Faculty Research 1980 - 1989

Faculty Research 1980 - 1989



Submissions from 1980

Assignment of LG XVI to chromosome 3 in the mouse., E M. Eicher and P W. Lane

A serum protein polymorphism determinant on chromosome 9 of Mus musculus., E M. Eicher, B A. Taylor, S C. Leighton, and J E. Womack


Regulation of cumulus oophorus expansion by gonadotropins in vivo and in vitro., J J. Eppig

Role of serum in FSH stimulated cumulus expansion by mouse oocyte-cumulus cell complexes in vitro., J J. Eppig

Cellular basis for regulation of tumor growth., R Evans

Further observations on the effect of cyclophosphamide on intratumor and peripheral leukocyte levels., R Evans

Macrophage accumulation in primary and transplanted tumors growing in C5-deficient B10.D2/oSn mice., R Evans

Macrophage content and immunogenicity of C57BL/6J and BALB/cByJ methylcholanthrene-induced sarcomas., R Evans and E M. Lawler

Cyclophosphamide-induced changes in the cellular composition of a methylcholanthrene-induced tumor and their relation to bone marrow and blood leukocyte levels., R Evans, L D. Madison, and D M. Eidlen

Linkage map of the rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)., R R. Fox

The rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) and research on aging., R R. Fox

Transplacental teratogenic and carcinogenic effects in rabbits chronically treated with N-ethyl-N-nitrosourea., R R. Fox, H Meier, R Pottathil, and H G. Bedigian

Regulation of cholesterol biosynthesis in cultured cells by probable natural precursor sterols., G F. Gibbons, C R. Pullinger, H W. Chen, W K. Cavenee, and A A. Kandutsch


Histocompatibility-2 system in wild mice. X. Frequencies of H-2 and Ia antigens in wild mice from Europe and Africa., D G:otze, J Nadeau, E K. Wakeland, R J. Berry, F Bonhomme, I K. Egorov, J P. Hjorth, H Hoogstraal, and J Vives


Host defenses in experimental scrub typhus: mapping the gene that controls natural resistance in mice., M G. Groves, D L. Rosenstreich, B A. Taylor, and J V. Osterman

High-pressure liquid chromatographic analysis of benzo(a)pyrene metabolism by human lymphocytes from donors of different aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase inducibility and antipyrine half-lives., H L. Gurtoo, J B. Vaught, A J. Marinello, B Paigen, T Gessner, and W Bolanowska

Competitive repopulation: a new assay for long-term stem cell functional capacity., D E. Harrison

Lifespans of immunohemopoietic stem cell lines., D E. Harrison

Genetic influences on mouse sperm capacitation in vivo and in vitro., P C. Hoppe

An overview of neurobiological comparisons in mouse strains., D K. Ingram and T P. Corfman

Performance of C57BL/6J, DBA/2J, and B6D2F1 mice in a free-operant avoidance task., D K. Ingram and R L. Sprott


Elevated dolichol synthesis in mouse testes during spermatogenesis., M J. James and A A. Kandutsch

Evidence for independent regulation of dolichol and cholesterol synthesis in developing mouse brain., M J. James and A A. Kandutsch


Regulation of hepatic dolichol synthesis by beta-hydroxy-beta-methylglutaryl coenzyme A reductase., M J. James and A A. Kandutsch

Differential tumor susceptibility and immune responsiveness in HRS/J mice., D A. Johnson, H G. Bedigian, M Cherry, and H Meier


Leukemogenesis, immune responsiveness, and murine leukemia virus expression in congenic AKR/J mice differing at H-2., D A. Johnson, H G. Bedigian, M Cherry, and H Meier

Genetics of histocompatibility in mice. II. Survey for interactions between minor (non-H-2) antigens by skin grafting., L L. Johnson, D W. Bailey, and L E. Mobraaten

Health assessment in the procurement of laboratory rodents., A M. Jonas

The genetics of clefting in the mouse., D M. Juriloff

Biological effects of some products of cholesterol autoxidation., A A. Kandutsch


Cytosolic proteins that bind oxygenated sterols. Cellular distribution, specificity, and some properties., A A. Kandutsch and E B. Thompson


Puberty acceleration in mice. II. Evidence that the vomeronasal organ is a receptor for the primer pheromone in male mouse urine., N Kaneko, E A. Debski, M C. Wilson, and W K. Whitten

Genetic regulation of translatable mRNA levels for mouse sn-glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase during development of the cerebellum., L P. Kozak and P L. Ratner

A simple, rapid, and sensitive DNA assay procedure., C Labarca and K Paigen

A new mutation (db3J) at the diabetes locus in strain 129/J mice. I. Physiological and histological characterization., E H. Leiter, D L. Coleman, A B. Eisenstein, and I Strack

A new mutation (db3J) at the diabetes locus in strain 129/J mice. II. Studies of pancreatic alpha cell function in culture., E H. Leiter, I Strack, and A B. Eisenstein

Circadian variation in concentrations of testosterone in the plasma of male mice: a difference between BALBcBy and C57BL/6By inbred strains., L A. Lucas and B E. Eleftheriou

Quantitation of cis versus trans regulation of mouse beta-glucuronidase. Action of alleles of the Gus-r locus determining androgen inducibility., A J. Lusis, V M. Chapman, C Herbstman, and K Paigen

Genetic polymorphism of microsomal epoxide hydrolase activity in the mouse., S D. Lyman, A Poland, and B A. Taylor

