Faculty Research 1980 - 1989

Faculty Research 1980 - 1989



Submissions from 1982

Blood chemistry values of the common boa constrictor., R J. Chiodini and J P. Sundberg

Diabetes-obesity syndromes in mice., D L. Coleman

Other potentially useful rodents as models for the study of human diabetes mellitus., D L. Coleman

Thermogenesis in diabetes-obesity syndromes in mutant mice., D L. Coleman

Spontaneous diabetes and obesity in rodents., D L. Coleman and B N. Brodoff

Therapeutic effects of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) in diabetic mice., D L. Coleman, E H. Leiter, and R W. Schwizer

Gene for a major cell surface glycoprotein of mouse macrophages and other phagocytic cells is on chromosome 2., A Colombatti, E N. Hughes, B A. Taylor, and J T. August

Selective binding of chicken progesterone receptor A subunit to a DNA fragment containing ovalbumin gene sequences., J G. Compton, W T. Schrader, and B W. O'Malley

Sn-glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase gene expression during mouse adipocyte development in vivo., J R. Cook and L P. Kozak

Embryo-derived teratocarcinoma. IV. The role of immune factors in the regulation of teratocarcinogenesis., I Damjanov, O Bagasra, M Dominis, and D Solter

Immunohistochemical localization of murine stage-specific embryonic antigens in human testicular germ cell tumors., I Damjanov, N Fox, B B. Knowles, D Solter, P H. Lange, and E E. Fraley

Maternally transmitted factors modify development and malignancy of teratomas in mice., I Damjanov and D Solter

Mouse genes influence antiviral action of interferon in vivo., F Dandoy, Maeyer Guignard De, D W. Bailey, and Maeyer E. De

Comparative levels of endogenous myelin basic protein-serum factors (MBP-SFs) in adult and suckling mice (B6CBAF1 and B5C3HF1 strains) and in neurologically mutant mice of the same genetic background., E D. Day, H Meier, S E. Alpert, V A. Varikek, and P Y. Paterson

Primary sex determining genes in mice., E M. Eicher

Mus poschiavinus Y chromosome in the C57BL/6J murine genome causes sex reversal., E M. Eicher, L L. Washburn, J B. Whitney, and K E. Morrow

Ocular complications., R Engerman, D Finkelstein, G Aguirre, K R. Diddie, R R. Fox, R N. Frank, and S D. Varma

The relationship between cumulus cell-oocyte coupling, oocyte meiotic maturation, and cumulus expansion., J J. Eppig

The relationship between parthenogenetic embryonic development and cumulus cell-oocyte intercellular coupling during oocyte meiotic maturation., J J. Eppig

The mechanism of cumulus cell-oocyte uncoupling: evidence for the participation of both cumulus cells and oocytes., J J. Eppig and Bailey P. Ward

Differential action of sulfated glycosaminoglycans on follicle-stimulating hormone-induced functions of cumuli oophori isolated from mice., J J. Eppig, Bailey P. Ward, J E. Potter, and R M. Schultz

Evidence for and against a beneficial role of tumor-associated immunity., R Evans

Macrophages and neoplasms: new insights and their implication in tumor immunobiology., R Evans

Concomitant inhibition of tumor-associated inflammatory responses and rapid enhancement of cyclophosphamide-induced tumor regression by hydrocortisone., R Evans and D M. Eidlen

Intratumor and peritoneal inflammatory responses in relation to tumor burden and age of mouse., R Evans and D M. Eidlen

The role of the inflammatory response during tumor growth., R Evans and L G. Eidlen

Pleiotropic and other genetic effects influencing the activities of brain and liver enzymes in congenic lines of C57BL/6J mice with defined electrophoretic variant markers., R J. Feuers, J B. Bishop, L J. McGarrity, O E. Domon, R R. Delongchamp, and T H. Roderick

Teratocarcinoma antigen is secreted by epididymal cells and coupled to maturing sperm., N Fox, I Damjanov, B B. Knowles, and D Solter

Distribution of murine stage-specific embryonic antigens in the kidneys of three rodent species., N Fox, L Shevinsky, B B. Knowles, D Solter, and I Dawjanov

Linkage map of the rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) (2 N = 44)., R R. Fox

Vitamin A, beta carotene, and hereditary buphthalmus in the rabbit., R R. Fox, H D. Eaton, and D D. Crary

Ascorbate concentration in tissues from normal and buphthalmic rabbits., R R. Fox, K W. Lam, R Lewen, and P Lee

Genetics of transplacentally induced teratogenic and carcinogenic effects in rabbits treated with N-nitroso-N-ethylurea., R R. Fox, H Meier, H G. Bedigian, and D D. Crary

Metabolic and underlying causes of diabetes mellitus., G M. Grodsky, C E. Anderson, D L. Coleman, J E. Craighead, G C. Gerritsen, C T. Hansen, L Herberg, C F. Howard, A Lernmark, and F M. Matschinsky

