Submissions from 1963

Enhancement of homologous disease by cell free extracts of spleen. Abstr., M Fukse, R S. Schwartz, and W Dameshek

Genetic transmission of alcohol preference in mice. Abstr., J L. Fuller

Transplantation of cardiac tissue into the mouse ear. Abstr., R I. Fulmer, A T. Cramer, and A G. Leibelt

Effect of environmental temperatures on retention of cesium 137 by mice., J E. Furchner and C R. Richmond

Influence of host factors on the growth of neoplastic cells., J Furth

The effect of estrogen on the histology of the uterine epithelium of the mouse. V. Histochemistry of decomposing lipid granules., K Fuxe and O Nilsson

The mouse uterine surface epithelium during the estrous cycle., K Fuxe and O Nilsson

Physical changes, measured by interference microscopy, in fresh land- schutz ascites tumour cells after tragacanth and mannitol mustard treatments., W Galbraith, E Mayhew, J Sugar, and E M. Roe

Circadian adrenal cycle in c mice kept without food and water for a day and a half., J H. Galicich, F Halberg, and L A. French

Myobic mange in the mouse leading to skin ulceration and amyloidosis., M Galton

The role of combined effect of local and general etiological factors in the induction of carcinoma of uterine cervix, vagina and urethra in mice., Y Gang, G Zen, and C M. Line

Viable tumor cells in blood and lungs of mice with metastasizing and non-metastasizing transplantable tumors., H Garcia, G Gasic, and T Baydak

Studies on the incorporation of tritiated thymidine in desoxyribonu- cleic acid in mouse tissues and on its radiation effects., K H. Garder and F Devik

Positive coombs' tests following total body x-irradiation of mice. Abstr., O Garfein, A Treacy, and J G. Gorman

False positive direct coombs tests following total-body x-irradiation of mice., O Garfein, N Treacy, and J G. Gorman

Removal of pas positive surface sugars in tumor cells by glycosidases., G Gasic and T Gasic

Morphologische und enzymchemische veranderungen an einem mause- -asciteslymphom mit induzierter resistenz., E Gati

The effect of a phthalanilide analog on lipid and protein synthesis in ascites tumor. Abstr., A Gellhorn, M Wagner, and W Benjamin

Uber ein die lactatdehydrogenase im serum aktivierendes virus aus geschwulten der maus., A Georgii, H Bayerle, D Brdiczka, and H Zobl

Die wirkung von nucleinsauren aus virushaltigen mausegeschwulten auf die lactatdehydrogenaseaktivitat im blutserum., A Georgii, P Goldbrunner, and D Brdiczka

Cytological investigation on the t-locus in mus musculus l. Abstr., duszynska I. Geyer

On the structure of the xy bivalent in mus musculus l., duszynska I. Geyer

Mechanisms invloved in the production of red fluorescence of human and experimental tumours., F N. Ghadially, W J. Neish, and H C. Dawkins

Local irradiation of the thymus, histologic changes with observations on circulating lymphocytes and serum protein fractions in adult mice., N A. Ghossein, H A. Azar, and J Williams

Effect on tumor homografts of treating hosts with antiproteolytic enzyme compounds., R W. Gillette, A Findley, and H Conway

Prolonged survival of homografts treated with eaca., R W. Gillette, A Findley, and H Conway

Causal mechanisms in audiogenic seizures., B E. Ginsburg

Genetic factors in audiogenic seizures., B E. Ginsburg and D S. Miller

Local inhibition and enhancement of growth of transplanted tumor cells in mice., G F. Gitlitz, A G. Ship, J L. Glick, and A H. Glick

Interferon production by mouse leukocytes in vitro and in vivo., L A. Glasgow and K Habel

Transfer of native and foreign serum antigens to oviducal mouse eggs., L E. Glass

Development of x-irradiated and non-irradiated mouse oocytes trans- planted to x-irradiated and non-irradiated recipient females., L E. Glass and T P. Lin

Genetic control of mammalian differentiation., waelsch S. Gluecksohn

Lethal genes and analysis of differentiation., waelsch S. Gluecksohn

Development in organ tissue culture of kidney rudiments from mutant mouse embryos., waelsch S. Gluecksohn and T R. Rota

