Submissions from 1964

Purification of geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate synthetase from Micrococcus lysodeikticus., A A. Kandutsch, H Paulus, E Levin, and K Bloch

Glucose metabolism by mouse cells (NCTC clone 929) under conditions of defined nutrition., P A. Kitos and C Waymouth

A method for obtaining rabbit bone marrow for chromosome studies., C W. Laird and R R. Fox

A morphological study of the hemato- poietic repopulation of congenitally anemic mice following lethal irradiation., J P. Lewis, J Schellman, and S E. Bernstein


The relation of age to the incidence of cancer of certain sites., C C. Little

Estrous synchrony in mice: alteration by exposure to male urine., H M. Marsden and F H. Bronson

An experimental investigation of pattern development in lethal spotting and belted mouse embryos., T C. Mayer and E L. Maltby

Device for milking mice., J J. McBurney, H Meier, and W G. Hoag

Hereditary diabetes mellitus in the Chinese hamster: certain aspects of the prediabetic state in the hamster and reference to the obese- hyperglycemic mouse., H Meier

Esterase alterations in neurological mutants of the mouse., H Meier, W G. Hoag, and E M. Jordan

Developmental homeostasis in behavior of mice; locomotor activity and grooming., A M. Mordkoff, K Schlesinger, and R A. Lavine

Classification of chromosomes in normal and ataxic rabbits., L B. Myers, J L. O'Leary, and R R. Fox

Decreased longevity of strain 129 dystrophic mice parabiosed at weaning., R S. Pope, E D. Murphy, and W T. West

Somatic mitoses in cells of Picea glauca cultivated in vitro., P G. Risser

Nutritional requirements of spruce tumor cells in vitro., P G. Risser and P R. White

(Editor) Proc Symp The effects of radiation on the hereditary fitness of mammalian populations., T H. Roderick

Survival times of passively transferred hemaglutinins in mice., P Rubinstein and N Kaliss

The action of specific mutant genes on regulation of hematopoiesis in the mouse., E S. Russell and S E. Bernstein

Genetics of skeletal deformities in the domestic rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)., P B. Sawin and D D. Crary

Critical periods for social behavior., J P. Scott

Genetics and the development of social behavior in dogs., J P. Scott

Mutant mice (quaking and jimpy) with deficient myelination in the central nervous system., R L. Sidman, M M. Dickie, and S H. Appel

Introduction., G D. Snell

Production of coisogenic resistant lines of mice, and list of available lines., G D. Snell

The terminology of tissue transplantation., G D. Snell

Histocompatibility genes of mice. IV. The position of H-3 in the fifth linkage group., G D. Snell and H P. Bunker

A revised nomenclature for the histocompatibility-2 locus of the mouse., G D. Snell, G Hoecker, D B. Amos, and J H. Stimpfling

Standardized nomenclature for inbred strains of mice, third listing., J Staats

Experimental production of testicular teratomas in mice., L C. Stevens

Karyotype and sex of primary testicular teratomas in mice., L C. Stevens and M C. Bunker

Methods for detection of hemagglutinins in mouse isoantisera., J H. Stimpfling

Preparation of isoantisera in laboratory mice., J H. Stimpfling, E A. Boyse, and R Mishell

Recovery from radiation injury in mammals., J B. Storer

Enzyme alterations in muscle cells from mice with hereditary dystrophy., J P. Tassoni, L Mantel, and P J. Harman

Hereditary ataxia in the rabbit: amino acid analyses of blood and brain., W J. Weinstein, P B. Sawin, R R. Fox, and J L. O'Leary

Some basic parameters in the cultivation of spruce tissues., P R. White and P G. Risser

Osgood's transfer surface: extension and test., R Wimer

Controlled visual input and exploratory activity in C57BL/6J mice., R Wimer and H Sterns

Evaluation of a visual discrimination task for the analysis of the genetics of a mouse behavior., R Wimer and S Weller

Hemolysis and complement fixation., H J. Winn

Mi-spotted: a mutation in the mouse., H G. Wolfe and D L. Coleman

Submissions from 1963

Conference Proceedings: Prenatal Irradiation Effects On CNS Development and Postnatal Behavior.

