Submissions from 1963

The mechanism of carcinogenesis in breast tumour development in mice., ghera N. Haran

Hormonal response of the pubic symphysis in adult mice gonadectomized at different times before puberty. Abstr., M E. Harkey and E S. Crelin

Induced hereditary change in drosophila by injected extracts of neo- plastic flies, mice, or humans., M H. Harnly

Effect of cytidine on purine nucleotide formation in ascites tumor cells in vitro., H Harrington

The role of the thymus, migration of cells from thymic grafts to lymph-nodes in mice., J E. Harris and C E. Ford

Temperature adaptation as evidenced by growth of mice., G A. Harrison

Further observations on the blood content of the ehrlich ascites car- cinoma., F Hartveit

Sex differences in the intraperitoneal growth of ehrlich's carcinoma., F Hartveit

The effect of tumour dosage on the blood content of ehrlich's car- cinoma., F Hartveit

The in vitro demonstration of a cytotoxic factor in ehrlich's ascites carcinoma., F Hartveit

The significance of the protein content of ehrlich's ascites carci- noma., F Hartveit

The viability of pyknotic ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells., F Hartveit

Immunological tolerance and the cancer problem., M Hasek, J Svoboda, and P Koldovsky

Differences in the antigenic effectiveness of the foetal part of mouse placenta depending on the strain combination employed., V Haskova

Studies on antitumor substances. I. Antitumor effect of quinone de- rivatives containing an alkylating group., S Hayashi, H Ueki, and Y Ueki

Development of leukemia in lethally irradiated mice protected with cells from mice of a high incidence leukemia strain. Abstr., E F. Hays and E White

Preparation of retine from human urine., A Hegyeli, J A. Laughlin, and gyorgyi A. Szent

Experimental and clinical use of fluorinated pyrimidines in cancer chemotherapy., C Heidelberger and F J. Ansfield

Das blutbild der maus (eine ubersicht). Iii. Thrombozyten-normal- werte., H Heinecke

Das differentialblutbild der maus nach mehrmaliger applikation des ehrlich-aszites-karzinoma., H Heinecke and W Gutsche

Quantitative studies on isolated pancreatic islets of mammals. I. Peptidase activity in normal and obese-hyperglycaemic mice., C Hellerstrom and B Hellman

The islets of langerhans in yellow obese mice., C Hellerstrom and B Hellman

Moss med hereditar obesitas och hyperglykemi som objekt for diabetesforskning. (eng. Summ.), C Hellerstrom, B Hellman, S Westman, S Larsson, and I Taljedal

Quantitative analyses of sulfur in isolated pancreatic islets of mice., B Hellman and C Hellerstrom

Endocrine activity of the testis in obese-hyperglycaemic mice., B Hellman, L Jacobsson, and I Taljedal

Mast cell content and fatty acid metabolism in the epididymal fat pad of obese mice., B Hellman, S Larsson, and S Westman

Postnatal growth of the epididymal adipose tissue in yellow obese mice., B Hellman, L Thelander, and I Taljedal

Resistance levels of polyoma tumors and tumors of other origin to the cytopathogenic effect of polyoma virus., I Hellstrom

Correlation between the sensitivity of polyoma-induced mouse tumors to polyoma and vaccinia in vitro., I Hellstrom and K E. Hellstrom

Differential behavior of transplanted mouse lymphoma lines in genetically compatible homozygous and f1 hybrid mice., K E. Hellstrom

Further studies on karyotypes of a variety primary and transplanted mouse polyoma tumors., K E. Hellstrom, I Hellstrom, and H O. Sjogren

Renal disease associated with positive lupus erythematosus tests in a crossbred strain of mice., B J. Helyer and J B. Howie

Spontaneous auto-immune disease in nzb/bl mice., B J. Helyer and J B. Howie

The thymus and autoimmune disease., B J. Helyer and J B. Howie

Einfluss des dopa-decarboxylase-hemmers alpha-methyl-dopa auf die umwandlung von dopa in melanin und brenzcatechinamine. In vitro untersuchungen an melanom/mausen mit tritiertem dopa., K Hempel and M Deimel

