffman, and R L. Simmons

Two genes control susceptibility to spleen focus response to rauscher leukemia virus in mice. Abstr., O Asher, E Heller, and D H. Pluznik

The production of contact sensitivity by the injection into the footpads of recipients of the lymph node cells from mice 1 day after painting the skin with contact sensitizing agent: requirement for matching at the major histocompatibility com- plex between donor and recipient mice., G L. Asherson, B Mayhew, and M A. Perera

Contact sensitivity and the dna response in mice to high and low doses of oxazolone. Low dose unresponsiveness following painting and feeding and its prevention by pretreatment with cyclophosphamide., G L. Asherson, M A. Perera, and W R. Thomas

Protective effect of oral salmonella enteritidis 11rx infection against colon tumor induction by 1,2-dimethylhydrazine in mice., L K. Ashman, M G. Cook, and I Kotlarski

A t helper cell for anti-viral cytotoxic t-cell responses., R B. Ashman and A Mullbacher

Membrane defects in the tolerant b cell. II. Mechanism of capping failure and reversal by antigen exposure., R F. Ashman

Membrane defects of the tolerant b cell. I. Failure of antigen-induced capping., R F. Ashman and D Naor

Functional depletion of t- and b-memory cells and other lymphoid cell subpopulations during trypanosomiasis., B A. Askonas, A C. Corsini, C E. Clayton, and B M. Ogilvie

Effects of glucose, chloromercuribenzene-p-sulphonic acid and 4-acetamido-4'-isothiocyanostilbene-2,2'-disulphonic acid on phosphate efflux from pancreatic islets., K Asplund, J Sehlin, and I Taljedal

Hormonal effects on dna synthesis in pregnant mouse mammary gland in vitro. Abstr., D P. Astry and D W. Borst

Potentiation of the antitumour activity of 2-formyl- pyridine thiosemicarbazone by metal chelation: 2-formyl- pyridine thiosemicarbazone zinc sulphate (nsc 294721)., G Atassi, P Dumont, and J C. Harteel

In vitro development of core cells of the inner cell mass of the mouse blastocyst: effects of conditioned medium., samols S. Atienza and M I. Sherman

Characterization of the immunosuppressive state during schistosoma mansoni infection., A M. Attallah, A H. Smith, K D. Murrell, T Fleischer, J Woody, W E. Vannier, I Scher, A Ahmed, and K W. Sell

Loss of lymphocyte chalone activity in mice with autoimmune disease., A M. Attallah, A D. Steinberg, A Ahmed, and K W. Sell

Is dna synthesis a requisite for the differentation of b lymphocytes into immuno-globulin-secreting plasma cells?, A M. Attallah, T J. Yeatman, P D. Noguchi, and J C. Petricciani

Nature of the stimulus leading to lymphocyte-induced angio- genesis., R Auerbach and Y A. Sidky

Antigen-specific stimulation and trans-stimulation of t cells in long-term culture., A A. Augustin, M H. Julius, and H Cosenza

Mutagenic activation of 2,4-diaminoanisole and 2-aminofluorene in vitro by liver and kidney fractions from aromatic hydrocarbon responsive and nonresponsive mice., T Aune and E Dybing

Suppression of mouse erythroid colony formation by l1210 leukemia cells., T Austin, A Ma, M C. Datta, J A. Ortega, O A. Shore, and P P. Dukes

Differential lethality and cns teratogenicity of cytochalasins among mouse strains. Abstr., W L. Austin and K S. Brown

A quantitative study at the single cell level of immunoglobulin antigenic determinants present on the surface of murine b and t lymphocytes., S Avrameas, P Hosli, M Stanislawski, and E Vogt

Stimulated by endotoxin., B J. Axelrod, E I. Span, and F O. Lymphocytes

Zona fasciculata ultrastructure and plasma corticosterone correlates in dominant and subordinate mice. Abstr., D F. Ayers and D L. Ely

In vivo induction of endogenous retroviruses in balb/c mouse hepatocytes by successive treatments with carbon tetrachloride and bromodeoxyuridine., H M. Ayukawa, D Saltzburg, and B B. Mukherjee

Effect of tunicamycin on molecular heterogeneity of colony stimulating factor in cultured mouse mammary carcinoma fm3a cells., D Ayusawa, K Isaka, T Seno, M Tomida, Y Yamamoto, M Hozumi, A Takatsuki, and G Tamura

