Submissions from 1963

Chemical protection with mixtures of protective compounds. Abstr., D G. Doherty

Protective effect of mixtures of glutathione and mercaptoethyl guanidine or mercaptoethylamine against x radiation. Abstr., D G. Doherty

Two-gene circling in the mouse. Abstr., D P. Doolittle

Development of homotransplantation antigens in mouse hemopoietic tissues., G Doria

Identification of the immune system responsible for the specificity of activity acquired tolerance in mice., G Doria

A synchronous transfer of mouse ova., L L. Doyle, A H. Gates, and R W. Noyes

Two murine gamma-globulin allotypic specificities identified by ascitic fluid isoprecipitins. Abstr., S Dray and R Lieberman

Two murine gamma-globulin allotypic specificities identified by ascitic fluid isoprecipitins and determined by allelic genes., S Dray, R Lieberman, and H A. Hoffman

Specific inhibition of antibody production. 3. Apparent changes in the half-life of bovine gamma globulin in paralysed mice., D W. Dresser

A new allotypic specificity in the mouse (mua2)., S Dubiski and B Cinader

A new allotypic specificity in the mouse (mua2)., S Dubiski and B Cinader

A comparison of the plasma proteins of c3h strain mice, found by cellulose-acetate and starch-gel electrophoresis., E J. Duke

Morphologic changes preceding virus-induced leukemia in rodents., T B. Dunn

Histology of some neoplasms and non-neoplastic lesions found in wild mice maintained under laboratory conditions., T B. Dunn and H B. Andervont

Cysts of the epididymis, cancer of the cervix, granular cell myo- blastoma, and other lesions after estrogen injection in newborn mice., T B. Dunn and A W. Green

Effets de la thymectomie sur la regeneration lymphoide des souris irradiees, restaurees par du foie foetal isologue., J Duplan

Etude sur la structure et la transplantabilite des nodules spleniques provoques par l'injection de cellules hemopoietiques foetales a des souris isologues irradiees., J F. Duplan

Influence de l'irradiation x totale et de la restauration par le foie foetal sur la leucemogenese spontanee chez les souris akr. Abstr., J F. Duplan

Recherches sur le mode d'action de l'agent leucemogene extrait des radioleucemies de la souris c57bl., J F. Duplan

Etude de la mortalite tardive, de la regeneration lymphoide et de la reactivite immunologique des souris thymiprives irradiees restaurees par le foie foetal, la moelle osseuse ou la rate isogenique., J F. Duplan and P Monnot

Interaction of vaccinia virus with adenocarcinoma 755., F E. Durr and B A. Briody

Interaction of vaccinia virus with the ehrlich ascites carcinoma., F E. Durr and B A. Briody

The effect of oxygen on the response of spontaneous tumours in mice to radiotherapy., L A. Du sault

An organ culture system for the examination of tumor invasion., G C. Easty and E M. Easty

Giant cell differentiation and lethality of homozygous yellow mouse embryos., G J. Eaton and M M. Green

Variation in the water and dry matter content of the liver during the second day of posthepatectomy regeneration., J M. Echave llanos and E G. Bade

24-hour Rhythm in the mitotic activity of a grafted mammary carcinoma in female c3h/mza mice on normal and inverted lighting regimens., J M. Echave llanos and A F. Badran

Rythme de 24 heures dans l'activite mitotique d'une greffe de carcinome mammaire., J M. Echave llanos and A F. Badran

Factores promotores e inhibidores del crecimiento en el homogenado de higado en regeneracion. Variaciones de la sensibilidad del receptor en un periodo de veinticuatro horas como factor condicionante de su accion., J M. Echave llanos and C Bordin

The growth effect of a regenerating liver homogenate as a function of the responsiveness of the receptor., J M. Echave llanos and C Bordin

Action stimulatrice de la regeneration hepatique sur la croissance des hepatomes spontanes., J M. Echave llanos and I E. Saffe

Incidence of spontaneous hepatomas in hepatectomized c3h/mza male mice., J M. Echave llanos and I E. Saffe

Genetic radiosensitivity of specific post-dictyate stages in mouse oocytes., R G. Edwards and A G. Searle

