Faculty Research 1980 - 1989

Faculty Research 1980 - 1989



Submissions from 1984

Skin graft rejection in mice repopulated with marrow of the skin donor type: a Skn gene in a congenic line., D E. Harrison and L E. Mobraaten

Location of Ly-7 on mouse chromosome 12., P M. Hogarth, I F. McKenzie, L Lanier, D W. Bailey, and B A. Taylor

Mouse embryo manipulations; past, present and future., P C. Hoppe

Mouse embryo manipulations; past, present and future., P C. Hoppe

Reacting mouse sperm with monoclonal H-Y antibodies does not influence sex ratio of eggs fertilized in vitro., P C. Hoppe and G C. Koo

Induction of various autoantibodies by mutant gene lpr in several strains of mice., S Izui, V E. Kelley, K Masuda, H Yoshida, J B. Roths, and E D. Murphy

Recognition of herpes simplex virus antigens on the surface of mouse cells of the H-2b haplotype by virus-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes., S R. Jennings, P L. Rice, S Pan, B B. Knowles, and S S. Tevethia

The mouse in biomedical research., A M. Jonas

Papillomas and squamous cell carcinomas of horses., R E. Junge, J P. Sundberg, and W D. Lancaster

Different forms of the oxysterol-binding protein. Binding kinetics and stability., A A. Kandutsch, F R. Taylor, and E P. Shown

Expression of the antigen specific, major histocompatibility complex restricted receptor on T cells., J W. Kappler, N Roehm, K Haskins, C Hannum, L Herron, R Kubo, J Cambier, E Epstein, M Cohn, B A. Taylor, and P Marrack

Industrial lead contamination of an Illinois wildlife refuge and indigenous small animals., W C. Kisseberth, J P. Sundberg, R W. Nyboer, J D. Reynolds, S C. Kasten, and V R. Beasley

Host genetic control of mouse hepatitus virus Type-4 (JMH strain) replication. II. The gene locus for susceptibility (Hv-2) is linked to the Svp-2 locus on mouse Chromosome 7., R L. Knobler, B A. Taylor, M K. Wooddell, W G. Beamer, and M B. Oldstone

Genetic heterogeneity of rabbit alpha-1-antitrypsin., F Kueppers, C C. Lee, R R. Fox, and J K. Mills

B lymphocyte precursors in embryonic and adult W anemic mice., K S. Landreth, P W. Kincade, G Lee, and D E. Harrison

Association of megacolon with a new dominant spotting gene (Dom) in the mouse., P W. Lane and H M. Liu

Upper and lower case conversion., D Lanpher

Genetic control of pathogenesis of diabetes in C3H mice. Influence of the major histocompatibility complex., E H. Leiter

Intracisternal Type A particles in murine pancreatic B cells. Immunocytochemical demonstration of increased antigen (p73) in genetically diabetic mice., E H. Leiter and E L. Kuff

Aphidicolin, a specific inhibitor of DNA polymerase alpha, inhibits conversion of lanosterol to C-27 sterols in mouse L cells., D A. Leonard and H W. Chen

Structural asymmetries in brains of mice selected for strong lateralization., H P. Lipp, R L. Collins, and W J. Nauta

Anorexia, a recessive mutation causing starvation in preweanling mice., L J. Maltais, P W. Lane, and W G. Beamer

Histidine decarboxylase phenotypes of inbred mouse strains: a regulatory locus (Hdc) determines kidney enzyme concentration., S A. Martin, B A. Taylor, T Watanabe, and G Bulfield

Completion of mouse embryogenesis requires both the maternal and paternal genomes., J McGrath and D Solter

Inability of mouse blastomere nuclei transferred to enucleated zygotes to support development in vitro., J McGrath and D Solter

Maternal Thp lethality in the mouse is a nuclear, not cytoplasmic, defect., J McGrath and D Solter

Location of histocompatibility and interferon loci on chromosome 3 of the mouse., L E. Mobraaten, H P. Bunker, Guignard J. DeMaeyer, E DeMaeyer, and D W. Bailey

Lengths of chromosomal segments conserved since divergence of man and mouse., J H. Nadeau and B A. Taylor

Evaluations of wasted mouse fibroblasts and SV-40 transformed human fibroblasts as models of ataxia telangiectasia in vitro., S K. Nordeen, V G. Schaefer, M H. Edgell, C A. Hutchison, L D. Shultz, and M Swift

Genetic control of natural resistance to Salmonella typhimurium in mice during the late phase of infection., A D. O'Brien, B A. Taylor, and D L. Rosenstreich

Effects of cis-platinum on embryonal carcinoma cell lines in vitro., J W. Oosterhuis, P W. Andrews, B B. Knowles, and I Damjanov

Influence of PMA on T-lymphocyte responses to mitogenic lymphokines., C G. Orosz and D C. Roopenian

Urinary glucuronidase and arylsulfatases in identical twins of bladder cancer patients., B Paigen, S Yarfitz, and D Tabron

