Submissions from 1965

The analysis of breed differences in maze performance in dogs., O Elliot and J P. Scott


Studies on the mechanism of action of Riley virus. 3. Replication of Riley's plasma enzyme-elevating virus in vitro., R Evans and M H. Salaman

Reflex-ontogeny and behavioural development of the mouse., M W. Fox

The visual cliff test for the study of visual depth perception in the mouse., M W. Fox

Breed susceptibility, pathogenicity and epidemiology of endemic coliform enteritis in the dog., M W. Fox, W G. Hoag, and J Strout

Buphthalmia in the rabbit: a test for early diagnosis., R R. Fox and EJ Jr Babino

Suggestions from animal studies for human behavior genetics., J L. Fuller

Differentiation in vitro of embryonic cartilage and bone in a chemically-defined medium., W L. Gorham and C Waymouth

Use of laboratory animals for the analysis of genetic influences upon drug toxicity., E L. Green and H Meier

Natural mutation rates in the house mouse: plan of study and preliminary estimates., E L. Green, G Schlager, and M M. Dickie

A test for histocompatibility between sublines of the CBA strain of mice., M C. Green and K A. Kaufer

The obscure parts of the X chromosome in Drosophila melanogaster., A B. Griffen

Potentiating effect of neonatal thymectomy on x-ray-induced intercapillary glomerulosclerosis., P H. Guttman and D W. Bailey

Gas chromatographic studies on nucleosides., R L. Hancock and D L. Coleman

[Cell kinetics of plasma cells with Russell's bodies. Autoradiographic studies by means of thymidine-H 3 in older mice with experimental chronic trichnosis], H J. Heiniger, H Cottier, M Hess, and R D. Stoner

Epidemiological aspects of the control of pseudomonas infection in mouse colonies., W G. Hoag, J Strout, and H Meier

Enzootic intestinal adenocarcinoma in hamsters., A M. Jonas, Y Tomita, and D S. Wyand

Immunological enhancement and inhibition of tumor growth: relationship to various immunological mechanisms., N Kaliss

Immunological enhancement-the immunologically induced prolongation of tumor homograft survival., N Kaliss

The action of snake venom on an isoantigenic lipoprotein from a mouse sarcoma., A A. Kandutsch, H C. Jurgeleit, and J H. Stimpfling

Properties of purified isoantigenic preparations from a mouse sarcoma., A A. Kandutsch and J H. Stimpfling

Effect of paternal (spermatogonial) x-ray exposure in the mouse., M I. Kohn, M L. Epling, P H. Guttman, and D W. Bailey

Difference between two inbred strains of mice in ovulatory response to repeated administration of gonadotrophins., T P. Lin and D W. Bailey


Trends in reported incidence of cancer by age in Connecticut and in New York State (1935-1960)., C C. Little

Hereditary and nutritional muscular dystrophy; comparison of clinical symptoms in an inbred strain of mice., R Loosli

Delta-aminolevulinate dehydratase activity in mice with hereditary anemia., F L. Margolis and E S. Russell

Strange male block to pregnancy: its absence in inbred mouse strains., H M. Marsden and F H. Bronson

The synchrony of oestrus in mice: relative roles of the male and female environment., H M. Marsden and F H. Bronson

The cellular basis of the genetically determined hemopoietic defect in anemic mice of genotype Sl-Sld., E A. McCulloch, L Siminovitch, J E. Till, E S. Russell, and S E. Bernstein

Chemical characterization of inbred-strain mouse milk. I. Gross composition and amino acid analysis., H Meier, W G. Hoag, and J J. McBurney

Preclinical histopathology of mouse muscular dystrophy., H Meier, W T. West, and W G. Hoag

Biological significance of factors influencing the incidence of mammary cancer in mice., W S. Murray

Ultrastructural lesions in rabbit hereditary ataxia., J L. O'Leary, A B. Harris, R R. Fox, J M. Smith, and M Tidwell

Histopathology of dystrophic and normal mice after timed periods of parabiosis., R S. Pope, E D. Murphy, and W T. West

Inbreeding: Is it important in natural populations?, T H. Roderick

The genetic control of three kidney esterases in C57BL/6J and RF/J mice., F H. Ruddle and T H. Roderick

Some observations on an induced adaptation in a transplantable tumor., B H. Sanford

Variability in immunological responsiveness to non-H-2 antigenic differences., B H. Sanford, S B. Carrol, and B A. Holdridge

Thalidomide malformations and genetic background in the rabbit., P B. Sawin, D Crary, R R. Fox, and H M. Wuest

Morphogenetic studies of the rabbit. XXXV. Pleiotropic effects of the gradient growth pattern., P B. Sawin and M Trask

Heritability of blood pressure in mice., G Schlager

Neurological mutants of the mouse (meeting report)., R L. Sidman, S H. Appel, and J L. Fuller

Retinal degeneration in the mouse; location of the rd locus in linkage group XVII., R L. Sidman and M C. Green

Pink-eyed dilution (p) gene in rodents: increased pigmentation in tissue culture., R L. Sidman, R Pearlstein, and C Waymouth

Histocompatibility genes of mice. V. Five new histocompatibility loci identified by congenic resistant lines on a C57BL/10 background., G D. Snell and H P. Bunker

Artificial insemination of dystrophic mice with mixtures of spermatozoa., J L. Southard, H G. Wolfe, and E S. Russell