Studies on induced resistance against isotransplants of virus-induced leukemia. Abstr., J P. Glynn

Effect of 'methotrexate' and 'melphalan' on survival of tumour and skin homografts., J P. Glynn, A R. Bianco, and A Goldin

Studies on immunity to leukemia l1210 in mice., J P. Glynn, S R. Humphreys, G Trivers, A R. Bianco, and A Goldin

Biological interrelationships in the chemotherapy of moloney virus leukemia., J P. Glynn, J B. Moloney, M A. Chirigos, S R. Humphreys, and A Goldin

A search for histocompatibility differences between irradiated sub- lines of inbred mice., J Godfrey and A G. Searle

Prevention of death in mice after lethal irradiation of the head., R A. Goepp and F Fitch

Radiosensitivity at the subcellular level., A Goldfeder

Radiosensitivity and biological properties of two tumour-types indi- genous to the host. VI. The effects of x-irradiation on sub-cellular units., A Goldfeder and L A. Miller

Studies at the subcellular level of two tumor types indigenous to the same host. Abstr., A Goldfeder and L A. Miller

The responses of cellular ultrastructures to ionizing irradiation. Abstr., A Goldfeder and L A. Miller

Induction of mouse ascites tumors by cells spontaneously separated from the tissue of abdominal tumor grafts. Abstr., H Goldie, M Walker, E Patrick, M Fussell, and C Walker

Genetically determined organ specific responses to the teratogenic action of 6-aminonicotinamide in the mouse., M Goldstein, M F. Pinsky, and F C. Fraser

Transplantation of peritoneal fluid cells., J W. Goodman

The histogenesis of gross's viral induced mouse leukemia., S B. Goodman and M H. Block

Decreased antibody-producing capacity in mice during the incubation period of passage a lymphatic leukemia. Abstr., R A. Good, R L. Vernier, and R D. Peterson

Analisi sperimentale degli effetti di alcuni lieviti sui tumori trapiantabili, nuove ricerche in vitro e in vivo., A Gori, G M. Merli, and G F. Pellegrini

The induction of new growths by application of the 2-acetylamino fluorene. (eng. Summary), T Gorski

Experimental studies on metaplasia of the uterine mucosa in mice. (eng. Summary), T Gorski and A Drzaszcz

Effects of nucleosides and nucleoside phosphates on the incorporation of amino acids into proteins of ascites carcinoma cells. Abstr., A M. Gotto, O Touster, M L. Belkhode, R Hester, and R Siler

Genetics of infectious diseases. In w. J. Burdette (ed.), Methodology in mammalian genetics, holden-, J W. Gowen

The efficacy of administering aurantine by mouth in the treatment of ehrlich's carcinoma. (eng. Summary), N P. Gracheva, S S. Akop'yants, and A M. Kharitonova

Untersuchungen zur frage der zuchtbarkeit des virus der myeloischen leukamie der maus in der gewebekultur., A Graffi, L Baumbach, T Schramm, and D Bierwolf

Mammalian radiation genetics. In w. J. Burdette (ed.), Methodology in mammalian genetics, holden-, D Grahn

A uniformity of life-shortening among genetically different mice under daily gamma radiation. Abstr., D Grahn, G A. Sacher, and K F. Hamilton

Pathogenesis of acute allogenic disease (aad) of mice. Abstr., G A. Granger, R S. Weiser, and B Holmes

The lipid composition of tumour cells., G M. Gray

An attempt at genetic extinction of a small hybrid mouse population by gonadal irradiation. Abstr., E L. Green

The induction of f1 host cell spleen and thymus at ectopic sites in f1 animals by implantation of parental spleen and thymus. Abstr., I Green

Uptake of particulate matter within the thymus of adult and new-born mice., I Green and K Bloch

Biosynthetic pathways in mastocytoma cells in culture and in vivo., J P. Green and M Day

The sulfomucopolysaccarides from a mast cell tumor of the mouse., J P. Green, M Roberts, and M Day