Genetic and hormonal influences on ovulation and implantation in adult mice treated with gonadotrophins., R G. Edwards, E D. Wilson, and R E. Fowler

Genotype of the h-2 locus in the cc57br and cc57w strain mice. (eng. Summary), I K. Egorov

The effect of cysteine pretreatment on radiation induced dominant lethals in mice. Abstr., U H. Ehling

Sex incompatibility and parabiotic intoxication., E J. Eichwald, C Sheridan, and E C. Lustgraaf

Technique for hypophyectomy of the mouse., bolkainy M. El

The growth-stimulating effect of TSPA and 5-FU on cells of sarcoma 180., Y A. El-Ghaffar

Biochemical studies of resistance to 6-thioguanine., D B. Ellis and G A. Lepage

The effects of ionizing radiations on endocrine cells. I. Steroid biotransformations and androgen prodiction by testes from irradiated mice., L C. Ellis and D L. Berliner

A study of tumor types produced by ultraviolet light in hairless and hairy mice., J H. Epstein and W L. Epstein

Partition of water soluble proteins in extremity muscles of mice with 'dystrophia muscularis.', N Epstein and G L. Mayers

The central nervous system of foetal mice after adminstration of streptomycin., strandvik B. Ericson and L Gyllensten

The postnatal development of the mitochondrial contents in blood lymphocytes of normal and oxygen-exposed mice., U Ernstrom and B Larsson

Circadian rhythm in susceptibility of mice to toxic doses of su-4885. Abstr., R J. Ertel, F Ungar, and F Halberg

The use of methylcholanthrene-induced skin carcinoma of the mouse in radiobiology., J C. Evans

Chromosome abnormalities after irradiation of ascites tumor cells in g2 and s periods. Abstr., T C. Evans and J H. Kim

Cytic neoplasm in a chemically characterized medium., V J. Evans, J F. Larock, T H. Al, N T. Isolation, and E. Lympho

Estimation of cell renewal and growth in relation to mitotic count and mitotic duration in experimental skin carcinogenesis., A Evensen

Kinetics of epidermal cell proliferation in experimental skin carcino- genesis., A Evensen

Heterogeneity of myeloma proteins., J L. Fahey

Studies of gamma- and beta2a-globulins, comparison of immunochemical properties of s and f (papain) fragments of myeloma proteins from in- bred mice., J L. Fahey

Factors controlling serum gamma-globulin concentration., J L. Fahey and A G. Robinson

Effects of d54 naponate, a repository dihydrotriazine salt, on rodent tumors. Abstr., S Farber, E J. Modest, A H. Handler, and C L. Maddock

Genetic influences in anti-bovine albumin (bsa) produced in mice. Abstr., R S. Farr, H M. Grey, W Dickinson, and D H. Rosenstein

L'emploi, en pathologie experimentale, de souris bacteriologiquement 'propres'. La souche ncs., R M. Fauve

A simple experimental model for measuring the effectiveness of pre- operative irradiation., B H. Feder, A B. Skorneck, H W. Green, and P B. Blair

Observations on the course of coxsackie a-9 myocarditis in c3h mice., E E. Federici, A M. Lerner, and W H. Abelmann

Induction of homograft tolerance in adult mice by sublethal x-irradia- tion and injection of homologous spleen cells., A Fefer and W C. Davis

Origin and distribution of virus-like particles associated with mam- mary tumors in dba strain mice. Iii. Virus-like particles in trans- planted tumors., D G. Feldman

Origin and distribution of virus-like particles associated with mam- mary tumors in dba strain mice. II. Virus-like particles in the blood and organs., D G. Feldman

Mary tumors in dba strain mice. I. Virus-like particles in mammary gland tissue., D Feldman and D. Mam

Immunological properties of chemically induced sarcomas., M Feldman, A Globerson, and D Yaffe

Oxidative and hydrolytic enzymes of homozygous dystrophic and heter- ozygous muscle of the house mouse., R A. Fennell and W T. West

Tissue culture studies of cells from mouse cervix subjected to car- cinogenic treatment., M A. Fernandes and I Koprowska

