Submissions from 1963

Discussion of Part II [Spontaneous cancer in zoo and laboratory animals]., H Meier

Etiologic considerations of spontaneous tumors in animals with special reference to the endocrine system., H Meier

Fluids and electrolytes., H Meier

Potentialities for and present status of pharmacological research in genetically controlled mice., H Meier


Separation and purification of clotting factors from inbred mice., H Meier, R C. Allen, and W G. Hoag

Introductory remarks [Epizootiology of Cancer in Animals]., H Meier and W G. Hoag

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MA/My strain of the albino mouse., W S. Murray

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Hereditary ataxia of rabbits: identification of glycogen in hind-brain lesions., J L. O'Leary, P B. Sawin, and P E. Stohr


Developmental psychology., H L. Rheingold and W C. Stanley

Mammary tumors, mammary gland development, and morphology of ovaries in virgin mice of strains C3H, CBA, and their F1 hybrids., F L. Richardson and G Hall

Selection for radiation resistance in mice., T H. Roderick

The response of twenty-seven inbred strains of mice to daily doses of whole-body X-irradiation., T H. Roderick

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Maternal behaviour in the rabbit under semi-natural conditions., S Ross, M X. Zarrow, P B. Sawin, V H. Denenberg, and M Blumenfield

The cellular basis of differential radiosensitivity of genetically anemic mice by implantation of blood-forming tissue., E S. Russell, S E. Bernstein, E McFarland, and W Modeen

Genetic control of hepatic-aminolevulinate dehydratase in mice., R L. Russell and D L. Coleman

Effect of stomach loading on sucking behavior in neonatal puppies., E Satinoff and W C. Stanley

Locomotor activity and oxygen consumption; variability in two inbred strains of mice and their F1 hybrids., K Schlesinger and A M. Mordkoff

Teratogenic effects of hypoglycemic treatments in inbred strains of mice., M Smithberg and M N. Runner

Methodology in mammalian genetics [book review]., G D. Snell

Behaviour studies on inbred mice: a selected bibliography, II., J Staats

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Conditioning in the neonatal puppy., W C. Stanley, A C. Cornwell, C Poggiani, and A Trattner

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Maternal behavior in the rabbit: endocrine contorl of maternal-nest building., M X. Zarrow, A Farooq, V H. Denenberg, P B. Sawin, and S Ross

Submissions from 1962

Distribution of coagulation proteins in normal mouse plasma., R C. Allen, H Meier, and W G. Hoag

Ethylene glycol produced by ethylene oxide sterilization and its effect on blood-clotting factors in an inbred strain of mice., R C. Allen, H Meier, and W G. Hoag

Acute radiosensitivity in mice of differing W genotype., S E. Bernstein

Relation of acute radiation sensitivity to genotype of the blood forming tissue., S E. Bernstein

Choice of animals and sensitivity of experiments., C K. Chai

The inheritance of careener, unbalanced locomotion in mice., C K. Chai and M S. Chiang

Developmental anomalies in inbred rabbits., C K. Chai and K H. Degenhardt

Influence of aminooxyacetic acid, a gamma-aminobutyrate transaminase inhibitor, on hereditary spastic defect in the mouse., C K. Chai, E Roberts, and R L. Sidman

Effect of genic substitution on the incorporation of tyrosine into the melanin of mouse skin., D L. Coleman

Modified benzyl alcohol clearing of alizarin-stained specimens without loss of flexibility., D D. Crary

A new viable yellow mutation in the house mouse., M M. Dickie

Interaction of olfactory and other environmental stimuli on implantation in the deer mouse., B E. Eleftheriou, F H. Bronson, and M X. Zarrow

Effect of drugs on psychological development., J L. Fuller

Heredity, animal behavior and psychiatry., J L. Fuller

Purebred dogs in psychological and mental health research., J L. Fuller

The genetics of behaviour., J L. Fuller

The behaviour ofdogs., J L. Fuller and E M. DuBuis

Acetoacetate metabolism in muscle homogenates from normal and dystrophic mice., A B. Gould and D L. Coleman

