Submissions from 1963

Behavioral effects of single genes in mice. An investigation with the use of ethological methods. Abstr., J H. Abeelen

Mouse mutants studied by means of ethological methods. I. Ethogram., J H. Abeelen

Mouse mutants studied by means of ethological methods. Iii. Results with yellow, pink-eyed dilution, brown and jerker., J H. Abeelen

Mouse mutants studied by means of ethological methods. II. Mutants and methods., J H. Abeelen

The chemotherapy of established sarcoma 180 and adenocarcinoma 755 tumors with 6-thioguanine., D H. Adams and B M. Bowman

Cheek pouch of the syrian hamster and immunity to heterotrans- plantation of a murine leukemia., R A. Adams

Enhancing agent in the plasma of syrian hamsters bearing a hetero- transplantable murine leukemia. Abstr., R A. Adams

Heightened immunity and susceptibility toward cheek pouch heterografts of a mouse leukemia in syrian hamsters., R A. Adams

Special property of the cheek pouch in heightened susceptibility to heterografts of a mouse leukemia., R A. Adams

Epizostic diarrhea of infant mice. Identification of the etiologic agent., W R. Adams and L M. Kraft

Angiography of afferent and efferent blood vessels in transplantable chrysoidin hepatoma in mice., Z Albert, A Kustrzycki, and S Rzucidlo

Climatic environmental influences on growth and fertility in the mouse. Abstr., J P. Aldred

Stem-cell kinetics after irradiation., R Alexanian, D D. Porteous, and L G. Lajtha

Stem cell kinetics after irradiation. Abstr., R Alexanian, D D. Porteous, and L G. Lajtha

Physiological, behavioral and anatomical correlates of the develop- ment of hearing in the mouse., B R. Alford and R J. Ruben

A comparison of the sensitivity to storage at 37degree c in tyrode solution of immunologically competent cells and of myeloid cells. Abstr., J L. Amiel and G Mathe

A comparison of the sensitivity to storage at 37 (degrees) c in tyrode solution of immunologically competent cells and of myeloid cells., J L. Amiel and G Mathe

Non h-2 antigens of mice. Abstr., D B. Amos

A serological analysis and comparison of various preparations of mouse h-2 histocompatibility antigen., D B. Amos, G Haughton, and R A. Spencer

H-5.a And h-6.a, Two mouse isoantigens on red cells and tissues detected serologically., D B. Amos, M Zumpft, and P Armstrong

Biochemical effects of duazomycin a in the mouse plasma cell neoplasm 70429., E P. Anderson and R W. Brockman

In utero transmission of the mouse mammary tumor agent., H B. Andervont

Growth inhibition of sarcoma 180 by hormone antisera and 5-fluorou- racil., L Anigstein, D M. Anigstein, and E G. Rennels

Pathogenesis of infectious splenic enlargement in mice., K A. Ansari, C F. Neilson, and P G. Stansly

Cytocidal effect of chloroform-activated serum on ascites tumor cells., C A. Apffel

Acquired tolerance to skin homografts in mice. I. Histological analysis of lymphoid tissues before, during, and after the loss of tolerance., B F. Argyris

Adoptive tolerance, transfer of the tolerant state., B F. Argyris

Further analysis of elimination of runt disease and induction of tolerance by x-irradiated spleen cells., B F. Argyris

Factors which affect plasma lactic dehydrogenase in tumor-bearing mice., R N. Arison, J A. Cassaro, and C E. Shonk

The cytology of the adrenal cortex in mice with spontaneous adreno- cortical lipid depletion., K Arnesen

Inhibition of inosine 5'-phosphate dehydrogenase from ehrlich ascites- -tumour cells by 6-thioinosine 5'-phosphate., M R. Atkinson, R K. Morton, and A W. Murray

Enhancement of a spontaneous tumor in the strain of origin following vaccination with a tumor membrane fraction. Abstr., M A. Attia

