Submissions from 1967

[A study of the homozygosity of congenic strain B10.D2 mice by the skin graft method], I K. Egorov

Interpretation of the genetic structure of the H-2 locus of mice, based on statistical analysis of its alleles., I K. Egorov

A method of production of congenic resistant strains of mice involving the use of skin grafting., I K. Egorov and N M. Zvereva

The genetic extent of the insertion involved in the flecked translocation in the mouse., E M. Eicher

Inositide metabolism in rabbit hereditary ataxia., S G. Eliasson, J D. Scarpellini, and R R. Fox

Susceptibility of different coliphage genomes to host-controlled variation., R W. Eskridge, H Weinfeld, and K Paigen

Replication of Riley's plasma enzymes elevating virus in tissue culture: the importance of the cellular composition., R Evans

Studies on protein synthesis in imaginal discs of Drosophila melanogaster., J W. Fristrom and B B. Knowles

Effect of drinking schedule upon alcohol preference in mice., J L. Fuller

Effects of the albino gene upon behaviour of mice., J L. Fuller

Experiential deprivation and later behavior., J L. Fuller

Saccharin reverses the effect of food deprivation upon fluid intake in mice., J L. Fuller and C W. Cooper

Audiogenic seizures in eleven mouse strains., J L. Fuller and FH Jr Sjursen

Separate genes determining the structure and intracellular location of hepatic glucuronidase., R Ganschow and K Paigen

Shambling, a neurological mutant of the mouse., E L. Green

A defect of the splanchnic mesoderm caused by the mutant gene dominant hemimelia in the mouse., M C. Green

Linkage group II of the house mouse., M C. Green and P W. Lane

A case of tertiary trisomy in the mouse, and its implications for the cytological classification of trisomics in other mammals., A B. Griffen

Four further cases of autosomal primary trisomy in the mouse., A B. Griffen and M C. Bunker

The occurrence of chromosomal aberrations in pre-spermatocytic cells of irradiated male mice. III. Sterility and semisterility in the offspring of male mice irradiated in the pre-meiotic and post-meiotic stages of spermatogenesis., A B. Griffen and M C. Bunker

Methyl activation and sRNA methylation by soluble fractions of several vertebrate livers., R L. Hancock

Utilization of L-methionine and S-adenosyl-L-methionine for methylation of soluble RNA by mouse liver and hepatoma extracts., R L. Hancock

sRNA methylase activity of embryonic liver., R L. Hancock, P McFarland, and R R. Fox

The formation of Ru(NH3) 5N22+ in aqueous solution by direct action of molecular nitrogen., D E. Harrison and H Taube

Ultrastructural differences between thymic and lymph node small lymphocytes of mice: nucleolar size and cytoplasmic volume., H J. Heiniger, H Riedwyl, H Giger, B Sordat, and H Cottier

Genetically determined differences in the amylase activity of mouse submandibular glands., F Hilton, H Swigart, and M M. Dickie

Inhibition of ovarian ascorbic acid depletion with ovine luteinizing hormone antiserum., P C. Hoppe, S K. Quadri, and H G. Spies

3beta-hydroxy-C27-steroid dehydrogenases in mouse liver microsomes., A A. Kandutsch

Application of the renin-antirenin assay in experimental hypertension: a preliminary report., H J. Keutel, H C. Outzen, and R G. Weaver

Fecundity and fertility in female homo- and heterokaryotypes of the tumorous-head strain of Drosophila melanogaster., B B. Knowles

The electrophoretic behaviour of ten enzyme systems in the larval integument of Drosophila melanogaster., B B. Knowles and J W. Fristrom

Erythroid cell development in fetal mice: ultrastructural characteristics and hemoglobin synthesis., J S. Kovach, P A. Marks, E S. Russell, and H Epler

Linkage groups 3 and XVII in the mouse and the position of the light-ear locus., P W. Lane

Pale ear and light ear in the house mouse. Mimic mutations in linkage groups XII and XVII., P W. Lane and E L. Green

Morphogenetic studies of the rabbit. XXXIX. Ponderal correlation coefficients of the bones from two races of rabbits., H B. Latimer and P B. Sawin


The enzymatic conversion of porphobilinogen to uroporphyrinogen catalyzed by extracts of hematopoietic mouse spleen., E Y. Levin and D L. Coleman

Growth and differentiation of transplanted W/Wv marrow., J P. Lewis, L F. O'Grady, S E. Bernstein, E E. Russell, and F E. Trobaugh

Dominant lethals induced in inbred mice by ethyleneimine., A M. Malashenko and I K. Egorov

Histochemical observations in preclinical mouse muscular dystrophy., H Meier

Pathological findings in shambling, a hereditary neuropathy of mice., H Meier

The neuropathy of teetering, a neurological mutation in the mouse., H Meier

Chemical characterization of inbred strain mouse milk. II. Total fatty acids and fatty acid analyses., H Meier, W G. Hoag, J J. McBurney, and D D. Myers

Genetic studies of carcinogenesis in mice., W S. Murray and C C. Little

Differential mortality of male and female germfree C3H mice introduced into a conventional colony., H C. Outzen and H I. Pilgrim

Catabolite repression is not due to end-product repression in the gal operon., K Paigen, B Williams, and J McGinnis

Ultrastructural analysis of the early development of teratocarcinomas., G B. Pierce, L C. Stevens, and P Nakane

An electron microscopic study of lactic dehydrogenase virus in cultures of mouse peritoneal macrophages., P R. Prosser and R Evans