Role of urinary beta-glucuronidase in human bladder cancer., K Paigen, J Peterson, and B Paigen

A genetic component in human lysosomal enzyme excretion., K Paigen, J Peterson, and E Ward

Chemical synthesis of 4,4'-dimethyl-7-oxygenated sterols. Inhibitors of 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl reductase., E J. Parish, S Chitrakorn, F R. Taylor, and S E. Saucier

Kinetics of beta-glucuronidase induction by androgen. Genetic variation in the first order rate constant., K Pfister, G Watson, V Chapman, and K Paigen

A successful technique for the preservation of rabbit embryos., J B. Prins and R R. Fox

Specific binding of cholesterol to chromatin prepared from mouse spleen cells., Klotz M. Regenass and H J. Heiniger

Linkage map of the mouse (Mus musculus)., T H. Roderick and M T. Davisson

Report of the Committee on Comparative Mapping., T H. Roderick, P A. Lalley, M T. Davisson, S J. O'Brien, J E. Womack, Goldberg N. Cr:eau, G Echard, and K L. Moore

Responses against single minor histocompatibility antigens. II. Analysis of cloned helper T cells., D C. Roopenian, C G. Orosz, and F H. Bach

A new mutation, gld, that produces lymphoproliferation and autoimmunity in C3H/HeJ mice., J B. Roths, E D. Murphy, and E M. Eicher

Differences in the occurrence of hypertension among (NZB x NZW)F1, MRL-lpr, and BXSB mice with lupus nephritis., U H. Rudofsky, R L. Dilwith, J B. Roths, D A. Lawrence, V E. Kelley, and A M. Magro

Developmental studies of mouse hereditary anemias., E S. Russell

Selective reversal of H-2 linked genetic unresponsiveness to lysozymes. I. Non-H-2 gene(s) closely linked to the Ir-2 locus on chromosome 2 permit(s) an antilysozyme response in H-2b mice., Nasseri S. Sadegh, D E. Kipp, B A. Taylor, A Miller, and E Sercarz

Transcription from SV 40-like monkey DNA sequences., J D. Saffer and M F. Singer

Ruminant globin gene structures suggest an evolutionary role for Alu-type repeats., J C. Schimenti and C H. Duncan

The developmental capacity of mouse oocytes that matured spontaneously in vitro is normal., A C. Schroeder and J J. Eppig

Macrophage-mediated cytotoxicity against cultured pancreatic islet cells., R W. Schwizer, E H. Leiter, and R Evans

Adrenal changes in genetically hypothyroid mice., J G. Shire and W G. Beamer

Malignant mixed (carcinosarcoma) mammary tumor in a gray squirrel., H L. Shivaprasad, J P. Sundberg, and R Ely

Expression of a carbohydrate differentiation antigen, stage-specific embryonic antigen 1, in human colonic adenocarcinoma., Z R. Shi, L J. McIntyre, B B. Knowles, D Solter, and Y S. Kim

"Viable motheaten," a new allele at the motheaten locus. I. Pathology., L D. Shultz, D R. Coman, C L. Bailey, W G. Beamer, and C L. Sidman

B cell maturation factor: effects on various cell populations., C L. Sidman and J D. Marshall

Novel B-cell maturation factor from spontaneously autoimmune viable motheaten mice., C L. Sidman, J D. Marshall, N C. Masiello, J B. Roths, and L D. Shultz

Gamma-interferon is one of several direct B cell-maturing lymphokines., C L. Sidman, J D. Marshall, L D. Shultz, P W. Gray, and H M. Johnson

B cell maturation factor (BMF): a lymphokine or family of lymphokines promoting the maturation of B lymphocytes., C L. Sidman, C J. Paige, and M H. Schreier

B cell maturation factors., C L. Sidman, C J. Paige, and M H. Schreier

Germ cell origin of testicular and ovarian teratomas., L C. Stevens

Spontaneous and experimentally induced testicular teratomas in mice., L C. Stevens

Identification of functional regions in the transforming protein of Fujinami sarcoma virus by in-phase insertion mutagenesis., J C. Stone, T Atkinson, M Smith, and T Pawson

Plasmid-phage recombination in T7 infected Escherichia coli., J C. Stone and R C. Miller

Immunoperoxidase localization of papillomaviruses in hyperplastic and neoplastic epithelial lesions of animals., J P. Sundberg, R E. Junge, and W D. Lancaster

Cervical squamous cell carcinoma in a Blackbuck., J P. Sundberg and S E. McDonald

Genes for serum amyloid A proteins map to Chromosome 7 in the mouse., B A. Taylor and L Rowe

Correlation between oxysterol binding to a cytosolic binding protein and potency in the repression of hydroxymethylglutaryl coenzyme A reductase., F R. Taylor, S E. Saucier, E P. Shown, E J. Parish, and A A. Kandutsch

Interaction of hemolysis and genotype on ionized calcium in bile of mice with hemolysis-induced gallstones., B W. Trotman, N Lakshminarayanaiah, S E. Bernstein, S A. Kaplan, and C Margulies