Effect of deprivation level in puppies on performance maintained by a passive person reinforcer., W E. Bacon and W C. Stanley

Histoincompatibility associated with the X chromosome in mice., D W. Bailey

Mosaic histocompatibility of skin grafts from female mice., D W. Bailey

Modification of radiosensitivity of genetically anemic mice by implantation of blood-forming tissue., S E. Bernstein

Density, subordination and social timidity in Peromyscus and C57BL/6J mice., F H. Bronson

Adrenal responses to crowding in Peromyscus and C57BL/10J mice., F H. Bronson and B E. Eleftheriou


Influence of strange males on implantation in the deermouse., F H. Bronson and B E. Eleftheriou


A method of estimating the number of histocompatibility loci in a sib-mating mouse population., C K. Chai and M S. Chiang

Discussion of paper by ES Russell., D L. Coleman

A revision of the standardized genetic nomenclature for mice., on Standardized Committee


Electrophoretic patterns of hemoglobin from fetal mice of different inbred strains., M Craig and E S. Russell


Morphogenetic studies of the rabbit. XXXII. Qualitative skeletal variations induced by the ac gene (achondroplasia)., D D. Crary and P B. Sawin

The interaction of environmental stimuli and inherited susceptibility to congenital deformity., C P. Dagg

Maternal behaviour in the rabbit: the quantification of nest building., V H. Denenberg, R L. Huff, S Ross, P B. Sawin, and M X. Zarrow

Behavioral differences between mutant and nonmutant mice., V H. Denenberg, S Ross, and M Blumenfield

Maternal behaviour in the rabbit: effects of environmental variation., V H. Denenberg, M X. Zarrow, W D. Kalberer, A Farooq, S Ross, and P B. Sawin

Methods of keeping records., M M. Dickie

The H-2 genotypes of the mouse strains CC57BR and CC57W., I K. Egorov

Maternal behaviour in the rabbit: endocrine factors involved in hair loosening., A Farooq, V H. Denenbert, S Ross, P B. Sawin, and M X. Zarrow


Oxidative and hydrolytic enzymes of homozygous dystrophic and heterozygous muscle of the house mouse., R A. Fennell and W T. West

Canine behaviour: a review article on the work of the Roscoe B. Jackson Memorial Laboratory., M W. Fox

Clinical observations on the panniculus reflex in the dog., M W. Fox

Gross structure and development of the canine brain., M W. Fox

Inherited inguinal hernia and midline defects in the dog., M W. Fox

Low-grade otocephaly in a dog., M W. Fox

Neonatal mortality in the dog., M W. Fox

Postnatal ontogeny of the canine eye., M W. Fox

Sesamoidean hypoplasia with distal ulnar hemimelia and arthrodysplasia: a multiple congenital skeletal anomaly in the dog., M W. Fox

The clinical application of the formol-gel reaction in the dog., M W. Fox

The clinical behavior of the neonatal dog., M W. Fox

The development and clinical significance of muscle tone and posture in the neonate dog., M W. Fox

Preservation of rabbit spermatozoa: ethylene glycol vs glycerol for frozen semen., R R. Fox and J F. Burdick

Early experience as a determinant of dog personality., J L. Fuller

Roscoe B. Jackson Memorial Laboratory., E L. Green

Systems of mating used in mammalian genetics., E L. Green and D P. Doolittle

Methods for testing linkage., M C. Green

Linkage group XVIII of the mouse., M C. Green, G D. Snell, and P W. Lane

Discussion of Part VI [Tumor Host-Virus Relationships]., W G. Hoag


Spontaneous cancer in mice., W G. Hoag

Husbandry, equipment, and procurement of mice., W G. Hoag and E P. Les

Husbandry, equipment, and procurement of mice., W G. Hoag and E P. Les

Comparative virulence of the mammary tumor agent from different sources; qualitative and quantitative differences., K P. Hummel and C C. Little

Breeding of mice free of polyoma virus., O S. Irlin, I K. Egorov, I Birullina, and N N. Medvedev

Discussion of paper by George Klein., N Kaliss

Incidence of homografted tumor cells in draining lymph nodes of mice with enhancing antiserum., N Kaliss

Remarks on immunologic enhancement and tumour immunity., N Kaliss

Maternal transfer of isoantibody in mice., N Kaliss, M K. Dagg, and J H. Stimpfling

Enzymatic reduction of the 7 bond of 7-dehydrocholesterol., A A. Kandutsch


Metabolism of cholesta-4,7-dien-3-one and cholesta-4,6-dien-3- one by mouse liver microsomes., A A. Kandutsch

Partial purification of tissue isoantigens from a mouse sarcoma., A A. Kandutsch and J L. Stimpfling

Maternal behavior in Peromyscus., J A. King

Age of weaning in two subspecies of deer mice., J A. King, J C. Deshaies, and R Webster


Morphogenetic studies of the rabbit. XXXIII. Cartilages and muscles of the external ear as affected by the dachs gene (da)., N P. Lamb and P B. Sawin

Whirler mice; a recessive behavior mutation in linkage group VIII., P W. Lane


Morphogenetic studies of the rabbit. XXXIV. Weights and linear measurements of the bones of small race rabbits compared with large race III., H B. Latimer and P B. Sawin


Morphogenetic studies of the rabbit. XXXV. Comparison of the weights and linear measurements in normal and heterozygous dwarf rabbits of race X., H B. Latimer and P B. Sawin

John Joseph Bittner, 1904-1961., C C. Little

Tanoid--a new agouti mutant in the mouse., R Loosli