Effect of ovariectomy at different ages on development of mammary tumors in (C3H x RIII)F1 mice., F L. Richardson

The acinar pattern in the mammary glands of virgin mice at different ages., F L. Richardson

Influence of non-H-2 genetic factors of success in implantation therapy of W series hereditary anemias of the mouse., E S. Russell and S E. Bernstein

An alteration in tumor histocompatibility induced by neuraminidase., B H. Sanford

Evidence for immunological resistance to a parental line tumor by F. hybrid hosts., B H. Sanford

Morphogenetic studies of the rabbit. XXXVI. Effect of gene and genome interaction of homeotic variation., P B. Sawin and M Gow

Morphogenetic studies of the rabbit. XXXVII. Genome, gradient growth pattern and malformation., P B. Sawin, M Gow, and M Muehlke

Spontaneous mutations and mutation rates in the house mouse., G Schlager and M M. Dickie

Genetic control of blood pressure in mice., G Schlager and R S. Weibust

Genotype and conditioned avoidance learning in the mouse., K Schlesinger and R Wimer

Allelomimetic behavior in dogs: negative effects of competition on social facilitation., J P. Scott and C McCray

Inhibitory training of dogs: effects of age at training in basenjis and Shetland sheepdogs., J P. Scott, J H. Shepard, and J Werboff

A comparison of the findings from the corneal epithelium of the normal and the buphthalmic rabbit eye., L B. Sheppard, W M. Shanklin, and R R. Fox

Histocompatibility genes of mice. VII. H-13, a new histocompatibility locus in the fifth linkage group., G D. Snell, G Cudkowicz, and H P. Bunker

Evidence that the "R: and "Z: blood group specificities of mice are allelic and distinct from H-2., G D. Snell, G Hoecker, and J H. Stimpfling

Barometric pressure fluctuations: effects on the activity of laboratory mice., R L. Sprott

Origin of testicular teratomas from primordial germ cells in mice., L C. Stevens

The biology of teratomas., L C. Stevens

Periodic variations of the hemagglutinin response in mice following immunization against sheep red blood cells and alloantigens., J H. Stimpfling and A Richardson

Somatic cells in vitro: their relationship to progenitive cells and to artificial milieux., C Waymouth

Spatial and visual performance and learning in mice., J Werboff and A Anderson

Vibrissae and genetic background: their role in a water submersion task with mice., J Werboff and A Anderson

Mice of a four-way cross: coat color associated with behavior and response to D-amphetamine., J Werboff, A Anderson, and S Ross

Swimming performance of mice: time to submersion as a function of water temperature., J Werboff, B N. Haggett, and A Anderson

Evidence of turgor pressure gradients within and between single plant cells grown in culture., P R. White

Sites of callus production in primary explants of spruce tissue., P R. White

Some aspects of differentiation in cells of Picea glauca cultivated in vitro., P R. White

Some seasonal aspects of the growth of tumors on the white spruce, Picea glauca., P R. White, G Tsoumis, and F Hyland

Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection in rats following implantation of an indwelling jugular catheter., D S. Wyand and A M. Jonas

Plasma enzyme activities in inbred mice., J M. Yuhas, C R. Angel, D T. Mahin, R D. Farris, K T. Woodward, and J B. Storer

The effect of age on two modes of radiation death and on hematopoietic cell survival in the mouse., J M. Yuhas and J B. Storer

Submissions from 1966

Resistance to extinction after continuous and partial reinforcement in basenji puppies., W E. Bacon and W C. Stanley

Heritable histocompatibility changes: lysogeny in mice?, D W. Bailey

Physiological characteristics., S E. Bernstein

Adrenalectomy and coat color in deer mice., F H. Bronson and S H. Clarke

Reproduction., F H. Bronson, C P. Dagg, and G D. Snell

Y-chromosome loss in transplanted testicular teratomas of mice., M C. Bunker

Characteristics in inbred mouse populations plateaued by directional selection., C K. Chai

Selection for leukocyte counts in mice., C K. Chai

Endocrine variations., C K. Chai and M M. Dickie


Purification and properties of delta-aminolevulinate dehydratase from tissues of two strains of mice., D L. Coleman

Psilocin: effects on behaviour and brain serotonin in mice., R L. Collins, J M. Ordy, and T Samorajski

Spina bifida in the rabbit., D D. Crary, R R. Fox, and P B. Sawin

Teratogenesis., C P. Dagg

Incorporation of 5-fluorouracil-2-C14 by mouse embryos., C P. Dagg, A Doerr, and C Offutt

Polygenic control of the teratogenicity of 5-fluorouracil in mice., C P. Dagg, G Schlager, and A Doerr

Snell's waltzer, a new mutation affecting behaviour and the inner ear in the mouse., M S. Deol and M C. Green

A new gene affecting the morphogenesis of the vestibular part of the inner ear in the mouse., M S. Deol and P W. Lane

Keeping records., M M. Dickie

Testing the genetic uniformity of the mouse strains C57BL/10ScSn, C57L/J, CC57BR, and CC57W by serial skin grafting., I K. Egorov and N N. Medvedev

An air-drying procedure for mammalian male meiotic chromosomes, following softening in gluconic acid and cell separation by an ethanol-acetic mixture., E M. Eicher

An air-drying procedure for mammalian male meiotic chromosomes, following softening in gluconic acid and cell separation by an ethanol-acetic mixture., E M. Eicher

Intravenous injection of thalidomide in pregnant rabbits., R R. Fox, P B. Sawin, D D. Crary, and H M. Wuest