Inhibition of purine metabolism in ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells by phenanthridinium compounds related to ethidium bromide., J F. Henderson

Effect of prior runway experience on avoidance learning., N D. Henderson

Age variation of the blood pressure of male cba mice. Abstr., J P. Henry, J P. Meehan, G Santisteban, and P Stephens

Etudes morphologique et immuno-electrophoretique des tumeurs plasmo- cytaires induites chez la souris., G Hermann

Hybrid molecules formed by reaction between haemoglobins from distantly related animals., A E. Herner and A Riggs

Hormonal effects of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase of mouse mammary gland., F B. Hershey, C Lewis, G Johnston, and S Mason

Phosphopyridine nucleotide linked dehydrogenases, aldolase and fumarase in mouse breast., F B. Hershey, C Lewis, G Johnston, and J Murphy

Gamma-globulin isoantigens (allotypes) in the house mouse. Abstr., L A. Herzenberg, R I. Mishell, and L A. Herzenberg

Gamma globulin isoantigens (allotypes) in the mouse. Abstr., L A. Herzenberg, P Rosenberg, and L A. Herzenberg

A gene locus concerned with hemolytic complement in mus musculus., L A. Herzenberg, D K. Tachibana, L A. Herzenberg, and L T. Rosenberg

Complete inhibition of occurrence of spontaneous hepatomas in highly susceptible (c3h x ybr)f1 male mice by hypophysectomy., W E. Heston

Effects of specific genes of the mouse on normal growth and on the occurrence of tumors., W E. Heston

Genetics of neoplasia. In w. J. Burdette (ed.) Methodology in mammalian genetics, holden-, W E. Heston

Isolierung von ascitestumor-zellkernen in glycerinmedium., E J. Hidvegi, P Lonai, and F Antoni

Immunological properties of small circulating lymphocytes in mice. Abstr., W H. Hildemann

The effect of progressive sarcoma 180 growth upon the uterotrophic response to estrogen in mice., R Hilf, L J. Lerner, E Lang, and A Borman

Parabiotic intoxication in f1 hybrid mice after immunological depression of the parent strain., H R. Hilgard, A P. Dalmasso, C Martinez, and R A. Good

Studies on the mechanism of parabiotic intoxication. Abstr., H R. Hilgard, A P. Dalmasso, C Martinez, and R A. Good

Changes in the hydroxyproline and hexosamine content of grafts after transplantation., Hilgert

Difference in activity of immunological stimulation induced by skin and tumour graft of the same genetic origin., I Hilgert

Effect of blood group substances on immunological reactions in mice., I Hilgert

Lactic dehydrogenase from ehrlich ascites tumor cells. Abstr., B R. Hill

The amount of antibody needed to lyse gardner lymphosarcoma cells. Abstr., J Hillman

Glands of mice of different strains. Abstr., F Hilton, R Swigart, M Dickie, M S. Fiser, D A. Robbins, and F O. Adrenal

Development of subcutaneous sarcomas in swiss mice given repeated injections of benzene in olive oil., K Hiraki, S Irino, and I Miyoshi

Electronmicroscopic demonstration of virus-like particles in the 20-methylcholenthrene-induced rf mouse leukaemia and its cell-free transmission. (in Japanese), K Hiraki, S Irino, Z Ota, and T Sezaki

Studies on experimental leukemia induced by x-rays, especially the anti-leukemic effect of acth. (in Japanese), K Hiraki and I Iwasaki

An enzymatic and electron microscopic characterization of a variant of the cloudman s-91 melanoma (foley). Abstr., H M. Hirsch and A S. Zelickson

Spontaneous cancer in mice., W G. Hoag

Developmental genetics of h-2 antigens of the mouse. Abstr., G Hoecker, O Pizarro, and P Rubinstein

Intramitochondrial bodies of the mouse uterine epithelium., T Hokfelt and O Nilsson

Experimental production of intramandibular carcinoma in mice by mechanical damage., C F. Hollander and T G. Rijssel