Increase in datp pool in aphidicolin-resistant mutants of mouse fm3a cells., D Ayusawa, K Iwata, T Kozu, S Ikegami, and T Seno

Adjuvant and antitumor activities of quinonyl-n-acetylmuramyl- dipeptides., I Azuma, M Yamawaki, M Uemiya, I Saiki, Y Tanio, H Kobayashi, T Fukuda, I Imada, and Y Yamamura

Acnes c7 in mice and guinea pigs., I Azuma, M Yamawaki, T Yoshimoto, I Saiki, M Uemiya, Y Tanio, R Tokuzen, K Yasumoto, D Y. Yamamura, and M A. Propionibacterium

Potentiation of anticancer effect of carboquone in vivo by glucose pretreatment., T Baba, K Aoki, N T. Kimura, T Kamura, K Nishikawa, and S Taniguchi

Oral immunization of lps responder and non-responder mice. Abstr., J L. Babb and J R. Mcghee

Effect of immunological intervention on in vivo murine rous sarcoma virus tumorigenesis. Abstr., G F. Babcock, R Banks, A C. Whitmore, and J H. Schwab

Palate morphogenesis. Iii. Changes in cell shape and orientation during shelf elevation., B S. Babiarz, E L. Wee, and E F. Zimmerman

Immune responses of mice to gla40 measured by plaque forming and t cell proliferative assays. Abstr., U M. Babu, C H. Lai, P H. Maurer, and C F. Merryman

Azobenzenearsonate-specific suppressor factor(s) bear cross- -reactive idiotypic determinants the expression of which is linked to the heavy-chain allotype linkage group of genes., B A. Bach, M I. Greene, B Benacerraf, D A. Nisonoff, and I O. williv

Respective influence of extrinsic and intrinsic factors on the age-related decrease of thymic secretion., M Bach and G Beaurain

An immunostimulatory substance in the ascites fluid of patients with cancer metastatic to the peritoneum., A M. Badger and S R. Cooperband

On the mutagenicity of methadone hydrochloride. Induced dominant lethal mutation and spermatocyte chromosomal aberrations in treated males., F M. Badr, S A. Rabouh, and R S. Badr

Anti-thymocyte autoimmunity arising during immunization to t-cell lymphomas. Abstr., F S. Baechtel, G J. Kochevar, W C. Gordon, and M D. Prager

Identification of autoanti-thy-1 antibody in the sera of balb/c mice immune to p1798 lymphoma., F S. Baechtel, M D. Prager, and E S. Vitetta

A comparison of glutamate transport in cloned cell lines from the central nervous system., E E. Baetge, K Bulloch, and W B. Stallcup

Effect of t cell reconstruction on deficient b cell memory formation in athymic mice. Abstr., Y Baine and G J. Thorbecke

Increased production of mutagenic metabolites of carcinogens by tissues from senescent rodents., M B. Baird and L S. Birnbaum

Antigenic properties and molecular weights of murine leukemia virus-binding proteins., S M. Baird

Metastases following local x-radiation of a solid tumor. Abstr., D Baker, M Lim, D Elkon, W Constable, D H. Wanebo, and F O. Of

Pathogenesis of inherited hypophosphataemic osteomalacia: observations in the x-linked hypophosphataemic mouse model. Abstr., L R. Baker, M L. Clark, and H Goble

Monoclonal cytolytic t-cell lines., P E. Baker, S Gillis, and K A. Smith

Prophythiouracil (ptu) treatment of (nzb-nzw)f1. (b/w) Mice. Effects of age and dose. Abstr., S L. Balaban

Inactivation or elimination of potentially trypanolytic complement-activating immune complexes by pathogenic trypan- osomes., A E. Balber, J D. Bangs, S M. Jones, and R L. Proia

Generation of h-2 restricted cytotoxic t cells by trinitro- phenylated proteins in vitro: specificity and requirements., Z K. Ballas and C S. Henney

An immunosuppressive factor from a chemically-induced murine tumor (meth-a). Abstr., E J. Ball

Leukemogenesis by an endogenous virus isolated from the cfw mouse. II. Early effects of virus on thymus gland and bone marrow cell populations., J K. Ball

Biological characterization of a leukemogenic virus isolated from the cfw mouse., J K. Ball and J A. Mccarter

Tumor location detected with radioactively labeled monoclonal antibody and external scintigraphy., B Ballou, G Levine, T R. Hakala, and D Solter