Interaction of H-2Db and mutant histocompatibility gene (H(KH-11) in the mouse., R W. Melvold, H I. Kohn, and D W. Bailey

Genetic control of BCG-induced chronic granulomatous inflammation and energy., V L. Moore, J L. Sternick, D J. Schrier, B A. Taylor, and E M. Allen

Studies of two H-2Db mutants: B6. C-H-2bm13 and B6.C-H-2bm14., G M. Morgan, H Dellos, I F. McKenzie, R W. Melvold, and D W. Bailey

Major experimental models of ovarian tumors: histogenesis and evaluation., E D. Murphy

Control of microbial and parasitic contamination in the production of laboratory rodents., D D. Myers

Hemoglobin switching in sheep., A W. Nienhuis, J E. Barker, R Croissant, H Coon, P Kretschmer, and N Young

Overview: mechanisms of the regulation of hemoglobin synthesis at the cellular level., A W. Nienhuis, J E. Barker, and R D. Croissant

The calcium content of various tissues from myodystrophic and dystrophic mice., D F. Nutting, A D. MacPike, and H Meier

Control of natural resistance to Salmonella typhimurium and Leishmania donovani in mice by closely linked but distinct genetic loci., A D. O'Brien, D L. Rosenstreich, and B A. Taylor

Development of carcinogen-induced skin tumors in mice with varied states of immune capacity., H C. Outzen

Immunological aspects of chemical carcinogenesis., H C. Outzen

Report of the committee on comparative mapping., P L. Pearson, T H. Roderick, M T. Davisson, J J. Garver, D Warburton, P A. Lalley, and S J. O'Brien

Spontaneous parthenogenesis in Mus musculus: comparison of protein synthesis in parthenogenetic and normal preimplantation embryos., U Petzoldt and P C. Hoppe

Protein synthesis in enucleated fertilized mouse eggs., U Petzoldt, P C. Hoppe, and K Illmensee

Murine lymphocyte alloantigens. I. The Ly-6 locus., T A. Potter, I F. McKenzie, G M. Morgan, and M Cherry

Genetic dependence of hepatic microsome-mediated depression of aflatoxin B1 activation to mutagens in Ames Salmonella typhimurium TA-98 system., V Raina, H L. Gurtoo, M Berrigan, and B Paigen

A new cytotoxic lymphocyte-defined antigen coded for by a gene closely linked to the H-3 locus., D C. Roopenian and R E. Click


Inhibition of sterol biosynthesis in animal cells by 14 alpha-hydroxymethyl sterols., G J. Schroepfer, E J. Parish, R A. Pascal, and A A. Kandutsch

Inhibition of sterol biosynthesis by 14 alpha-hydroxy-delta 7-sterols., G J. Schroepfer, R A. Pascal, and A A. Kandutsch


Genetic variation in the timing of first cleavage in mice: effect of maternal genotype., J G. Shire and W K. Whitten


Genetic variation in the timing of first cleavage in mice: effect of paternal genotype., J G. Shire and W K. Whitten

International System for Human Gene Nomenclature (1979) ISGN (1979)., T B. Shows, C A. Alper, D Bootsma, M Dorf, T Douglas, T Huisman, S Kit, H P. Klinger, C Kozak, and P A. Lalley

The major histocompatibility complex: its evolution and involvement in cellular immunity., G D. Snell

Behavioral studies using genetically defined mice: A bibliography (August 1978-July 1979)., R L. Sprott and J Staats


Standardized nomenclature for inbred strains of mice: seventh listing for the International Committee on Standardized Genetic Nomenclature for Mice., J Staats


Effects of thymectomy or androgen administration upon the autoimmune disease of MRL/Mp-lpr/lpr mice., A D. Steinberg, J B. Roths, E D. Murphy, R T. Steinberg, and E S. Raveche

Experimental production of testicular teratomas in the mouse., L C. Stevens

Teratocarcinogenesis and spontaneous parthenogenesis in mice., L C. Stevens

Lactose intolerance in the stumptail macaque (Macaca arctoides): case report., J W. Streett and A M. Jonas

Urea poisoning in a commercial dairy herd., J P. Sundberg, C H. Baldwin, and H L. Sherman

X-linked polydactyly (Xpl), a new mutation in the mouse., H O. Sweet and P W. Lane

Development of Dickie's small eye: an early lethal mutation in the house mouse., K Theiler, D S. Varnum, and L C. Stevens

Studies on the pathogenesis of pigment gallstones in hemolytic anemia: description and characteristics of a mouse model., B W. Trotman, S E. Bernstein, K E. Bove, and G D. Wirt

[Genetic study of paradoxical sleep in mice. Connection with coloration genes], J L. Valatx, R Cespuglio, L Paut, and D W. Bailey


Linkage of genes for adult alpha-globin and embryonic alpha-like globin chains., J B. Whitney and E S. Russell

Induction of marking behavior in wild red foxes (Vulpes vulpes L) by synthetic urinary constituents., W K. Whitten, M C. Wilson, S R. Wilson, J W. Jorgenson, M Novotny, and M Carmack


Puberty acceleration in mice. I. Dose-response effects and lack of critical time following exposure to male mouse urine., M C. Wilson, W G. Beamer, and W K. Whitten

Muscle deficient, a new mutation in the house mouse., J E. Womack, A D. MacPike, and H Meier