Submissions from 1963

Local recurrence following a small dose of x-radiation to the c3h mouse tumor. Abstr., W R. Inch and J A. Credie

Cytological studies of lymphogenic and hematogenic metastases in mh-134 mouse hepatoma. Abstr., N Inui

Hematologic recovery of irradiated mice protected with frozen marrow. Abstr., I Iossifides, M Brand, and L Tocantins

Influence of donor-recipient age on the post-radiation effect of homologous spleen injections. Abstr., I Iossifides, G Rabboti, M Brand, and L M. Tocantins

Threne-induced rf mouse leukemia. (in Japanese), S Irino, Z Ota, and K Okada

Cell-free transmission of 20-methylcholanthrene-induced rf mouse leukemia and electron microscopic demonstration of virus particles in its leukemic tissue., S Irino, Z Ota, T Sezaki, M Suzaki, and K Hiraki

The pattern of lymphopoiesis in the mouse thymus after cortisone administration or adrenalectomy., M Ishidate and D Metcalf

Studies on viral tumours cultivated in embryonated eggs. I. Cultiva- tion of mouse leukemia and mammary cancer in the embryonated egg. (in Japanese), S Ishihama

Studies on an antitumor antibiotic, cervicarcin. II. Antitumor activity of cervicarcin and its derivatives against some of trans- plantable mouse tumors., C Itakura, T Sega, S Suzuki, and Y Sumiki

Calcium metabolism in hybrid and inbred fetuses of mice and in those co-existing in the same uterus., H Itoh and T Ino

The effect of anti-protein antibodies in vivo. II. The anaphylactic shock in mice induced by rabbit serum against mouse gamma globulins., P Ivanyi, J Klein, and J Ivanyi

Early effects of a single application of 3-methylcholanthrene in benzene solution on the epidermis of hairless mice studied by means of a tetrazolium reduction method., O H. Iversen

Kinetics of epidermal reaction to carcinogens., O H. Iversen and R Bjerknes

Studies on the protective effect of acth against experimental mouse leukaemia. Rf mouse leukaemia induced by irradiation. (in Japanese), I Iwasaki, S Arimori, M Yasuda, and Y Kawanishi

In vivo assay of function of mouse ovaries following culture in hormone enriched medium., B B. Jacobs

A modified method for the preparation of the ossified skeleton of mouse fetuses., L Jacobsen

Studies on plasma lactic dehydrogenase in mice with myeloid leukemia. II. On the site of production of the enzyme., K B. Jacobson and K Nishio

Carrier-amino acid stoichiometry in amino acid transport in ehrlich ascites cells., J A. Jacquez

Structure-action relationships of corticosteroid compounds as in- hibitors of leukemic l5178y cell reproduction in vivo and in vitro., J J. Jaffe, G A. Fischer, and A D. Welch

A histo-cytologic study of the adrenal cortex in mice as influenced by strain, sex, and age., E P. Jayne

Virological approaches to tumour studies., V M. Jdanov, G A. Piskunova, Z I. Merekalova, and F I. Leikina

Studi sul virus s. E. Polioma. Effetto citopatologico, titolo infettante e titolo emoagglutinante in cellule embrionali di topo. Comparazione tra cellule derivate da 6 razze diverse., A M. Jemolo and L Castelli

Cell-free transmission of radiogenic myeloid leukemia in the mouse., V K. Jenkins and A C. Upton

Transmission of radiogenic myeloid leukemia in the rf mouse. Abstr., V K. Jenkins, A C. Upton, and N G. Anderson

An improved technique for hypophysectomy of young mice., E Jensen

Relationship of polydactylism, tumor susceptibility and the h-2 complex of the strong's polydactylous descents in mice. Abstr., F Johnson, M Flounders, H Matsunaga, and L C. Strong

The effect of maternal age on time of first litters in inbred mice., F Johnson and L C. Strong

The vinca alkaloids, a new class of oncolytic agents., I S. Johnson, J G. Armstrong, M Gorman, and J P. Jr

Spontaneous hyperplasia of the pancreatic islets associated with glucosuria in hybrid mice, p. 189-191. In s. E. Brolin [ed.], The structure and metabolism of the pancreatic islets. (proc. 3rd Internat. Symp., Stockholm,, E E. Jones

Studies on the mechanism of initiation of ovarian tumours in mice by 9.10-dimethyl-1.2-benzanthracene (dmba). Abstr., J W. Jull

Absence d'effet carcino-frenateur du talidomide vis-a-vis de deux tumeurs greffees., P Juret and C Aubert