Transformation of immature lymphoid cells by abelson murine leukemia virus., D Baltimore, N Rosenberg, and O N. Witte

Cytostatic effect of macrophages from non-immunised mice on mastocytoma p-815 cells in vitro., G Bandlow and R Groner

Binding of carcinogenic halogenated hydrocarbons to cell macromolecules., S Banerjee and B L. Duuren

Histometric and electron cytochemical study of muscle in the dystrophic mouse., B Q. Banker, N S. willhirst, C S. Chester, and R Y. Fok

Effect of immunologic intervention on in vivo murine rous sarcoma virus tumorigenesis., R A. Banks, G F. Babcock, A C. Whitmore, and G Haughton

New marker reciprocal translocations t(7,14)2 iem and t(7,14,15)3 iem in the laboratory mouse mus muclulus., V S. Baranov

Wild mouse rna tumor viruses. A nongenetically transmitted virus group closely related to exogenous leukemia viruses of laboratory mouse strains., M Barbacid, K C. Robbins, and S A. Aaronson

Subcellular distribution and structural polymorphism of myelin basic protein in normal and jimpy mouse brain., E Barbarese, J H. Carson, and P E. Braun

The identification of actin as a major lymphocyte component., B H. Barber and T L. Delovitch

Age-dependent macrophage functions in new zealand black mice., eli M. Bar and R Gallily

Presence of serum igd and igd-containing plasma cells in the mouse., A Bargellesi, G Corte, E Cosulich, and M Ferrarini

Blood stem cell maturation in mice with hertwig's anemia. Abstr., J E. Barker, S E. Bernstein, E C. Mcfarland, and E S. Russell

Immunological activity of regional lymph nodes in tumor-bearing mice., B P. Barna and S D. Deodhar

Lack of correlation of onset of lymphomas and levels of murine leukaemia virus in (akr x cba/h-t6crc) f1., R D. Barnes, M Tuffrey, and M Simpson

The effect of hyperthermia and radiation on lysosomal enzyme activity of mouse mammary tumors., G M. Barratt and E D. Wills

Isolation of polyomavirus-induced surface antigens of mouse cells: affinity chromatography and biologic activities., Y Barra, O D. Lapeyriere, and J Planche

Qualitative and quantitative differences of adipose glycerol kinase of hyperglycemic obese mice from that of lean littermates. Abstr., L A. Barrera, R J. Ho, and C C. Fan

Virulence of temperature-sensitive mutants of sindbis virus in neonatal mice., P N. Barrett and G J. Atkins

Complement and fc receptor-mediated phagocytosis of normal and stimulated mouse peritoneal macrophages., shavit Z. Bar, A Raz, and R Goldman

Tuftsin-macrophage interaction: specific binding and augmen- tation of phagocytosis., shavit Z. Bar, Y Stabinsky, M Fridkin, and R Goldman

In vitro and in vivo antitumor effect of dimerized ribonuclease a., J Bartholeyns and A Zenebergh

Active specific immunotherapy of murine leukemia. II. Adjuvant effect of corynebacterium parvum., G L. Bartlett and J W. Kreider

Active, tumor-specific immunotherapy of lstra murine leukemia using irradiated tumor cells and corynebacterium parvum. Abstr., G L. Bartlett and J W. Kreider

Active, specific immunotherapy of murine leukemia. I. Irradiated tumor cell vaccine., G L. Bartlett, J W. Kreider, and D M. Purnell

Accessibility of sialo components in a murine tumor cell to extracellular n-acetylneuraminate glycohydrolase (sialidase)., N W. Barton and A Rosenberg

Murine leukemia virus-associated cell surface antigens in rats neonatally infected with gross murine leukemia virus., R S. Basch, D Grausz, N Harris, and N A. Mitchison

Antitumor activity of corynebacterium parvum administered into the pleural cavity of mice., I Basic, B Malenica, N Vujicic, and L Milas

Effects of whole bode irradiation in mice treated with c. Parvum., I Basic and L Milas

Immunotherapy of a murine ovarian carcinoma with corynebacterium parvum and specific heteroantiserum. I. Activation of periton- eal cells to mediate antibody-dependent cytotoxicity., R C. Bast, R C. Knapp, A K. Mitchell, J G. Thurston, O W. Tucker, and S F. Schlossman

Fine structural analysis of the effect of trypan blue on the visceral endoderm of the mouse egg cylinder., B E. Batten and J L. Haar