Submissions from 1966

Variation in effects of chlorpromazine in three strains of mice., J J. Fuller

Transitory effects of experiential deprivation upon reversal learning in dogs., J L. Fuller

Effects of rearing with specific stimuli upon postisolation behavior in dogs., J L. Fuller and L D. Clark

Genetic and treatment factors modifying the postisolation syndrome in dogs., J L. Fuller and L D. Clark

Neural, sensory, and motor functions., J L. Fuller and E D. Wimer

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The cumulative effect of histocompatibility antigens., R J. Graff, W K. Silvers, R E. Billingham, W H. Hildemann, and G D. Snell

Breeding systems., E L. Green

The Jackson Laboratory: a center for mammalian genetics in the United States., E L. Green

Radiation genetics., E L. Green and T H. Roderick

Genes and development., M C. Green

Mutant genes and linkages., M C. Green

Nuclear cytology., A B. Griffen

Gas-liquid chromatography of adenosine derivatives., R L. Hancock

S-adenosylmethionine-synthesizing activity of normal and neoplastic mouse tissues., R L. Hancock

Distress vocalizations of young in two subspecies of Peromyscus maniculatus., F M. Hart and J A. King

Nutrition., W G. Hoag and M M. Dickie

Infectious diseases., W G. Hoag and H Meier

The effect of nutrition on fertility of inbred DBA/2J mice., W G. Hoag, H Meier, M Dickie, E P. Les, and J Dorey

An atlas of the laboratory mouse [book review]., K P. Hummel

Diabetes, a new mutation in the mouse., K P. Hummel, M M. Dickie, and D L. Coleman

Anatomy., K P. Hummel, R L. Richardson, and E Fekete

Pulmonary nocardiosis in the Rhesus monkey. Importance of differentiation from tuberculosis., A M. Jonas and D S. Wyand

Spontaneous tumors of the thyroid gland in mice., E E. Jones, J E. Barker, and S Deitrich

Immunological enhancement: conditions for its expression and its relevance for grafts of normal tissues., N Kaliss

Transplanted tumors., N Kaliss

Oxidation of 7-dehydrocholesterol by a mouse liver microsomal system dependent on reduced pyridine nucleotides., A A. Kandutsch

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The metabolism of L-glutamate and L-5-carboxy-pyrrolidone by mouse cells (NCTC clone 929) under conditions of defined nutrition., P A. Kitos and C Waymouth

Association of megacolon with two recessive spotting genes in the mouse., P W. Lane

Husbandry., E P. Les

A histocompatibility gene linked with the Y-chromosome in the mouse strains CC57BR and CCC57W., N N. Medvedev and I K. Egorov

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Blood coagulation., H Meier and W G. Hoag

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Characteristic tumors., E D. Murphy

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Phenomenon of transient repression in Escherichia coli., K Paigen

Role of the galactose pathway in the regulation of beta-galactosidase., K Paigen

A whole blood microculture technique for cytological examination of neonatal rabbits., B H. Plummer and R R. Fox

Mammary tumors and mammary gland development in normal and estrogen-treated F1 hybrids of strains C3H/J and RIII/An mice., F L. Richardson

Multiple factor inheritance., T H. Roderick and G Schlager

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Blood and blood formation., E S. Russell and S E. Bernstein

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Systolic blood pressure in eight inbred strains of mice., G Schlager

Spontaneous mutaton rates at five coat-color loci in mice., G Schlager and M M. Dickie

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[Clinical diagnosis of amyloidosis], H J. Senn and H J. Heiniger

[On the clinical diagnosis of amyloidosis], H J. Senn, H J. Heiniger, H B:urki, and U Rieder

Bibliography of techniques., G D. Snell and K P. Hummel

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Retrograde amnesia in two strains of mice., R L. Sprott

Nomenclature., J Staats

The laboratory mouse., J Staats


Biology of the laboratory mouse, Staff of the Jackson Laboratory

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Acute responses to ionizing radiation., J B. Storer

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Effects of genoytpe on mouse behaviour., J H. vanAbeelen

The temporal variable in saline-induced locomotor depression in mice., J H. vanAbeelen

Cell, tissue, and organ culture., C Waymouth

Tranquillizers in pregnancy and behavioural effects on the offspring., J Werboff

Hereditary mouse muscular dystrophy with particular emphasis on pathogenesis and attempts at therapy., W T. West, H Meier, and W G. Hoag

Versatile perfusion chamber for living cells and organs., P R. White

Sources of nitrogen for spruce cultures., P R. White and S N. Gilbey

A group of compounds exhibiting paradoxical activity in the regulation of the lac operon., B Williams and K Paigen

Some behavioral differences in mice genetically selected for high and low brain weight., C Wimer and L Prater

Patterns of behavior., R E. Wimer and J L. Fuller

Immune functions., H J. Winn

Pigmentation., H G. Wolfe and D L. Coleman

Thalidomide solutions., H M. Wuest and R R. Fox

Submissions from 1965

Studies on reactivity of tumor and normal cells to a wheat germ agglutinin., J C. Aub, B H. Sanford, and M N. Cote

Reactions of normal and leukemic cell surfaces to a wheat germ agglutinin., J C. Aub, B H. Sanford, and L H. Wang

A search for genetic background influences on survival time of skin grafts from mice bearing Y-linked histoincompatibility., D W. Bailey

Inherited histocompatibility changes in progeny of irradiated and unirradiated inbred mice., D W. Bailey and H I. Kohn

Maturation of alloimmune responsiveness in mice., D K. Boraker and W H. Hildemann

Adrenal response to fighting in mice: separation of physical and psychological causes., F H. Bronson and B E. Eleftheriou

Relative effects of fighting on bound and unbound corticosterone in mice., F H. Bronson and B E. Eleftheriou

Chromosome preparations from solid tumors of the mouse: a direct method., M C. Bunker

Accumulation of triose phosphates in dystrophic mouse muscle homogenates., D L. Coleman

Studies on the acetoacetate-like compound found in dystrophic mouse muscle homogenates., D L. Coleman

Effects of pyridoxine deficiency on audiogenic seizure susceptibility in inbred mice., D L. Coleman and K Schlesinger

Hybrid resistance controlled by H-2 region: correction of data., G Cudkowicz and J H. Stimpfling

Behavioral differences in two closely related lines of mice., V H. Denenberg

A new isoantigen of mouse erythrocytes., I K. Egorov