The contribution of mast cells to the histamine content of the central nervous system: a regional analysis., R Grzanna and L D. Shultz

Changes with age in renal function and morphology in C57BL/6, CBA/HT6, and B6CBAF1 mice., H Hackbarth and D E. Harrison

Experience with developing assays of physiological age., D E. Harrison

Must we grow old?, D E. Harrison

The nature of aging., D E. Harrison

The effect of hypophysectomy on thymic aging in mice., D E. Harrison, J R. Archer, and C M. Astle

Loss of stem cell repopulating ability upon transplantation. Effects of donor age, cell number, and transplantation procedure., D E. Harrison and C M. Astle

Identification of genetically homozygous rapid and slow acetylators of drugs and environmental carcinogens among established inbred rabbit strains., D W. Hein, T N. Smolen, R R. Fox, and W W. Weber

Cholesterol synthesis in polyclonally activated cytotoxic lymphocytes and its requirement for differentiation and proliferation., H J. Heiniger and J D. Marshall

Myotonia, a new inherited muscle disease in mice., A H. Heller, E M. Eicher, M Hallett, and R L. Sidman

Disparity between humoral antibody formation and proliferative reactions in lymph nodes: C57L/J vs. haired and hairless HRS/J mice., M W. Hess, H Buerki, J Laissue, H Cottier, R D. Stoner, and H J. Heiniger

Full-term development after transplantation of parthenogenetic embryonic nuclei into fertilized mouse eggs., P C. Hoppe and K Illmensee

Physiological and behavioral correlates of lifespan in aged C57BL/6J mice., D K. Ingram, J R. Archer, D E. Harrison, and M A. Reynolds

The relationship of genotype, sex, body weight, and growth parameters to lifespan in inbred and hybrid mice., D K. Ingram, M A. Reynolds, and E P. Les

Molecular heterogeneity of D-end products detected by anti-H-2.28 sera. III. Reactivity of certain anti-H-2.28 alloantisera with Qa-2 antigen., D Ivanyi, M Cherry, and P Demant

Ecotropic murine leukemia virus DNA content of normal and lymphomatous tissues of BXH-2 recombinant inbred mice., N A. Jenkins, N G. Copeland, B A. Taylor, H G. Bedigian, and B K. Lee

Organization, distribution, and stability of endogenous ecotropic murine leukemia virus DNA sequences in chromosomes of Mus musculus., N A. Jenkins, N G. Copeland, B A. Taylor, and B K. Lee

Immunodeficiency and reticulum cell sarcoma in mice segregating for HRS/J and SJL/J genes., D A. Johnson, L D. Shultz, and H G. Bedigian

XY female mice express H-Y antigen., L L. Johnson, E L. Sargent, L L. Washburn, and E M. Eicher

Major histocompatibility complex-restricted cellular interactions determining B cell activation., M H. Julius, J M. Chiller, and C L. Sidman

Dissociation of two signals required for activation of resting B cells., M H. Julius, Boehmer H. von, and C L. Sidman

Differences in frequency of cleft lip among the A strains of mice., D M. Juriloff

Increase in macrophage Ia expression in autoimmune mice: role of the lpr gene., V E. Kelley and J B. Roths

Murine embryonic antigen (SSEA-1) is expressed on human cells and structurally related human blood group antigen I is expressed on mouse embryos., B B. Knowles, J Rappaport, and D Solter

Unlinked structural genes for isozymes of sn-glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase in mice., L P. Kozak, D L. Burkart, and J P. Hjorth

Monoclonal antibody against SSEA-1 is specific for a subpopulation of astrocytes in mouse cerebellum., C Lagenaur, M Schachner, D Solter, and B Knowles

Monoclonal antibody against SSEA-1 is specific for a subpopulation of astrocytes in mouse cerebellum., C Lagenaur, M Schachner, D Solter, and B Knowles

Fibrinogen concentration in the aqueous humor of buphthalmic rabbits., K W. Lam, A M. Mansour, R R. Fox, P Lee, and R Smith

Characterization of papillomaviruses isolated from cutaneous fibromas of white-tailed deer and mule deer., W D. Lancaster and J P. Sundberg

Multiple low-dose streptozotocin-induced hyperglycemia and insulitis in C57BL mice: influence of inbred background, sex, and thymus., E H. Leiter

Dietary modulation of alpha-cell volume and function in strain 129/J mice., M G. Morley, E H. Leiter, A B. Eisenstein, and I Strack

Complement biosynthesis by the human hepatoma-derived cell line HepG2., K M. Morris, D P. Aden, B B. Knowles, and H R. Colten

Biosynthesis and processing of a human precursor complement protein, pro-C3, in a hepatoma-derived cell line., K M. Morris, G Goldberger, H R. Colten, D P. Aden, and B B. Knowles

Abnormalities induced by the mutant gene lpr: expansion of a unique lymphocyte subset., HC III Morse, W F. Davidson, R A. Yetter, E D. Murphy, J B. Roths, and R L. Coffman