Reactions of cell surfaces to enzymes. Abstr., J Aub, C Tieslau, and A Lankester

A quantitative approach to thymus lymphoid differentiation during leukemogenesis and regeneration. Abstr., R Auerbach

Thymus. Its role in lymphoid recovery after irradiation., R Auerbach

Factors involved in homograft tolerance., J B. Aust and R D. Guttmann

Changes in resistance to the proliferation of isotransplanted gross virus-induced lymphoma cells, as measured with a spleen colony assay., A A. Axelrad

Reduction in the fraction of c3h lymphoma cells capable of prolifera- tion in hosts treated with gross virus extract. Abstr., A A. Axelrad

Role of adult thymus in immunity and lymphopoiesis., H A. Azar

Role of the adult thymus in immune reaction. I. Observations on lymphoid organs, circulating lymphocytes and serum protein fractions of thymectomized or splenectomized adult mice., H A. Azar, G Naujoks, and J Williams

Studies on the possible anti-neoplastic effect of thalidomide., A Bach, J Bichel, and J J. Hejgaard

Thalidomide in cancer chemotherapy., A Bach, J Bichel, and J J. Hejgaard

Absence d'activite radioprotectrice du phenylselenol chez la souris., Z M. Bacq, C Onkelinx, and G Barac

Effetto stimolante di omogenati di fegato normale adulto sulla crescita del fegato in rigenerazione., E G. Bade, C Bordin, and J M. Llanos

Increase in the weight of the liver and of the kidney during lactation. Influence of previous hepatectomy., E G. Bade and J M. Llanos

Variation in the mitotic activity of the liver during the second day of posthepatectomy regeneration., E G. Bade and J M. Llanos

El ritmo de 24-horas en la actividad mitotica de un carcinoma mamario injertado y la accion antitumoral del endoxan., A F. Badran and J M. Llanos

Liver growth in nephrectomized young mice., A F. Badran and J M. Llanos

Uber die entstehung kombinierter missbildungen der linse und der hornhaut in den augen neugeborener mause unter besonderer berucksichtigung der strorngen der abschurung des embryonalen linsenblaschens vom oberflachenektoderm., G Badtke and K Degenhardt

Histoincompatibility associated with the x chromosome in mice., D W. Bailey

Mosaic histocompatibility of skin grafts from female mice., D W. Bailey

Mutations of histocompatibility genes in the irradiated mouse. Abstr., D W. Bailey and H I. Kohn

Ldh levels in blood and tissues of mice infected with an lhd agent., J M. Bailey, M Stearman, and J Clough

Some properties of phospholipid-amino acid complexes from ascites tumor cells. Abstr., J M. Bailey and M Woodson

Secretory phenomena in lymph nodes of mice immunized against the ehrlich ascites tumor. Abstr., R N. Baillif

Agglutinin response to sheep erythrocytes in mice following intra- peritoneal injection of allogeneic spleen cells., G O. Bain

Supersensitivity to anticholinesterases of an isolated nerve-muscle preparation from hereditarily dystrophic mice., N Baker

Abnormal pharmacological responses of isolated nerve-muscle prepara- tions from muscular dystrophic mice., N Baker and P B. Sabawawa

Modificazioni istologiche del carcinoma di ehrlich del topo indotte da n-diazoacetilderivati della glicina., L Baldini, G Brambilla, and F Mattioli

Modificazioni istologiche del melanoma di harding-passey del topo indotte da n-diazoacetilderivati della glicina., L Baldini, G Brambilla, and F Mattioli

A quantitative assessment of mouse thymus differentiation., W D. Ball

Identification of peritoneal macrophages in mouse radiation chimeras., H Balner

Chromosomes in normal, preneoplastic, and neoplastic tissues of the mammary glands of c3h/crgl female mice., M R. Banerjee and K B. Deome

Functional properties of the acentric chromosomal fragments of mouse leukemia cells. Abstr., M R. Banerjee and S Ohno

A histochemical comparison of muscle atpases of genetically dystrophic mice and their normal litter mates. Abstr., H Barden and S S. Lazarus