The oxidation of various precursors in normal and tumour-bearing mice in vivo., J Kabara and G Okita

Experimental leukemoid reaction induced in the mouse by transplanta- tion of my sarcoma. Iii. Vascular structure of the bone marrow. (jap.), M Kahara

Development of alcohol preference in balb/c mice., R Kakihana and G E. Clearn

Atpase, myokinase, 5'adenylic acid deaminase activity and syneresis of the myofibrils of the dystrophic mouse., G Kaldor and J Gitlin

Incidence of homografted tumor cells in draining lymph nodes of mice with enhancing antiserum., N Kaliss

Maternal transfer of isoantibody in mice., N Kaliss, M K. Dagg, and J H. Stimpfling

Experimental mammalian teraogenesis, a study of galactoflavin-induced hydrocephalus in mice., H Kalter

The susceptibility to cortisone-induced cleft palate of hybrids between resistant and susceptible strains of inbred mice. Abstr., H Kalter

The metabolism of ethidium bromide in normal and neoplastic tissues., T S. Kandaswamy and J F. Henderson

Metabolism of cholesta-4, 7-dien-3-one and cholesta, 4,6-dien-3-one by mouse liver microsomes., A A. Kandutsch

Partial purification of tissue isoantigens from a mouse sarcoma., A A. Kandutsch and J H. Stimpfling

Les degenerescences retiniennes spontanees et experimentales chez l'animal., P Karli

The effects of actinomycin d and mitomycin c on mouse tumors explanted to the chorioallantoic membrane of the chick embryo., D A. Karnofsky, C R. Lacon, and M J. Lowe

Studies on tumor resistance to 5-fluorouracil., D K. Kasbekar and D M. Greenberg

Cellular changes in the central nervous system of dilute-lethal mice. Abstr., D E. Kelton

Effects of alcohol in mouse neoplasia., A S. Ketcham, H Wexler, and N Mantel

Patterns of synthesis of thymidine triphosphate and other deoxyribo- nucleoside triphosphates in mouse liver and in mouse ascites hepatoma., R K. Kielley

Metabolism effects of 9-butyl-6-thioguanine in vivo., A P. Kimball and G A. Page

Studies on 9-butyl-6-thioguanine (9-btg) and azaserine. Abstr., A P. Kimball and G A. Page

Studies on tolerance of mice to x-rays. (in Korean), C C. Kim

Effects of x-irradiation on mitosis and dna synthesis in ehrlich ascites tumor cells. Abstr., J H. Kim and T C. Evans

Molecular properties of early and late actinophage neutralizing anti- bodies. Abstr., Y B. Kim, S G. Bradley, and D W. Watson

Selection for an invariant character, vibrissa number, in the house mouse. IV. Probit analysis., B Kindred

Skin grafting between sublines of inbred strains of mice., B Kindred

Dinitrophenol inhibition of pituitary adenoma formation in mice fed propylthiouracil., D W. King, F G. Bock, and G E. Moore

Intestinal helminths in various strains of laboratory mice., V M. King and G E. Cosgrove

Studies on the fibrinolysis in tumor bearing mice. I. Fibrinolytic system, ascites retention and intraperitoneal hemorrhage in tumor bearing mice, suppressing effect of epsilon aminocaproid acid., K Kinjo, T Hirata, and S Okamoto

Studies on the fibrinolysis in tumor bearing mice. II. Appearance of fibrinolytic enzyme in ascites after tumor cells inoculation., K Kinjo, H Mihara, and Y Funahara

Failure of phenoxybenzamine to prevent formation of hepatomas after chronic carbon tetrachloride administration., G F. Kiplinger and C J. Kensler

Effect of colloidal gold on casein-induced amyloidosis in mice. Abstr., J B. Kirkpatrick and G D. Sorenson

Histochemical and quantitative analysis of alkaline phosphatase during the course of experimental intracranial neoplasia., W M. Kirsch

A haemagglutinating property of mouse serum for human red blood cells., I Kirshbom and G Hoecker

Lactic dehydrogenase in l1210 cells., R L. Kisliuk, G Zel, H A. Walter, G F. Norbert, and R P. D'amico

Relationship between host range and isoantigenic properties in different sublines of the same sarcoma., E Klein and E Moller

In vitro cytotoxic effect of isoantibody measured as isotope release from labelled target cell dna., G Klein and P Perlmann

Demonstration of host resistance against sarcomas induced by implanta- tion of cellophane films in isologous (syngeneic) recipients., G Klein, H O. Sjogren, and E Klein