Quantitative genetics of skeletal variations in the mouse. II. Crosses between four inbred strains (C3H, DBA, C57BL, BALB/c)., E L. Green

Tottering, a neuromuscular mutation in the mouse and its linkage with oligosyndactylism., M C. Green and R L. Sidman

Recessive buphthalmos in the rabbit., B Hanna, P B. Sawin, and L B. Sheppard

Studies of the effect of various dietary protein fat levels on inbred laboratory mice., W G. Hoag and M M. Dickie

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Induction of the homograft reaction in the presence of immunological enhancement of tumor homografts., N Kaliss

The elements of immunologic enhancement: a consideration of mechanisms., N Kaliss

Enzymatic reduction of the W7 bond of 7-dehydrocholesterol., A A. Kandutsch

Progress in the chemistry of transplantation antigens., A A. Kandutsch and J L. Stimpfling

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Myelination and myelin degeneration in the central nervous system of dilute-lethal mice., D E. Kelton and H Rauch

Glutamine metabolism by animal cells growing in a synthetic medium., P A. Kitos, R Sinclair, and C Waymouth

Morphogenetic studies of the rabbit. XXXI. Weights an linear measurements of some of the bones of 65 race III rabbits., H B. Latimer and P B. Sawin

Some aspects of experimental and spontaneous tumorigenesis in animals., H Meier

Spontaneous hemorrhagic diathesis in inbred mice due to single or multiple "prothrombin-complex" deficiencies., H Meier, R C. Allen, and W G. Hoag

Activity of lysozyme in inbred mice., H Meier and W G. Hoag

Blood proteins and immune response in mice with hereditary absence of spleen., H Meier and W G. Hoag

The zymogram technique as a tool for study of genotypic differences., H Meier, E Jordan, and W G. Hoag

A strain difference in response to the teratogenic effect of maternal fasting in the house mouse., J R. Miller

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Method for studying exploratory behaviour in infants., H L. Rheingold, W C. Stanley, and J A. Cooley

Developmental genetics and lethal factors (book review)., E S. Russell

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Animal behavior as a biological discipline., J P. Scott

Critical periods in behavioral development., J P. Scott

Genetics and the development of social behavior in mammals., J P. Scott

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Swimming stress and adaptation by dystrophic and normal mice., H C. Soltan

Differential human handling as reinforcing events and as treatments influencing later social behavior in basenji puppies., W C. Stanley and O Elliot

Testicular teratomas in fetal mice., L C. Stevens

The biology of teratomas including evidence indicating their origin from primordial germ cells., L C. Stevens

The biology of teratomas including evidence indicating their origin from primordial germ cells., L C. Stevens

Evaluation of radiation response as an index of aging in mice., J B. Storer

Associations between growth rate, mitotic frequency, and chromosome number in a plant tissue culture., D Torok and T H. Roderick

Effects of chlorpromazine on appetitive and aversive components of a multiple schedule., M B. Waller and P F. Waller

The Pearse-Slee cryostat: improvement in the antiroll plate., W T. West

Injection of the arterial system of the mouse., W T. West and Gorham L. Whittington

Influences of spermatozoa on the cleavage rate of mouse eggs., W K. Whitten and C P. Dagg

The influence of propylthiouracil and thryoxine on superovulation in immature mice., E D. Wilson and C K. Chai

The participation of complement in isoimmune reactions., H J. Winn

Production of all-dystrophic litters of mice by artificial insemination., H G. Wolfe and J L. Southard

Submissions from 1961

Haemoglobins of foetal C57BL/6 mice., J Barrowman and M Craig

Control of specificity in haemoglobin synthesis., J Bishop, G Favelukes, R Schweet, and E S. Russell

A technique for staining chromosomes of the mouse with Sudan Black B., M C. Bunker