Faculty Research 1980 - 1989

Faculty Research 1980 - 1989



Submissions from 1987

Low level microwaves affect gene expression., J D. Saffer


Accumulation of regulatory oxysterols, 32-oxolanosterol and 32-hydroxylanosterol in mevalonate-treated cell cultures., S E. Saucier, A A. Kandutsch, S Phirwa, and T A. Spencer

15beta-methyl-5alpha,14,beta-cholest-7-ene-3beta,15alpha-diol. Synthesis, structure, and inhibition of sterol synthesis in animal cells., G J. Schroepfer, E J. Parish, A A. Kandutsch, S T. Bowen, and F A. Quiocho

Different genes specify hyporesponsiveness to seizures induced by caffeine and the benzodiazepine inverse agonist, DMCM., T W. Seale, K A. Abla, T H. Roderick, O M. Rennert, and J M. Carney

Ontogeny of susceptibility to the convulsant, Ro 5-4864, and its relationship to audiogenic seizure susceptibility in inbred mice., T W. Seale, T H. Roderick, and P Skolnick

Ly-1 B helper cells in autoimmune "viable motheaten" mice., D H. Sherr, M E. Dorf, M Gibson, and C L. Sidman

Pleiotropic mutations causing abnormalities in the murine immune system and the skin., L D. Shultz

Development of plasmacytoid cells with Russell bodies in autoimmune "viable motheaten" mice., L D. Shultz, D R. Coman, B L. Lyons, C L. Sidman, and S Taylor

Euthymic murine models for immunologic dysfunction., L D. Shultz and J B. Roths

Genetically determined murine models of immunodeficiency., L D. Shultz and C L. Sidman

Increased expression of major histocompatibility complex antigens on lymphocytes from aged mice., C L. Sidman, E A. Luther, J D. Marshall, K A. Nguyen, D C. Roopenian, and S M. Worthen

Genetic organization of the agouti region of the mouse., L D. Siracusa, L B. Russell, E M. Eicher, D J. Corrow, N G. Copeland, and N A. Jenkins

Mapping of the mouse fibronectin gene (Fn-1) to chromosome 1: conservation of the Idh-1-Cryg-Fn-1 synteny group in mammals., L C. Skow, L Adkison, J E. Womack, W G. Beamer, and B A. Taylor

Polymorphism and linkage of the alpha-A-crystallin gene in t-haplotypes of the mouse., L C. Skow, J H. Nadeau, J C. Ahn, H S. Shin, K Artzt, and D Bennett

Retroviruses and insertional mutagenesis in mice: proviral integration at the Mov 34 locus leads to early embryonic death., P Soriano, T Gridley, and R Jaenisch

Animal models for papillomavirus research., J P. Sundberg

Diagnostic exercise: multiple white masses in the mouth of beagles., J P. Sundberg

Papillomavirus infections in animals., J P. Sundberg

Mouse papillomavirus: pathology and characterization of the virus., J P. Sundberg, M K. O'Banion, and M E. Reichmann

The human and rodent intestinal fatty acid binding protein genes. A comparative analysis of their structure, expression, and linkage relationships., D A. Sweetser, E H. Birkenmeier, I J. Klisak, S Zollman, R S. Sparkes, T Mohandas, A J. Lusis, and J I. Gordon

A cellular enhancer of retrovirus gene expression in embryonal carcinoma cells., M Taketo and M Tanaka

The congenital goiter mutation is linked to the thyroglobulin gene in the mouse., B A. Taylor and L Rowe

Localization of the inosine triphosphatase locus (Itp) on chromosome 2 of the mouse., B A. Taylor, D M. Walls, and M J. Wimsatt

The oxysterol receptor., F R. Taylor and A A. Kandutsch

Genetics of a tissue esterase polymorphism (Est-6) in the rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)., Zutphen L. van, Bieman M. den, Deimling O. von, and R R. Fox

Expression and distribution of cell adhesion molecule uvomorulin in mouse preimplantation embryos., D Vestweber, A Gossler, K Boller, and R Kemler