Dystrophia muscularis in the house mouse: a bibliography., J Staats

The passive person as a reinforcer in isolated beagle puppies., W C. Stanley

Conditioning with a passive person reinforcer and extinction in Shetland sheep dog puppies., W C. Stanley, D D. Morris, and A Trattner

Recombination within the histocompatibility-2 locus of the mouse., J H. Stimpfling and A Richardson

Radiation resistance with age in normal and irradiated populations of mice., J B. Storer

Effect of gonadal hormones on submandibular gland amylase activity in male and female C57BL/6J mice., R H. Swigart, F K. Hilton, M M. Dickie, and B J. Foster

Susceptibility and resistance to viral leukemogenesis in the mouse. I. Biologic definition of the virus., J R. Tennant

Susceptibility and resistance to viral leukemogenesis in the mouse. II. Response to the virus relative to histocompatibility factors carried by the prospective host., J R. Tennant

A reversible morphological change in mouse cells (strain L, clone NCTC 929) under the influence of insulin., C Waymouth and D E. Reed

Sequence of deposition of amyloid in strain A mice and relationship of renal disease., W T. West and E D. Murphy

The effects of d-amphetamine sulphate on three exploratory behaviours., R E. Wimer and J L. Fuller

Submissions from 1964

Heme synthesis in normal and genetically anemic mice., K I. Altman and E S. Russell

Genetically modified survival time of grafts from mice bearing X-linked histoincompatibility., D W. Bailey

Problems and potentialities of hematopoietic tissue trans- plants., S E. Bernstein


Chronic physiological effects of fighting in mice., F H. Bronson and B E. Eleftheriou

Effects of intra- and inter-specific social stimulation on implantation in deermice., F H. Bronson, B E. Eleftheriou, and E I. Garick

Male-induced synchrony of estrus in deermice., F H. Bronson and H M. Marsden

Skin grafts between inbred rabbits., C K. Chai

Changes in thyroid gland during life-span of mice., C K. Chai, J L. Morrison, and J L. Lenz

A developmental change in hemoglobins correlated with an embryonic red cell population in the mouse., M L. Craig and E S. Russell

Development of the external ear in the dachs rabbit., D D. Crary

Deficient growth of C57BL marrow cells transplanted in F1 hybrid mice; association with the histocompatibility-2 locus., G Cudkowicz and J H. Stimpfling

Hybrid resistance to parental marrow grafts: association with the K region of H-2., G Cudkowicz and J H. Stimpfling

Induction of immunity and of unresponsiveness to parental marrow grafts in adult F1 hybrid mice., G Cudkowicz and J H. Stimpfling

Some effects of x-irradiation on the development of inbred and hybrid mouse embryos., C P. Dagg

A gene affecting the rate of pyrimidine degradation in mice., C P. Dagg, D L. Coleman, and G M. Fraser

New splotch alleles in the mouse., M M. Dickie

A sociosexual behavioral abnormality in the dog resembling Oedipus complex in man., M W. Fox

Development of breed variables in the dog., M W. Fox

Inherited polycystic mononephrosis in the dog., M W. Fox

Osmotic resistance of erythrocytes; canine breed differences., M W. Fox

The otocephalic syndrome in the dog., M W. Fox

The postnatal growth of the canine brain and correlated anatomical and behavioral changes during neuro-ontogenesis., M W. Fox

Use of tetracycline fluorescence to determine development of ossification in the dog., M W. Fox

Influence of age on the response of the immature rabbit ovary to pregnant mare's serum (PMS)., R R. Fox, Jr J. Cavanaugh, and M X. Zarrow

Effects of experimental deprivation upon behaviour in animals., J L. Fuller

Measurement of alcohol preference in genetic experiments., J L. Fuller

Physiological and population aspects of behavior genetics., J L. Fuller

The K-puppies., J L. Fuller

Circulatory changes in osteolytic and osteoblastic reactions; an experimental study utilizing two malignant mouse tumors., L W. Gorham and W T. West

Fitness of populations of irradiated mice: plan of experiments., E L. Green

Reproductive fitness of irradiated populations of mice., E L. Green

Persistence of populations of mice exposed to substerilizing doses of spermatogonial X-irradiation., E L. Green and E P. Les

Embryonic mortality in mouse populations after eleven generations of spermatogonial irradiation., E L. Green, T H. Roderick, and G Schlager

The occurrence of chromosomal abberations in pre-spermatocytic cells of irradiated male mice. II. Cytological studies of sterile and semi-sterile F1 individuals., A B. Griffen

Three cases of trisomy in the mouse., A B. Griffen and M C. Bunker

Animal health control for inbred mouse colonies of The Jackson Laboratory., W G. Hoag

Isolation of Salmonella spp from laboratory mice and from diet supplements., W G. Hoag, J Stroug, and H Meier

Attempts at immunizing mice against chronic and acute stages of Salmonella typhimurium infection., W G. Hoag, J Strout, and H Meier

Audiogenic seizures, the dilute locus, and phenylalanine hydroxylase in DBA/1 mice., S D. Huff and J L. Fuller


Hemoglobin solubility and alpha-chain structure in crosses between two inbred mouse strains., J J. Hutton, R S. Schweet, H G. Wolfe, and E S. Russell

Immune response engendered in mice by multiparity., N Kaliss and M K. Dagg

Isolation of transplantation isoantigens of mice., A A. Kandutsch

Sterol metabolism in skin and epidermis., A A. Kandutsch