Re-utilization of deoxyribonucleic acid from cells other than leuco- cytes., K E. Fichtelius and O Groth

Viral studies on generalized friend disease and a tumor variant in balb/c and related hybrid mice., A H. Fieldsteel, P J. Dawson, and W L. Bostick

Electron microscope studies of virus particles in mice of the high leukemia c3h/fg strains. Abstr., F H. Figge and T A. Burns

Studies on the induction and mechanism of immunity in the natural host to a murine leukemia virus. Abstr., M A. Fink

Fluorescent antibody studies on the viral antigen in a murine leuke- mia (rauscher)., M A. Fink and R Malmgren

Electrophoretic variation and sex dimorphism of the major urinary protein complex in inbred mice. A new genetic marker., J S. Finlayson, M Potter, and C R. Runner

Verlangerte uberlebenszeit von hauthomotransplantaten bei mausen durch ein methylhydrazinderivat., G L. Floersheim

The diagnosis and control of ectromelia infection of mice., R J. Flynn

The diagnosis of pseudomonas aeruginosa infection of mice., R J. Flynn

The diagnosis of some forms of ectoparasitism of mice., R J. Flynn

Inhibition of urethan lung tumor induction in mice by total body x irradiation. Abstr., W A. Foley and L J. Cole

Inhibition of urethan lung tumor induction in mice by total-body x- -radiation., W A. Foley and L J. Cole

X-ray inhibition of urethan-stimulated proliferation of lung cells of the mouse as estimated by incorporation of tritiated thymidine., W A. Foley, L J. Cole, B J. Ingram, and T T. Crocker

The thymus and lymph-nodes in radiation chimaeras., C E. Ford and H S. Micklem

A study of the mitotic chromosomes of mice of the strong a line., E H. Ford and D H. Woollam

A developmental analysis of strong's luxoid mutant. Abstr., P F. Forsthoefel

Observations on the sequence of blastemal condensations in the limbs of the mouse embryo., P F. Forsthoefel

The embryological development of the effects of strong's luxoid gene in the mouse., P F. Forsthoefel

Some physiological genetic aspects of mammalian melanogenesis., M Foster

An acquired type of refractoriness to graft-versus-host reaction in adult f1 hybrid mice., M Fox and J G. Howard

Comparison of tissue levels of purine antimetabolites and their excre- tion by measuring the activity of radioactive sulfur following admin- istration of buthiopurine-35s and mercaptopurine-35s in mice., V Francova, Z Franc, and V Jelinek

Effect of antioxidant (phenolic) inhibitors on the life cycle of ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells. (in Russian), O S. Frankfurt, L P. Lipchina, and N M. Emanuel

Inhibition of ribonucleic acid and deoxyribonucleic acid synthesis in ehrlich ascites cells by cordycepin-n1-oxide., S Frederiksen

Antileukemic activity of some new monoguanylhydrazones. Abstr., F A. French, E J. Blanz, and C C. Cheng

Domestikation und hirngewicht., H Frick and H J. Nord

Relation between pool size and catabolism of albumin in the mouse., W Friedberg

Some characteristics of the steroid-sensitive amino acid incorporating system of mouse kidney., E H. Frieden and A A. Harper

Oxygen consumption in litters of obese hyperglycemic mice. Abstr., G H. Fried and W Antopol

Comparative antitumor activities of series of new phosphoramide mustards. Abstr., O M. Friedman, V Grubliauskas, and I Wodinsky

Viruses and cancer., C Friend

Studies on several lines of murine lymphomas associated with intra- cytoplasmic particles., C Friend, E D. Harven, and J Haddad

Dna synthesis and mitotic activity in bone marrow, intestine, and mammary tumors of mice after x-irradiation. Abstr., E Frindel, R F. Kallman, and H S. Kaplan

Autoantibody-like antinuclear globulin in a/j mice. Abstr., G J. Friou and P O. Teague

The generation cycle of duodenal crypt cells of mice exposed to 220 roentgens of cobalt-60 gamma irradiation per day., R J. Fry, S Lesher, A Sallese, and E Staffeldt