Expression on normal lymphocytes of two cell surface antigens, XenCSA and GIX, related to the major glycoproteins (gp70) of murine leukemia viruses., H C. Morse, B A. Taylor, C A. Kozak, T M. Chused, S O. Sharrow, J W. Hartley, and E Stockert

Synaptonemal complex analysis of mouse chromosomal rearrangements. IV. Synapsis and synaptic adjustment in two paracentric inversions., M J. Moses, P A. Poorman, T H. Roderick, and M T. Davisson

Organization and evolution of the mammalian genome: I. Polymorphism of H-2 linked loci., J H. Nadeau, R L. Collins, and J Klein

Conserved linkage of soluble aconitase and galactose-1-phosphate uridyl transferase in mouse and man: assignment of these genes to mouse chromosome 4., J H. Nadeau and E M. Eicher

Primordial germ cell proliferation in fetal testes in mouse strains with high and low incidences of congenital testicular teratomas., T Noguchi and L C. Stevens

Analysis of cloned T cell function. I. Dissection of cloned T cell proliferative responses using cyclosporin A., C G. Orosz, R K. Fidelus, D C. Roopenian, M B. Widmer, R M. Ferguson, and F H. Bach

Mediators from cloned T helper cell lines affect immunoglobulin expression by B cells., C J. Paige, M H. Schreier, and C L. Sidman

Controversy at Love Canal., B Paigen

Absence of seasonal variation in antipyrine metabolism., B Paigen, E Ward, K Steenland, W Bolanowska, T Gessner, R L. Chang, A W. Wood, and A H. Conney

Progressive induction of beta-glucuronidase in individual kidney epithelial cells., K Paigen and A F. Jakubowski

A new method of screening for inherited disorders of galactose metabolism., K Paigen, F Pacholec, and H L. Levy

H-2Kb mutations limit the CTL response to SV40 TASA., S Pan, P J. Wettstein, and B B. Knowles

Aspects of sterol metabolism in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae and in Phytophthora., L W. Parks, Bowen C. McLean, C K. Bottema, F R. Taylor, R Gonzales, B W. Jensen, and J R. Ramp

Report of the committee on comparative mapping., P L. Pearson, T H. Roderick, M T. Davisson, P A. Lalley, and S J. O'Brien

Map position of Igh-Oxa gene within the Igh region of the DBA/2 mouse strain., J Pelkonen, K Karjalainen, O Makela, and B A. Taylor

Expression of beta-glucuronidase haplotypes in prototype and congenic mouse strains., K Pfister, K Paigen, G Watson, and V Chapman

Analysis of growth hormone genes in mice with genetic defects of growth hormone expression., J A. Phillips, W G. Beamer, and A Bartke

Male and female mouse DNAs can be discriminated using retroviral probes., S J. Phillips, E H. Birkenmeier, R Callahan, and E M. Eicher

lpr gene control of the anti-DNA antibody response., D S. Pisetsky, S A. Caster, J B. Roths, and E D. Murphy

Increased synthesis and concentration of dolichyl phosphate in mouse spleens during phenylhydrazine-induced erythropoiesis., J E. Potter and A A. Kandutsch

Simultaneous increases in cholesterol and dolichol synthesis after mitogen stimulation of mouse lymphocytes., J E. Potter and J D. Marshall

A high frequency idiotypic marker of anti-DNA autoantibodies in MRL-lpr/lpr mice., J Rauch, E Murphy, J B. Roths, B D. Stollar, and R S. Schwartz

Experimental induction of testicular teratomas in dissociated-reaggregated chimaeric gonads., U Regenass, T D. Friedrich, and L C. Stevens

Audigenic seizures in mice: asymmetries of the preconvulsive running pattern and subsequent seizure., H M. Reid and R L. Collins

Neoplastic transformation of rabbit cells by murine sarcoma viruses., J S. Rhim, H G. Bedigian, and R R. Fox

Linkage map of the mouse (Mus musculus)., T H. Roderick and M T. Davisson

A requirement for ergosterol to permit growth of yeast sterol auxotrophs on cholestanol., R J. Rodriguez, F R. Taylor, and L W. Parks

Workshop on genetics of diabetes., J I. Rotter, P Platz, C E. Anderson, J Barbosa, E H. Leiter, D L. Rimoin, S Serjeantson, and J V. Neel

The phosphorylation of high mobility group proteins 14 and 17 and their distribution in chromatin., J D. Saffer and R I. Glazer

Synthesis and secretion of alpha 2-plasmin inhibitor by established human liver cell lines., H Saito, L T. Goodnough, B B. Knowles, and D P. Aden

Inhibition of sterol biosynthesis by a 15-oxygenated sterol devoid of functionality at carbon atom 3., GJ Jr Schroepfer, E G. Parish, and A A. Kandutsch

Benzo[a]pyrene--DNA adduct formation in target cells in a cell-mediated mutation assay., S M. Sebti, W M. Baird, B B. Knowles, and L Diamond