Raf, a trans-acting locus, regulates the alpha-fetoprotein gene in a cell-autonomous manner., T F. Vogt, D Solter, and S M. Tilghman

Esterase-25 (Es-25): identification and characterization of a new kidney arylesterase of the house mouse, genetically linked to Ly-18 on chromosome 12., Deimling O. von and B A. Taylor

Genetic variations in kinetic constants that describe beta-glucuronidase mRNA induction in androgen-treated mice., G Watson and K Paigen

Distinct prion proteins in short and long scrapie incubation period mice., D Westaway, P A. Goodman, C A. Mirenda, M P. McKinley, G A. Carlson, and S B. Prusiner

Adenosine deaminase activity in recipients of bone marrow from immunodeficient mice homozygous for the wasted mutation., E H. Willis, D A. Carson, and L D. Shultz

The structural gene for F liver protein (Flp) maps to chromosome 5 of the mouse., G Winchester, N A. Mitchison, and B A. Taylor


Single germline VH and V kappa genes encode predominating antibody variable regions elicited in strain A mice by immunization with p-azophenylarsonate., L J. Wysocki, T Gridley, S Huang, A G. Grandea, and M L. Gefter

Submissions from 1986

The wild mouse in immunology.

Testicular LH receptors and circulating hormone levels in three mouse models for inherited diseases (Tfm/y, lit/lit and hyt/hyt)., A G. Amador, T A. Parkening, W G. Beamer, A Bartke, and T J. Collins

Genes that affect morphogenesis of the murine mandible. Recombinant-inbred strain analysis., D W. Bailey

Genetic programming of development: a model., D W. Bailey

Mandibular-morphogenesis gene linked to the H-2 complex in mice., D W. Bailey

Issue numbers and librarianship [letter]., A J. Baker

Tumor location and drug targeting using a monoclonal antibody (anti-SSEA-1) and antigen-binding fragments., B Ballou, J M. Reiland, G Levine, R J. Taylor, W C. Shen, H J. Ryser, D Solter, and T R. Hakala

Gonadotropin, steroid, and thyroid hormone milieu of young SWR mice bearing spontaneous granulosa cell tumors., W G. Beamer


Gonadotropin uptake in genetic and irradiation models of ovarian tumorigenesis., W G. Beamer and B J. Tennent

Androgen induction of messenger RNA concentrations in mouse kidney is posttranscriptional., F G. Berger, D Loose, H Meisner, and G Watson

Electroretinograms in carriers of blue cone monochromatism., E L. Berson, M A. Sandberg, A Maguire, W C. Bromley, and T H. Roderick

Developmental regulation of a gene that encodes a cysteine-rich intestinal protein and maps near the murine immunoglobulin heavy chain locus., E H. Birkenmeier and J I. Gordon


Evolution of the apolipoproteins. Structure of the rat apo-A-IV gene and its relationship to the human genes for apo-A-I, C-III, and E., M S. Boguski, E H. Birkenmeier, N A. Elshourbagy, J M. Taylor, and J I. Gordon

DNA methylation differentially enhances the expression of one of the two E. coli dnaA promoters in vivo and in vitro., R E. Braun and A Wright

Rare non-polyadenylated transcripts unique to rat brain., M H. Brilliant, C A. Harrington, and D M. Chikaraishi

Dual evolutionary modes in the bovine globin locus., A M. Brunner, J C. Schimenti, and C H. Duncan

Chromosomal localization of Emv-16 and Emv-17, two closely linked ecotropic proviruses of RF/J mice., A M. Buchberg, B A. Taylor, N A. Jenkins, and N G. Copeland

Biosynthesis and glycosylation of the epidermal growth factor receptor in human tumor-derived cell lines A431 and Hep 3B., C R. Carlin and B B. Knowles

Linkage of prion protein and scrapie incubation time genes., G A. Carlson, D T. Kingsbury, P A. Goodman, S Coleman, S T. Marshall, S DeArmond, D Westaway, and S B. Prusiner