Contribution to the detection of imcomplete isoimmune antibodies in mice by means of the coombs test., J Klein and P Ivanyi

Susceptibility of strain b6af1/j hybrid infant mice to tumorigenesis with 1,2-benzathracene, deoxycholic acid, and 3-methylcholanthrene., M Klein

Formation of the mono-, di- and triphosphate of cordycepin in ehrlich ascites-tumor cells in vitro., H Klenow

Inhibition by cordycepin and 2-deoxyglucose of the incorporation of (32p)orthophosphate into the nucleic acids of ehrlich ascites-tumor cells in vitro., H Klenow

Acetophenazine and fighting behavior in mice., W R. Knight, J R. Holtz, and G R. Sprogis

Periodical hypotrichosis in mice. Abstr., N Kobozieff and kobozieff N. Pomriaskinsky

Hypotrichose periodique chez la souris., N Kobozieff, kobozieff N. Pomriaskinsky, and E Gemahling

The role of the thymus in ployoma virus infection., M Kodama and G E. Moore

Age at exposure and the late affects of x-rays. Survival and tumor incidence in caf1 mice irradiated at 1 to 2 years of age., H I. Kohn and P H. Guttman

Heterologous, homologous, and autologous transplantation of human tumors., A Koike, G E. Moore, C B. Mendoza, and A L. Watne

The fate of ehrlich cells injected into the portal system., A Koike, H Nakazato, and G E. Moore

Evidence for mediated transport of monosaccharides in ascites tumor cells. Abstr., A R. Kolber

Antitumour isoimmunity., P Koldovsky

Difference between the parental strain and the f1 hybrid in the iso- immune reaction to tumours., P Koldovsky and J Bubenik

Cross-reaction between benzpyrene-induced tumours in rats and mice., P Koldovsky and J Svoboda

Immunogenetic problems of tissue transplantation., P C. Koller

The chromosomes in virus-induced murine leukaemias. In r. J. C. Harris, (ed.), Cellular basis and aetiology of late somatic effects of ionizing radiation, london 27-30 march 1962,, P C. Koller, E Leuchars, C Talukdar, and V Wallis

The mechanism of action of aet. V. The distribution and the chemical forms of 2-mercaptoethylguanidine and bis(2-guanidoethyl) disulfide given orally in protective doses to mice., G Kollmann, B Shapiro, and E E. Schwartz

Distribution of polyoma virus antibodies in japan., T Kondo and H Matsuura

Retinal injury as a cause of microphthalmia in mice of the ocular retardation mutant line. (russ., Eng. Summ.)., B V. Konyukhov, O G. Stroeva, M V. Sazhina, and T A. Lipgart

Electrophoretic studies of proteins in normal lenses and cataracts of inbred and mutant mice., B V. Konyukhov and A W. Wachtel

Non-cytotoxic anti-tumor proteins proliferated by actinomycete. Abstr., S Korman and M D. Tendler

Studies on malignolipin. XI. Effect of malignolipin on the survival period of mice bearing ehrlich's ascites cancer. Preliminary report., T Kosaki, K Muraki, N Nagayasu, and S Nakagawa

Production of lung cancer in mice by inhalation exposure to influenza virus and aerosols of hydrocarbons., P Kotin and D V. Wiseley

On the incorporation of polymerized deoxyribonucleic acid into the nuclei of ehrlich ascites tumor cells., S Koyama

Studies on humoral factors in rat serum affecting the protein meta- bolism of ehrlich ascites tumor cells., S Koyama

A strain of transplantable myeloid leukemia of mice (no. 1 Tsolypk). (eng. Summary)., A Y. Krashilina

Physiological disposition and biochemical reactions of the 14c-4'4'- -bis(2-imidazolin-2-yl)2-chloroterephthalanilide dihydrochloride in mice and rats in vivo and in vitro., W Kreis, R Bloch, D L. Warkentin, and J Hburchenal

The effect of peroxides, peroxidase inhibitors, and alkylating agents on ascites tumors in mice. Abstr., E T. Krementz, J W. Youngblood, and W R. Healy

The levels of free aspartic acid, glycine, and serine in tissues of bone marrow chimeras., A L. Kretchmar and C C. Congdon

The transmission of the virus of myeloid leukaemia of mice by the milk., W Krischke and A Graffi

A study of the anemia in strong's luxoid mutant., A M. Kuharcik and P F. Forsthoefel

Mammary carcinoma in mice bearing a transplantable mammotropic tumor, carrying the bittner virus., A Kunii and J Furth