Comparison of active mutants and wild-type aspartate transcarbamoylase of Escherichia coli., L P. Vickers, J G. Compton, K A. Wall, J E. Flatgaard, and H K. Schachman

Mechanisms of polyclonal B-cell activation in autoimmune B6-lpr/lpr mice., R W. Warren, J B. Roths, E D. Murphy, and D S. Pisetsky

Endogenous xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related sequences map to chromosomal regions encoding mouse lymphocyte antigens., J C. Wejman, B A. Taylor, N A. Jenkins, and N G. Copeland

Submissions from 1983

Congenic autoimmune murine models of central nerous system disease in connective tissue disorders., E L. Alexander, E D. Murphy, J B. Roths, and G A. Alexander

Hertwig's anemia: characterization of the stem cell defect., J E. Barker and S E. Bernstein

A method to enrich mouse hematopoietic stem cells., J E. Barker and E C. McFarland

Endocrinology., W G. Beamer, M C. Wilson, and E H. Leiter

Emv-13 (Akv-3): a noninducible endogenous ecotropic provirus of AKR/J mice., H G. Bedigian, N G. Copeland, N A. Jenkins, K Salvatore, and S Rodick

Enzyme activity profiles in mouse teratocarcinomas. A quantitative ultramicroscale analysis., H Bluthmann, E Vogt, P Hosli, L C. Stevens, and K Illmensee

Trypanosoma cruzi: susceptibility in mice carrying mutant gene lpr (lymphoproliferation)., M H. Boyer, R Hoff, T L. Kipnis, E D. Murhy, and J B. Roths

Identification of a 90 000-Dalton cell surface glycoprotein with elevated expression in human hepatoma cells., C R. Carlin and B B. Knowles

Diminished in vitro tyrosine kinase activity of the EGF receptor of senescent human fibroblasts., C R. Carlin, P D. Phillips, B B. Knowles, and V J. Cristofalo

Etiology of growth hormone deficiency in little, Ames, and Snell dwarf mice., T C. Cheng, W G. Beamer, J A. Phillips, A Bartke, R L. Mallonee, and C Dowling

Increase of latent HMG-CoA reductase activity with increasing density of cell cultures., H W. Chen

Cloning and characterization of rat-brain-specific transcripts: rare, brain-specific transcripts and tyrosine hydroxylase., D M. Chikaraishi, M H. Brilliant, and E J. Lewis

H-2-linked gene(s) influence the granulomatous reaction to viable Mycobacterium lepraemurium in the mouse., O Closs, M Lvik, H Wigzell, and B A. Taylor

Lessons from studies with genetic forms of diabetes in the mouse., D L. Coleman

Naturally occurring lethal parvovirus infection of juvenile and young-adult rats., G L. Coleman, R O. Jacoby, P N. Bhatt, A L. Smith, and A M. Jonas

DNA sequence preference of the progesterone receptor., J G. Compton, W T. Schrader, and B W. O'Malley

Excision of the DBA ecotropic provirus in dilute coat-color revertants of mice occurs by homologous recombination involving the LTRs., N G. Copeland, K W. Hutchinson, and N A. Jenkins

Association of the lethal yellow (Ay) coat color mutation with an ecotropic murine leukemia virus genome., N G. Copeland, N A. Jenkins, and B K. Lee

Narrow axis: an inherited anomaly of the second cervical vertebra in the rabbit., D D. Crary and R R. Fox

Biology of disease. Monoclonal antibodies and tumor-associated antigens., I Damjanov and B B. Knowles

Identification and purification of a cell surface glycoprotein mediating intercellular adhesion in embryonic and adult tissue., C H. Damsky, J Richa, D Solter, K Knudsen, and C A. Buck

Fetal hemoglobin production in adult baboons by 5-azacytidine or by phenylhydrazine-induced hemolysis is associated with hypomethylation of globin gene DNA., J DeSimone, P Heller, J C. Schimenti, and C H. Duncan

Is increase of fetal hemoglobin due to erythropoietic stress the result of DNA hypomethylation?, J DeSimone, J C. Schimenti, C H. Duncan, and P Heller

Genetic mechanism for tissue-specific control of alpha-amylase expression in Drosophila melanogaster., W W. Doane, Clemons L. Treat, R M. Gemmill, J N. Levy, S A. Hawley, A M. Buchberg, and K Paigen

The use of molecular probes and chromosomal rearrangements to partition the mouse Y chromosome into functional regions., E M. Eicher, S J. Phillips, and LL Washburn

Inherited sex reversal in mice: identification of a new primary sex-determining gene., E M. Eicher and L L. Washburn

Inhibition of oocyte maturation in the mouse: participation of cAMP, steroid hormones, and a putative maturation-inhibitory factor., J J. Eppig, R R. Freter, Bailey P. Ward, and R M. Schultz

Calculating recombination frequencies: an easy-to-use computer program., J T. Eppig

Application of the ovarian teratoma mapping method in the mouse., J T. Eppig and E M. Eicher