The heart of the dystrophic mouse. Abstr., M B. Hollinshead and N J. Carnevale

The influence of splenectomy in nzb mice., M C. Holmes and F M. Burnet

The natural history of autoimmune disease in nxb mice, a comparison with the pattern of human autoimmune manifestations., M C. Holmes and F M. Burnet

Effect of normal sera of several related rodents on 6c3hed lymphoma in vivo., N D. Holmquist

Induction and progression of 3,4,9,10-dibenzpyrene-induced subcutan- eous sarcomas as affected by chemotherapy and caloric restriction. Abstr., F Homburger and A Tregier

Host factors influencing the behavior of subcutaneous sarcomas induced by 3,4,9,10-dibenzpyrene in c57bl/6 mice., F Homburger, A Tregier, and J R. Baker

Mouse-skin painting with smoke condensates from cigarettes made of pipe, cigar, and cigarette tobaccos., F Homburger, A Tregier, and J R. Baker

Die wirkung von intratumoral gegebener isotonischer suprastinlosung auf die impftumoren der maus., G Honti and G Putnoky

Untersuchungen uber die persistenz tumorspezifischer antigene bei methylcholanthren-induzierten sarkomen der maus nach verschiedenen transplantationspassagen in isologen wirten und f1-hybriden., K Horn, G Pasternak, and A Graffi

Experimental carcinogenesis of the lung. Inhalation of gaseous formaldehyde or an aerosol of coal tar by c3h mice., A W. Horton, R Tye, and K L. Stemmer

Morphogenesis and growth potentiality of mammary glands in mice. II. Quantitative transplantation of mammary glands of normal male mice., K Hoshino

Regeneration of transplanted uterine tissues in mice. Abstr., K Hoshino

Specific and non-specific aspects of neonatal vaccination against graft-versus-host reaction., J G. Howard and D Michie

Complementary rna in nucleus and cytoplasm of mouse liver cells., B H. Hoyer, B J. Carthy, and E T. Bolton

Quantitative studies on the fractionation of carcinostatic liver factor., M Hozumi, T Sugimura, F Fukuoka, and W Nakahara

Modification de l'index mitotique du sarcome j au cours de son evolution chez les animaux greffes., C Hublet

Etude d'un sarcome spontane de la souris au microscope electronique. Presence de particules virales., C Hublet and H Firket

Studies on ehrlich ascites cell nuclei. IV. Determination of nicotin- amide adenosine dinucleatide pyrophosphorylase activity in nuclei isolated by an improved technique., E D. Hudack, D E. Eros, and D O. Brummond

Tumor virus study systems., R J. Huebner

Carcinogenic effects of adsorbates of raw and finished water supplies., W C. Hueper and W W. Payne

Modifications ultrastructurales precoces des cellules des cryptes duodenales de la souris apres irradiation par rayons x., J Hugon, J R. Maisin, and M Borgers

The acute toxic effects of cysteamine and their modification by x-irradiation., E V. Hulse

Comparative virulence of the mammary tumor agent from different sources, qualitative and quantitative differences., K P. Hummel and C C. Little

Tumor growth in postassium-deficient mice., E W. Humphrey

Partial purification of a mouse leukemogenic agent. Abstr., G B. Humphrey

Suppression of the homograft response by pretreatment with antitumor agents., S R. Humphreys, J P. Glynn, and A Goldin

Effects of vincaleukoblastine sulfate on metabolism of thioguanine- -resistant l1210 leukemia cells., J C. Hunter

Aberrant thyroid tissue in the mouse., R D. Hunt

Radioautographic study of vaginal epithelium in estrogen treated mice. Abstr., M Husbands

Vaginal epithelium. Abstr. (demonstration), M E. Husbands, F O. Migration, and D I. Mouse

Differentiation of vaginal epithelium in mice given estrogen and thymidine-h3., M E. Husbands and B E. Walker

Effect of a small dose of x radiation on local recurrence of tumors in rats and mice., W R. Inch and J A. Credie

Effect of wound irrigation with nitrogen mustard or clorpactin xcb on local recurrence of rat and mouse tumors., W R. Inch and J A. Credie