Linkage group xviii of the mouse., M C. Green, G D. Snell, and P W. Lane

A relationship between the diphosphopyridine nucleotide (dpn) concen- tration and the activity of the enzyme diphosphopyridine nucleotidase (dpnase) in ehrlich ascites cells. Abstr., S Green

In vivo deiodination of labeled l-thyroxine to l-3,5,3'-tri-iodothy- ronine in mouse and human pituitaries., R Grinberg, E M. Volpert, and S C. Werner

El virus de la leucemia del raton., L Gross

Oncogenic viruses., L Gross

Pathogenic potency and host range of the mouse leukemia virus., L Gross

Serial cell-free passage in rats of the mouse leukemia virus. Effect of thymectomy., L Gross

Effect of estrogens on mouse mammary alkaline phosphatase. Abstr., L L. Grosso

Action of tumour growth and tissue products on the zonal distribution of liver glycogen in rats and mice., J P. Guimaraes and M C. Motta

The influence of the host and the neoplastic cell population on the collagen content of a tumor mass., P M. Gullino and F H. Grantham

Immunological studies of lymphoid leukemia in the akr mouse., R K. Guthrie, N A. Ingebritsen, N Savage, D C. Hinkle, and W J. Farris

A germplasm-transmitted alteration of histocompatibility in the progeny of homograft tolerant mice., R D. Gutterman and J B. Aust

A specific alteration of histocompatibility expression in the progeny of a homograft tolerant male. Abstr., R D. Guttmann and J B. Aust

Mixed cell agglutination reactions during graft acceptance and rejec- tion. Abstr., R D. Guttmann and M Katz

Age at exposure and the acceleration of intercapillary glomerulo- sclerosis in mice., P H. Guttman and H I. Kohn

Partial-body x-ray exposure and the development of progressive inter- capillary glomerulosclerosis in the balb/c mouse., P H. Guttman and H I. Kohn

Myelinization of the optic nerve and its dependence on visual func- tion - a quantitative investigation in mice., L Gyllensten and T Malmfors

Immunological factors influencing polyoma virus oncogenesis., K Habel

Immunologically privileged sites in studies of polyoma tumor antigens., K Habel and J H. Belcher

Drugs and congenital abnormalities., E O. Hagen

The duration of the effect of isologous pituitary implants on the estrous cycle in the intact mouse., E O. Hagen and H E. Rawlinson

Presence de particules d'aspect viral dans les thymomes transplant- ables des souris dba/2. Etude ultra-morphologique de leur formation., F Haguenau and K Hollmann

On the regeneration of bone marrow cells in mice., S Hajdukovic, N Petrovic, V N. Al, U. Hema, and S A. Bleeding

Permeability of cultured sarcoma 180 cells (s-180) to amethopterin. Abstr., M T. Hakala

Adrenal corticosterone production and responsiveness to acth, in vitro in mice with ectopic pituitary isografts. Abstr., F Halberg, F Ungar, and E Hans

Effects of dose dilution on survival of ak leukemia in recipient swiss mice., J A. Halkett

Analysis of the postnatal developmental effects of 'reeler,' a neuro- logical mutation in mice. A study in developmental genetics., M Hamburgh

Induced resistance to electroshock and audiogenic seizures in inbred strains of mice., M Hamburgh and W B. Essman

A sex difference in mouse survival under daily gamma irradiation and its modification by gonadectomy., K F. Hamilton, G A. Sacher, and D Grahn

Mouse leukemia resulting from the implantation of an acth-secreting pituitary tumor. Abstr., A H. Handler and C Wills

Comparison of the metabolism and biochemical effects of 6-azacytidine (azcr) and 6-azauridine (azur). Abstr., R E. Handschumacher, J Skoda, and F Sorm

Effect of specific anti-sera on c14 amino acid incorporation into cellular protein of mouse ascites tumor cells., H J. Hansen, E C. Hansen, J P. Vandervoorde, and S B. Nadler

Studies on the control of fat metabolism in two highly inbred strains of mice. Abstr., R W. Hanson

Influence de la cystamine et de la cystramine sur le rythme mitotique d'une tumeur d'ehlrich., J Haot