Early events in natural resistance to bone marrow transplantation. Use of radiolabeled bone marrow cells., G A. Carlson, S T. Marshall, and A Kiesche

Genetic regulation of sn-glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase in brown adipose tissue., J R. Cook, U Stadler, D Burkart, and L P. Kozak

Immunohistochemical localization of the epidermal growth factor receptor in normal human tissues., I Damjanov, B Mildner, and B B. Knowles

Phenotypic, functional, and molecular genetic comparisons of the abnormal lymphoid cells of C3H-lpr/lpr and C3H-gld/gld mice., W F. Davidson, F J. Dumont, H G. Bedigian, B J. Fowlkes, and H C. Morse

Linkage map of the mouse., M T. Davisson and T H. Roderick


Interferon structural genes do not participate in quantitative regulation of interferon production by If loci as shown in C57BL/6 mice that are congenic with BALB/c mice at the alpha interferon gene cluster., Maeyer Guignard De, F Dandoy, D W. Bailey, and Maeyer E. De

Chromosomal location of the genes encoding complement components C5 and factor H in the mouse., P D'Eustachio, T Kristensen, R A. Wetsel, R Riblet, B A. Taylor, and B F. Tack

Introduction of genes into mouse embryonic stem cells., T Doetschman, A Gossler, E Serfling, W Schaffner, K Marcu, L Stanton, and R Kemler


Maintenance of murine oocyte meiotic arrest: uptake and metabolism of hypoxanthine and adenosine by cumulus cell-enclosed and denuded oocytes., S M. Downs, D L. Coleman, and J J. Eppig

The role of purines in the maintenance of meiotic arrest in mouse oocytes., S M. Downs and J J. Eppig

Differences in the metabolism of the aromatic amino acid hydroxylase cofactor, tetrahydrobiopterin, in mutant mice with neurological and immunological defects., D S. Duch, S W. Bowers, J H. Woolf, M T. Davisson, L J. Maltais, and C A. Nichol

Genetic control of primary sex determination in mice., E M. Eicher and L L. Washburn

Culture systems for mammalian oocyte development: progress and prospects., J J. Eppig and A C. Schroeder

Position of the Igl-1 and Bst loci on chromosome 16 of the mouse., R Epstein, M T. Davisson, K Lehmann, E C. Akeson, and M Cohn

The immunological network at the site of tumor rejection [published erratum appears in Biochim Biophys Acta 1986 Oct 28;865(2):233], R Evans

Expression of class II-MHC antigens by tumor-associated and peritoneal macrophages: systemic induction during tumor growth and tumor rejection., R Evans, S S. Blake, and J D. Saffer

Transcortin and vitamin D-binding protein levels in mouse serum., D Faict, M o. De, R Bouillon, W Heyns, H J. Heiniger, D Corrow, and E Lesaffre

Autosomal aneuploidy in mice: generation and developmental consequences., J D. Gearhart, M T. Davisson, and Granite M. Oster

Transgenesis by means of blastocyst-derived embryonic stem cell lines., A Gossler, T Doetschman, R Korn, E Serfling, and R Kemler

Defective lymphopoiesis in the bone marrow of motheaten and viable motheaten mutant mice. I. Analysis of the development of prothymocytes, early B lineage cells, and terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase-positive cells., D L. Greiner, I Goldschneider, K L. Komschlies, E S. Medlock, F J. Bollun, and L D. Shultz

Early replication and expression of oocyte-type 5S RNA genes in a Xenopus somatic cell line carrying a translocation., D R. Guinta, J Y. Tso, S Narayanswami, B A. Hamkalo, and L J. Korn

Non-germ-line elements (NGE) are present in the T cell receptor beta-chain genes isolated from the mutant mouse, motheaten (me/me)., M Hagiya, D D. Davis, L D. Shultz, and H Sakano

Mapping of the murine Ly-15 (LFA-1) locus to chromosome 7., P M. Hogarth, E M. Eicher, and I F. McKenzie

