Submissions from 1961

Analysis of quantitative inheritance of body size in mice. IV. An attempt to isolate polygenes., C K. Chai

Choice of animals for bioassay., C K. Chai

Hereditary spasticity in mice., C K. Chai

Effects of dietary creatine and glycine on transamidinase activity in dystrophic mice., D L. Coleman

Effects of nutrition on growth, lifespan and histopathology of mice with hereditary muscular dystrophy., D L. Coleman and W T. West

Conditioned response in young puppies., A C. Cornwell and J L. Fuller

A simple device for facilitating injections in the tail veins of mice., C G. Crispens and N Kaliss

Associations between growth rate, mitotic frequency, and chromosome number in a plant tissue culture., D deTorok and T H. Roderick

The effect of single gene substitutions on resistance to radiation in mice., D P. Doolittle

The development of emotional distress reactions to separation in puppies., O Elliot and J P. Scott

Preservation of rabbit spermatozoa: fertility results from frozen semen., R R. Fox

A short course in medical genetics., J L. Fuller and V A. McKusick

Accumulation of acetoacetate in muscle homogenates from dystrophic mice., A B. Gould and D L. Coleman

Opossum, a semi-dominant lethal mutation affecting hair and other characteristics of mice., E L. Green and S J. Mann

Genetics., M C. Green

Himalayan, a new allele of albino in the mouse., M C. Green

The position of luxoid in linkage group II of the mouse., M C. Green

Oxyuriasis in laboratory mouse colonies., W G. Hoag

Techniques for the isolation of Salmonella typhimurium in mice., W G. Hoag and J Rogers

Mammalian genetics and reproduction., K P. Hummel

The transplanted tumor as a research tool in cancer immunology., N Kaliss

The chemistry of transplantation antigens., A A. Kandutsch

Development and behavioral evolution in Peromyscus., J A. King

Linkage of wabbler-lethal and hairless in the mouse., P W. Lane and M M. Dickie

Morphogenetic studies of the rabbit. XXVIII. Variations in shape and position of some of the viscera., H B. Latimer and P B. Sawin

Morphogenetic studies of the rabbit. XXX. Measurements of the digestive tube and of its parts in race III rabbits., H B. Latimer and P B. Sawin

Some phases of the problem of smoking and lung cancer., C C. Little

Sensitivity to estrogen of uteri of ovariectomized mice in relation to age., F T. Liu and C K. Chai

Variability of incidence and clinical manifestation of mouse hereditary muscular dystrophy on heterogeneous genetic backgrounds., R Loosli, E S. Russell, W K. Silvers, and J L. Southard

Some physico-chemical properties of mouse red cells and hemoglobin., H Meier

Normal blood clotting of inbred mice., H Meier, R C. Allen, and W G. Hoag

Studies on left auricular thrombosis in mice., H Meier and W G. Hoag

Carcinogenesis of the uterine cervix in mice: effect of diethylstilbestrol after linited application of 3-methylcholanthrene., E D. Murphy

Correlation between mean litter size and mean life span among 12 inbred strains of mice., T H. Roderick and J B. Storer

Maternal behavior in the rabbit: yearly and seasonal variation in nest building., S Ross, P B. Sawin, V H. Denenberg, and M X. Zarrow

Commentary on "Subhuman and Human Fighting"., J P. Scott

Non-heritable coat color variation; a multiple recurrence in the house mouse., G D. Snell, P W. Lane, and P Harnish

Histocompatibility genes of mice. III. H-1 and H-4, two histocompatibility loci in the first linkage group., G D. Snell and L C. Stevens

A quantitative study of cellular immunity., G D. Snell, H G. Winn, and A A. Kandutsch

Genetic and environmental influences on teratocarcinogenesis in mice., L C. Stevens and J A. Mackensen

Genetics of tissue transplantation in mice and men., J H. Stimpfling

The use of PVP as a developing agent in mouse hemagglutination tests., J H. Stimpfling

On the antigenic products of the H-2m allele in the laboratory mouse., J H. Stimpfling and O Pizarro

Effect of dose size on rate of recovery from radiation damage in mice., J B. Storer

Preliminary observations on early experience as related to social behavior., M B. Waller and J L. Fuller

La Culture des Tissus Vegetaux, by RJ Gautheret (book review)., P R. White

La Culture des Tissus Vegetaux, by RJ Gautheret (book review)., P R. White

Immune mechanisms in homotransplantation. II. Quantitative assay of the immunologic activity of lymphoid cells stimulated by tumor homografts., H J. Winn

Maternal behaviour in the rabbit: evidence for an endocrine basis of maternal-nest building and additional data on maternal-nest building in the Dutch-belted race., M X. Zarrow, P B. Sawin, S Ross, V H. Denenberg, D Crary, E D. Wilson, and A Farooq

Submissions from 1960

Increasing the research value of laboratory animals through breeding practices., D W. Bailey