Influences of different numbers of males per cage on various characteristics of mice (mus musculus domesticus)., R M. Barkema

Direct ehrlich ascites tumour cell diameter measurements by projection of a microscope image., N Barker, G H. Needham, and A Furst

Some observations on the effect of histamine, 48/80 and five anti- histaminic drugs of the survival time of orthotopic skin homografts in the mouse., A D. Barnes

Intravenous injection of young mice., D W. Barnes, C E. Ford, and J E. Harris

The role of calcium complex formation in radioprotection by inorganic condensed phosphates and edta., J H. Barnes and J S. Philpot

Some effects of cold and of hybridity on the growth of mice., S A. Barnett and S G. Scott

Growth-rate of mice in static magnetic fields., J M. Barnothy

A study of the carcinogenic activity of a single injection of 7,12- -dimethylbenz(a)anthracene into newborn c57bl mice., C Baroni and F Cefis

Malignant transformation in vitro of cells from c57bl mouse normal pulmonary tissue., G Barski and R Cassingena

Zusatzliche medikamentose behandlung des tumorbettes. IV. Unter- suchungen zur frage der paratumoralen wirkung des thiamins auf die ruckbildung des experimentellen sarkoms 180 und die uberlebenszeit des homozygoten mausestammes nmri., G Barth, E Dister, and H Graebner

The response of two genetically different types of dwarf mice to growth hormone. Abstr., A Bartke

Quantitative studies on histocompatibility antigens of the mouse., R S. Basch and C A. Stetson

Mitotic cycle of ascites tumor cells., R Baserga

The use of thymidine labeled with c-14 and h-3 in determining the length of the dna synthesis phase of ehrlich ascites cells. Abstr., R Baserga

The uptake of tritiated thymidine by newly transplanted ehrlich ascites tumor cells., R Baserga and R Gold

Reutilization of dna by ehrlich ascites cells. Abstr., R Baserga and W E. Kisieleski

Re-utilization of labeled dna by ehrlich ascites tumor cells., R Baserga and W E. Kisieleski

Duration of dna synthesis in ehrlich ascites cells as estimated by double-labelling with c14- and h3-thymidine and autoradiography., R Baserga and E Lisco

The use of standard slides in semiquantitative radioautography with tritiated compounds., R Baserga and K Nemeroff

The kinetics of growth of the ehrlich tumor., R Baserga, S A. Tyler, and W E. Kisieleski

The reproductive system of the adipose mouse., R A. Batt and G A. Harrison

The chemotherapy of ectromelia infection with isatin beta-dialkyl- thiosemicarbazones., D J. Bauer

Influence d'une irradiation sublethale (400 r) sur l'immunite acquise des souris vis a vis de la tumeur homotransplantable d'ehrlich., H Bazin and J Duplan

Inheritance and development of a lens abnormality in the mouse., A B. Beasley

Spermatozoan characteristics in mice of different ages., R A. Beatty and D P. Mukherjee

Frequencies of teratologies among homozygous normal mice compared with those heterozygous for anophthalmia., S L. Beck

Response to a teratogen of mice heterozygous for anophthalmia. Abstr., S L. Beck

The anophthalmic mutant of the mouse., S L. Beck

The anophthalmic mutant of the mouse. II. An association of anoph- thalmia and polydactyly., S L. Beck

Breeding characteristics of two strains of mice in a competitive situation. Abstr., S L. Beck and J J. Lucas

Effects of sex hormones on the excretion of blastomogenic azo-dye in mice., G A. Belitsky

Relationship between tumor growth and radiosensitivity. Abstr., J A. Belli and J R. Andrews

The effect of enhancement of natural resistance upon tumor rejection., B Benacerraf

Sulle prospettive a sui limiti della microscopia elettronica nello studio delle neoplasie sperimentali., E L. Benedetti

Opsonization of cells by isoantibody in vitro., B Bennett, L J. Old, and E A. Boyse