Effect of DNA-damaging agents on isolated spleen cells and lung fibroblasts from the mouse mutant "wasted," a putative animal model for ataxia-telangiectasia., T Inoue, K Aikawa, H Tezuka, T Kada, and L D. Shultz

The mouse mutant "wasted": an animal model for ataxia-telangiectasia., T Inoue, H Tezuka, T Kada, K Aikawa, and L D. Shultz


Primary structure of the mouse glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase gene., R C. Ireland, M A. Kotarski, L A. Johnston, U Stadler, E Birkenmeier, and L P. Kozak

Cutaneous papillomas associated with herpesvirus-like infection in a herd of captive African elephants., E R. Jacobson, J P. Sundberg, J M. Gaskin, G V. Kollias, and M K. O'Banion


Receptor-associated resistance to growth hormone-releasing factor in dwarf "little: mice., J O. Jansson, T R. Downs, W G. Beamer, and L A. Frohman

Experimental maternal hyperpipecolatemia decreases DNA in the mouse brain., J S. Kim, M D. Cutierrex, E Giacobini, and J P. Sundberg

Characterization of a monoclonal antibody that binds equally to all apolipoprotein and lipoprotein forms of human plasma apolipoprotein B. I. Specificity and binding studies., E Koren, D Solter, D M. Lee, Z Reiner, W J. McConathy, N Dashti, and P Alaupovic

Glucose induces intracisternal type A retroviral gene transcription and translation in pancreatic beta cells., E H. Leiter, J W. Fewell, and E L. Kuff

Mouse satellite DNA, centromere structure, and sister chromatid pairing., L M. Lica, S Narayanswami, and B A. Hamkalo

V-abl activates embryonic globin gene expression in mouse erythroleukemia cells., A R. Lopez, J E. Barker, and A B. Deisseroth

Partial invagination of the canine stomach for treatment of infarction of the gastric wall., D M. MacCoy, S K. Kneller, J P. Sundberg, and J Harari

Recombinant genetic approaches to functional mapping of thrombin., R T. MacGillivray, D M. Irwin, E R. Guinto, and J C. Stone

The osteopetrotic rabbit: general and skeletal features of a new outbred stock., S C. Marks, M F. Seifert, and R R. Fox

Nucleocytoplasmic interactions in the mouse embryo., J McGrath and D Solter

Mouse embryo cryobanking., L E. Mobraaten


AKXD recombinant inbred strains: models for studying the molecular genetic basis of murine lymphomas., M L. Mucenski, B A. Taylor, N A. Jenkins, and N G. Copeland

Polyp in the urogenital canal of an African elephant., L Munson, W Heuschele, M K. O'Banion, J P. Sundberg, and J E. Oosterhuis

A chromosomal segment conserved since divergence of lineages leading to man and mouse: the gene order of aminoacylase-1, transferrin, and beta- galactosidase on mouse chromosome 9., J H. Nadeau

A glyoxalase-1 variant associated with the t complex in house mice., J H. Nadeau

Rearrangement of genes located on homologous chromosomal segments in mouse and man: the location of genes for alpha- and beta-interferon, alpha-1 acid glycoprotein-1 and -2, and aminolevulinate dehydratase on mouse chromosome 4., J H. Nadeau, F G. Berger, K A. Kelley, P M. Pitha, C L. Sidman, and N Worrall

The t complex and ovarian teratocarcinogenesis., J H. Nadeau and D Varnum

Cloning and characterization of an equine cutaneous papillomavirus., M K. O'Banion, M E. Reichmann, and J P. Sundberg

The murine gamma-chain of the T cell receptor is closely linked to a spermatocyte specific histone gene and the beige coat color locus on chromosome 13., F L. Owen, B A. Taylor, A Zweidler, and J G. Seidman

Effect of 3-methylcholanthrene on atherosclerosis in two congenic strains of mice with different susceptibilities to methylcholanthrene-induced tumors., B Paigen, P A. Holmes, A Morrow, and D Mitchell

Oxysterols: chemical synthesis, biosynthesis and biological activities., E J. Parish, V B. Nanduri, H H. Kohl, and F R. Taylor