A rapid method of grafting skin on tails of mice., D w. Bailey and B Usama

Response of inbred and F1 hybrid mice to hormones., C K. Chai

Phenylalanine hydroxylase activity in dilute and nondilute strains of mice., D L. Coleman


Influence of diet on transaminidase activity in dystrophic mice., D L. Coleman and M E. Ashworth

Standardized Nomenclature for Inbred Strains of Mice: Second listing., on Standardized Committee

Genetic differences in growth rate and maturation of rabbits., D D. Crary and P B. Sawin

A heat-stable hemagglutinin in mouse tissue extracts., CG Jr Crispens

Sensitive stages for the production of developmental abnormalities in mice with 5-fluorouracil., C P. Dagg

Cytological instability in tumors of Picea glauca., D deTorok and P R. White

Recovery of blastocysts and induction of implantation following artificial insemination of immature mice., P J. Dziuk and M N. Runner

Effect of early food deprivation upon later consummatory behavior in puppies., O Elliot and J A. King


Behavior genetics., J L. Fuller

Effects of chlorpromazine upon psychological development in the puppy., J L. Fuller, L D. Clark, and M B. Waller

Circulatory changes associated with osteolytic and osteoblastic reactions in bone., L W. Gorham

Radioisotopes and the genetic mechanism: the problem of genetic effects of low-level external radioactivity., E L. Green

Spontaneous hereditary diabetes mellitus in the Chinese hamster (Cricetulus griseus). IV. Elevated alpha-2-globulins as a possible genetic marker., M Green, G Yerganian, and H Meier

Mammalian pachytene chromosome mapping and somatic chromosome identiciation., A B. Griffen

A study of some physiological mechanisms underlying susceptibility to audiogenic seizures in mice., M Hamburgh and E Vicari

A comparison of five commercial diets in two inbred strains of mice., W G. Hoag and M M. Dickie

Studies of gonadectomized mice bearing adrenal cortical tumours., F G. Hofmann, M M. Dickie, and N P. Christy

Mammary tumors in mice of strains C3H and DBA/1 and their F1 hybrids., K P. Hummel

Intracellular distribution and extraction of tumor homograft- enhancing antigens., A A. Kandutsch

The chemistry of transplantation antigens., A A. Kandutsch

Preputial gland tumor sterols. III. A metabolic pathway from lanosterol to cholesterol., A A. Kandutsch and A E. Russell

Preputial gland tumor sterols. II. Identification of 4a-methyl-8-cholesten-3b-ol., A A. Kandutsch and A E. Russell

Differential growth in the skulls of two subspecies of deermice., J A. King and B E. Eleftheriou

Problems of classification., J A. King and J W. Nichols

Problems of classification., J A. King and J W. Nichols

Mahogany, a recessive color mutation in linkage group V of the house mouse., P W. Lane and M C. Green

Morphogenetic studies of the rabbit. XXVI. Correlation coefficients of external measurements of two inbred races of rabbits., H B. Latimer and P B. Sawin

Morphogenetic studies of the rabbit. XXVII. The postnatal growth in weight and thickness of the ventricular walls of the heart., H B. Latimer and P B. Sawin

"Open eyelids" in newborn mice., J A. Mackensen

Rib fusions, a new mutation in the house mouse., J A. Mackensen and L C. Stevens

Diabetes mellitus in animals: a review., H Meier

Spontaneous cytomegalic inclusion body disease involving lacrimal glands of Caesarian-derived (so-called) pathogen-free rats., H Meier

Attempts to induce tolerance to maternal tissue by irradiation of fetal mice., M A. Moulton, J Stimpfling, and J B. Storer

Survival of strain 129 dystrophic mice in parabiosis., R S. Pope and E D. Murphy

Mammary tumors and mammary-gland development in hybrid mice treated with diethylstilbestrol for varying periods., F L. Richardson and G Hall

Selection for cholinesterase activity in the cerebral cortex of the rat., T H. Roderick

Effects of restraint and isolation on yelping in puppies., S Ross, J P. Scott, M Cherner, and V H. Denenberg

Metabolic mechanisms of teratogenic agents during morphogenesis., M N. Runner and C P. Dagg

Genetic aspects of implantation of blood-forming tissue., E S. Russell

New trends in the use of genetically controlled laboratory animals in biomedical research., E S. Russell

Maternal behavior in the rabbit: hair loosening during gestation., P B. Sawin, V H. Denenberg, S Ross, E Hafter, and M X. Zarrow

Ethology and psychology., J P. Scott

The inheritance of annual breeding cycles in hybrid basenji-cocker spaniel dogs., J P. Scott, J L. Fuller, and J A. King

Retention of blastocysts in nonprogestational uteri of mice., M Smithberg and M N. Runner

Note on results of Linder and Klein with coisogenic resistant lines of mice., G D. Snell


Depression by antibody of the immune response to homografts and its role in immunological enhancement., G D. Snell, H J. Winn, J H. Stimpfling, and S J. Parker

Embryonic potency of embryoid bodies derived from a transplantable testicular teratoma of the mouse., L C. Stevens